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How Hyperloop One's System Becomes Reality


How Virgin Hyperloop One's System Becomes Reality

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The future of hyperloop is closer than you think.

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How Hyperloop Indonesia One's System Becomes Reality

The company is working aggressively to meet a goal of having three production systems in service by 2021.

Source : Hyperloop One

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Hyperloop represents the greatest leap in transport infrastructure for generations. Here we explain the concept that's about to revolutionise our world.
Hyperloop brings airplane speeds to ground level, safely. Passengers and cargo capsules will hover through a network of low-pressure tubes between cities and transforming travel time from hours to minutes.

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Watch the Hyperloop Complete Its First Successful Test Ride | WIRED

The Hyperloop is one step closer to becoming a reality. If it works, the new form of transportation could mean a journey from LA to San Francisco city would take just 50 minutes.

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Watch the Hyperloop Complete Its First Successful Test Ride | WIRED

Enter the Hyperloop One Global Challenge

Hyperloop One is the next mode of transportation, allowing you to travel with the speed of an airplane, the convenience of a metro, the comfort of an elevator for the cost of a bus ticket. Bring Hyperloop to your country first by entering the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Visit: to register now.

Hyperloop Explained

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The basics of a hyperloop system.

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The Hyperloop Is Finally Becoming a Reality

Hyperloop One's 500 meter test tunnel was recently finished in the Nevada desert.


Meet Kate McCarthy, Process Development Engineer

Before hardware designs can become reality, processes and materials are vetted for scalability and cost effectiveness. Meet Process Development Engineer, Kate McCarthy.

Hyperloop Tech ® The Future Becomes Reality

This is a video of Hyperloop project

Hyperloop ( is a planned American high-speed transportation system by entrepreneur Elon Musk, Incorporating reduced-pressure tubes in which pressurized capsules ride on an air cushion driven by linear induction motors and air compressors. A train that can travel at more than 1200 km / h thanks to a system of magnetic accelerators and induction motor.

Hyperloop is one of the more ambitious ideas for the transport of the 21st century.

Andrea Vaccaro - Hyperloop One Director of Safety and Engineering

Our director of safety engineering, Andrea Vaccaro, is on the ground in the UAE talking about Hyperloop One's goal to be the safest mode of transportation on earth.
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Inside The Hyperloop - Not For The Faint Hearted

Glimpses of how it will look like to travel through the hyperloop once it becomes a reality.
The Hyperloop is the brainchild of Elon Musk. It uses pods accelerated through vacuum tubes at extremely high speeds.
Hyperloops can reach speeds of 760 mph.

The Story of Virgin Hyperloop One


There has been a lot of innovation within the four main modes of transportation of cars, planes, train, and ships, in the past 100 years.
But I’m am excited about the fifth mode of transportation, the Hyperloop.
There is so much happening with the hyperloop scene right now, between the companies Virgin Hyperloop One, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies along with Elon Musk but today we are going to zero in on Virgin Hyperloop One.
But before we get started, let’s cover why the Hyperloop is so cool and how it works.
In 2012, Elon Musk came up with an idea based heavily on Robert Goddard’s vactrain invention, that would provide travelers an alternative to flying or driving.
He aimed to develop a transportation system that would be:
Safer; Faster; Cheaper; more convenient; Immune to weather and Sustainably self-powering compared to alternative modes of travel.
The came up with the Hyperloop, which will offer the speed of air travel with the convenience of ground-based travel.
Since Musk was busy with SpaceX and Tesla, he made the concept open sourced and encouraged universities and companies to develop the technology and make it a reality.
While parts of the Hyperloop design differ from company to company, and from Musk original concept, the main idea behind the Hyperloop is the capsule to float in low-pressure tubes like an air hockey puck and propelled by electromagnetic motors.
Now let’s quickly touch on the history of Virgin Hyperloop One.
Years before Branson came into the picture, the seed for the company was planted when Pishevar and Musk traveled to Cuba together in 2013 on a Humanitarian mission where Musk told Pishevar about the idea.
Here’s a funny picture of the trip, Pishevar is sitting in the back with Musk and the action Sean Penn in driving.
A year later Pishevar founded the company in the Hyperloop Technologies along with co-founder Josh Giegel in a garage in LA.
At the onset, the company needed to develop four core technologies to make the Hyperloop a reality.
First was the tube, which will have to house and maintain a low-pressure environment that is one-thousandth of an atmosphere, equivalent to the atmospheric pressure at an altitude of 48 km.
Even in such a low-pressure environment, the Hyperloop pod traveling at over 1000 km/h will still experience a similar drag as a semi-truck traveling on a highway at 96 km/h.
The second was the axial compressor which intakes air and continuously pressurizes it. This will be a challenge because an axial compressor has never been built to work in a low-pressure environment.
The third was the levitation technology. Musk’s original concept involved redirecting air from the compressor in front of the pod to air bearings beneath the pod that is ski-like paddles that levitate the capsule.
Hyperloop Technologies, on the other hand, ended up developing a magnetic levitation or maglev system which will guide and lift the pod off the track.
And fourth was the propulsion system, a linear electric motor consisting of two parts, first is the Stator, an electromagnet that lies on the track, and the second part is the linear motor that simply hangs beneath pod, running along the length of the stators on the track.





