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How to Do a Google Hangout with Screensharing Only


How to use the Screenshare option in Google Hangouts.

This is my video on how to use the Screenshare option when you are doing a hangout.

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Google hangout screenshare

tutorial about google hangouts with screensharing

How to Use Google Meet - Detailed Tutorial

This video tutorial will show you how to use Google Hangouts Meet. Learn to communicate in Google Meet through text video conferencing, screen sharing and chat. Use Google Hangouts Meet across all of your devices to effortlessly communicate learning or business. Get started with Google Meet today!

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Virtual Backgrounds in Google Meet:
Stop Students From Joining Early and Rejoining After in Google Meet:
See all participants at once in Google Meet:
Google Hangouts Detailed Tutorial:
How to Start your YouTube Channel:

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This is my best tip for teaching with Hangouts Meet!

Did you know you can teach a lesson with Google Meet? When you connect Meet to Google Clasroom, it works really well!

In this video I also share a “secret” trick that will make you a pro presenter and avoid a potentially embarrassing presentation accident!

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- Link to my intro video to Hangouts Meet:
- How to record a lesson using Hangouts Meet:
- Ask your IT admin to enable advanced features:

This video is one of many resources I have created to help teachers adjust to the school closures caused by the viral epidemic. Head over to my website, for more teaching ideas and resources!


John R. Sowash is a former HS biology teacher and principal who helps teachers use technology to improve instruction. You can pick up a copy of his book, read his blog, or invite him to come and visit your school.
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Screen Sharing in Google Hangouts

Click to see The New Version of - How To Screen Share in Google Hangouts -

Video How To!

brings you this video on 'How to do Screen Sharing in Google Plus Hangouts'. Google Plus hangouts are great for working on projects with coworkers, fellow bloggers and family. Getting to see the people as you talk is almost as good as being there in person.

Now you cannot only see and hear the people, you can actually share your screen/ desktop with the people in the hangout room. It only takes an extra few seconds to enable this feature ad requires no special software or downloads.
Share your documents, pictures, Google Docs, or pull up your web browser to visit websites with others in the hangout.

Google Hangouts are getting better all the time. They are becoming a huge asset to business owners and bloggers that want to have team meeting. In fact, there are more exciting features coming soon to hangout near you so be sure to subscribe to Hot Blog to get more great tips.

Click for our Playlist of Google Plus How Tos -

Google Help Link for Robin Mistri about Code 3 Error -
Scroll down in the thread to see how MJC fixed his code 3.

Sharing Your Screen in Google Meet

How to share | Desktop screen || Laptop screen || Mobile screen || Using Google Hangouts

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The process to share PC or laptop device screen on hangouts with either another PC, laptop or mobile devices..!!!

This screen sharing help to troubleshoot or to solve minor problems without going too out..!!!

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1. Install share it on PC:

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Google Hangout Screenshare Tutorial | Kati Stage

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Virtual team meetings and how to screen share with #GoogleHangouts | Fiona McGuire

Team meetings and screen sharing with Google Hangouts

Virtual #TeamMeetings with #GoogleHangouts

Google Hangouts Step by Step Guide

-Set up a gmail email account (if you don't have one).
-Login into your gmail account
-Go to to
-This is the hangouts dashboard
-For making a video call
-Click “New Conversation”
-Here you can enter the name, email or phone of one person to call.
-Alternatively you can select “New Group” where you can call multiple people.
-The person making the call will be the main screen with all others -on the call on the lower right of the screen.
-Within the call screen you can
-Invite people - using the icon of the +person to the top right
-You can check your setting, bandwidth, video and audio when you hit the settings/gear icon
-Please note, some of these icons are only visible when you hover over the call screen
-In the bottom left corner you will see a message/chat icon.
-Here you can send a message to the entire group
-And you can open up the chat screen to the left of the call screen. -I would recommend only one person speaking and the other using the chat function because of possible delays with the streaming.

-To make a small screen the big one, just click on the small screen.
-Anyone in the call can share their screen.
-You can share your screen by clicking the 3 dots in the top right corner and clicking share screen.
-When you click “#ShareScreen” you are given 2 options “Entire Screen” or “Application Window”. Application Window is easiest when giving a presentation and you don’t need people seeing the 20 million things you have open on your screen :)

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How To Start Up A Hangout with Screen Sharing


how to make computer video call and screen share google hangouts

hi, friends in this video I won show you how to make a video call and screen share with our friend's other peoples, its useful to face to face board meeting, live seminars and other things, Google hangouts it's so simple for make a video calling and screen sharing through google hangouts.
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How to Screen Share a Power Point Presentation on Google Hangouts

Having a hard time screen sharing a full Power Point presentation on your Google hangout? Here's how!

How to Screenshare in Hangouts The Easy Way by Mike Downes

For a text/graphic version of this video see: which is a Mike Downes Google Plus post made on Monday 2 July 2012 #mikedownes #theLaptopshow

Google Hangout - Screen Sharing

Share your screen with others, whether they are across the world or in the same room.

How to Share Your Screen in Google Meet

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How to screen share using Google Meet and Google Hangouts | Tan Phan, MSFP, CFP®

Hi everyone, my name is Tan and I am an independent CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. Today, I am going to show you how to share your screen using Meet in Google G Suite and Google Hangouts.

1. Sign into G Suite
2. Meet
3. Start a new meeting
5. Copy the unique url
6. Email the link to the client
7. Client click on the url in the email
8. Client click on JOIN MEETING
9. Present now
10. Your entire screen or A window
11. Share
12. Stop sharing when done

If you don’t have Meet in G Suite, you can use Google Hangouts.

1. You and the client sign into Google Hangouts
3. Enter email address then INVITE
4. Client logs into Google Hangouts
5. Client Answer
6. On the top right, Share screen
7. Your Entire Screen or Application Window
8. Share
9. STOP sharing when done sharing

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Google Hangout Screen Sharing - How To Share Your Screen On Google Hangout With Sue Sierra

Google Hangout Screen Share

In this video, I walk you through the very easy process of sharing your screen on a Google Hangout. If you don't know how to start a Hangout yet, watch my Google Hangout Tutorial Video at

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How to Screenshare in a Google Hangout

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In this short video I go over how to screenshare in a Google Hangout.


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How to Do a Google Hangout with Screensharing Only

Google Hangout tutorial provided by
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