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Hosting Webinars With The New Google Hangout On Air


An Easy Way To Host A Live Webinar Using Youtube Live And Google Hangouts

This really is an easy way to host a webinar.
I'm no hangout expert as you will find out.
I just created this video to share with my friends who I expect to launch a webinar series with soon.

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Google Hangouts Webinars

Google Hangouts Webinars

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In this video Damian shows the essential controls and options presenters use when hosting a Google+ Hangouts on Air. Some tips and tricks for rookie hangouts presenters are also included.


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Damian Noud
Your Confidence Coach for Presenting Online


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Google Hangouts Webinars

How To Use Hangouts On Air With 22Social To Create Webinars, Courses And Paid Membership Programs

Learn how to use Hangouts on Air to grow your business online. You can use Hangouts to create webinars, digital courses and even paid membership programs!

This was recorded live stream was recorded LIVE on May 9th, 2017. To stay updated on when we go live you can register here:

Believe it or not, Hangouts On Air is one of the most powerful FREE tools that you can leverage to grow your business online. This simple 'Swiss Army Knife' tool has become the preferred video creation platform for many digital entrepreneurs. And now, by combining Hangouts On Air, 22Social and Facebook, you can build your complete online empire with almost zero overhead.

In this video, we describe our research and run through the competitors FB Live, Belive, Zoom, etc. Learn how 22Social uses Hangouts and why it is so popular with our users!

Resources mentioned:
🔹How to run free live webinars -
🔹How to build paid courses -
🔹How to create paid memberships -

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RunClick WordPress Plugin Software Allows You to Host Your Own Webinars Harnessing Google+ Hangouts

RunClick Webinar Software

RunClick WordPress Plugin software Lets You conduct Webinars through Google+ Hangouts.

You benefit by using RunClick Google Hangouts Webinar Plugin.

Eliminates Extremely Expensive Webinar Steep Set Up Costs.
It's a complete Webinar Solution and video conferencing system.

RunClick, with In Built Lead Capture and Follow Up.

Run Click Allows You to Host Your Own Webinars By Harnising the Power of Google+ Hangouts.

No Tech Issues or Hassles. You can be online and hosting your own webinar within ten minutes of picking up the RunClick System.

Webinars increase Engagement, Authority, and bottom line most important income.

No Monthly Fees

Forget Paying Monthly Fees, RunClick Does It All For You.

...and It's a Single Time Cost.

Again, RunClick is a self hosted app that turns Google Hangouts into your very own webinar service.

Unlimited Webinars. Unlimited Attendees. Unlimited Profits.
RunClick makes it easier than ever before to hold virtual meetings.
Gotomeeting, gotowebinar alternative.

You need to get RunClick Webinar And Video Conferencing Software, Click the Link for More Information Now.

Install RunClick webinar video conferencing software.

runclick wordpress plugin software allows you to host your own webinars by harnising the power of google+ hangouts onlinemeetingnow comparison

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How to Host a Google Hangout on Air

Webinar: Broadcast To Your Audience Using Google Hangouts On Air

In this live Hangout On Air, watch and listen as two of our in-house experts explain the many benefits of the uniquely effective HOA platform. Learn how hosting your own HOA can help you connect with your target audience in an authentic and personal way.

You will learn...
- What IS a Google Hangout On Air?
- How does it differ from an ordinary Hangout (and what makes it a better tool for reaching your target audience?)
- How can an HOA help you attain your business goals?
- What happens after the Hangout?

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MAGNET MEDIA is a strategic and creative marketing firm and next-generation digital video studio based in New York. For over 14 years, we've shot original video, grown online communities, and reached audiences through digital environments for top brands all over the world.

To learn how MAGNET MEDIA can help with your strategic content marketing solutions, contact or 646-486-7109.

How to Host Webinar through a You Tube Live Event/Google Hangouts | Amanda Frances

Amanda Frances explains the BEST *free* way to host a webinar! LAST STEP: When you are ready to go live... just go back to Creator Studio, click on Live Events and click on Start Hangout On Air for your event. IMPORTANT NOTE: The link you give people to watch live will be the same link to access the replay! YouTube does this for you! Xo.

