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Hope It Never Fades Out | 7llin’ in the DREAM | EP. 5


Hope It Never Fades Out | 7llin’ in the DREAM | EP. 5

#7llin_in_the_DREAM​​ #칠링인더드림​​
#NCTDREAM​​ #NCT​​ #엔시티​​ #엔시티드림​​

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NCT Dream's 7llin' trip being an iconic mess

but what else did we expect?

⏱ Timestamps:
00:00 Intro (Roll Call)
00:24 House Tour
00:39 Assigning Beds
01:17 What's in the bag
02:28 Preparing & Eating Lunch
03:20 Foot Volleyball
04:41 Swimming Pool
06:48 Grill Time
07:53 Dinner
09:14 Beer Pong
10:42 Campfire
11:42 Bedtime
13:31 Good Morning
14:32 Breakfast
14:54 Leaving
15:19 Outro

???? Main Videos Used:
Welcome To Our Home | EP. 1
We’re the Best Friends | EP. 2
Dive Into Youth | EP. 3
Time Flies, We Fly | EP. 4
Hope It Never Fades Out | EP. 5
Dear my DREAM, I’ll be there for you | EP. 6

???? Steam Hot Sauce:

???? Other Videos/Music Used:
Kun - Gu Ren Gui (Rearranged)
Hit The States - Dallas (Haechan Ft. Mark)
NCT 127 - Regular (English Ver.) MV
WayV - Regular MV
NCT Dream - 119
Dinosaurs A to Z (Pinkfong)
Yiruma - River Flows in You
Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic - Leave the Door Open MV
Baekhyun - Candy MV
Baekhyun Bambi MV
NCT Dream - Best Friend
Twice - TT MV
SuperM - Jopping MV
NCT Dream - Walk You Home
NCT Dream Puzzle Piece
Music Box
NCT Dream - Dear Dream
Music Box
NCT Dream - Candle Light MV
NCT U - 90s Love MV

#NCTDream #Mess #7llin
#Mark #Renjun #Jeno #Haechan #Chenle #Jisung
#Funny #Meme

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Dear my DREAM, I’ll be there for you | 7llin’ in the DREAM | EP. 6

#7llin_in_the_DREAM #칠링인더드림
#NCTDREAM #NCT #엔시티 #엔시티드림

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Don't let nct dream go on a trip by themselves

NCT Dream's 7llin ended and after watching all the 6 episodes I decided to make this video with some of the funniest and my favorite moments.

I loved this series I had such a good time watching it, we had everything chaotic and messy dream and also cute and sentimental dream we had it all.

Hot Sauce is coming tomorrow finally 7dream is back again I am totally not ready, y'all let's do our best to support them.

Hope you guys enjoy this video, as always thank you for watching.


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Welcome To Our Home | 7llin’ in the DREAM | EP. 1

#7llin_in_the_DREAM #칠링인더드림
#NCTDREAM #NCT #엔시티 #엔시티드림

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NCT Official

Things That Happen Once In A Lifetime

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Time Flies, We Fly | 7llin’ in the DREAM | EP. 4

#7llin_in_the_DREAM​ #칠링인더드림​
#NCTDREAM​ #NCT​ #엔시티​ #엔시티드림​

NCT DREAM Official

NCT Official

renhyuck are keeping the best friend agenda alive in 2021

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outro ⟶ LP - Red Velvet
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Dive Into Youth | 7llin’ in the DREAM | EP. 3

#7llin_in_the_DREAM #칠링인더드림
#NCTDREAM #NCT #엔시티 #엔시티드림

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NCT Official

ENG SUB【完美的他 | Love Crossed】EP05 何洛洛代露娃全鲜搭档解锁“AR”式完美蜜恋

【完美的他 | Love Crossed】由耀客传媒出品,于中中担纲总导演,吴建新执导,张萌担任制片人,李田、吴忠全、Studio Y.编剧,R1SE何洛洛、张凌赫、代露娃、颜安、范帅琦、常斌、黄德毅、李百惠、范静祎主演,明道、恬妞特别出演的高概念都市偶像剧。

由耀客传媒出品,于中中担纲总导演,吴建新执导,张萌担任制片人,李田、吴忠全、Studio Y.编剧,R1SE何洛洛、张凌赫、代露娃、颜安、范帅琦、常斌、黄德毅、李百惠、范静祎主演,明道、恬妞特别出演的高概念都市偶像剧《完美的他》

Love Crossed
A series of romantic encounters between two heroines and four virtual idols. It's a call to return to reality, cherish life and reap a beautiful love.
Lu Xiao is warm as spring in the virtual world but sensitive and lonely in real life. Jiang Kele may lead a difficult life, but she still dreams of meeting the perfect prince.

总导演:于中中 、导演:吳建新、制片:人张萌
编剧:李田 、吴忠全
主演:R1SE-何洛洛 、张凌赫 、代露娃 、颜安 、范帅琦 、常斌 、黄德毅 、李百惠 、范静祎
特别出演:明道 、恬妞

Director: Yu Zhong Zhong, Wu Jian Xin
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Youth, Fantasy
Tags: Idol Actor, R1SE, Modern Day, Virtual Reality, Reverse-Harem, Web Series, Cold Man/Warm Woman, Character Development, Idol, First Love

#完美的他 #LoveCrossed 5月11日首播!

