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Hangout Lower Third Graphic - Add Your Name to Hangout Screen - set up tips


Hangout Lower Third Graphic - Add Your Name to Hangout Screen - set up tips

Using the Hangout Lower Third Banner is very important if you use Google Plus Hangouts. Find Ronnie on G+ This training video shows you how to turn it on and customize it for your use.

A couple G+ers asked me if I had a video showing how to use the Hangout Toolbox's Lower Third sub-App. I did not have one handy, so we made one. This handy tool allows you to add your name or website or whatever short piece of text you like on screen when you are in a Google Plus Hangout.

Besides using the standard options shown here, you can also build your own *Custom Overlay* graphics...(examples here: 6:00) to do so, use the size of 640 x 360 and save as a .PNG format if you have any areas that should remain transparent. You can save as a JPG, but that will totally cover the screen (good for branding) which may be what you need.

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How to Setup Lower Third Graphics for a Google Hangout

Do you want to add your name on a Google Hangout? I explain how to setup the lower third graphics in this video.

How to Add a Lower Third Name Banner to a Google Hangout

Wondering how people put their name and title at the bottom of Google Hangouts? It's called a lower third, and there is a very simple and free tool that you can use to install set that up called Hangout Toolbox.

You can get it for free here -

This video shows you exactly how to set that up.

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How to Set Up Your Google+ Hangout Lower Third

This is a quick 3 minute screen capture showing your how to set up your Lower Third using the G+ Hangout Toolbox.
This is the identification bar seen at the bottom of most Hangouts on Air.
It's always a good idea to load one up as a way to introduce yourself and your brand.

You can also create custom graphics, import and save them as presets.

How to Create Google Hangout Lower Thirds

Here's how you can use a really cool FREE tool called PicMonkey to create a lower third graphic for your Google Hangouts. If you are using them for business, or just want to show people who you are, they are a great way to express your brand.

Using Lower Thirds On Google Hangout

In today's Hangout we used and talked about Lower Thirds, which is a nice way to add a small caption for each person talking.

In this video I show you a quick view behind the scenes of how to start a Hangout and how to add a lower third to your video stream.

It's only a quick video, but we'll be adding more like this over time, showing you the tips and tricks we learn in using Hangout.

Google Hangout Lower Third (Name Bar) - How To - Sue Sierra Video Documentary Day 43

This video answers one of the most asked questions I get How Do I Add A Name Bar To My Google Hangout?

Watch this quick video to learn how now!

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How to add a name and tagline while using Google Hangout

This video will show you how to put a name, tagline, or business name on your Google Hangout using the Hangout toolbox in less than 2 minutes.

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Hangout Mentor Quick Tip: Lower Third Autoload

Virginia Parsons, your Hangout Mentor, talks about using Hangout Toolbox autoload settings to make sure you never forget to display your lower third for a Hangout on Air broadcast. Never miss another Hangout Mentor Quick Tip. Subscribe Now. #Hangout Tool Box, Lower Third, Lower Third Auto load, Hangout Toolbox Training, Hangout Toolbox Tutorial, Hangout Toolbox Tip

Hangout Magix - FREE Lower Third Google Hangout Graphics Creator

How to create a lower third for Google Hangouts using Hangout Magix

Watch video on YouTube by clicking on the link below:

This tool is simple and easy to use.
First select your main style from the header area. Your choices are as follows;
Lower Third, Social Media, Call to action, and side bar.

-Next, select color. There is not a lot of colors to choose from. Only a select few.
-Choose logo
-Give graphic a file name & type

This lower third will set you apart from everyone else on Hangouts and will position you as a person of authority.

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Google Hangouts: How to Add Custom Overlay Nameplate Graphic

In this quick tutorial, I show you how easy it is to add a custom overlay nameplate to your Google Hangouts video screen.

Remember that your graphic should be a transparent PNG with dimensions 640 x 360 (or up to 1280 x 720). And design it so that it doesn't cut of your chin while you talk. :-)

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If you want additional information on custom overlay graphics, plus a handy web-based tool to create your own (not everyone is able to call on the superb Copyblogger design team, after all), go here:

How To Create A Custom Lower Third For Google Hangouts

How To Create A Custom Lower Third For Google Hangouts

Google Plus hangouts and Hangouts on Air (HOA) allow us to brand our videos using custom overlays from the toolbox's Low Third app. I use the Gimp image editing desktop program to create an overlay for Myself.
The image size is 640px by 360px and saved as a .png file with a transparent background.

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Hangout Tip - Custom Overlay Special Effects (Lower Third)

Here's a Cool Hangout Tip: When making a Hangout Lower Third Custom Overlay Graphic this evening I discovered a cool trick... Glowing Edges! Visit Ronnie on G+ at:

I loaded a PNG Graphic for my Custom Overlay Image, Saved it, Kept it ON, and then turned it on *Again* as a Custom Overlay... Instant Neon Glow Special Effect! Very appropriate as the hangout I was using it for was one with Daria Musk performing Live at Stonehenge in NYC... The Live HOA was being shown on one of the Massive Billboards in Times Square! So my special effect had extra meaning!

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Lower Third Tutorial (Google Hangout)

Lower Third Tutorial (Google Hangout)
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Google+ Roleplaying Using Hangout Toolbox Features

A tutorial on using the Hangout Toolbox feature to add your name, your character name, add fixed or floating avatars, mute and signal away-from-keyboard, and add sound effects.

Here are the two images you can use to test out the lower-third and meme features:

Let me know your feedback! I hope you find this useful for online RPG gaming in Google+ Hangouts.

How to Set Up Google Hangout Lower Third Graphic

Hangout Lower Third Demo

Introduce yourself in Google Hangouts by using the Hanging Lower Third App by Moritz Tolxdorff
(Recorded on ScreenFlow.)

Using Lower Thirds In Your Google Hangouts On Air

Using Lower Thirds In Your Google Hangouts On Air. Here is a quick walk through of the Hangout Toolbox lower thirds setup.

How to Put a Lower Third on Google Hangouts

How to Put a Lower Third on Google Hangouts

How to use the Hangout Lower Third add-in for Hangouts On-Air



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