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Hells Angels - The Evolution of these Mythic Outlaws


Animate California: The Soul of the Golden State in Image, Myth, and Place

This video offers, not sightseeing, but soulseeing through California in a quest to understand the presence, spirit, or soul of the Golden State and its cities and regions through reflection on the recurring images and mythologies found here. It considers the question: In what sense are landscapes actually soulscapes? How do the places where I live and work subtly interact with me such that I unknowingly repeat their geological patterns and historic events? And what does it mean to come deeply home?

The video also serves as an introduction to terrapsychology, the study of our deep and usually unconscious connections to the places where we live and work and the things and creatures that inhabit them. Terrapsychology goes beyond surface cause-effect relations (how sunlight affects mood, for example) to look at how landscapes, weather, and nature sculpt our ideas, our habits, our relationships, and even our cultures and sense of self. Whether we know it or not, we speak, walk, and breathe the discourse of world, terrain, and place all the time, their jagged ridges roughening our smooth speeches, their rivers sweeping our ideas downstream, their skyscrapers beckoning us to heights of fame and hubris, their polluted harbors darkening our moods, their sanctuaries offering us islands of precious sanity.

Voice of Amara Radio - 13 Jul 2019


Seminário Roger Casement e o Centenário de 1916 - Parte 8

Las vidas míticas de Roger Casement. Palestra proferida pelo Prof. Carlos Páramo no seminário Roger Casement e o Centenário de 1916, realizado nos dias 21 e 22 de Março de 2016.

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The Fionn Cycle CT043

The Religion of the Ancient Celts (1911) Chapter 8: The Fionn Cycle

by J. A. MacCulloch

The story of the mighty hero, Fionn and his warband, the Fianna. McCulloch examines the origins of the Fionn myth and asks how much of the Epic McPherson poem is truly ancient.

Names Used in this Section





Caoilte mac Ronan


Goll mac Morna


Lonnrot, in Finland


Michael Comyn

Tir na n-Og


Keating, O'Curry, Dr. Joyce, and Dr. Douglas Hyde




Leinster, Ulster & Connaught




Professor Zimmer

Asvin and Asgeirr

Conn the Hundred Fighter





Tuatha Déa



Diarmaid and Grainne


Michael Comyn


Agallamh na Senorach


Dean of Lismore

anima naturaliter Christiana

Chateaubriand, Goethe, Napoleon, Byron, and Coleridge

Religion of the Ancient Celts can be found on Sacred Texts.

You can find out more about J. A. McCulloch on Wikipedia.

Try the Celtic Myth Podshow for a dramatic re-telling of the Tales and Stories of the Ancient Celts at or in Apple Podcasts.

Our theme music is Gander at the Pratie Hole by Sláinte. You can find their music on the Free Music Archive.

Day and Night - Professor Franco Moretti

The Department of Comparative Literature at King’s College London recently organised the Franco Moretti Lecture series in June 2017. This lecture is titled Day and Night: On the counterpoint of Western and film noir”.

Professor Franco Moretti’s work has fundamentally changed the way we think about literature, arguing for a novel conception of Comparative and World Literature that goes well beyond the mere accumulation of authors and works.

A Folklorist's Tale: Stories of Tangible Culture, Intangible Culture & the Politics of Culture

Folklorist and scholar Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett drew from her multifaceted career to explore the role of folklore in shaping contemporary cultural discourse. Specifically, she discussed her experiences as chief curator charged with creating the multimedia narrative exhibition at the recently opened POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. How did she approach blending intangible cultural heritage with tangible cultural artifacts to tell the thousand-year story of Polish Jews in a place where little tangible heritage remains? What were the political and cultural challenges in bringing this history to life? And how did her training as a folklorist influence and shape her curatorial decisions?

Speaker Biography: Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimbett is distinguished professor emerita of performance studies at New York University and served as chief curator of the core exhibition at the recently-opened POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. Originally from Toronto, she received her doctorate in folklore from Indiana University and began a multifaceted career in both academic and public sector work.

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THE DRAGON LORD DECK - MTG Arena - Original Decks - Historic

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so the true dragon deck with actual dragons in it. amazing i know. its really fun and has a lot of big creatures and big dragon and a lot of card draw power. has some engines like token and draw. best deck 2020

4 Dragonmaster Outcast (WWK) 81
1 Island (THB) 281
2 Bone Dragon (M19) 88
2 Swamp (THB) 283
4 Dragon Egg (M19) 138
4 Sarkhan's Whelp (M19) 299
4 Dragonskull Summit (XLN) 252
1 Karn's Bastion (WAR) 248
3 Sarkhan the Masterless (WAR) 143
2 Lathliss, Dragon Queen (M19) 149
4 Dragon's Hoard (M19) 232
3 Sarkhan, Fireblood (M19) 154
3 Moment of Craving (RIX) 79
4 Cast Down (DAR) 81
4 Blood Crypt (RNA) 245
4 Fabled Passage (ELD) 244
1 Arch of Orazca (RIX) 185
4 Nicol Bolas, the Ravager (M19) 218
4 Mountain (THB) 285
1 Drowned Catacomb (XLN) 253
1 Sulfur Falls (DAR) 247

Charlie Russell Symposium: Paul Zalis and Gus Chambers

Paul Zalis and Gus Chambers, co-producers of the PBS Montana documentary C.M. Russell and the American West, will present preview clips and discuss the making of the documentary.

C.S. Giscombe: The Racial Mountain

This lecture will consider some aesthetic and racial underpinnings of literary production, especially in terms of “experimental” or “difficult” texts. In particular, Giscombe will address the question of what happens and what’s at stake when contemporary North American poets of color claim literary ancestry, especially when such ancestry includes white writers, both those “of good will” and those whose work exhibits racist thinking.

Reed College is an institution of higher education in the liberal arts devoted to the intrinsic value of intellectual pursuit and governed by the highest standards of scholarly practice, critical thought, and creativity. Its undergraduate program of study, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts, is demanding and intense and balances breadth of knowledge across the curriculum with depth of knowledge in a particular field of study. The goal of the Reed education is that students learn and demonstrate rigor and independence in their habits of thought, inquiry, and expression.

The Evolutionary Mind (Full Trialogue)

Stimulating and often startling discussions between three friends, all highly original thinkers: Rupert Sheldrake, controversial biologist, Terence McKenna, psychedelic visionary, and Ralph Abraham, chaos mathematician. Their passion is to break out of paradigms that retard our evolution and to explore new possibilities.

Through challenge and synergy they venture where few have gone before, leading their readers on an exciting journey of discovery. Their discussions focus on the evolution of the mind, the role of psychedelics, skepticism, the psychic powers of animals, the structure of time, the life of the heavens, the nature of God, and transformations of consciousness.

University of California, Santa Cruz, June 6th, 1998

Immigration Federalism; Why it Matters for National Reform



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