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How People Disappear


10 People Who Disappeared Without A Trace

Thousands of people go missing each day, but the overwhelming majority are found alive and well within the first 48 hours. In these cases, there was no such fortune.

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What Would Happen If Humans Suddenly Disappeared?

What Would Happen If Humans Suddenly Disappeared?

It could be said that humans have really done a number on the planet. We’ve created a mess with our industrialization, the creation of toxic chemicals, garbage dumps and oceans filled with plastic, and giant urban sprawls that have eaten up big chunks of nature. With all this stuff happening, it might not be a bad idea if suddenly humans disappeared overnight. It’s obvious a lot of things would be happening during the cataclysmic disappearance. With that said, let’s run a mind-thought experiment and see what would happen if humans disappeared.

Imagine a world in motion. Humans are controlling all kinds of systems, vehicles, machines, and aircraft. If we suddenly disappeared, it is assumed that the machines that we are operating would come to a halt, but not without a lot of ensuing chaos. Airplanes would fall from the sky, cars would keep going in the direction they were moving without anyone to control or stop them, and machines we control to build things would either keep drilling, digging, or moving something. With nothing controlling these machines, there would be at least an hour to several hours of destruction. It would be a good thing that humans would be missing from this part of our disappearance.

This doesn’t even include factories, coal and power plants, gas works, oil refineries, nuclear power plants, and other industrial places that will have some sort of problem without humans at the controls. However, it is very probable that the lights will go out first, and likely within a few hours should we cease to exist. The only power plants that would still be making power would be hydroelectric plants like the Hoover Dam. These could provide power for months, perhaps even years without any type of human maintenance. Speaking of water, there are some places in the world that use pumps to keep groundwater from flooding streets and metro

What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared?

Today we are presenting you a video on an unusual topic. Imagine that all people suddenly disappeared from the planet.
The reason is irrelevant, just imagine the result. Now we are going to tell what is going to happen after we are gone.

5 Unexplained Disappearances With Mysterious CCTV Footage

Check out this article on the Top5s website on a simular topic to this video! ►► 5 Mysterious & Unsolved Cases of Children Disappearing


The thought that someone could just disappear and never been seen again is difficult to comprehend, but unfortunately, it is not massively uncommon as millions of people go missing each year. Some are found, some are not, and some have mysterious CCTV footage that was captured just before or after the persons disappearances that add to the mystery. Here are five of the strangest missing person cases that have very odd CCTV footage to go with them, that could hold the key to the solving the case.

Here are some links if you have any information or would like to show some support towards these missing person cases.

Steven Koecher:


Jennifer Kesse:

To provide a gift to this scholarship fund online, please visit:

-Scroll down on the drop-down to “The Jennifer Kesse Criminal Justice Endowed Scholarship” click on it and fill out remaining information

Christina Morris:

Her family are very active on Facebook so if everyone could go over there and show some support, donate and share the facebook page and donation page you will be helping out big time. -


Lars Mittank:

In case you have any information in regards to Lars Mittank's whereabouts, or if you have seen him please contact either of the following: Investigative Agency +49 151 61378673, germany Police 110.

Brian Shaffer


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Private Detective Explains How to Disappear Off The Grid

Ahearn illustrates every step with real-life stories of his fascinating career, from undercover work to nab thieving department store employees to a stint as a private investigator; and, later, as a career “skip tracer” who finds people who don’t want to be found. In 1997, when news broke of President Bill Clinton’s dalliance with a White House intern, Ahearn was hired to find her. When Oscar statuettes were stolen in Beverly Hills, Ahearn pinpointed a principal in the caper to help solve the case. When Russell Crowe threw a telephone at a hotel clerk in 2005, Ahearn located the victim and hid him from the media.

An indispensable resource not just for those determined to become utterly anonymous, but also for just about anyone in the brave new world of on-line information, How to Disappear sums up Ahearn’s dual philosophy: Don’t break the law, but know how to protect yourself.

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Did many people disappear?

