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How a Lightning Bolt Cured a Blind Man


How a Lightning Bolt Cured a Blind Man

There are many cases where very unlucky people have been struck by lightning and lost their life. But mostly, people survive lightning strikes. Only about 10% of people who are struck by lightning are victims, leaving 90% with various degrees of disability.

But one case that stands out is a report on a blind man regaining his eyesight after being struck by lightning.



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10 People Who Were Struck By Lightning


Dr. Soroudi curing blind man

This great man had already undergone cataract surgery in both eyes by another surgeon who left him blind with less than 20/800 vision in both eyes. Also, he suffered from severe Ptosis and he was unable to open his eyes without using his fingers. This video was taken a few weeks after Dr. Soroudi's miraculous surgeries.


7-12-19 lightning strike was pretty close. Very powerful!

Lightning Bolt - Live on WFMU from ATP NY (2008)

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10 Bizarre Reactions To Lightning

Whether or not it's raining, lightning can make an appearance. This force of nature is powerful enough to damage property, scorch the earth and even kill people.

Lightning is a powerful force of nature that can damage property, scorch the earth and kill or severely injure humans.

Here are 10 bizarre reactions to lightning.

Number 10.
When sand or rock is struck by lightning it can form fulgurites, which are complex hollow structures measuring one or two inches in diameter. Finding them is rare, and those made into jewelry can fetch a few hundred dollars.

Number 9.
When a human is struck by lightning it can leave a scarring known as a Lichtenberg figure. The scars eventually fade, but while present reveal an intricate fractal design on their skin.

Number 8.
A security camera at Saratoga Spa State Park in New York captured a tree being hit by lightning and exploding. In a lightning strike, the sap and water in the tree become overheated causing it to burst.

Number 7.
When a flagstick on a Utah golf course was struck by lightning, it caused the ground to develop a Lichtenberg figure that spread out on the green. 

Number 6.
During a football game halftime show at University High School in Orlando, Florida in 2013, a tree was struck by lightning as the marching band performed. Although the weather was previously beautiful, the game had to be cancelled after that.

Number 5.
A study published in 2013 revealed a correlation between lightning and migraines. Participants who suffered from migraines documented when their headaches occurred, and it was discovered there was an increase in frequency when lightning struck nearby. 

Number 4.
Roy C. Sullivan holds the Guinness World Record for being struck the most by lightning, a whopping seven times, and surviving them all. He worked as a park ranger at Shenandoah National Park, which averages 35 to 45 thunderstorm days a year. 

Number 3.
Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela has the designation of experiencing the most frequent lightning in the world.  For two to three hundred days a year lightning storms lasting up to ten hours at a time leave a mesmerizing display.  

Number 2.
Edwin Robinson was blinded in an accident. In 1980, nine years after losing his sight, his vision was restored after being struck by lightning near his house. 

Number 1.
During a soccer match in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1998, all eleven players on one of the teams were killed after  lightning struck the field. Somehow, everyone on the other team remained unharmed. 

What do you think is the most bizarre reaction to lightning?

25 Bizarre Stories Of Being Struck By Lightning

You’ll be amazed at these bizarre stories of being struck by lightning. You will be glad that you’re not one of these unfortunate people who were struck by lightning when you see how devastating lightning strikes can be. This list will show you some of the most bizarre stories of being struck by lightning and some of the craziest near death experiences the world has to offer. So sit back and be prepared to be SHOCKED by these 25 bizarre stories of being struck by lightning.

It has been said that lightning strikes cause some of the worst injuries but make the best stories and this list is no exception. From lightning jumping out of the wall to get you to lightning strikes creating fireballs there is no shortage of bizarre lightning stories and near death experiences. For those that survive lightning strikes there is also a big risk of being struck again - as many as 10 more times for one of the people on our list. So do you think you’re safe from lightning or do you have your only strange struck by lightning story to share? Check out these top 25 bizarre stories of being struck by lightning and let us know in the comments which lightning strike you think should be number 1!

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Lightning is unbelievably dangerous but it is a danger you often cannot avoid. In this list you’ll hear about a man who lost his fingers, intestines, and eardrums to a lightning strike, a little girl struck by lighting on a bright and sunny day, a pumpkin farmer hit by ground lightning and The Spark Ranger who was struck an impressive seven times by lightning. You’ll also hear about lightning strikes curing cancer, and how holding hands and an iPod saved the lives of two women. Want to know more about lightning strikes in airplanes, Ric Flair’s lightning strike, and how lightning brought a brilliant end to one pastor’s career? Watch this list to the end and see all 25 of these bizarre stories of being struck by lightning.

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How can some people Predict Rain? | #aumsum

There are 2 ways by which rain can be predicted.

First case occurs just before the beginning of heavy rainfall. Here, lightning bolts split nitrogen and oxygen molecules, eventually producing ozone. Now, strong blowing winds, carry ozone downward along with them. Ozone is a sharp smelling gas. When a person smells this ozone, it helps him predict the rain.

Now, the second case occurs when it is already raining somewhere nearby. Usually, surfaces of soil and leaves have aromatic particles of dust and oil on them. When raindrops hit these surfaces, tiny air bubbles containing these aromatic particles are created. Just like fizz rushes upwards in a soda bottle, these air bubbles rush upwards and burst out. Then, gusts of wind carry them ahead of the rain, helping us smell the aromatic particles and predict rain.

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You don’t have the balls

10 Potentially Deadly Accidents That Cured People Of Medical Ailments


Potentially deadly incidents and accidents like earthquakes, lightning strikes, and hard falls are not always bad—at least to people who have benefited from them. Over the centuries, people have been cured of illnesses and other medical conditions after experiencing some of the aforementioned incidents and accidents. Their medical conditions ranged from blindness and deafness to mental illnesses and even cancer. Yes! People have been cured of cancer after they were struck by lightning, Others miraculously regained their sight after they were headbutted by animals. One man was even cured of deafness after an earthquake.

10 Potentially Deadly Accidents That Cured People Of Medical Ailments

Blind Man Gets Sight Restored After He Is Struck By Lightning
Man Gets Sight Restored After He Is Headbutted By Horse.
Woman Cured Of Multiple Sclerosis After Lightning Strike.
Man Regains Hearing After Earthquake.
Lightning Cured A Man’s Cancer.
Teenager Stops Using Prescription Glasses After Getting Struck By Lightning.
Man Cured Of Mental Illness After Shooting Himself.
Woman Recovers Sight After Falling And Hitting Her Head.
Woman Cured Of Her Super Senses After Getting Struck By Lightning.
Blind Man Cured After Falling Down Stairs.

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