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How To Use Screenshare Feature On Google Hangouts On Air


How To Use Screenshare Feature On Google+ Hangouts On Air

How To Use Screenshare Feature On Google+ Hangouts On Air

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How to Screenshare in a Google Hangout

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Video explaining Screensharing with PowerPoint:

Here is a Guide for Using PowerPoint inside of a Hangouts:

In this short video I go over how to screenshare in a Google Hangout.

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Google Hangout Screen Sharing - How To Share Your Screen On Google Hangout With Sue Sierra

Google Hangout Screen Share

In this video, I walk you through the very easy process of sharing your screen on a Google Hangout. If you don't know how to start a Hangout yet, watch my Google Hangout Tutorial Video at

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Live Video Streaming Part 3: Screen Sharing with Google Hangouts on Air

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Google Hangouts On Air through YouTube to create Screen Share / Screen Cast Demo VIdeos

Google Hangouts On Air through YouTube to create a Screen Share Demo / Demonstration Video

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This is a quick walk through how I use Google Hangouts On Air to record my screen.

I'm actually using an extension in Google Chrome called Screencastify Lite to do this demonstration.

I hope that you found this video useful on a quick demonstration using Google Hangouts On Air in order to create your own screen shares to do demonstration videos.

Thanks for watching. Hope to see you next week.

How to Use Google Hangout for Free | Screen Sharing | Video Calling and Chat with Multiple People

In this video, you will learn about Google hangout which is free screen sharing software. It has many uses like can do video and audio call to more than one people. There is chat functionality through which people can do the chatting.

How to Use Google Hangout for Free | Screen Sharing | Video Calling and Chat with Multiple People
Como usar o Hangout do Google de graça | Compartilhamento de tela | Chamada de vídeo e bate-papo com várias pessoas
Как пользоваться Google Hangout бесплатно | Совместное использование экрана | Видеозвонки и общение с несколькими людьми
無料でGoogleハングアウトを使用する方法 スクリーン共有 ビデオ通話と複数の人とのチャット
如何通过视频通话和多人使用Google Hangouts免费进行Screenshare聊天

Google hangout helps us to connect with unknown people as well. Google hangout is very useful when we have low internet because we can change the bandwidth in this.

please watch this video to see the functionality of google hangout practically.


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Google Hangout - Screen Sharing

Share your screen with others, whether they are across the world or in the same room.

How to Go Live on YouTube with Google Hangouts on Air


In this video, you'll learn how to go live on YouTube with Google Hangouts on Air. This is a great free method to host live streams or live webinars on YouTube by using Google Hangouts on Air. I really like this method of live streaming when you want to switch between video footage and screen casts. It makes a great platform to have guest live streamers as well. Schedule live streams and host webinars using this free strategy!

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Virtual team meetings and how to screen share with #GoogleHangouts | Fiona McGuire

Team meetings and screen sharing with Google Hangouts

Virtual #TeamMeetings with #GoogleHangouts

Google Hangouts Step by Step Guide

-Set up a gmail email account (if you don't have one).
-Login into your gmail account
-Go to to
-This is the hangouts dashboard
-For making a video call
-Click “New Conversation”
-Here you can enter the name, email or phone of one person to call.
-Alternatively you can select “New Group” where you can call multiple people.
-The person making the call will be the main screen with all others -on the call on the lower right of the screen.
-Within the call screen you can
-Invite people - using the icon of the +person to the top right
-You can check your setting, bandwidth, video and audio when you hit the settings/gear icon
-Please note, some of these icons are only visible when you hover over the call screen
-In the bottom left corner you will see a message/chat icon.
-Here you can send a message to the entire group
-And you can open up the chat screen to the left of the call screen. -I would recommend only one person speaking and the other using the chat function because of possible delays with the streaming.

-To make a small screen the big one, just click on the small screen.
-Anyone in the call can share their screen.
-You can share your screen by clicking the 3 dots in the top right corner and clicking share screen.
-When you click “#ShareScreen” you are given 2 options “Entire Screen” or “Application Window”. Application Window is easiest when giving a presentation and you don’t need people seeing the 20 million things you have open on your screen :)

Check more info on the blog

How To Live Stream On YouTube with Google Hangouts On Air - Step-By-Step Tutorial

How To Live Stream On YouTube with Google Hangouts On Air // How To LiveStream on YouTube without OBS is a question I am asked all the time. The quickest way to live stream on youtube is with YouTube Live Google Hangout on Air. Live stream hangouts use the older YouTube live stream fast service built into the Google+ hangouts instant messaging system.

Follow these steps to set up Hangouts On Air with YouTube Live:

- Go to Live Streaming Events in Creator Studio.
- Click New live event.
- Select Quick (using Google Hangouts On Air).
- Give your live stream a title.
- Click Go live now or enter in details to schedule your event for later.


How To Go Live QUICKLY with a Webcam -

How To Live Stream with OBS -




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Screencasting Live On YouTube - How To Broadcast A Screen Presentation To YouTube LIVE

Paul Colligan demonstrates how you can screencast LIVE on YouTube using Google Plus and the screen sharing feature in the Google Hangouts On Air Feature. Use it to broadcast a screen presentation - be it a PowerPoint Presentation, Keynote Slide Deck, or even a Presentation From Google Docs.

YouTube POWER USE TIP - How To Embed A YouTube Video (Without All The Extra Stuff) -

Screenshare mit Hangouts On Air


Screen share/Recording with Google Hangouts via Youtube



How to Screencast Using Google Hangouts

This video instructs teachers in how to effectively use Google Hangouts to create screen casts for their classes. It includes instruction on how to create a hangout, live-stream to YouTube, screen-share, and edit a Google Hangout screencast. The intended audiences are teachers and professionals who wish to use instructional tools with their classes or in a flipped classroom environment.

How to set up Google Hangouts On Air

This is a video overview of how to set up a Google Hangout and use some of the features such as screen share. This is one video in a blog post I did about free tools you can use to build your business. You can check it out at

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How to Share a Chrome Screen Cast in a Google Hangout

A recent integration between Google Chrome and Google Hangouts now makes screen sharing very easy. You can share your browser tab or your entire desktop right into a Hangout—all with one click.

To read the full article, visit this link:

First Time Screenshare (Google+ Hangouts)

I've been trying to find a good way to share my screen using a Chromebook. This video covers a first time screensharing session setup using Google+ Hangouts.

I found a lot of this information for the setup at the following address:

So thank you to that teacher for her work.

How to Use Google+ on YouTube :: ScreenShare with Matt Ballek

Google+ may not be the Facebook killer we wanted it to be, but that doesn't mean you should ignore the platform completely. Google+ have over 400 million active users per month, and many of Google+'s best features are being incorporated into YouTube.

In this video we'll take a look at these new features and show you how to use Google+ to grow and communicate with your audience.

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To learn how MAGNET MEDIA can help with your strategic content marketing solutions, contact or 646-486-7109.

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