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How does an Electric Motor work? (DC Motor)


How does an Electric Motor work? (DC Motor)

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Electric motors can seem very mysterious! How do they use electricity to start rotating? Let's break it down step by step to understand how it works. Topics covered in this video: circuits, current, magnets, electromagnets, armature, commutator, brushes, stator, and rotor. This video only covers DC motors.

00:00 - Intro
00:41 - Circuits
01:22 - Magnets
02:27 - Electromagets
04:28 - Improvements to Electric Motor
05:00 - Commutator and Brushes
07:19 - Improving Torque
08:20 - Devices with Motors
09:00 - Brilliant

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Internet Sources:

-- How DC Motors Work (National MagLab)
-- How DC motors and universal motors work (Matthias Wandel)
-- How does an Electromagnet work? (Science Buddies)
-- DC Motor Explained - Basic working principle how DC motor works (The Engineering Mindset)

Book Sources:
Schaum's Outline of Basic Electricity, Second Edition by Milton Gussow

How Things Work: The Physics of Everyday Life, 4th Edition by Louis A. Bloomfield

Electric motor image credit:
By Marrrci - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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How does an Electric Motor work? DC Motor explained

DC Motor explained - in this video we look at how does a dc motor work to understand the basic working principle of a DC motor. We consider conventional current, electron flow, the winding, armature, rotor, shaft, stator, brushes, brush arms, terminals, emf, electromagnets, magnetic attraction as well as detailed animations for how the dc motor works.


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Working Principle of DC Motor (animation of elementary model)

Working Principle of DC Motor - Video gives an brief explanation in form of animation how does DC Motor works. Also you can view working principle on elementary model with poles, commutators, brushes, turns and what role in working principles has mechanical force.

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This DC or direct current motor works on the principal, when a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, it experiences a torque and has a tendency to move.
This is known as motoring action. If the direction of current in the wire is reversed, the direction of rotation also reverses. When magnetic field and electric field interact they produce a mechanical force, and based on that the working principle of DC motor is established.

The direction of rotation of a this motor is given by Fleming’s left hand rule, which states that if the index finger, middle finger and thumb of your left hand are extended mutually perpendicular to each other and if the index finger represents the direction of magnetic field, middle finger indicates the direction of current, then the thumb represents the direction in which force is experienced by the shaft of the DC motor.
Structurally and construction wise a direct current motor is exactly similar to a DC generator, but electrically it is just the opposite. Here we unlike a generator we supply electrical energy to the input port and derive mechanical energy from the output port








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DC Motor, How it works?

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The working of a DC motor is well explained in this video with the help of animation. Construction details of DC Motor, Shunt & Series motor, concept of back EMF are also explained in this video.

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How DC Motors Work

DC motors make things like appliances and power tools work by converting electrical energy to mechanical energy. Find out how.

DC Motors: How Do They Work? Construction & Working Principle of a DC Motor | Electrical4U

Understand EXACTLY how a DC Motor works. We discuss the construction & working principle of a DC Motor. Using Fleming’s left-hand rule, we show you how to determine the direction the winding will spin. Learn more about the operation of DC motors:

The DC motor is of vital importance for the industry today and is equally important for engineers to look into the working principle of DC motor in details that we have discussed in this article. To understand the operating principle of DC motor we need to first look into its single loop constructional feature.

The very basic construction of a DC motor contains a current-carrying armature, connected to the supply end through commutator segments and brushes. The armature is placed in between the north pole and south pole of a permanent or an electromagnet as shown in the diagram above.

As soon as we supply direct current in the armature, a mechanical force acts on it due to the electromagnetic effect of the magnet on armature conductors. Now to go into the details of the operating principle of DC motor it is important that we have a clear understanding of Fleming’s left-hand rule to determine the direction of the force acting on the armature conductors of DC motor.

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How DC motors and universal motors work

Explaining how commutated DC and universal motors work

How DC motors work - Electromagnetic Field and 3D animation

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Please watch: What is an INDUCTION MOTOR and how it works? Rotating magnetic field - 3D animation

How DC motors work? In this video you can understand the working principle of a DC motor following step by step the description of every single component.

