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How to Add Schema Markup


How to Add Schema Markup

Learn about schema markup, and how adding schema markup to your site's pages can improve your site's SEO and gain more traffic for your site. Test your site's SEO for free at

In this video, you’ll hear some of the following:

Hello there in this video I'm gonna show you how to add schema microdata markup to your website's pages in order to help search engine crawlers scan your content more effectively and thus it improves the display of search results and thus makes it easier for people to find your pages assuming the content is relevant to them

now you might be asking yeah what in the heck is schema microdata I'll touch on that more in a second but basically it's descriptive data within your HTML and this is written specifically for search engines to give them better idea of your content better than the content itself can do so you can think of it sort of like the synopsis on the back of a book usually that's the first thing you check out right you don't jump right in and start reading the entire book to get a feel for it you read the back cover first it's sort of like that with the search engines it tells them what's what without them having to guess

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How to Use to Create and Add Structured Data to Your Website

When it comes to SEO, doing the little things extremely well is often the difference between generating and not generating results. Structure data adds tremendous value to your site by helping search engines better understand your data. was created by the major search players in order to give consistency to structured data on the web.

According to their site, is a collaborative, community activity with a mission to create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and beyond. In this video, I share how to leverage this site to find, create and add structured data to your website.

How to Add Structured Data to Your Website

In this episode, we're going to be walking through four different stages of adding structured data to your website. We're going to start with defining the type of data that we want to add some structure to. Then we're going to create the JSON-LD that we need to add to our website. Then we're going to walk through how do we actually added to our website. We're going to give two different options. One adding it directly, and another using Tag Manager. And finally, we're going to wrap it all up by validating our code to make sure that it's firing correctly and we can get those rich listings that we're looking for.

Now, if you've watched our schema video before where we talked about the different types of schema, you may have been wondering, okay, how do I actually add this to my website? How do we define the type of schema I want? Well, that's what we're going to cover today. We're going to walk through an example on our website. We're going to show you a couple ways to add that schema to your website and some easy ways to generate it. A lot of times when we get into structured data, it can be overwhelming. But the reality is, once you start doing it, it's not as difficult as it seems.

For access to the template and links to other resources, click here:

How to Create Schema Markup Using Google Structured Data Markup Helper

In this video, we are going to create Schema Markup using Google Structured Data Markup Helper. The link for the site is provided below.

This video is a part of an article, that is being posted on my blog. You can read the article which is on a topic that shows you how to add schema markup in WordPress without a plugin. The link to the post is provided below.

In this video, we are using article schema as an example.

Step 1: Copy and paste your URL, that you want to create schema markup for.
Step 2: Select the type of schema you want to create.
Step 3: Start tagging the data items and the missing tags manually using the button provided.
Step 4: Click on Create HTML and copy the code and paste it to your site.

How to add external review stars for services and products using Schema for Google

A detailed video tutorial on how to add external review stars for your products or services using Schema for Google and Bing. It might be easier for some to take a look at the source code, you can download this project by visiting our site:

Enrich Search Results with JSON-LD Markup through Google Tag Manager

In this video, we will take a look at how you can enrich your Google Search results by injecting JSON LD mark up throughout your site. This is done with the help of Google Tag Manager so jump on to learn how you can send the correct metadata to Google.


Introduction to JSON-LD:

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Schema Markup-SEO Complete Tutorials guide in Hindi--Digital Learning44

Seo tutorial in hindi- Schema Markup:
In this, we provide complete detail regarding schema markup data. Schema markup plays an important role in SEO to rank in Google.

Topic covered in this video are:
-what are the different types of Schema Markup.
-How to add schema markup in blog or wordpress
-Add schema using plugin method
-add schema markup manually
-define itemprop
-define itemscope
-define Microdata
-define itemtype
-define embedded items

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How to Add Schema to Your Wix Website - Updated

Update video from my blog post : -


SEO - Part 26 | schema markup hindi - How to use and add schema rich snippets - SEO Course in Hindi

What Is Rich Snippets And How To Use It In Hindi Rich Snippets Explained In Hindi.How to use and add schema rich snippets to your website.

#schemamarkup #addschemarichsnippets #seo #blogging

schema markup hindi - How to use and add schema rich snippets - Complete SEO Course Tutorial 2018
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How to Create Schema Markup for Recipes

Try Schema App

In this tutorial, you'll learn to create schema markup for recipes ( using Schema App. You'll learn how to add the Google required fields, nutritional information, ingredients and more. Then Schema App will generate your JSON-LD in seconds so you don't have to write any code.

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Review Schema - Get Review Stars in Google With Markup

Are you using review schema?

Yes, you should get review stars in Google (if you have good reviews that is. Learn more about this service here.

When it comes to review stars, there is a lot to know. But the main thing you need to know, is you need review schema.

First, you can attribute review stars from other places online to your website. You can actually tell Google that Hey! I have 5 stars here, associate it with this page. And it works!

But you need to make sure you don't do it incorrectly, or you can get a penalty. You cannot use review schema markup on pages that are not associated with the product or the service. That is a no-no. Also, it is a little different for each site. It is very unique for websites that sell products, you must really pick one page to list them on.

Get started with review schema today. It is something all websites should do.

Metadata: mapping to JSON-LD

A look at how to understand the information on and map it to a JSON-LD metadata set.

