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How Far Can Blowguns Shoot? Two Foot Extension Review!


Venum .40 cal 48 inches Blowgun review and target shooting

Quick video of my Venum Blowgun, i've had this for a few years blowguns are loads of fun and keeps my kids out of trouble.

12 Inch Venom Blowgun Unboxing and Demo

12 inch venom blowgun unboxing, review, and demo

Big Bore Blowguns - 4 functions and counting

I show off the 4 ft. Professional model of the Big Bore Blowgun and demonstrate 4 great uses for this tool: blowgun, walking stick, bludgeoning weapon, and fire pipe. Just another great way to stay prepared!

We also carry a collapsible version which is easier to carry in or strapped to a pack, and can give you more range and power, especially if combined with the optional 2 ft. extension. Check it out at

Cold Steel Big Bore Blowguns

In 1983, Cold Steel's President, Lynn C. Thompson, bought the first of the many .625 Magnum blowguns he would eventually own. He became an instant fan and has, over the last two decades, practiced exclusively with it. He has taken it on several hunting trips in the U.S. and has used it on three African Safari's! When the opportunity to acquire the J.W. Mcfarlin Company arose, Lynn purchased it outright, taking title to all of their trademarks and inventory.

Now, after a brief reorganizing period, we hereby inaugurate the birth of our new division; Big Bore™ Blowguns, home of the .625 Magnum.™ Big Bore™ Blowguns will specialize in large blowgun calibers like .625 Magnum because they are capable of shooting darts that are 20% faster and three times heavier then our competition. They offer vastly improved killing power compared to smaller, .40 caliber darts.

Since we are not interested in selling cheap, shoddy toys, we will concentrate on 4 and 5-foot blowguns. For extra accuracy and range, we sell a two-foot extension as an accessory. Both of the basic models come with a mouthpiece, rubber ferrule, dart quiver, and 36 darts (12 Stun Darts, 12 Mini Broad Head, 6 Hunting Broad Head, and 6 Bamboo). We also sell a 3-inch thick high-density foam target for safer indoor practice.

Large caliber blowguns like our .625 Magnum™ have an effective range out to 20 yards or more. With practice, a skilled user can hit a two-inch circle at amazing distances, delivering a heavy weight dart. That's a payload easily capable of penetrating a half-inch sheet of plywood.

Accuracy and range like this enable an experienced hunter to take small game like doves, quail, squirrels and rabbits in complete silence without danger of over penetration or errant darts striking livestock or humans in the distance.

Shooting a blowgun is great fun. It is an activity that can be enjoyed indoors or out, in sunny or inclement weather. Skill with a blowgun can lead to many inexpensive hunting adventures and stand you in good stead in survival or self-defense situations. Try our new Big Bore .625 Magnum™ and you'll soon find yourself addicted to the fun of shooting the world's most powerful blowgun!

How to aim the Cold Steel Blowgun

Quick tip to help you hit whatever you are trying to skewer...

Get the blowgun here:

Cool Camera Mount:

Powerful Blow Gun

Hi guys,
I am back with another cool project. This a blow gun which is very simple and effective. This gun have a range of about 100 feet. Within the first 50 feet, it can dangerous.
To make it you just need
- PVC pipe(I used 1/2 inch)
- some nails
-paper and nailpolish.

I hope you liked the video...

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NCS - Electro Light Symbolism
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.40, .50, and .625 Big Bore Blowgun Review

This is a comparison of 3 different caliber blowguns.
.625 Big Bore Cold Steel Blowgun 60
.50 Terminator 2 Piece Blowgun 48
.40 Avenger Warrior 2 Piece 54

Each of these blowguns performed surprisingly well in a steady wind. They penetrated different mediums about as you would expect, with the larger caliber flying faster and penetrating further. The Big Bore blowgun was easily the easiest to shoot as well as the most accurate and most powerful at a long distance. The .40 and .50 blowguns did pretty well but couldn't compare to the much larger dart size of the .625.

I used target darts and mini broadheads for the .40 and .50 and bamboo and mini broadheads for the big bore.

The first targets- the can and cardboard were around 20' and the target board at the end was at about 50 '. It actually took about 8-10 tries with the smaller calibers to hit the can but got it on the first try with the big one.

The .625 Blowgun is available in 4' and 5' models with most darts and accessories sold seperately. The .40 and .50 models are available in 6 different colors with numerous dart and accessory combinations and come in one and two piece models from 12 - 72.

Big Bore Blowguns - Different models and what they're good for

This video is meant to help people understand the advantages and limitations of various Big Bore blowgun models.

We discuss the impact of barrel length on range/penetration and the difference between the Standard and Professional Big Bore blowguns.

Then we show off the 4 foot Professional, the 5 foot Collapsible, and the 4 foot Standard models, and discuss how they compare to each other for the different functions we talked about in the first blowgun video.

For more details, check our blowguns out at

Gear Review: Blowguns and Slingshot

Just an overview of some alternative systems to think about when out in the woods or just about anywhere.

Cold steel big bore blowgun shooting

Shooting in the woods with blowgun

Compressed Air Blowgun (100ft shot!!!!)

I shot my blowgun with compressed air. I hit a balloon at 100 ft. Enjoy the video and thanks for watching.

Cold Steel 2-piece Blow Gun

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