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How China Lost Patience with Its Loudest Billionaire


How China Lost Patience with Its Loudest Billionaire

The sudden cancellation of Ant Group’s IPO shocked investors, but Beijing's slapdown of Jack Ma was years in the making. And Alibaba and Ant aren't the only tech firms under scrutiny by Chinese regulators.

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Jack Ma: What China Is Really Doing To the Loud Alibaba Billionaire

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Alibaba group also know as the Amazon of China's founder, Jack Ma is considered to be the Richest man in China. He is know to be one of the most charismatic spokesman for Entrepreneurship in China. But Few months He was disappeared from the public eye after a speak given by him. What really happened to this Chinese billionaire? Is the Chinese government behind this? Let's find out!

WION Wideangle: China's 'Disappeared'

Where is Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma?
How Beijing is muzzling voice of dissent
China's high-profile disappearance explained
Chinese Tycoon Xiao Jianhua went missing in 2017
China's highest-paid actress 'disappeared' for months
How Coronavirus critics 'disappear in China'
WION Wideangle: Watch China's 'Disappeared'

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When Elon Musk realised China's richest man is an idiot ( Jack Ma )

Edit of Jack Ma and Elon Musk at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference

CHINA क्यों अपने ही अरबपतियों को एक-एक करके गायब कर रहा है? Disappearing Chinese Billionaires

Hello friends, can you all tell me where is Alibaba founder and richest Chinese billionaire Jack Maa currently? Reports state that he has been missing since October 2020! I mean how can a powerful personality like him vanish into thin air? And let me tell you, just 2 days before his whereabouts went missing, he was criticized by the Chinese Communist Party. So are they really behind Jack Ma's abduct? And is really Jack Ma alive, if so? And let me tell you, this is not the first time that Chinese Billionaires who opposed or criticized the Chinese Government of Xi Jinping went missing. In fact, another richest billionaire and real estate king Ren Zhiqiang went missing! In September 2009, another billionaire Guo Wengui, a.k.a Miles Kwok in his interview said that Jack Ma will be abducted or killed? Now, why would he say that? Did he really know the true motives of the Chinese Communist party? In fact, did you know Billionaire financier Xiao Jianhua was actually forcefully kidnapped by 5 Chinese security agents? Why would China do that to its country's billionaire? And why are the Chinese citizen being quiet about all this? Is China's Government a dictator like North Korea's Kim Jon Ung? Well, stay tuned to know more!

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When Elon Musk Realized China's Richest Man Is A Dope (Jack Ma)

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At the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, 2019, Tesla's Elon Musk, a forward thinker on AI sat down to chat with China's richest man, Jack Ma, who used to be the CEO of the Chinese commerce website,

Elon wasn't impressed with Ma's knowledge of the subject and had a hard time not letting it show!

In this video, social coach Barron Cruz will break down the body language, vocal tonality and other subcommunication that the two men use in the interview.

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China's biggest headache: Chinese millionaires are taking their cash out of China

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How and why the Chinese hijacked Jack Ma's $37 billion IPO of Alibaba's Ant Group

At the 11th hour, the Chinese blocked Ant Group's $37bn IPO, owned by Jack Ma's Alibaba. Strangely, Ma himself was missing and his name was censored on Weibo, the Chinese blogging platform. Watch the mysterious story behind why all this happened and what happens next.

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Jack Ma Urges Chinese Financial Market Reform Before Ant Group’s Huge IPO; Jiyayi Sun; October 26, 2020

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What Happened to China's Superstar Entrepreneur Jack Ma? | WSJ

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Jack Ma’s Empire in Crisis After China Halts Ant Group IPO

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Xi Jinping is trying to remake the Chinese economy; Aug 15, 2020

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Ant Group — A $280 billion unicorn that just had its legs broken; Tim Culpan; Dec 28, 2020.
China tells Jack Ma’s Ant Group to return to its roots as a provider of payments services; Dec 28, 2020.

