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Hangout on Air: Create an Image Gallery with Dynamic Views


Hangout on Air: Create an Image Gallery with Dynamic Views

Hangout on Air: Adding a Signature Image to Your Blog Posts


Hangout on Air: Building a Successful Photo Blog

David Hobby and Patrick Smith discuss how to build a successful blog and engage with your community of followers.

Hangout on Air: Embedding Forms on Your Blog

Hangout on Air from +Blogger. Learn how to embed a Google Spreadsheet to create a contact form on your Blogger blog.

Basic Image and Video Tips For Bloggers (Multimedia)

Bloggers using Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest for promotion is the topics we touch on in this Hot Blog Tips Hangouts on Air. Brian D. Hawkins, Mitch Mitchell and I (Sheryl Loch) each take on a topic.

We start with Mitch telling us a bit about using Instagram. If you follow Mitch on Twitter or Facebook, you would know that he sends out some funny pictures of things he sees while he is out.

After he gives us an overview, I ask a few more questions...
3:40 Question -- When you say Instagram shrinks the picture, can you do editing or cropping of your pictures?

5:23 Brian expands on what Mitch says about cropping and a lesson the both learned so they can keep the subject of their picture without losing any of it.

7:33 Question -- When you upload a picture to Instagram, are you allowed to write a caption or message with the image?

8:39 Does Instagram give you the option to list your location on your image uploads?

10:22 Is there any way that a non Instagram member can see all of someone's uploaded pictures?

At 12:50 We move on to Video and Youtube tips. In staying with the topic of images, I talk a little as to how you can use all those cool pictures and turn them into a video.

14:00 Is there any web based sites that let you upload your own images and make a slideshow video? EEEK! There is a horrible high pitched noise when I speak. And the big Google Plus, boots me out of the Hangout.

18:27 Brian ask Mitch if he uses Pinterest. Mitch refers to a post he wrote a while back -

20:44 Mitch ask a question he had when I was booted out. Do YouTube annotations travel with the video when embedded on other sites.

23:48 Mitch ask How do you watch these videos live? After my day I was baffled. I will say after the show I realized that yes you can watch a Hangouts on Air from the public stream in Google Plus or a link given out to that specific hangout. It will not be on the persons YouTube channel until after upload...they can however send out the live link they get once they start the show. Sorry I was so confused (that's what happens in a live show).

29:50 We go back to the Pinterest discussion.

34:43 Brian mentions how you can see what images from your site have been Pinned on Pinterest -

The Pinterest dimensions Brian talks about at 37:28 - 80×80 pixel minimum - 600 pixels wide max (resized 192 pixels wide) with no limit on height.

At 37:49 we discuss why some people use very long images on Pinterest.

39:40 Brian mentions
Kiss Metrics tested image dimensions and determined the Optimal Pinterest Image Size to be 600 x 800 pixels (to 192 x 256).

42:41 Mitch mentions a Google Plus post I made where a video tells us why people are drawn to cute.

44:21 I mention a thread we have on our forum about Pinterest and followers -

45:33 Brian gets a bit off topic...get the Duct tape!

Yes, we are going to have another Hangouts on Air just to cover using images on your blog.

See more of our Social Networking HoA's on the playlist -

Blogger Dynamic Views: View Blogs In 7 Different Views

For More information:

We know its difficult to view our blog in different themes & angles in just one click. First we have to get the template, then installation, modification, designing & finally we will get our site live with that newly added template. But now its possible to view our blogger site in different views and angles without applying those templates and themes.

Blogger now provides seven new dynamic views for public blogs. These new views use the latest in web technology, including AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3, to deliver a host of benefits.

-Allows you to read more posts without having to reload or click to a second page.
-New layouts provides different views suited to different types of blogs.
-Speed lets you to download images as you view them, not all at once in advance.
-Interactivity shows more ways to experience and engage with blog content.

This extension notifies you if you're on a Blogger blog and it lets you view the blog content quickly in one of the new seven dynamic views. Simply click on the Blogger icon when it appears, select the view, and you'll be redirected appropriately.

Add 'Blogger Dynamic Views' extension to Google Chrome:

How to easily create and mange image gallery using Cincopa

Cincopa is the most complete rich media plugin kit for WordPress, Joomla, Blogger and many other CMS. Add media to your site in seconds! Select one of our awesome skins, upload your media and easily embed on your website, simple as that.

Hangout on Air: Custom Picasa Slideshows on Blogger

David Kutcher teachers bloggers how to create a custom slideshow with RSS feed data from Picasa.

Hangout on Air: Advanced Posting with Blogger's HTML Editor

Create a CSSdriven Image Gallery - Part 1 - The HTML

This is the first in a 5-part series on creating an image gallery using CSS divs and the box model to style a 3 X 3 image gallery. Part one covers the HTML code structure for the image gallery.

Creating and publishing a blog post with an image gallery in Composite C1

Learn how to creating and publishing a blog post and add an image gallery to the blog post in Composite C1

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Hangout on Air: Adding context with Zemanta

Blog Tutorial Part-10 ( how to add a image gallery in )

how to add a image gallery in and more information visit my site

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Dynamic Views Quick Search

Introducing a quick search function in the Dynamic Views template

Hangout on Air: Mentions on Blogger

Tech- News HD Blogger Dynamic Views

EN: This video is a mix of the original Blogger Dynamic Views from Google
DE: Dieses Video ist ein Mix von dem Originalen Blogger Dynamic Views von Google.

Viel Spaß wünscht euch Tech- News HD

So Many ways to do Hangouts on Air... where do I start? (trailer video)

There are now so Many ways to do Hangouts on Air... where do I start? Come to the live show to get answers here: on or after Tuesday Dec. 17 at 12noon PST / 3pm EST

We'll talk about Scheduled HOAs, Live Events, Google+ HOAs, YouTube HOAs, Private HOAs, Limited Broadcast HOAs, and more. You'll learn which is the type you want to use moving forward. If you want in on the best place to learn, signup to keep up via or via

Watch the video this trailer points to here:

Hangout on Air: Focusing on Your Blog's Landing Page



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