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Here’s What Vacations Look Like During A Pandemic


Here’s What Vacations Look Like During A Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the travel and tourism industry to a near standstill with no clear outlook on when it will restart. What will vacations look like absent of a vaccine? Will people want to travel again during an ongoing pandemic? How will it redefine the future of travel?

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Here’s What Vacations Look Like During A Pandemic

Here's what air travel looks like during the Corona Virus pandemic.

Pink Luggage Abroad is a resource for anyone making travel plans. I hope my videos entertain and help you create itineraries for where you want to visit. Please join me on this journey of high low wanderlust. Let’s create a community of like-minded travelers. I want to connect with you!

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How risky is travel in the COVID-19 pandemic?

Summer is here. Though COVID-19 cases are surging, many are still thinking of getting out for some sun, or taking a socially distant vacation. Even if the destination is safe, the journey provides a host of potential exposures. Peter Chin-Hong, MD, Professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the UCSF School of Medicine, weighs in on the risk of coronavirus exposure for every mode of travel.

Best safe places to vacation during COVID-19 pandemic


What It's REALLY Like Flying During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed everything, and that includes how we fly. Let us show you exactly what it's like flying during the pandemic.

From buying a ticket to boarding the plane to the drink-and-snack service onboard and even who's sitting next to you, airlines have made drastic changes - and just what you'll find onboard will depend on which airline you fly. Airports are different, too, as shops and restaurants (and even airport lounges) have limited hours or closed down altogether. It all adds up to an almost unrecognizable travel experience.

We recently took a trip from Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) to Washington, D.C. (DCA) and back to document the flying experience today. And we flew two different airlines, American and Delta, to show just how much it differs based on which airline you choose.

Read more:
9 thoughts on what it's like to fly during coronavirus:

Tips for your first flight during (or after) coronavirus:

From masks to cleaning, how U.S. airlines are handling coronavirus:

Delta's making a big bet on safety. Will it pay off?:

American Airlines will sell flights 100% full starting July 1:


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How Safe is Air Travel during a Pandemic?

Thanks to the pandemic, air travel is drastically reduced compared to this time last year. People are wondering if flying is safe, and airlines are promoting studies that suggest it’s not only safe, but potentially safer than some daily activities like grocery shopping. How much stock should we put into those claims?

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Mark Olsen – Art Director, Producer

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Covid-19: why travel will never be the same | The Economist

Covid-19 has devastated global travel and—as the industry recovers from the effects of the pandemic—tourism will be increasingly localised and complicated. This won’t just affect foreign holidays; it could disrupt the workings of the globalised world. Read more here:

Further reading:

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The World If: aviation doesn’t recover from covid-19:

Read our leader on how people will have to adapt to the covid-19 pandemic long term:

Has covid-19 killed globalisation?

How to pandemic-proof the planet:

See data on how speedy lockdowns saved lives:

The science behind social-distancing measures:

WEST COAST ROAD TRIP VLOG | Safely Traveling During a Pandemic

I have always wanted to go on a West Coast road trip down the PCH in California...I don't know how it has taken me so long to do this road trip....12 years to be exact....but here we are! Check out this vlog as I document Nate and I's West Coast road trip...we drove up to San Jose, CA to see family for a week, and from there we hit Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur, Pismo, and more. It definitely is weird to try to travel during a pandemic, but we tried it, so if you are wondering what it might be like to try to do a road trip and get on the road during this time, or if you are looking for inspo for a West Coast road trip of your own, I hope this video helps!

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What is Mexico like during the Coronavirus pandemic? This is Mexico City CDMX during Covid 19. We spend a few days walking around Mexico City during Covid 2020 to see what it's like in this country. It is much different here than in other countries we've been to. Is Mexico safe to travel to? Is Mexico open for tourism from the US right now? Watch this video to see a couple of travel vloggers in Mexico during the pandemic. We show you in the last few videos what it's like right now. So if you want to travel to Mexico now during the Covid 19 pandemic, then ask any questions below about safety, guidelines, how to get into Mexico, if you need a Covid test, and more. See if people are wearing their masks or if there is a lockdown at all. This is the Mexico City Covid 19 Travel Vlog.

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Why did we come to Brazil during the Covid 19 pandemic? Brazil has around 6,000,000 cases and rising, so why come to Brazil of all countries? South America has become a hotspot during the pandemic, and Brazil is #3 in the world. We have our reasons. In this video we tell you why we came to Brazil at this time and why others are thinning of traveling to Brazil in 2020 and 2021.

