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How Much Money is There on Earth?


How Much Money is There on Earth?

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is burning money illegal?

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How Much Money Could We Sell The Earth For?

If aliens came to Earth and offered to buy it, how much should we sell it for?
Watch more: How Much Money Is Space Worth? ►►

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What Is The Earth Worth?

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10 Largest Holes Swallowing The Earth

top 10 of the most devastating sinkholes natural disaster in the world. Subscribe to our channel:


When you take a look around, it’s pretty impressive how far we have come as a species and how much we have been able to transform our surroundings to suit our needs. Yes, advances in human knowledge and capabilities have meant that we can build massive cities, push the limits with enormous skyscrapers, operate a fleet of passenger planes to allow people to travel nearly anywhere they want in just hours. We’ve even sent people into space, to the moon and have a small space station operating just above the earth. It seems like we are able to do anything we want nearly anywhere we want because we are the masters of the Earth. Well, not completely.
Every now and then we, the human race, get knocked off our lofty perch as a reminder that while we possess huge amounts of knowledge and capability, we are still very vulnerable and powerless against certain things. We have great medical knowledge but a number of diseases and illnesses remain incurable. Every now and then some sort of new virus pops up that demonstrates just how easily we could be wiped out. For all our power, even an asteroid hurtling through space could wipe us out as it did the dinosaurs so long ago. Indeed, we may be the king of the jungle but our world continues to remind us that even the king is vulnerable.
All over the planet, Mother Nature loves to remind us how she can have the final say in how we go about our lives. Vicious storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions – these are just a few of the ways our planet reminds us that we don’t run the show all the time. Sinkholes, an event where the ground opens up and swallows anything in its path, are yet another reminder that even though we can build impressive structures and settlements wherever we want, Mother Nature can make them vanish in an instant. All over the world sinkholes appear. Often, they cause little to no damage because they occur in remote areas. Sometimes, however, a sinkhole will appear in a populated area leaving an area of death and destruction in its wake. Like something out of a horror movie, a sinkhole can appear unannounced and advance in an unstoppable manner.

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Solikamsk, Russia
Dead Sea Sinkholes, Israel
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Fabian Pit Sinkhole
Sharon Springs Sinkhole, Kansas
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Yamal, Russia

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Who Controls All of Our Money?

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The Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve (1994) - G. Edward Griffin

The Money Masters (1996) - William T. Still

Graham Towers full written interview

Paul Tucker Quote:

Marriner eccles Quote :

James. A. Garfield:

Central Banks put in place after 2000:



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Is The Rothschild Family The Richest In The World?

How wealthy is the Rothchild family today? Do they still own more than anybody else? Are they secretly the richest people in the world?

The name Rothschild has become synonymous with wealth, and the story of this money-making family started with a man called Mayer Amschel Rothschild. His beginnings were what you might call humble, since he lived in a Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt, Germany, sharing a house with another 30 people.
Both his parents died from smallpox when he was just 12 years old, and prior to that it was their wish that he become a rabbi. That didn’t happen, and instead at age just 13 the young Rothschild started an apprenticeship at a bank in Hanover. Through his early years he practiced commodities and money-trading as well as sold rare coins. Through that he rubbed shoulders with German nobility, and while he was working, he was also making children, ten in all.
Let’s now see what happened next, in this episode of the Infographics Show, How much money do the Rothschilds have?

So, we know it all started with Mayer Amschel Rothschild. In fact, this man is sometimes called “The founding father of international finance.” We know he had ten kids, and five of those were sons. Each of these sons was responsible for running a finance house in Europe’s centers of finance. This family, or empire, worked under the motto: Unity, Integrity, Industry.

We are told that understanding all the ways this family earned its fortune is not exactly clear, with one journalist saying, “There is no book about them that is both revealing and accurate. Libraries of nonsense have been written about them.”





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For certain you all know the story of Isaac Newton: he was sitting under a tree, and an apple fell on his head, and after that he immediately discovered the law of universal gravitation. But there’re places on the Earth where this law actually doesn’t work. In today's video, we’re gonna tell you about the 5 mysterious places on our planet, where at first sight there’s absolutely no gravity. Ready to learn something new?

How Much Money Should You Bring To Sosua or Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

Hi youtube family :) Here is some solid advice on how much money to bring with you for a 7 day, week long trip to Sosua or Boca Chica. You can easily spend less or more.