Hyperloop Elon Musk might become a Reality!

Hyperloop Elon Musk might become a Reality!

Fans of high-speed transit are sure to remember the Hyperloop. Musk claimed that using the right technology, a high-speed train could make the trip from San Fransisco to Los Angeles in just 35 minutes.

However, Musk also indicated that he was too busy to build such a system, but that others were free to take a crack at it.

That company is JumpStartFund, a startup that combines elements of crowdfunding and crowd-sourcing to make innovation happen.
Dirk Ahlborn, the CEO of JumpStartFund, believes they can build Elon Musk vision of a transit system that would transport people at up to speeds of 1280 km/h (800 mph).

Vision for America Event

Hyperloop Transportation is Soon to Become a Reality A Mind Blowing Mode of Passenger Transport

For Hyperloop, a newly formed company staffed with proven brainpower from Silicon Valley and political superstars from Washington, D.C., the ultimate goal is as simple as it is mind-bending: to safely shuttle people and cargo all over the world in a vacuum-tube-like system at rates of 750 m.p.h., or velocities nearing the speed of sound. If this type of technology gets you excited for the future, you’re not the only one.
Hyperloop has been able to harness the power of electric propulsion, enabling transportation pods to rapidly operate within near frictionless vacuum tubes, that can move pods with leaving a minimal carbon footprint. This is why Musk often calls Hyperloop “the fifth mode” of transportation (after trains, cars, planes, and boats).
Hyperloop recently announced that it is constructing their Propulsion Open Air Test in Nevada, to assess the propulsion architecture. Which is one step closer to bringing the full system to reality. Construction on the track—the first full-scale hyperloop, not a test track, says the firm—is set to begin later this year, and Hyperloop could potentially be open to the public by 2020.

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What Is A Hyperloop?

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The Making of the Hyperloop - Episode 5

A project that has been worked on for well over a year, a dream that may become a reality – all coming down to one weekend in January. Discover the technology powering the hyperloop:

Rob Lloyd - Hyperloop One

Imagine a future where people and goods can be transported in pods racing through steel tubes at up to 700 mph. That’s the hyperloop concept – and Rob Lloyd is working to make it reality.

Hyperloop One: First Full Scale System Test | May 12, 2017

Our first flight!

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These College Students Built a Hyperloop Pod... Here's What Happened

College can be stressful with all the classes, exams and social events to balance. Now, imagine doing all that while building a Hyperloop pod that will be judged by Elon Musk… no pressure. A scrappy group of students from Wisconsin boldly took on that challenge, and they learned that no matter how many all-nighters you pull, there’s always more work to be done.

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Hyperloop Pod Competition

“SpaceX is revolutionizing terrestrial transportation through its Hyperloop transportation services. The company currently provides these services to innovators and universities interested in high-speed transportation technology and solutions.”
SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod speed competition winner tops 200 MPH

“The mile-long track saw three finalist teams battle it out for speed supremacy, including WARR Hyperloop from Germany, Switzerland’s Swissloop and Paradigm, a North American team with members from Northeastern and Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada.”


“Founded in the Summer of 2015, Badgerloop is a student organization at the University of Wisconsin-Madison helping determine if hyperloop could become reality. We provide members with the unique opportunity to work on real world engineering and transportation infrastructure challenges.”

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