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Coronavirus Travel | Tips for planning summer vacations amid COVID-19 pandemic

Here are tips for families planning to travel over summer vacation amid the coronavirus pandemic. Full story:

Flying During the Pandemic? Here's What to Expect | NBCLX

Air travel started picking up across the U.S. before Memorial Day, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. NBCLX storyteller Chase Cain flew cross-country and encountered careful social distancing during some points of his trip, but also saw crowded conditions, passengers and workers without masks and a mixed bag of safety protocols. If you have to fly or want to fly, here are some tips for what to expect.


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Every story is local.

We are passionate and engaged storytellers with a mission to inform and inspire. NBCLX stories will focus on depth and context, the kind of stories that can make everyone feel connected and encouraged to shape the world around them.

Flying During the Pandemic? Here's What to Expect | NBCLX


Here is what summer 2020 could look like as pandemic continues

The ongoing pandemic is leaving a lot of people wondering what's in store for summer plans as some Carolina beaches are now reopening.


Here are some easy suggestions to get you started planning a Walt Disney World vacation in 2020, during the changes brought on by coronavirus. The Disney World website is always a great source of information that is up to date, and I suggest you spend some time looking around the website to get familiar with it.

In this video we talk about some of the recent changes:
- Theme Park Day Reservations
- Only single day tickets available (no park hoppers)
- No Fast Pass+ reservations currently
- Some closed dining (check the website to see what is open!)
- Limited resorts (more opening each day, so check your dates!)
- Dining reservations at 60 days out - or 60 days plus the length of your stay
- No dining plans

We also tackle the order of planning a Disney vacation and my preferred way to book!

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See if your dates have availability-

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Are you traveling this holiday season amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Here's what to expect

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and many Americans are planning to travel this year despite the coronavirus pandemic. Here's what you can expect during your travels. Looking for safe alternatives for this Thanksgiving? Check this out:

Yay! I am going on summer vacation during the coronavirus pandemic | This is why

Taking a vacation during the coronavirus pandemic can make sense - with social distancing. Come along with me as as I see Chattanooga with a shop local, buy local priority. The travel industry has lost more jobs during the pandemc than many industries. Here's why I'm going to Chattanooga on vacatio and feel okay about taking a short road trip during the covid19 pandemic. See suitcase covers on Amazon

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How to camp safely during the COVID-19 pandemic

With campgrounds reopening across Canada, here is what you need to know about camping safely while minimizing the risk of coronavirus.

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What Will Cruising Look Like After the Pandemic? | Cruising During the Pandemic

What Will Cruising Look Like After the Pandemic? | Cruising During the Pandemic

In This video I take a look at some of the new protocols which will come into affect as cruising starts to return following the pause in operations due to the pandemic

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Biking Took Off During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Here's Why | One Small Step | NowThis

Since COVID-19 there has been a surge in interest in biking. On this One Small Step, Lucy takes a deep dive into how we can make the U.S. more bike-friendly. This episode is sponsored by Brita.
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The combination of bored Americans stuck in their homes as well as a fear of public transportation’s safety led to a shortage of bikes in the U.S. This interest in biking is great for the climate because biking is a virtually carbon-free way to get around. But just because people are now jumping on bikes, doesn’t mean cities and towns are ready to handle the influx of riders.

To find out how the United States can be more bike-friendly, Lucy connects with biking advocate Doug Gordon, and Shabazz Stuart the founder of Oonee, a bike parking start-up.

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What happens to everything we use after we throw it away? How does our trash impact the environment and contribute to things like pollution and climate change? From plastics and recycling to food waste and composting – we're breaking down the issue of waste and sustainability piece by piece to answer one of the most important questions facing the world today: How do we save our planet?

From exploring the latest tech and science innovations shaping our future, to living sustainably and protecting our planet from climate change — this is NowThis Future!

NowThis is your premier news outlet providing you with all the videos you need to stay up to date on all the latest in trending news. From entertainment to politics, to viral videos and breaking news stories, we’re delivering all you need to know straight to your social feeds. We live where you live.


Our Trip to Porto, Portugal - During Pandemic 2020

Our Trip to Porto, Portugal During Covid Times was just amazing - see it for yourself!

If you want to see how it is to travel through Portugal during these crazy times of 2020, watch our video and let us know your feedback in the comments :) Thank you for your support! x

Hey! This is Denis & Francesca - two crazy people traveling the world together???? We share our story here, we‘d be happy if you follow us on the way✨

The photos were shot on iphone11 pro & edited with the new presets launched by Denis. Get them here and use them with Ligthroom:







► IPhone 11 Pro

Music //

music by Dyalla Swain
Dyalla // Groovy
Dyalla // Hippo

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