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He Opened his Shoes and We all Died !!


Megamind (2010) - Metro Man Returns Scene (9/10) | Movieclips

Megamind - Metro Man Returns: Metro Man (Brad Pitt) returns to fight Titan (Jonah Hill), but he's a little different than before.

Watch the best Megamind scenes & clips:

Though he is the most-brilliant supervillain the world has known, Megamind (Will Ferrell) is the least-successful. Thwarted time and again by heroic Metro Man (Brad Pitt), Megamind is more surprised than anyone when he actually manages to defeat his longtime enemy. But without Metro Man, Megamind has no purpose in life, so he creates a new opponent, who quickly decides that it's more fun to be a bad guy than a hero.

TM & © Dreamworks (2010)
Cast: Brad Pitt, David Cross, Jonah Hill, Will Ferrell
Screenwriter: Alan Schoolcraft, Brent Simons
Director: Tom McGrath

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The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes, and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans.

Shrek (2001) - Do You Know the Muffin Man? Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

Shrek - Do You Know the Muffin Man?: Lord Farquad (John Lithgow) interrogates the Gingerbread Man (Conrad Vernon) as to the whereabouts of the other fairytale creatures.

Watch the best Shrek scenes & clips:

Once upon a time, in a far away swamp, there lived an ogre named Shrek (Mike Myers) whose precious solitude is suddenly shattered by an invasion of annoying fairy tale characters. They were all banished from their kingdom by the evil Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow). Determined to save their home -- not to mention his -- Shrek cuts a deal with Farquaad and sets out to rescue Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) to be Farquaad's bride. Rescuing the Princess may be small compared to her deep, dark secret.

TM & © Dreamworks Animation (2001)
Cast: Jim Cummings, John Lithgow
Director: Andrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson

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The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes, and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans.

Billie Eilish - you should see me in a crown (Official Video By Takashi Murakami)

Listen to “you should see me in a crown from the debut album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?, out now:

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing you should see me in a crown (Official Video By Takashi Murakami). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records


THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Dance Scene (2019) Netflix TV Series

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY Dance Scene (Clip 2019) Netflix TV Series
© 2019 - Netflix

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Naruto: 5 Characters Who Should Have Died (And 5 Who Should Have Lived)

Naruto Characters Who Deserved To Die And Stay Alive
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Death is an inevitability in life, but in anime, it can be seen as optional. Shonen anime is rife with characters doing death-defying stunts all the time and taking massive damage only to come out of it with a few scrapes and bruises. Naruto falls within this vein, but it still manages to do some interesting things. Despite the ninja’s in Naruto doing magical Jutsu and the like, a knife to the heart will still kill most ninja. We hardly see the anime trope of a powerful character deflecting a knife with just a finger or having them be cut in half only to be fine in the next scene. Because of this, Naruto’s body count is a little higher than most Shonen, and unlike Dragon Ball, they don’t have a magical wish-granting dragon to bring back the dead.

Naruto’s body count is higher than most Shonen anime, and sure most of the deaths are justified, but not all of them. In Naruto, the good guys die too and sometimes people we thought were bad guys turn out to be good guys and die too. Deaths in Naruto can either be extremely satisfying or downright depressing. A character’s death can mean the end to a long arc of suffering, like when Orochimaru finally died. They can also be crushing, like when Jiraya died to Pain. Today we will be taking a look at these kinds of deaths in Naruto; those who deserved to die and those who deserved to live.


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How Michael Jordan Changed Sneaker Culture Forever | One Man and His Shoes | VICE VERSA

The uncensored story behind the visionary marketing strategy and complicated legacy of the Air Jordan sneaker phenomenon, told by the people who made it happen.

#CreateBlackHistory #OneManandHisShoes #AirJordans


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Chase & Status - All Goes Wrong ft. Tom Grennan

'All Goes Wrong' by Chase & Status Feat. Tom Grennan
iTunes: Spotify:

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#ChaseAndStatus #AllGoesWrong #Vevo #Indie #VevoOfficial

How to use Audacity TUTORIAL | Playing All 500+ Games in my Steam Library | Part 21

This is the worst idea I've ever had.
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Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about HP 3D printing. From achieving dimensional accuracy and full spectrum color capabilities to materials and applications, we'll cover it all.


