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How Far Can Blowguns Shoot? Two Foot Extension Review!


[REVIEW] Testing ColdSteel Blowgun Darts | DAMAGE Tests| Demos





Cold Steel: (1 of 4) Big Bore Blowgun

Shooting a blowgun is great fun. It is an activity that can be enjoyed indoors or out, in sunny or inclement weather. Skill with a blowgun can lead to many inexpensive hunting adventures and stand you in good stead in survival or self-defense situations. Try our new Big Bore .625 Magnum™ and youll soon find yourself addicted to the fun of shooting the worlds most powerful blowgun!
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Coldsteel Blowgun! Is it a good weapon?:Self Reliance

This is the .625 magnum Coldsteel Blowgun. A beautiful weapon for hunting Small game or just throwing some darts down range at a target! It is an old art practiced for thousands of years. Many tribal communities still use this very effective weapon. Although they may use Poison I unfortunately have not found any that is legal to possess.

If you like this Blowgun you can go to the link below and order one, or check out Amazon! I am not paid to endorse this product I am just a HUGE fan of Coldsteel!

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DIY: Cold Steele .625 Blowgun with Fishing Rod

This mod requires:

Cold Steele .625 Big Bore Blow Gun
Picatinny rail accessory mount
Cold Steele broadhead dart
Cheap ass SHORT rod and reel
6-lb monofilament line
zip ties


So this is my new blowgun its just so powerfule please sub
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Rarely-seen blowgun techniques from a tribesman in the Amazon

An Amazon tribesman teaches us how to use a blowgun. Beginner's luck does not apply.
(Editor's note: Ann Curry's full report from Ecuador airs Friday, May 3, 2013 at 10pm/9c on NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams.)

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How Far Can Blowguns Shoot? Two Foot Extension Review!

Ever wonder what the killing range is with blowguns? Well I thought it was a great time to test this after I received and started to review Cold Steels two foot blowgun extension.
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Big Bore Blowguns - Different models and what they're good for

This video is meant to help people understand the advantages and limitations of various Big Bore blowgun models.

We discuss the impact of barrel length on range/penetration and the difference between the Standard and Professional Big Bore blowguns.

Then we show off the 4 foot Professional, the 5 foot Collapsible, and the 4 foot Standard models, and discuss how they compare to each other for the different functions we talked about in the first blowgun video.

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Cold Steel Magnum Blowgun FPS=Never ask wife to stun dart you ; )

Why your Dad should be supervised if you buy a Cold Steel Magnum Blowgun for his Birthday and why you should be worried if you most recently bought him a stun gun for his Birthday . Never ask your wife to shoot you with a blowgun to see what it feels like. Remember the box says caution not a toy : )

Blow pipe dart shooting from long range

Compressed Air Blowgun (100ft shot!!!!)

I shot my blowgun with compressed air. I hit a balloon at 100 ft. Enjoy the video and thanks for watching.

Cold Steel Professional 625 Magnum Blowgun

Mike demonstrates/reviews the Cold Steel Magnum .625 Blowgun. This is an excellent survival tool.

At the price you really can't beat it for providing short range access to small game animals. Make no mistake this will bring food to the fire, and can also be used for dart fishing in shallow streams.

We will not teach anyone how to make poison or how to poison the darts but this survival tool will kill both hostiles and large game if prepared properly. We highly recommend this item.

Professional 5ft. .625 Blowgun
The tested model includes:
Rubber Ferrule
Dart Quiver
Quiver Guard
36 Darts (15 Bamboo Darts, 15 Mini Broadhead Darts, 6 Stun Darts)

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Predator Blowgun for Darts, Paintball and more...

Made in USA, this high quality blowgun is fun to use. See for yourselves...

Gear Review: Blowguns and Slingshot

Just an overview of some alternative systems to think about when out in the woods or just about anywhere.

Shooting A Broadhead Blowgun Dart VS. Apple (SLOW-MO)

Http:// Sunday funday blowgun target practice with my self-made gun and broadhead darts.

I shot the actual hit of the apple in slow-motion, you can see the dart speeding at the apple then rip right through it on impact. Awesome footage! I will be doing much more of this type of shot.

Easy to make and can be a deadly tool to hunt if need be. Today's target is a tasty green apple, which i happily devoured after i hit it.

I shot a longer, more complete version of this vid with multiple camera angles; i will be uploading soon. Anyhow, be on the looky for new vids soon- fitness, shooting and day-in-the life-type content.

Enjoy the

BATTLBOX Gear Test (Cheap Blowgun VS Meat)

Blowguns :

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Big Bore Blowgun Review

A brief video explaining the blowguns darts and a modification.

A's testing of the 5-Foot Blowgun

Cold Steel 2pc Big Bore .625 Magnum 5-Foot Blowgun is a blast to mess around with in the yard! See this video of me testing it out in the front yard. Comes with three types of darts:
Bamboo Darts
Stun Darts
Mini broadhead Darts

Blowgun fishing best 3

Best 3 catfish kills with blowgun. the catfish were killed, cleaned, and eaten. like &subscribe much more to come



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