Code & tutorials:

How to Use Schema Markup for SEO (Includes WordPress Examples)

How to Use Schema Markup for SEO (Includes WordPress Examples) for more insights created by RankYa

Structured Data is now officially supported by Google search engine and others, this video lesson details how to use Schema Markup for search engine optimization purposes. To learn more about Structured Data visit:

To learn more about Adding Structured Data to WordPress visit

RankYa YouTube channel also has videos for Inserting Structured Data to WordPress CSM here:

And here

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Advanced Schema Markup Tutorial 2018

Today we cover schema markup.

If you'd like help with your SEO in terms of an audit, road map, 1 on 1 coaching, etc. let me know by heading over to

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Schema App Tutorial How to Add Article Markup

How to use Schema App to extend article markup to a web page or article on your site.

Schema App automatically create the markup for each page, post, using mappings from what's available in Wordpress database. See for some examples.

This video shows how you would extend it, because there are only half a dozen fields in the WordPress database that are useful. There are several dozen article fields in the application that are not found in the WordPress database.

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How to use Schema markup for basic local SEO

Schema Type Spreadsheet:

Schema Creator: documentation:

In this video, I show you how to start structuring your local business' contact info using the Schema Creator, then perfecting it thanks to the documentation provided on

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local seo how to use schema markup

How to add schema markup to your website easy , also how to add to wordpress without plug ins.

Tools used in this video:

#localseo #schema

today's video we will be
discussing schema schema markup it's
kind of fun to say in this local SEO tutorial
it's based around schema I had a
question um from a past client they sent
me an email so I decided to make this
video so in this video what I will show
you is a schema because I had a client
ask me and they said Chris I don't want
to add any more plugins because they use
WordPress how can I add it to my website
without any more plugins I said Joe
we're gonna call them Joe right
everybody's Joe Joe this is how easy and
simple that it is all right so we're
gonna stick to the same sample that we've been using so we're
gonna do
Philadelphia plumber
maybe I spelled it right maybe I didn't
irrelevant so how would you go about
getting this gamma all right without
using a plug-in and this is what you're
gonna want to do so whatever your market
is if one of your competition is using
it this is how you're gonna get it this
is what you need to do all right
so we have a in this particular SERP we
have I'm not gonna say any names but
here it is we're gonna go to their site
now I use Chrome now for you black hat
guys maybe you don't want to use Chrome
maybe you don't want to be logged in but
irrelevant so we know that these
gentlemen are using schema so what you
would do is you'll right-click and
inspect okay it will bring up a little
box here you'll hit ctrl F and you will
write schema okay so this is your
competition this is the schema that
they're using this is what's coming up
under their name you know the reviews
are showing up whatever the case may be
now these particular guys were being
beat on the SERP and you and I both know
why it's because of proximity all right
they may have a large brand name and
they may also have more reviews so
they're showing up a little bit better
in the 3-pack however they're not
showing up as good of inorganic or maybe
it's vice-versa and that is because of
proximity however it's very wise
especially now to add schema to your
pages so if you do not want to use a
plug-in most themes will have a
some HTML that you can put in or LD JSON
whatever it's called here yeah LD JSON
alright so what you want to do is you'll
find the script all right now there's a
bracket here
that's your beginning of your script and
it will end here see where it says here
script now let's make sure let's see
what they have all together so all
you'll want to do that if you don't want
to use a plug-in is you will go to the
beginning of the script right click copy
element maybe open up your word or note
you'll right click here's one of their
scripts that they have running um
alright so there's one of them now
here's the other schema that they have
so what you'll want to do is grab all
these skem of scripts ok copy copy
element go down here now this is a new
script so you'll space it then you'll go
into all of these pieces alright let's
we only copy two they're using five
different scripts for their schema you
don't want to take all five remember you
want to be google showing you what they
want trust me they they want this add
this to your pages structured data is
very important okay so what you would
want to do is just change everything
that is not relevant to your page okay
so here's HTTP there's their website you
would change the website to your website
and then whatever is there okay I have
cat block on alternate name put in your
alternate name here's the roto-rooter
their name right see in parenthesis here
you can see it here I highlighted it
change the only thing you're changing
out will be the name
okay now after you get done all right
you get all your code done every you're
a happy camper right the next thing you
need to do is you need to check your
code so in order to check your code
Google makes this great thing okay
structured data testing tool so you'll
go right out to Google you'll search
it'll come up first it's right here
after you rearrange your code around
okay to fit your name or whatever
whatever it is you'll go here to code
snippet after you change everything
around it's the beat the end of the
scripts you are here I have it
highlighted and here's the top of the

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How To Add Rich Snippets To WordPress | What Is Schema Markup | Add Star Rating & Review Tutorial

Adding schema markup to your website is so easy with Rank Math SEO plugin that you don't need an additional plugin. Add Schema markup as per your blog post type, getter better CTR and improve search ranking.

Free WordPress Plugins for Schema Markup (Limited features)

Premium Plugins for Schema Markup for WordPress
Schema Pro:
WP Review:

As a beginner, you can use Rank Math SEO Plugin and add schema easily on your website. Here are some useful articles about Rank Math SEO Plugin.

Disclaimer: This video is created to spread knowledge. This video is not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. But I am using few of the links here as an affiliate, that means if you buy any product using these links I will earn a small commission for the hard work I am doing here to create useful tutorials & educational videos. It will not cost you a single penny extra. Thanks for your understanding and watching this video. Feel free to like, share & subscribe.

Today I Explain Advanced Schema Markup to a 15 Year Old

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Using HTML Schemas for Semantic Markup Microdata

Looks at the relationship between XML and HTML Schemas. Schemas as presented as are libraries of microdata that can now be incoportated into HTML documents to give specific meaning to the content on our web pages.



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