Announcement of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and the People’s Bank of China on the Interim Measures for the Administration of Online Small Loans (Draft for Comment); Nov 02, 2020

Where Is Alibaba Founder Jack Ma? What the Saga of One of the World's Richest Men Reveals About China Under Xi Jinping; Charlie Campbell; Jan 04, 2021

Disappearing Billionaires: Jack Ma And Other Chinese Moguls Who Have Mysteriously Dropped Off The Radar; Jennifer Wang; Jan 07, 2021

Ant conducting ‘self-review’ after $35 bn IPO fiasco; Dec 16, 2020
Jack Ma’s blunt words appear to have cost him $35 billion; Shuli Ren; Nov 5, 2020
Jack Ma under regulators’ lens on eve of Ant listing; Niov 3, 2020

Ant to become financial financial holding firm under enforced revamp; Apr 13, 2021
China fines Alibaba record $2.8bn for violating anti-monopoly norms; Apr 11, 2021
Ant’s IPO fiasco dents value; Scott Murdoch & Kane Wu; Nov 5, 2020

The fall of Jack Ma is inevitable. | Digging to #China.

A year ago, Jack Ma, the founder of #Alibaba and Ant Group, was the richest man in China. He was known worldwide akin to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Microsoft's Bill Gates, and Tesla's Elon Musk.

Before founding Alibaba, Jack Ma was an English teacher with a modest translation business in China. In 1995 Jack Ma first used internet to search beer and China, he found nothing. But there was plenty of information about American beer and German beer. Sensing an opportunity, Ma built a Chinese-language webpage. Within hours of launch, he was receiving inquiries from around the world. That planted seed in Ma's mind, Internet is going to change the world, and will change China. A few years later, in 1999, Ma gathered 17 friends and acquaintances at his home. They worked hard on a new venture: a website to connect exporters with foreign buyers. was born, and eventually became the dominant tech company in China.

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Jack Ma dances to Michael Jackson

The video is here! China's richest tycoon, Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group, went on stage with full Michael Jackson gear and danced to Dangerous for his staff at the annual conference gala of the e-commerce giant! Don't laugh, google him you will find how rich and powerful he is!

China’s Most Corrupt Official Sentenced to Death | Lai Xiaomin and China Huarong

This dude had 100 mistress living together! Lai Xiaomin was board chairman and Party chief of the state-owned asset management company China Huarong. But he's been given the death penalty for being the most corrupt man in China. Investigators literally found 3 tons of bribe money in his home. Everyone in the Chinese Communist Party is corrupt. Not everyone gets punished for it.

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Chinese Billionaire Tried To Take On Tesla, Lost EVERYTHING

In this video we go over the epic rise and fall of Faraday Future, an EV startup founded by a Chinese billionaire. There was initially a lot of hype and many thought it would be a Tesla killer. However, production issues caused them to delay production many times.

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China: The Disappearing Millionaires I ARTE Documentary

China's self-made millionaires and billionaires were a major part of the country's success story. But now, the rich and famous may have fallen out of favour with the CPP. One by one, they go missing, or commit 'suicide.' One billionaire who fled to the US is ringing the alarm.

In China, the topic is taboo, but the Western press has been reporting for a good two years about the disappearance of millionaires and billionaires, the icons of growth in the People's Republic - there are said to be at least dozens of them missing. According to some NGOs this figure is possibly even 400.

Living in exile in New York, Chinese billionaire Guo Wangui, who presents himself to us as a survivor, tries to warn his rich colleagues in China via social media. In his $40 million flat overlooking Central Park, he told our reporters that close family members of his were killed in China and he is still being persecuted today by government henchmen. He says China's CP has allowed entrepreneurs to build up the economy for years and now wants to get rid of them because it is afraid of their influence.

Our reporters met the Chinese entrepreneur Hu Kexin who has made his fortune in household and agricultural products and now wants to import baguettes and croissants into China. He bought thousands of hectares of land in France to grow grain for flour and even hired French bakers to teach their Chinese colleagues how to bake 'à la française'. But then, from one day to the next, Mr Hu was no longer to be seen: he vanished without a trace and has not been sighted in either France or China...

WATCH: Digital Revolution in Rural China: E-Commerce Villages I ARTE Documentary

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Why China Is Crashing Its Own Stock Market

In this video we go over recent developments from China's government that are largely to blame for the selloff in US listed Chinese stocks. In 2021, both Alibaba and Tencent received large anti-trust fines, ride hailing company Didi has its app taken down, and private education companies have had their entire business models threatened. The fear, uncertainty, and doubt of the increasingly aggressive regulatory regime has caused a broad selloff of Chinese stocks. We take a deep dive into why this is happening and what its economic implications will be going forward.