Answers on the disappearances due to the Rapture and what to expect living in the Tribulation.

10 Missing People Discovered In The Most Bizarre Places

Mysterious Photos That Can't Be Explained

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A missing person is one of the most concerning things about the world we live in. Sometimes, people just disappear without a trace and there’s no telling what happened to them. Mysterious circumstances can stir up some crazy emotions and make us think about the worst case scenario like aliens, murder, kidnapping, and more. If a person disappears on their own, that’s one thing. But a missing person also acts as a grim reminder that not everything in this world is all sunshine and rainbows. When the missing person is discovered in a bizarre place, only more questions come about with no answer on the horizon. Then, we start to wonder whether we could one day face the same fate! It certainly doesn’t help any of us sleep at night. From being found in freezers to even a barrel, we’re about to learn how some missing people got a bizarre resting place!

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How to Disappear in America

Last summer, after writing a story for Wired magazine about people who fake their own deaths, journalist Evan Ratliff decided to vanish and invited the public to try to find him. While he attempted to stay hidden for 30 days, he was caught in 25, thanks in part to the digital breadcrumb trail he left behind. Join Peter Eleey, curator of The Talent Show, and Ratliff as they discuss data-mining, surveillance, and other ramifications of a culture awash in in information.

How to make someone Disappear ! [Secrets REVEALED in Hindi]

Guys as we promised in the previous video, today we have brought the secrets of 'How to make a person Vanish or Disappear' for you. So, watch the full video and learn the magic yorself and perform it anywhere.
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5 Missing People Who Eventually Turned up Alive #3

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Cases in order:

Number 1: Elizebeth Smart
Number 2: Steve Carter
Number 3: Jaycee Dugard
Number 4: Gregory Jean Jr
Number 5: Robert McDonough

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What If The Sun Disappeared?

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Where Did All The Bodies On Titanic Disappear?

One of the most famous ship accidents is the sinking of the Titanic, but what happened to all the bodies of the people with didn't make it? In today's animated educational cartoon we are taking a look at Where Did All The Bodies On Titanic Disappear?


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How People Disappear

The Condition That Makes People's Faces Disappear | Random Thursday

Prosopagnosia is a rare condition, usually brought on by some kind of damage to the brain that causes people to lose the ability to recognize faces.

This is a type of visual agnosia, which prevents people from recognizing objects or shapes.

People with these conditions are functional in every other way, with normal intelligence and mental aptitude, but must adjust their way of perceiving through the world by relying on other senses, much like blind people.

With a little extra planning and care, these people can go on to live relatively normal lives.

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Musician who has visual agnosia - but can recognize faces

Guy with agnosia trying to brush his teeth (from stroke)

Woman with face blindness - prosopagnosia

Channel 7 documentary

National Science Foundation video

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What would happen if every human suddenly disappeared? - Dan Kwartler

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Human beings are everywhere. With settlements on every continent, we can be found in the most isolated corners of Earth’s jungles, oceans and tundras. Our impact is so profound, most scientists believe humanity has left a permanent mark on Earth’s geological record. So what would happen if suddenly, every human on Earth disappeared? Dan Kwartler investigates.

Lesson by Dan Kwartler, directed by Globizco Studios.

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These Missing People Were Mysteriously Found Alive

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These people all went missing and were then found alive!

In order for police to be able to file a missing person’s report, that person will usually have to have been missing for 24 hours. This might differ from country to country, but if police think there is sufficient information to make a report, they will.
The USA’s National Crime Information Center tells us that in 2017, there were just under 500,000 missing people reported, both male and female and under the age of 21. Over 21, the number of reports added up to around 158,000.
That’s a lot of people reported missing, but many are found quite quickly, some having been on a two-day drinking binge, others hiding in the garden shed. Unfortunately, others go missing for a long time.





Sources for this episode:

How to Make People Disappear

How to Make People Disappear in your short films or videos for fun or when a story demands. No special software is used. This video was done on Windows movie maker. The video was taken on iPhone 4s.