03:46 DFAM - Design for Additive Manufacturing
07:19 HP Jet Fusion 580 Overview
16:40 HP 580 Color Parts
27:31 HP Jet Fusion 5200 Overview
30:47 HP Processing Station
35:46 HP 5200 Materials
45:30 Future of Additive Manufacturing

Bob Dylan - Tangled up in Blue (Audio)

“Tangled up in Blue by Bob Dylan
Listen to Bob Dylan:

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Early one mornin' the sun was shinin'
I was layin' in bed
Wondrin' if she'd changed at all
If her hair was still red
Her folks they said our lives together
Sure was gonna be rough
They never did like
Mama's homemade dress
Papa's bank book wasn't big enough
And I was standin' on the side of the road
Rain fallin' on my shoes
Heading out for the east coast
Lord knows I've paid some dues
Gettin' through
Tangled up in blue
She was married when we first met
Soon to be divorced
I helped her out of a jam I guess
But I used a little too much force
We drove that car as far as we could
Abandoned it out west
Split up on a dark sad night
Both agreeing it was best
She turned around to look at me
As I was walkin' away
I heard her say over my shoulder
We'll meet again some day
On the avenue
Tangled up in blue
I had a job in the great north woods
Working as a cook for a spell
But I never did like it all that much
And one day the axe just fell
So I drifted down to New Orleans
Where I was looking for to be employed
Workin' for a while on a fishin' boat
Right outside of Delacroix
But all the while I was alone
The past was close behind
I seen a lot of women
But she never escaped my mind
And I just grew
Tangled up in blue
She was workin' in a topless place
And I stopped in for a beer
I just kept lookin' at the side of her face
In the spotlight so clear
And later on as the crowd thinned out
I's just about to do the same
She was standing there in back of my chair
Said to me, Don't I know your name?
I muttered somethin' under my breath
She studied the lines on my face
I must admit I felt a little uneasy
When she bent down to tie the laces
Of my shoe
Tangled up in blue
She lit a burner on the stove
And offered me a pipe
I thought you'd never say hello, she said
You look like the silent type
Then she opened up a book of poems
And handed it to me
Written by an Italian poet
From the thirteenth century
And everyone of them words rang true
And glowed like burnin' coal
Pourin' off of every page
Like it was written in my soul
From me to you
Tangled up in blue
I lived with them on Montague Street
In a basement down the stairs
There was music in the cafés at night
And revolution in the air
Then he started into dealing with slaves
And something inside of him died
She had to sell everything she owned
And froze up inside
And when finally the bottom fell out
I became withdrawn
The only thing I knew how to do
Was to keep on keepin' on
Like a bird that flew
Tangled up in blue
So now I'm goin' back again
I got to get to her somehow
All the people we used to know
They're an illusion to me now
Some are mathematicians
Some are carpenters' wives
Don't know how it all got started
I don't know what they're doin' with their lives
But me, I'm still on the road
Headin' for another joint
We always did feel the same
We just saw it from a different point of view
Tangled up in blue

#BobDylan #Folk #SingerSongwriter

Weezer - Buddy Holly (Official Music Video)

Discover the story behind the Blue Album:

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Music video by Weezer performing Buddy Holly. (C) 1994 Geffen Records

#Weezer #BuddyHolly #Remastered

The White Stripes - We're Going To Be Friends (Official Music Video)

Watch the official music video for We're Going To Be Friends by The White Stripes
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Fall is here, hear the yell
Back to school, ring the bell
Brand new shoes, walking blues
Climb the fence, books and pens
I can tell that we are going to be friends
I can tell that we are going to be friends

Walk with me, Suzy Lee
Through the park and by the tree
We will rest upon the ground
And look at all the bugs we found
Safely walk to school without a sound
Safely walk to school without a sound

Here we are, no one else
We walk to school all by ourselves
There's dirt on our uniforms
From chasing all the ants and worms
We clean up and now it's time to learn
We clean up and now it's time to learn

Numbers, letters, learn to spell
Nouns, and books, and show and tell
Playtime, we will throw the ball
Back to class, through the hall
Teacher marks our height against the wall
Teacher marks our height against the wall

And we don't notice any time pass
We don't notice anything
We sit side by side in every class
Teacher thinks that I sound funny
But she likes the way you sing

