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Harleys airgun ram hunt 80 yard kill EP 2


.30cal Airgun Takes Duiker and Steenbok

Episode 2 takes us on a search for two of the small antelope known in South Africa as difficult to hunt. The airgun of choice for these animals is the powerful Daystate Wolverine .303 caliber. Join us as we meet the South African Guides and take to the brush in pursuit of these respected animals.

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TD257 Airgun takes Squirrel at 202 yards - Nuttin' unda a Hunerd' - episode 1

Out with my TalonDor 257 Air Gun trying to take my longest HUNTING shot to date to join the 200 yard club. My goals were met just beyond expectations with a confirmed kill of 202 yards. The shot was a devastating Heart/Lung shot which stopped him DRT while he was inside his hole.

Big Bore Airgun Takes Impala Ram

Episode 3 of our South Africa airgun hunting series takes you on an exciting air rifle hunt for Impala. Along the way you meet the fantastic outfitters at Hounslow Safari.

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Huge well over 300 pound fair chase hog killed with a big bore airgun

This is a fair chase free range wild hog hunt. I am shooting the Airforce Texan .45 caliber airgun Shooting Nick Nielsen 290 grain swaged hollow points. I had to edit out the recovery. I used a whole bunch of four letter words due to my excitement. And I want this channel to be family friendly. I have killed dozens of hogs but this was by far the largest. Complete pass through with an airgun!!!. Thanks for watching!
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Airgun Red Squirrel Hunt 5

Hello Fellow air gunners. This squirrel hunt video is a little more graphic than usual However, I wanted to demonstrate the power of the .25 Airforce Condor with Predator polymags. All game taken in this video is legal and under valid hunting licenses. IF YOU DON'T LIKE TO HUNT SQUIRRELS PLEASE DON'T WATCH. Seriously, hunting is not for everyone! Enjoy and feel free to comment and or ask questions. Please enjoy.

Air rifle hunting

Texas Dall Ram Hunt 2017

Hunting Texas Dall Sheep on the Thompson Temple Ranch.

Coyote hunting with airforce texan .45 airgun part 1

Airforce Airguns At Buck and Bass Ranch

This time on Research and Destruction Ton and Cameron join their friends Luke Clayton and Jeff Rice at Jeff's Buck and Bass Ranch in Eastern Texas for some excellent hog hunting action!

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Coyote hunting with airforce texan .45 airgun part 2




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