Ghosting: Why Some People Just Disappear

More Bad Behaviour – How Jealousy Distorts Your Thinking


We find ghosting in romantic relationships, friendships and even the workplace. It can be hurtful – and you can be better.

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Humans are complicated: a tangled web of amazing biology and bad behaviours. This illustrated field guide will equip you with the necessary tools to navigate the lying, jealous and judgmental tendencies of your fellow humans. This week we explore ghosting, where people cut off contact with the silent treatment.

More Bad Behaviour – How Gaslighting Manipulates Your Mind

BrainCraft was created by Vanessa Hill (@nessyhill) and is brought to you by PBS Digital Studios. Talking psychology, neuroscience & why we act the way we do.

This episode was written by Bahar Gholipour and filmed by Dominique Taylor. Animations by Vanessa Hill. Thanks to Acapella Science for the title suggestion!

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MYSTERIOUS Places That DISAPPEAR Underwater!

Check out thes mysterious places that disappear underwater! This top 10 list of amazing locations in the world just vanish under water during high tide and reappear during low tide!

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10. Passage Du Gois
The Passage Du Gois is a natural 2.5 mile long road on the Atlantic coast of France, which is often named as one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The stone paved route connects the Île de Noirmoutier with the coastal town of Beauvoir-sur-mer, and has been used since the 16th century.

9. Curio Bay
If there’s one thing we know about New Zealand, is that it’s home to some stunning landscapes!! Especially when the Lord of the Rings movies came out, but one of its lesser known places is also one of its most amazing.

8. St. Michael’s Mount
St. Michael’s Mount is an island to the South West of England, which is home to a medieval castle and church- the sort of place you’d expect to see in Game of Thrones! The island got its name because it is said that St. Michael appeared to a group of fishermen in the year 495 to warn the fisherman of certain peril!

7. East Quoddy Lighthouse
East Quoddy Lighthouse is on Campobello Island, New Brunswick. In the 1820’s, trade between the island and the coast of Maine flourished, and it became a hive of activity for fishing and shipbuilding. The only problem was that the shallow waters in the region were treacherous for the boats, so the lighthouse was built to warn sailors that they were getting close to land.

6. Mont Saint Michel
Mont-Saint-Michel is one of the most popular tourist attractions in France, and became a UNESCO world heritage site in 1979. The sanctuary is surrounded by medieval walls, with a series of buildings and towers that rise above the base, and the ancient abbey that stands over it all.

5. The Manjuyod White Sandbar
Have you seen those images of bamboo huts sitting on stilts above the ocean? Well the Manjuyod White Sandbar is one of those places. It’s in the Philippines and, while being just as stunning, it is a cheaper option for tourists than the more famous sites like the Maldives.

4. Canadian Mural
If you’ve ever looked out across a bay and thought the endless mass of grey concrete was rather depressing, then you might just change your mind after seeing the Bay of Fundy. The bay lies between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in Canada. It’s claim to fame is that you here you can experience the highest tidal range on earth, with the distance between low and high tide being as much as 52 feet.

3. Angel Road
Angel Road is a stunning stretch of sand that can be found near the port of Tonosho, which is on the Shodoshima Island in the Seto Inland Sea of Japan. It connects the mainland with three smaller islands that lie close by but, because of the tides, the road is only revealed twice a day when the sea level is at its lowest.

2. Jindo Island
Every year, on the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula, something amazing happens. It attracts hundreds of thousands of people, both locals and tourists, and is a mass celebration. Known as the Jindo Sea-Parting festival, a natural phenomenon occurs that sees the northern part of the East China Sea open up to reveal a 1.8 mile pathway that connects Jindo Island with its neighbouring island of Modo.

1. Green Lake
This is perhaps by far, the most amazing place that vanishes underwater. The Green Lake, in Tragoess, Austria, is normally only about 3 feet deep for most of the year. Visitors go to see the beautiful scenery, and to sit on benches next to the water to enjoy the tranquillity. There are small bridges to cross streams, and it looks like a perfect scene for a landscape painting.

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