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How Germany Became Europe's Richest Country


Is Germany Through the Worst of Its Slump?

Jan.15 -- Jeremy Stretch, head of FX strategy at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, discusses the outlook for bund yields after Germany's economy, Europe's largest, made a slight recovery in the fourth quarter, ending a year in which manufacturing took a battering and the country was dragged to the brink of a recession. Bloomberg's Rosalind Mathieson joins the conversation on Bloomberg Surveillance.

5 Amazing Facts about Germany in Hindi | Why Germany ?

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Germany Votes - High Stakes for Europe? | Quadriga

Angela Merkel's Conservatives look set to be the strongest block in the parliament after the upcoming national election in Germany. The country's economy is in robust shape in spite of the European debt crisis. But it is still not clear that Merkel will be reelected. Germany's European neighbours, too, are looking with interest - and mixed feelings - at the continent's largest economy.

Many people in southern Europe are suffering under the austerity which Angela Merkel has promoted as the response to the crisis. If Greeks and Spaniards could vote in Germany's election, the Chancellor would stand little chance of staying in office. Yet many observers from around Europe see in Merkel the only politician who can hold the continent together during the crisis.

Tell us what you think: Germany Votes - High Stakes for Europe?

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Gap between Rich and Poor in Germany | Made in Germany

Inequality between the very rich and the poor is increasing in Germany as elsewhere, according to a report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). But what does poverty in Germany mean? Low wages? No assets? Claudia Laszczak reports on what it means to be an average single, average family and average pensioner in Germany.
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These Are The Richest Countries In Europe

Which countries are the richest in Europe? What is their biggest product and how much do they earn?

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France: Running Scared of Germany? | European Journal

The eurozone debt crisis has laid bare French suspicions of Germany. Relations between the two countries have now become a big election issue in France, characterized by increasingly venomous anti-German commentary. A leading French socialist compared Chancellor Angela Merkel to Otto von Bismarck, the chancellor who defeated France back in 1871. Many French people are annoyed at the way President Nicolas Sarkozy has described Germany as a role model for France. They see as him as the junior partner in the new Merkozy axis. France's minister for Europe, Jean Leonetti, is already talking of anti-German hysteria sweeping the country.

Talk: Is Europe crumbling? | Made in Germany

With serious differences in refugee policy and many member states still struggling with economic and social crises, the European Union is facing a major challenge. Josef Janning is head of the Berlin office of the pro-European think tank European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), and he talks about the consequences of border controls for the European economy and the future of the Union.

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Made in Germany | German Investors in Romania

Romania is an increasingly attractive place for Western Europeans to invest. This year it's estimated that Western companies will pump more than 10 billion euros into the Romanian economy.
Since Romania joined the EU on January 1, 2007, investors have enjoyed improved legal protection, it's easier for people to cross the border, and goods no longer have to clear customs. Many German companies now outsource work to Romania, where wages are low by Western European standards. Still, as Karl Harenbrock reports, the financial crisis and its aftermath is also being felt in this south-eastern country.

Germany Today: Post-World War II Reconstruction, 1947

This video is about the four victors of the war in Europe occupying Germany. The video shows a devastated Germany and its clean up. There are Germans how have to help rebuild there own country. There is the small percentage that still prosper though. The four zones of Germany became split between the victors: The United States, France, Great Britain and the USSR. The video gets specific about the United States is doing to help rebuild Germany from shipping food to teaching journalism. But there still are people how are trying to promote not Germany's fault to a black market. There is also mention of war crime tribunals as well. This video is in the Public Domain. The Master Copy can be found at the National Archives and Records Administration, Room 4000, 8601 Adelphi Road, Hyattsville, MD 20740-6001. The Archival Retrieval Catalog (ARC) number is: 642295

????Germany Economic Report : How Germany became Europe's Engine ?

????Germany Economic Report : So How did Germany become such a strong Economy?
The economy of Germany is a highly developed social market economy. It is the largest national economy in Europe, the fourth-largest by nominal GDP in the world. In this video, we will analyze the secrets of the German economic strength.

And try to understand, why is the German economy so powerful, and what lessons can the rest of the world learn from it?.