All Prices are in USD:
$400 - flight (New York)
$420 - 7 days at hotel
$100 - Transportation
$$400 - Food, Alcohol, woman/man
$100 - touristic activities
= $1,420 (however can get by with $1,020 - $2,000.)
Find good deals on flights, airfare and know your currency conversions ...Happy Travels.

What is Earth Worth?

Even Earth has a price - so how much money is our planet actually worth? What are the economics of a planet? And what happens when we turn the world into USD?

Land, sea, people and resources - if Earth was a business, it would be booming. But, is it even possible to calculate its profit or loss? Whether it's cash in hand, money in the bank, stock market value, or general economic worth... In this video, Unveiled uncovers the important figures.

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#Money #USD #Earth #Economy

Do You Know Total How Much Money is There in The World..?

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Earth Logs


THIS is Why Toronto WASTES More Money Than Any City on EARTH!




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In This Episode:
Toronto has millions of people living in the city, generating billions of dollars which are ultimately squandered. Today we’ll look at a city filled with debt ridden, overworked people who have no idea what’s about to hit them. The city spends enormous amounts of money on foolishness and every single project extends way beyond its schedule and budget. Quite frankly, there’s not much to show for it.

real estate housing house interest rates bank oil price money cash currency loonie US dollar

What If Only 100 People Existed on Earth?

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The world population is sometimes quite difficult to understand. To make things easier, what would the global demographics look like if we shrunk the entire world population down to just 100 people, but kept the diverse makeup of humanity as similar as possible to what it is at 7.5 billion people?

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How Much The Earth Is Worth?

How much the Earth is worth?

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How Much Would it Cost to Buy the Earth?

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Laughlin’s equation:

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Gross product of the earth’s environment:

Robert Costanza’s 1997 article:

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Is NASA a waste of money?

5 reasons NASA is da best. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for their support on this video. Check out the 2018 annual letter here:

My five reasons:
1) Makes Earth a better place
2) Extinction prevention
3) Offshoot technology
4) Economy
5) Exploration and Imagination

0:04- Berlin- Andrew Applepie-
0:56- Ceral Killa- Blue Wednesday -
2:39- Sweet Tomorrow- Andrew Applepie-
2:35- Q- Blue Wednesday -
5:06- Almost Original- Joakim Karud-
6:17- Bottles- A Shell in the Pit- Check him out on Spotify-

Summary: 1 in 4 Americans thinks NASA's budget should be reduced. I feel this stems from misunderstandings like how much NASA actually gets in the first place. I tried to shed some light on some of the work NASA does from my personal experience to make a case for why NASA is one of the best investments we make with our tax dollars.

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Ten MOST Powerful People On Earth

The ten most powerful people on Earth! These are the world's most influential and financially dominant entrepreneurs, politicians, and religious leaders.

Which tech guru has the most global influence? What nation’s leader commands the most resources? Find out as we look at the Ten Most Powerful People On Earth.

#10 Larry Page
At only 45 years of age, you would have to accomplish a lot to be mentioned among the most powerful people on Earth. And Larry Page has done just that at the head of Alphabet Incorporated, a conglomerate with subsidiary businesses such as Google and various, smaller technology companies. Having first co-founded Google in 1998 with partner Sergey Brin, the pair of Stanford graduates first developed their discovery while pursuing their Ph.D. in college. What began as an experimental feature introduced via the Stanford University website suddenly took on a life of its own to become the world-changing search engine of the future. Today, Larry Page is worth an estimated 48.1 billion dollars and Alphabet Inc. is worth approximately 739 billion dollars! And with that much money, he’s gone on to purchase luxurious estates, unique properties for Google, a private airport and planes, and a masterful yacht. But perhaps his grandest buy is that of a private island in the Caribbean, where he said to be retreating to more often since fading out of the public spotlight.
#9 Narendra Modi
The Prime Minister of India is in charge of the second most populated country on Earth with 1.3 billion people falling under his responsibility. Despite the sheer size of this monumental task, Narendra Modi seems to be rising to the occasion with approval rates floating around 50% overall and reaching up to 64% in some regions. And given the population size, that’s a whole lot of hearts and minds to win over. Keeping his nation’s best interests in mind, Modi has taken steps to better India in recent years by eliminating large banknotes to help cut down on money laundering and leading the charge on dealing with climate change to help rural citizens feeling the effects. Not settled with domestic advancements, Modi has also helped further international diplomacy efforts, recently visiting with high-profile world leaders such as Donald Trump and Xi Jinping. Under Modi’s lead, India and its billion person population seem to have a future brighter than ever before.