Tonight I'll dream, while I’m in bed
When silly thoughts go through my head
About the bugs and alphabet
And when I wake tomorrow, I'll bet
That you and I will walk together again

I can tell that we are going to be friends
Yes, I can tell that we are going to be friends

#TheWhiteStripes #WereGoingToBeFriends #WhiteBloodCells

Flying Geast Getting Hate || He opened his shoes and we all died || Flying Beast

Flying Geast Getting Hate || He opened his shoes and we all died || Flying Beast






Bad Things Kids Said

welcome to this episode of Bad Things Kids Said

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1. One day my 2-year-old started talking about someone named 'Grandma.' My mom goes by 'Mem' and my mother-in-law goes by 'Nonna,' so I started asking her questions about who Grandma was. My daughter said that she 'looks like you and Mem,' so I thought she might have been seeing my grandmother who passed away

2. My parents told me that when I was little, every night before they left my room I would say, 'Good night — don't die!'

3. My friend's sister never spoke a word until she was about 5 years old, when one night at dinner she suddenly said, 'You're not my real family. My real family died in a fire.

4. My best friend was cleaning out her dresser drawers when her 3-year-old picked up a picture and said, 'Mommy! This was me when I was Grandma!' It was a picture of my friend's grandmother. She asked, 'What?' And her daughter replied, 'You don't remember?! I was Grandma Marie.'

5. My kid's friend hit a floating bubble, and it split into two. She said it gave birth and that it was romantic. Then she suddenly popped them both and said, 'Murder is more romantic.'

6. When my daughter was three, I was at home on maternity leave with my son. My daughter started talking about 'Abigail,' whom she said lived in our house. It freaked me out, but I was also intrigued... So when I was putting her shoes on to go to nursery school, I asked, 'Do you and Abigail play at nursery?' And she looked me dead in the eyes and replied, 'She doesn't come to nursery. She stays here with you.' Aaargh...

7. One night, when I was coming upstairs at around 11:30, I overheard my 5-year-old daughter say, 'What are all of you doing in here?'
I'm not proud to say that I turned around and sat in my front room for a half hour, not wanting to risk running into anything.

8. When my son was 5 years old, he told me he couldn't wait for me to die so he could have his own zombie. I've slept with one eye open ever since.

9. When my daughter was two, she asked, 'Do you remember when the car hit me and went Boom! And then I went up where there were lots of toys, and then I came back down to you?'
I was super freaked out.

10. I work at a day care, and during nap time, after we'd turned all the lights out, one little boy suddenly said, 'It's coming. It's coming.'
He was talking about the train that went by behind the day care about 30 seconds later. It was eerie.

He Opened his Shoes and Flying Beast Family Died!!RIP|Yeh Ladki Ab VLOG bhi nahi karne deti.

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मर गया Gaurav Taneja Rashbari ke Papa|He Opened his Shoes and Flying Beast Family Died!


Ufukta Ne Var? Bölüm 2 (Sıkıntı Dönemi) - Pastör Godwill Ogbolu

|| || ||

“Bazılarının düşündüğü gibi Rab vaadini yerine getirmekte gecikmez; ama size karşı sabrediyor. Çünkü kimsenin mahvolmasını istemiyor, herkesin tövbe etmesini istiyor.”
‭‭2.PETRUS‬ ‭3:9‬ ‭

Sunday Readings – FOX and CRANE

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Why Christians Should Adopt

God is still a God of miracles! He is moving throughout the earth today and He will encounter you and your family. The Word says seeks first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all else will be added to you. Jesus loves you more than anything.

Treat your feet with Micropedi

The Micropedi is an innovative device used to remove rough and dead skin from your feet effortlessly. It is a Salon procedure for your home.

The Micropedi uses a roller system that spins at 30 times per second to produce instant results painlessly. So now there's no need for files or scrapers.

You can choose between two types of rollers, one for rough, tough skin and one for more sensitive skin and the good news is that you can buy replacement rollers whenever you want.

Use the Micropedi on your heels, soles or wherever you have dry, cracked or rough skin. Results are visible immediately making this an ideal to be used during the Summer time when are feet are on display in sandals and open shoes.

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The Ultimate Sacrifice

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