#1. Euro bliss.
There is no doubt that Germany has benefited greatly from the euro. Few other reasons are.
Rising german exports are cheaper for overseas consumers.
Relatively low levels of private debt.
Real interests remain stable.
Germans are uncomfortable with the concept of borrowing money.
Germany is among the few economies maintaining a balance of payments surplus.
#2. Labor reforms.
Germany embarked upon a program of fundamental labor market reform in 2003, sparked by the excesses of post-unification wage increases.
The reforms laid the foundation for a stable and flexible labor market. While unemployment across Europe and the US soared during the global downturn, remarkably, the jobless number in Germany barely flickered.
Germany maintains a culture of business owners acknowledging and rewarding the efforts of the workforce, which develops harmony in the workplace and builds a degree of trust between the employer and employees.
#3. Job skills.
More important still to Germany's industrial strength is the country's education system.
Apprentices aged 15 to 16 spend more time in the workplace receiving on-the-job training than they do in school, and after three to four years are almost guaranteed a full-time job.
And in Germany, there is less stigma attached to vocational training and technical colleges than in many countries.

Welcome to The Atlantis Report.
Uncertainty over Brexit and the trade war between the US and China slowed down the export-oriented German economy.
Nevertheless, Germany is still Europe's biggest economy and one of the world's most powerful economies. Germany is one of the largest global exporters of goods and services.
So How did Germany become such a strong economy?
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The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System

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How Powerful Is Germany?

Who Are China’s Porn Police?
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Pornography and prostitution have a lot of similarities, but when it comes to the law, there is a thin line separating the two. So, why is porn legal?

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The State Department is required by law to submit a report each year to the Congress on foreign government efforts to eliminate severe forms of trafficking in persons.

Why Is Prostitution Illegal?

When he was attorney general, Eliot Spitzer had no trouble going after a 'sophisticated prostitution ring.'

Porn vs. Prostitution

Every time a politician is caught with an expensive prostitute or just with his legs in a wide stance, Explainer readers have asked why laws don't treat pornography and prostitution the same way.


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Why is the German Economy so Powerful??

Today I will show you some interesting facts about German Success. The evolution of the german economy after ww1 and the german economic miracle. Why and How are they so powerful ?


Probably you wondered: Why are there so many Chinese ?


How Germany Became A Country

Dave Walpole looks at How Germany Became A Country.

Germany is one great an amazing country! It's got a lot going for it. But where did it all begin?!Here is a condensed version of how Germany came to be.

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How Does German Economy Compare to United States Economy?

How do US economy and German Economy compare? Can German economy beat United States economy soon?

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How to deal with money like a German | Meet the Germans

While other European countries make the transition to cashless societies, Germany still has a stubborn affection for a pocket full of loose change. Rachel Stewart investigates the very specific German attitude to money.

Rachel Stewart is on a mission to investigate the quirks and idiosyncrasies of daily life in Germany. Every two weeks she explores a new topic - from beer to nudity to complicated grammar - and heads out to get some tips from the Germans themselves.

Rachel moved from the UK to Germany in 2016. As a relative newcomer she casts a fresh eye over German clichés and shares her experiences of settling into German life. You'll find more from Meet the Germans on YouTube or at

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Germany: Europe's growth engine - real economy

Put the words, buoyant, strong, sustainable and economy together. Now think of a country and the...

euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe
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Put the words, buoyant, strong, sustainable and economy together. Now think of a country and the chances are Germany springs to mind.

German voters are going to the polls to elect a new parliament so what are the key economic issues in this election and how will Europe be affected?

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10 Reasons Why Germany Is The Richest Country In Europe

10 Reasons Why Germany Is The Richest Country In Europe.
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Germany is a very powerful country that has been hard at work to build their economy. Germans have proven their resilience in building their wealth.

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The Secret To Germany’s Powerful Economy

What Countries Are The Most Energy Efficient?
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Pointed to as an example of success, the German economy has thrived while the rest of Europe struggled. So what's their recipe for success?

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The Guardian: Miele boss explains how his two-family business has lasted four generations

Wall Street Journal: The Engines of Growth

The Economist: German Lessons

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Written by: Jennie Butler
Edited by: Alex Esteves
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Why is GERMANY such an INDUSTRIAL LEADER? – VisualPolitik EN

How is it possible that Germany could export so much when their products are not that cheap? Why can German students find a job right after they finish their studies? What is Ordoliberalism about? Today we'll answer all these questions.

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How Germany Became Europe's Richest Country

As European debt crisis negotiations approach the 11th hour on yet another bailout for Greece, Margaret Warner reports on some of the people behind the economic success of Germany -- Europe's richest country.



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