AND THAT'S IT! #gobig


FREE WEBINAR: HOW TO CREATE A WEBINAR FOR FREE IN 12 MINS - Host A Webinar On YouTube For Free. In this webinar tutorial, you’ll discover how create a live webinar page for free, so that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on webinar software, webinar platform and on webinar tools. You’ll learn how to do a webinar, how to create a webinar for free, how to design a live webinar page, how to do webinars for business, how to do a webinar for free, as well as everything related to webinar creation, hosting webinars, webinar platform, webinar software, webinar tools, and webinars for free.

Resources Mentioned:





Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

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Welcome to our YouTube channel! It's our mission at Yes To Tech to empower online entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners like you to maximize your online presence - even if you're not tech savvy! Subscribe to our channel for tips and tricks on DIY website creation, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, branding, blogging, webinars, and video creation, for the tech needed when you're just getting started with your online business, and for step-by-step video tutorials created especially for the non-techie online entrepreneur's point of view.

DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. I only recommend products that I use and love. Thank you for your support!

How to host your webinar for FREE using Google Hangouts through YouTube

Host webinars at no cost for as many people as you want! No need to pay for any fancy platform - you can do it all from within your own website, using Google Hangouts through YouTube.
Let me know if you have any questions!

How to Host a Google Hangout On Air with drew burton

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How to setup a Hangout on Air like a webinar on G Suite

In this video, the best way on how to setup a live stream to your end users via YouTube is explained. Including the setup of panellists

How to Host a YouTube Live Event - How to Host a Google Hangout - On Air Broadcast Live Stream

I show you how to Go Live on Youtube. Some of the tools I use:

Metal Testing Kit I got:

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Come along as I share thrifting, reselling, cooking, and general life juggling. All of this with a song and a smile (most of the time!)

Disclaimer: The information on my channel is not intended as expert advice. Views expressed here are my opinion and what I have learned and experienced personally. Viewers are encouraged to inform themselves thoroughly and find all points of view that apply to them. Unless indicated otherwise, I am not sponsored by anyone to endorse nor critique any products. All comments, opinions, and views are my own. Links may contain affiliate referrals. #texasgaltreasures #etsy #ebay #sales #reselling #sellingonline #chatterbooks

How to Host a Webinar on YouTube for FREE

Have you ever wanted to host a webinar but you don't want to pay a billion dollars for a webinar software? Well, no worries, I'll teach you how to host a webinar on YouTube FOR FREE.

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Webinars OnAir - The All in One Webinar Suite for Hangouts On Air

Webinars OnAir - the all in one webinar suite for Google Hangouts On Air! Click the link to start your 7 day free trial!

What are Hangouts On Air?

Hangouts On Air is one of the latest additions to Google+. As you most-likely know, Google+ Hangouts is an exciting video chat platform that Google rolled out in 2011. You can have up to 10 people in a Google+ Hangout and all ten are connected together through audio and video. Since then they have gone to launch Hangouts On Air, which lets you broadcast your Hangout to the world. So even though you can only have 10 people in a Hangout, with Hangouts On Air, you can broadcast your Hangout and anyone with the link can watch.

This is a fantastic tool for meetups, meetings, trainings, and the like. With the built in applications that come with Google Hangouts, you are even able to share your screen with your viewers! This allows you to take advantage of showing a powerpoint presentation, or your web browser, or whatever you need your viewers to see. It's very similar to your own online webinar.

How are Hangouts On Air Different from Webinars?

Like a webinar, Hangouts On Air are a great way to get people to view a live interview, training, or presentation; however, there are some very noticeable downfalls. You see, most webinar services come with the ability to have registration pages, track who attends your webinars, allow you to follow up with your attendees, send out reminder emails, and more. This is lacking when it comes to using Hangouts On Air as a full-fledged webinar service. You also do not have the ability to interact with all of your viewers who are participating by watching your Hangout On Air. Of course, you can interact with up to 10 in the actual Hangout, but what about all your other viewers? Some will create a Twitter handle or hashtag for viewers to ask questions over on Twitter, but that just doesn't quite have the close feel of a normal webinar. Not to mention, you're going to really need a tech savy audience for that to be a success. You don't get the chat, Q&A, and raising of hands like other top webinar services provide. So basically, they can watch, but don't have the real ability to plugin and participate with those in the Hangout.

