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Home Made Air Rifle Complete TUTORIAL and QEV valve


QEV airgun tutorial - homemade QEV airgun assembling

needed material :
(for QEV only )
3/4'' T
3* 3/4 to 1/2 reductions
2* 1/2-1/2 nipples
hot glue or epoxy for piston (epoxy is a way better)
a soft spring
and some lubrication ;)))

DIY Semi Auto Air Rifle Made With QEV

In a previous video, I showed how to hook up and use a QEV for an air rifle or cannon. I used that QEV to make the air rifle shown in this video. The QEV has been matched with a three way solenoid valve. The three way solenoid valve allows the air reservoir to fill, and when it is triggered, it pilots the QEV, firing the air rifle. This setup is semi auto, each press of the trigger switch pilots the QEV. This air rifle has two barrels for it, a .22 Crosman rifled barrel 24 long, and a 36 long .25 steel tube barrel. The .22 barrel has a brass breech assembly with a bolt, allowing bolt action loading of .22 pellets. The .25 barrel has a similar brass breech for loading lead pellets, but also has a 20 round magazine for .25 steel BBs to allow semi auto use. Accuracy is good with the .22 rifled barrel. No problem hitting pop cans at 25 meters while hooked up to 120 psi shop air. The .25 barrel is not rifled but still shoots well enough for my 10 meter indoor range. This air rifle can also be hooked up to my high pressure air setup. I have fired it using 300 psi and it works reliably. Shop air at 120 psi is more convenient, and this air rifle works very well at 120 psi. It has a Tasco 3-9 power scope. The stock is made from steel electrical conduit tubing with a plywood butt. Power is provided by a lithium polymer 12 V battery inside the handgrip. The brass trigger presses a micro switch that switches the solenoid valve.

How to make a QEV valve

home made for air gun

Homemade Pellet gun / Air gun /NERF Gun

In this video i will be showing you how to build this awesome Homemade Pellet gun / Air gun /NERF Gun

Tools Needed:

Channel Lock Pliers
1/4 x 3'' Pipe

Supplys Needed:

1/4 x 1/4 x 3/4 Quick Exhaust Valve
1/4 Quick Release Air Valve
1/4 male to 1/4 femail elbow
1/4 x 3'' pipe
1/4 female to 1/4 male ball valve
1/4 female to 1/8 male elbow
1/8 female to 1/8 male elbow
1/8 female to 1/8 male to 1/8 female union T
1/8 male air hose quick release
Paint ball gun 9 oz Co2 or air tank with remote tank valve

Remote tank kit:

Quick exhaust valve

Homemade Air Rifle Airsoft Gun DIY

Homemade air rifle. Features QEV and slide valve pilot, shoots 6mm BBs.

Homemade Air Tank for Air gun | PCP Air tank 3500psi

How to make a 3500psi PCP Air tank
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QEV pistol

A simple muzzle load QEV pistol I just finished, uses a 1/8 QEV, 1/8 3/2 trigger valve and a 9 1/4 ID stainless tubing barrel. Ammo is 1/4 steel ball bearings, chamber is PVC, everything else handmade. powered by 140psi compressed air.

PVC chamber has been replaced with stainless steel. It is not recommended to use PVC for compressed gasses.
New design

Link to the build pictures ,

Homemade Airgun Valve |For Bigger Airguns

Homemade pcp Valve for bigger PCP's

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Homemade DIY .22 Air Rifle

I made this air rifle recently and decided to do a video on it since it is quite accurate and reliable. It is a single shot bolt action .22 cal. The barrel is a 24 Crosman rifled .22 air rifle barrel purchased online. The air reservoir is 18 long with an ID of 1.125. The valve is a QEV, piloted by a solenoid valve. The solenoid is operated by a 555 timer circuit and mosfet. Power is supplied by two 12 V model aircraft lipo batteries, giving 24 V for the solenoid and 12 V for the driver circuit. The trigger is a small push button switch. There are no iron sights, the scope is a Tasco 3-9x - 40mm. This rifle is run off the shop air line at 125 psi. This QEV does not like pressure over 150 psi, so to get higher velocities, the QEV would need to be swapped out. At 125 psi, this rifle shoots at 420 to 450 or so fps using a 17.2 gn pointed lead pellet. This rifle is accurate, I have tested it successfully at 25 meters as well.

home made air gun - alcoho.Rifle.#2


How to make PCP Air gun : Tutorial

The ULTIMATE pvc air rifle tutorial!!!

In this video I show off how to build a really cool PVC air rifle. I hope you all enjoy the video and if you do let me know by subscribing to my channel for more!

Link to shooting portion of the video:

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Powerful Homemade Air gun Air gun

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How to make the homemade airgun/sniper/ball valve rifle! Can easily kill small game!



A lot of people asked me to make this tutorial, so here it is!
I hope this video explains a lot. If it didn't, feel free to ask any questions in the comments down below.

Camera: Sony a6300 + 35mm f1.8

Homemade Airgun with QEV and valve system

A short demonstation how the system works in order to shoot semi-automatically

Homemade QEV multishot airgun (POWERFUL)! (16 joule, 656fps, 200m/s)


This is a project I've been working on for months. This is my homemade airgun which is (arguably) the best on YouTube. This gun shoots 6mm steel bb's at 200m/s (656fps). The video itself will explain some more details about it.

Most of the parts are bought on Aliexpress, so the build wasn't expensive.

If you have any questions about it, let me know in the comments.

Homemade Air Rifle

Home made Pnuematic air rifle/shotgun made using $35 worth of parts, from a fire extinguisher and plumbing fittings.

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simple homemade airgun: how to make part 1

like i said the airgun tutorial is here!
part 2 is coming soon

here is the link to the QEV:

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Homemade air gun tutorial

Homemade air gun tutorial
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Air Gun / Bow Essentials: QEV Quick Exhaust Valves

Educational series describing the basic construction and operation of a quick exhaust valve. Fogot to mention, if you fill from the chamber side, a spring behind the piston will help keep the piston sealed when beginning filling.



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