The Truth About Joe Biden and China

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Joe Biden has spent more time with China's President Xi Jin Ping than any other world leader. In 2011 Joe Biden visited a local school in Beijing along with Xi Jin Ping. Biden's message from 2011 is drastically different than his current message in 2021...what has changed? In today's video I break down why Biden has changed his stance towards China and unfortunately gone down the same road as Donald Trump.

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How China Lost Patience With Its Loudest Billionaire!!

In October, Jack Ma gave a rebellious speech against the Chinese government, last year. In November 2020, China suspended ANT’s IPO. Soon after this, Jack Ma disappeared from the public’s eye. He reappeared in January 2021. However, he was more humble towards the government’s policies.
What do you think the Chinese government did? Was it the right step? Learn in the video.
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How China Lost Patience With Jack Ma, Its Loudest Billionaire

When Jack Ma took to a Shanghai conference stage in October, China's most famous entrepreneur was on the brink of pulling off an unprecedented $35 billion initial public offering for the finance juggernaut he co-founded two decades earlier. Ant Group Co.'s listing would value the company at more than $300 billion and swell Ma's own fortune beyond its already blistering $61 billion, cementing his position as the nation's richest man.

Why is China Afraid of Miles Kwok?

Thanks for watching “Why Is China Afraid of Miles Kwok?”! What would you do if you were a high-profile billionaire whose name suddenly appeared as part of a massive scandal? Would you find a way to clean your name? Would you own up to your mistakes? Or would you flee from the country and hide someplace else once the authorities come knocking at your door? Money can make you do crazy things. It’s one of the world’s greatest enablers. That’s exactly what we will be talking about with “Why Is China Afraid of Miles Kwok?”

For more videos about the world’s greatest schemes, ways to make money, and, basically, the best things you could ever learn about, be sure to subscribe to Business Explained and join the money gang! Thanks for watching: “Why Is China Afraid of Miles Kwok?”


01:25 - 02:30 Who is Miles Kwok?
02:31 - 03:19 Suspicions Against Miles Kwok
03:20 - 04:41 The Tell-All Expose
04:42 - 05:20 Miles Kwok’s Exile
05:21 - 06:45 The Controversial Release of “Top-Secret” Documents
06:46 - 08:16 How Were The Documents Made?
08:17 - 09:44 The Fallout

Leave a comment about your thoughts on the video and let us know what else you’d like to see next!

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Translated titles:
¿Por qué China le teme a Miles Kwok?

Warum hat China Angst vor Miles Kwok?

Pourquoi la Chine a-t-elle peur de Miles Kwok?

Por que a China tem medo de Miles Kwok?

चीन क्यों डरता है माइल्स क्वोक से?

Waarom is China bang vir Miles Kwok?

Pse Kina ka frikë nga Miles Kwok?

ቻይና ለምን ማይሎች ኮዎክ ትፈራለች?

لماذا تخاف الصين من مايلز كووك؟

Ինչու է Չինաստանը վախենում Մայլս Կվոկից:

Why China's Billionaires are Terrified

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From Jack Ma to Wang Xing, countless billionaires end up in jail, disappeared, dead and more, all because of Xi Jinping's ultimate control on corruption. Here's why this is happening.

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Big Bad Beats

Elon Musk Was Threatened On Video By 'Anonymous' Over Bitcoin

Elon Musk Was Threatened On Video By 'Anonymous' Over Bitcoin

Join us in today’s video as we show you Elon Musk threatened on video by 'Anonymous' over Bitcoin. Guerrilla hacking group Anonymous has denied it was behind a public warning to Elon Musk over his Bitcoin tweets. A video claiming to be from Anonymous said it would soon be targeting Tesla in response to his 'cavalier' approach to cryptocurrency.

The group – synonymous with the Occupy Wall Street movement – has, in the past, hacked PayPal and the Church of Scientology. Yesterday, it appeared that Elon Musk would be next on its hit list. Be sure to watch the whole video for the full details about this and in addition, do us a favor and like the video and subscribe and turn on the notification bell. We’ll see you in the next video!


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Elon Musk's Mysterious Warning

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