Using Your Hangouts On Air as Interactive Webinars with Webinars OnAir

Webinars OnAir is an app for Hangouts that adds lots of interactive features to let you engage with your audience. It truly is the all in one webinar services suite for Google Hangouts On Air. By adding Webinars OnAir to your arsenal, you are able to bridge that lonely gap of your viewers just watching you to actually participating and interacting with you in the Hangout. And by leveraging the Hangouts On Air platform, Webinars OnAir is able to bring it to you at a much lower price than traditional webinar services.

The best webinar services allow you some interaction with your attendees.  It may be as simple as an instant message or it can get more complex with real-time polls, chat rooms, and even allowing an attendee to become the presenter and speak to the entire audience.
This type of interaction with your attendees is priceless.  You can answer questions and hear feedback from your viewers in real time.  Today it seems many companies are choosing to cut their promotional budgets, and this is a great alternative to bring clients and customers together.  If you hosted a location event (which is costly) you may see a very small return on your investment, but by having a virtual meeting you will see a very large return. You also have the potential to gain clients when interacting with attendees who are just getting familiar with your company. Just think if you could convert more of your viewers into clients and customers, or how much more money you could make by easily being able to charge someone for attending one of your Hangout On Air broadcasts, no techie skills required.

You can find out more about this incredible webinar suite and get your free trial today:

If you're looking for a way to add more audience interactivity to your Hangouts On Air or a way to help you monetize them, you will definitely want to take a look at Webinars OnAir. It's a great way to turn your Hangouts into Webinars.

View more about Webinars On Air here:

How To Use Free Hangouts On Air Inside Your Facebook Page As A Powerful Webinar System

Looking for a simple and convenient way to do your webinars? 22Social allows you to run professional webinars INSIDE your Facebook Page using Google Hangouts On Air.

Now you can have your own gated live streaming page inside Facebook where you can collect leads and makes sales! Watch the video to learn more.

✚ Get the complete notes & resources at:

Key benefits of doing Hangouts On Air inside your Facebook Page:

✭ Fast and simple setup
✭ No extra fees: unlimited attendees, show your webcam / screen / powerpoint, invite up to 9 guests on your panel, automatically recorded, and much more
✭ You can require attendees to register for access
✭ Collect Facebook verified information using Facebook Login
✭ You can connect your CRM to grow your email list
✭ You can encourage viral sharing by incorporating a sweepstakes
✭ Free or paid access - yep, you can charge money!
✭ Can be used as part of subscription payment program $$$
✭ Add attendees to your Facebook group to build a community

Use Google Hangout Plugin To Host Webinars On Your WordPress Blog

NOTE: Google Hangout Plugin is now called RunClick

Webinars no longer cost hundreds of dollars a month. You can host unlimited Webinars on your own blog, with unlimited attendees, using the Hangout Plugin. Use this link to a great Google plugin for your blog and get three bonuses. Life online will never be the same. This plugin lets you create a Google+ Hangout on Air without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

Exactly what is a Hangout on Air?

Some people are calling Hangouts a Webinar replacement. And they are right. Some people are saying GoToWebinar is dead. I probably would not go that far but I'm not ruling it out.

Google Hangouts offer you a way to present your OWN Webinars online, live without recurring monthly fees. Basic GoToWebinar service costs about $50/month for 25 attendees, and some people pay as much as $499/month for 1,000 seats.

You can host a Google Hangout on your own blog to an unlimited number of people, using YouTube bandwith (and that's enormous bandwidth), and you can do it for FREE.
On top of that, YouTube will render the video automatically and post it to your YouTube channel a few moments after your Hangout ends. You can leave it there, you can edit it RIGHT ON YouTube using very simple editing tools, you can trim it, and you can add annotations and links, right in the video.