#耀客传媒 #何洛洛


★《穿越火线》—— 【歡迎訂閱】鹿晗吴磊青春不服输【歡迎訂閱】

★《全世界最好的你》—— 【歡迎訂閱】青梅竹马宋伊人&张耀【歡迎訂閱】

★《安家》—— 【歡迎訂閱】 职场女王孙俪vs佛系店长罗晋【歡迎訂閱】

★《在一起》—— 【歡迎訂閱】抗疫题材时代报告剧【歡迎訂閱】

★超級網劇《奇星記之鮮衣怒馬少年時》——吳磊領銜少年奇幻冒險 與张予曦組高顏值CP 【歡迎訂閱】

★《幻城》——馮紹峰搭檔宋茜演繹玄幻盛宴 與馬天宇兄弟CP虐翻眾人【歡迎訂閱】


★《離婚律師》——姚晨、吳秀波組新版“國民CP” 張萌變性感兔女郎“誘惑”吳秀波【歡迎訂閱】

★《三個奶爸》——晨赫組團為Baby而戰 國民女友張萌變律政佳人【歡迎訂閱】

★《敢愛》——張萌演繹“另類”女強人 與任重分道揚鑣虐心情路引共鳴【歡迎訂閱】

★《寶貝》——張萌變職場辣媽 靳東獲譽“史上最帥市長”【歡迎訂閱】

★《中韓夢之隊》——中韓明星對決 陸毅喬振宇領銜中國對 【歡迎訂閱】


Stream/download 'Fly Away' here:


Contact Management Worldwide:
Lemon Tree Music + Artists Only

Production Company: Visible Studios @visiblestudios

Directed by:
Nick Kozakis @nickkozakis
& Liam Kelly @liamkelly.x

Executive & Post Producer: Timothy Whiting @tim.whiting

Produced by: Fabiana Weiner @fabestelle

Cinematographer: Carl Allison @carlallison

Nick Kozakis
& Liam Kelly

1st AC: Anthony Littlechild
Focus Puller: Meg Perrott

Production Designer: Callum Preston @callumpreston
Art Asst: Mo Wyse

Costume Designer / Stylist: Eva Schelling @style_believa
Wedding Dress Designer: Holly Butler

1st AD: Madeline French
2nd AD: Robert Fantozzi

Sound Designer / Playback: John Servedio

Gaffer: Branco Grabovac
Best Boy: Scott Pope
Grip: Sean McGlynn
Lighting Asst.: Alexander Angliss-Wilson

MUA: Danielle Ruth @wowfx_makeup
MUA Asst:
Gina Nomachi
Jacquelene Tong
Molly Lee
Susan Hughes

VFX Supervisor: Theo Touren

Composite Artists:
Vince Bufalino
Theo Touren

Rotoscope Artist: Tom Downie
VFX Artist: Timothy Whiting

Colourist: Timothy Whiting

Unit Manager: Carlia Capozza
Behind the Scenes: Luke Jeffs & Jesse Leaman

Production Manager: Fabiana Weiner
Production Asst: Olivia Altavilla

Production Runners:
Emily Seif
Heshi Wijerathna

Production Coordinator / Location Scout: Emily Munroe

Risk Advisor: Trent Bekis
CovidSafe Monitor: Olivia Altavilla

Gear Hire:
Creative Head Rentals
Savage Film Services

Locavore Catering
Yum Catering by Elizabeth Andrews
Two Boys One Beagle Coffee Shop

Casting Director: Olivia Altavilla

Rommel Daroya
Fortuna Kebede
Philip Eastment
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Vateresio Tuikaba
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Carlia Capozza

Choir Organiser: Alice Blake

Ian Lee
Judd Field
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George Kozakis
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Stunt Coordinators / Wirework:
Showtech Australia
Tiny Good
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Gareth Lieberman

BTS Photographer: Anthony Littlechild
BTS Videographer: Luke Jeffs
BTS Director: Jesse Leaman

Special Thanks:
Jill Jiaquinta
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Rod Micallef
Rohan Robertson
Amber Saunders
Tom David
Tony Coombs
Vince Clark

Zonzo Estate
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Shot on RED Monstro

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ENG SUB【御赐小仵作 The Imperial Coroner】EP11 萧瑾瑜对楚楚身世起疑?(苏晓彤、王子奇)

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NCT DREAM - 7llin’ in the DREAM Reaction!! Ep. 5 Hope It Never Fades Out

✨let the emo hours begin✨
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[LEGENDADO] Hope It Never Fades Out _ 7llin’ in the DREAM _ EP. 5


2021 NCT DREAM Walk You Home Version in 7llin

#7llin_in_the_DREAM #칠링인더드림
#NCTDREAM #맛_HotSauce

Hope It Never Fades Out | 7llin’ in the DREAM | EP. 5

Dan's Garage Ep. 5 - Never Fade Away

Never Fade Away - Dan lays down some new vinyl with help from friends at Surf City Garage and Magnaflow.



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