After talking about the history and the basic principles of electric motors.
After demostrating the Lorentz force principle.
After building a small version of a DC motor with everyday materials.
After having disassemble a real version of a DC motor.
In this video we are going to explain in detail the functioning of a dc motor.
Let us take the example of the most simple version of a DC motor:
This is the stator which is responsible for the creation of a magnetic field.
This is the armature with a simple copper coil and represents the rotating part of this engine.
The armature receive the electric current thanks to its connection with the collector.
Like we’ve already seen in our last experiment, the Lorentz force was responsible for the rotation of the tin wire placed over a battery and a magnet. The wire was immersed in a magnetic field and while the electricity flowed into it a perpendicular force acted on it letting the rotation happen. This force was perpendicular to the motion of the charged particles. Here again the Lorentz force is responsible for the rotation of the copper coil, in fact when the electricity flows through the coil, an electromagnetic force acts on it.
These are the brushes, which are able to let the electricity flows into the copper coil of our engine.
When the electricity flows into the coil we notice that on the left side of the coil the electricity will always flows away from us. While on the right side electricity will alway flows towards us.
This ensures that the torque action is also in the same direction throughout the motion of the coil.
But in this situation, the torque action is not the same during the whole rotation of the coil. In fact, we can notice a slowdown of the rotation when the coil is nearly perpendicular to the magnetic field flux. That’s becouse in this position the value of the tourque action is near zero.
By adding a second coil to the rotor the rotation will be more regular, since in this way, when the first coil is in the vertical position, the second coil will be connected to the power source, so that the motor force will be always present in the system.
The presence of more coils into the rotor wil make the rotation smoother
La presenza di più bobine all’interno del rotore renderà la rotazione del motore più regolare.
The brushes are pushed against the collector through some springs, allowing the current flow to not be altered when the brushes are consuming due to their Mechanical friction with the commutator.

Construction and Working of a DC Motor (3D Animation)

Re-uploaded with updates: Details of construction and working of a dc motor is explained in this video.

DC Motor vs AC Motor - Difference between DC Motor and AC Motor

DC Motor vs AC Motor - Difference between DC Motor and AC Motor

The main difference between AC motors and DC motors can be found in the name itself for, DC motors run on direct current as opposed to alternating current on which AC motors run.
In this video we will go to learn Difference between AC motor and DC motor.

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How do DC motors work?

Using a model , I explain the basics of a DC motor; how it relies on the motor effect and the importance of the split ring commutator for its working.

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Brushless DC Motor, How it works ?

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The working of a BLDC motor is explained in this video with help of animation.

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How Motors Work For Beginners (Episode 1): The DC Motor: 032

I explain how the DC motor works in a simply and patient way. I use several experiments that you can copy at home. Then I show a Treadmill DC motor cut open and working so we can see the moving parts!

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Resources used in this series
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AC Motors

Motor Basics (three phase)

AC Motors and Generators

DC Motors and Generators

Brushless DC Motors and Brushed DC Motors Explained

What is Ground

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Induction motor as a Generator

Single -Phase Motor series number 723 by Edward Amrein
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DC Theory by NJATC

AC Theory (get the used one, don’t spend $100) by NJATC

Three Phase Motors Series number 724 by Edward Amrein

Innova Multimeter 3320

Tachometer RPM gauge

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Electric Motor

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How does an Electric Motor work? How is an Electric Motor made? We will look into the details of the D.C. motor in this video. Force on a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field is discussed. Fleming's Left Hand Rule is used to find the direction of the force.

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At Manocha Academy, learning Science and Math is Easy! The school coursework is explained with simple examples that you experience every day! Yes, Science & Math is all around you! Let's learn every day from everyday life!

Simple DC Motor Explained

The physics of and how to construct a simple DC motor by first year engineering students.

Electric motor to lift coins by Peter Hayes

working principle of DC motor

In this video working principle of DC motor is explained by using 3d computer graphics. An elementary model is used in the video, which make demonstration quit simple and effective. The video is created for students of engineering, help full in learning of the basics of electrical engineering

Please watch: Kirchoff's Current Law




Understand the Working and Construction of a DC Motor | CBSE Class 10 Physics @Vedantu Class 9 & 10

In this session, Physics Master Teacher Abhishek Sir explains the Magnetic effects of electric current – DC Motor. Learn all the important areas of DC motor like the construction, working of dc motor and its principle. The dc motor working and construction of dc motor is well explained in this video.

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The chapter is considered one of the most important chapters in Physics and most of the students face difficulties in the same. To help you with the same, Abhishek Sir will teach you all the important concepts with amazing study tips on how to score 100% marks in the magnetic effects of current.

Key Areas covered in this session:

1. Magnetic effect of electric current
2. DC Motor Principle
3. DC Motor Working
4. DC Motor Construction

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How does an Electric Motor work? DC Motor explained

DC Motor explained - in this video we look at how does a dc motor work to understand the basic working principle of a DC motor. We consider conventional current, electron flow, the winding, armature, rotor, shaft, stator, brushes, brush arms, terminals, emf, electromagnets, magnetic attraction as well as detailed animations for how the dc motor works.

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0:23 - what is D.C motor ?
1:03 - working Principle of a D.C motor and Construction of a simplest Possible D.C motor.
4:45 – Working of an actual D.C motor

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Construction and Working of DC Motor Electrical



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