If you like, you can download the video, you can make it private, and you can serve it up as PREMIUM content and charge money for it. It is really quite amazing.
And if that's not awesome enough, the whole SHIFT in search engine rankings is mind boggling. Google AND YouTube are giving LOTS and LOTS of weight to Hangout videos in their search results. There are videos ranking on page one for highly competitive keywords where the ONLY optimization is in the TITLE of the video. I am going to do a separate video using CASE STUDIES to show some examples of this. I'm actually losing sleep I'm so excited about this stuff.

You do not need screencasting software. You don't need Camtasia or Screenflow or any other third-party software to do a Hangout. Google and YouTube are giving you the keys to the kingdom.

You do not need fancy editing software. You can trim the video and edit it right in YouTube.

You don't need fancy presentation software.

HOME BUYERS ... Do you work with home buyers? Do you think there are some questions they have?

Do you think there is a special set of questions you can answer for first time home buyers? Some questions about financing? How about negotiating tips for buyers who build new homes? Open House Tips?

REAL ESTATE INVESTING ... Real estate investors are the group to watch in terms of engagement and marketing. Residential agents could take some good lessons from real estate investors and there are some terrific topics with universal appeal you can apply to your own market.

SELLING YOUR HOME ... Would you like to attract new sellers and get some new listings to work with? There are lots of topics you can cover ... and start generating content you can publish on your blog that will attract new clients long after your real estate hangout is over.

DISTRESSED HOME OWNERS ... is a vastly underserved niche. Think about it. What are most real estate agents talking about when they market to this group? How to do a short sale ... right?

This is an amazing opportunity to differentiate yourself in a market where most real estate agents don't even use the words home retention on their websites.
Invite guests and talk about ways people can KEEP their homes!

Imagine this ... there is a homeowner who is struggling financially ... he falls behind on he mortgage and receives a notice of default from his lender and that NOD goes on record in the county courthouse. Within a week that homeowner has a fistful of lettesr from local real estate agents promising salvation with a short sale. Every ONE of them is trolling for that listing!

Except one ...

That homeowner gets a postcard with a notice about a Google Hangout (or video) with actionable tips about how he can SAVE his home. There's no pitch for the listing.
Imagine that home owner is able to find a sustainable financial solution and KEEP his home. How do you think he will feel about the agent who sent him that card vs. the dozens of other agents who were all about the listing? ... when his friend or a family member decides to buy a home or sell a home.

I am going to have a very special in-depth training on this topic very soon as part of this video series and I will be sharing some presentations and other resources you can use in your own real estate hangouts. So, stay tuned.

FSBO ... How about FSBOs? The for sale by owner niche is a particular favorite of mine and you can have lots and lots
of fun with this one.

Buy it here:

How to Connect to Google+ Hangout for the Live Webinar

How to Connect to Google+ Hangout for the Live Webinar

How to Host a Live Webinar Using Google Plus for Free

We wanted to share what we learned about how to host a live webinar for free using Google+ Hangouts. I have seen it done and heard many people talk about it but there was not many tutorials available to walk us through the entire process. Our learning process included trial and error, online research and asking colleagues who have hosted hangouts in the past. Therefore, we wrote this tutorial in hopes this it will help many people save tons of time learning how to use Google+ hangouts!

Get our full checklist here:

Benefits of Hosting a Hangout On Air, plus Tips!

Hosting a LIVE Google+ Hangout On Air or a YouTube Live streaming event on your channel can have a lot of benefits, especially in terms of audience development and community building. In this video I share some of the benefits this YouTube channel has experienced in from hosting regular Google+ Hangouts On Air and also offer a few tips on best-practices for hosting a successful live event.

3 Days to Making YouTube Work for You

30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel

Schedule a YouTube Live event:

Schedule a Hangout On Air:

On Video Creators we discuss how to leverage YouTube as a social platform and use it to build an audience, spread our message, and change lives. If you're a YouTuber or an online video creator, we'd love to have you subscribe and join us!


FREE EBOOK: The Secret to Building your YouTube Audience


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Tips for Hosting Google Plus Hangouts On Air - Lessons Learned 101

CEO Todd Hartley talks with Chris Lang & Ronnie Bincer about the tricks to developing great Google+ Hangouts On Air.



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