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Video converted and uploaded via free Leawo 3GP Converter

Great Wall of China3D

This is learning in 3D. Travel through the Great Wall of China in real time 3D at

Do the impossible. Travel where you want. Understand Everything.

Sunrise takes learning into real-time 3D.

Virtual learning is 3D learning without boundaries, a technology that allows you to step into an interactive environment full of information; visiting New York, exploring the human cell, flying through the Solar System, or traveling back in time to Ancient Egypt. 200+ free 3D virtual learning programs are available in Science, Anatomy, Astronomy, Religion, Landmarks, Art, Current Affairs, and History.

3D simulations put us inside of subjects in real-time 3D, helping us create a solid understanding of complex ideas. Virtual learning makes ideas easily accessible, an effort to make learning more relevant and engaging to today's technology-savvy kids. It helps students bridge the gap between the concrete world and the abstract world of concepts and models.

When we experience something in real-time 3D it becomes clear. Real. Complex ideas become accessible. If you spend a few minutes in our programs and still don't understand... then we didn't do our job.

Click. Smile. Explore. It''s as simple as that. SUNRISE virtual learning programs open up into a new window.

How to Use:
1) Move your mouse to look around,
2) Use arrows to move,
3) Click on signs for information.
4) Have fun.

How to download from kickass [] [no account needed]



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