Price of our planet-"The Earth"|| How much is the whole Earth worth? || How much need to buy ?

========= PRICE OF THE EARTH =========

Sound like,what a useless discuss !But we all know about alien.And it is also know that they had came many means they follow us & if they like our planet they can Buy or can do something very bad because of their advanced technology.The thought came from here,if they want to buy how much could we sell The Earth for?
charging Related unique information :-

Price of Earth documents :-




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Jeff Bezos Radical Plan To Preserve The Earth


Jeff Bezos, the founder, and CEO of Amazon, who at the time of writing this script, is worth an insane amount of money at over $135 billion.
Bezos earns $1… every 1.66 milliseconds… Haha!
That’s hard to grasp, so to illustrate how much he earns, I’m going to periodically flash how much money he’s earned since the start of this video, like this.
So, what does the richest person in the world dream about, what does he strive for?
Bezos has an incredible vision for humanity and hopes to help preserve the Earth, that involves millions of people living and working in space someday, starting with the moon!
But before talking about that, we need to talk about Blue Origin, Bezos commercial aerospace manufacturer, and spaceflight services company that he founded in September 2000.
And Bezos is pouring $1 billion per year into the company.
Blue Origin has 2 short-term goals that they’re actively working on.
The first is their space tourism is sending space
tourist to the edge of space at an altitude of around 100km, on board the reusable suborbital launch vehicle the New Shepard.
Blue Origin completed their 8th test flight of the New Shepard back in April, and they plan to launch a manned test flight the end of this year and to finally begin launching commercially in 2019.
Oka,y and their 2nd short-term goal is the completion of the New Glenn Orbital Launch vehicle.
The New Glenn will be a 2 or 3 stage rocket, the first stage will be reusable and the vehicle will have a payload capacity of 45,000 kg to LEO.
Blue Origin recently purchased a landing ship for the first stage of the rocket which they will start to refit soon.
The New Glenn rocket is currently being constructed at a brand-new facility on Merritt island near Spaceport Florida Launch Complex 36 and they plan to have the first launch in 2020.
Now let’s focus on their long-term goal which is to help establish and support a permanent colony on the moon!
And this is the first step towards Bezos vision of the future of space and society at large.
Bezos vision for a moon colony is different from what you might imagine, it will not be for everyday people but more for so to serve as a base for major companies involved in Heavy Industries.
You see, his radical idea is that in the coming decades heavy industry will start to shift to the moon and in 100 years, all heavy industry will be located on the moon driven by solar power.
And at that point, Earth will be reserved for residential and light industrial use which he believes will ensure the health of the planet.
Heavy industry may look a lot different in 100 years than how it looks today but it is defined as industries that are very capital-intensive, requiring a lot of machinery and equipment to produce, additionally they often have a large impact on the environment.


Math Powerland comes clean: "I started flat earth for money" (with Jake FEA reaction)

One of the earliest YouTube flat earthers, outraged at being usurped by the new stars of the movement/hobby, confesses that he only started it as a paid comedy routine.

Math Powerland (Matt Boylan) predates Eric Dubay and Mark Sargent, and is regarded by many as firing the current popularity of the YouTube-powered flat earth belief. And yet, according to this, he did it all as a joke.

'Tis the nature of the world we live in: if you start a conspiracy theory, no matter how whacky, some people will believe it - and then when you tell them you made it up, they will say you've sold out, been bought, fallen asleep, and carry on believing.

Note: The Flat Earth Society has been active online for much longer, and there were flat earth videos on YouTube as early as 2008. But Math was perhaps instrumental.

(He quickly deleted this video. But not before it was captured and preserved.)

Originally shared by Jake Somebody in July 2018:

Making Money "on" FLAT EARTH

Making money ON the Flat Earth - I've heard enough from public videos and private conversations - So, it is time to rant. Here I discuss exactly what I feel about monetizing videos and donations when DOING WORK for Flat earth. The hypocrites in the truth movement apparently have NO BOUNDS The Conspiracy type of community is somehow supposed to be somehow different when it comes to money and work and the usual connection between the two. For some reason, the rules are supposed to be different when WORKING on videos for the truth movement. Only those complaining the loudest are those who generally lack significant content themselves. Hey, I'm entitled to my opinion too. Enjoy the rant - or skip it - either way, this is now my go to video whenever the subject of money comes up.

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