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How to Host a Webinar on YouTube for FREE


How to Host a Webinar on YouTube for FREE

Have you ever wanted to host a webinar but you don't want to pay a billion dollars for a webinar software? Well, no worries, I'll teach you how to host a webinar on YouTube FOR FREE.

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FREE WEBINAR: HOW TO CREATE A WEBINAR FOR FREE IN 12 MINS - Host A Webinar On YouTube For Free. In this webinar tutorial, you’ll discover how create a live webinar page for free, so that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on webinar software, webinar platform and on webinar tools. You’ll learn how to do a webinar, how to create a webinar for free, how to design a live webinar page, how to do webinars for business, how to do a webinar for free, as well as everything related to webinar creation, hosting webinars, webinar platform, webinar software, webinar tools, and webinars for free.


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Welcome to our YouTube channel! It's our mission at Yes To Tech to empower online entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners like you to maximize your online presence - even if you're not tech savvy! Subscribe to our channel for tips and tricks on DIY website creation, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, branding, blogging, webinars, and video creation, for the tech needed when you're just getting started with your online business, and for step-by-step video tutorials created especially for the non-techie online entrepreneur's point of view.

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How to host your webinar for FREE using Google Hangouts through YouTube

Host webinars at no cost for as many people as you want! No need to pay for any fancy platform - you can do it all from within your own website, using Google Hangouts through YouTube.
Let me know if you have any questions!

How To Host A Webinar

Webinars have personally given me benefits for my business, that's why I share with you the same points that have helped me. In this video, you're going to learn how to host a good webinar and how to follow up.

Watch and Enjoy!
John Crestani




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Video by Nate Woodbury


How to Host a Webinar for free on [YOUTUBE] #biztech

How to Host a Webinar for free on [YOUTUBE]

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How to Host a Webinar on YouTube for FREE - Step by Step Guide

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First of all go to your profile tab over here and click on youtube studio (beta) .

Scroll down abit and go to other features , and click on live events.
Click on schedule new event.If you previously already have a live streaming event , it will show up over here .as I do not have one , so , lets schedule a new event .

From here , you get to set up a bunch of great stuff.

The first one is the title , put a title for your webinar. If you are selling an online course that is talking about affiliate marketing , you might wana put things like , how to double up your revenue in affiliate marketing.

You can also schedule your webinar ,over here .

You can add description on what is your webinar is all about , remember to put some catchy wordings such as, Groundbreaking ,limited offer ,Once in a lifetime ,Pay nothing ,Reserve your seat now .
You can add your tag as well , to increase the exposure of your webinar .

You can also choose the privacy of your webinar , public , unlist or private .

OK , the things that I want you take note over here is this . Quick and custom.

So if you are using google hangouts , as your web cam , click on this .

As for me I am using OBS , I will click on Custom , I will guide you how to set it up next .

On this advance settings , there are more great stuff that you can control . such as enable live chat , slow mode , block spam messages ,promotions , category . Everything here is pretty much straight forwards. So , feel free to explore it .

We are half way there , now lets go back to the previous page , now we need to set up how is our webinar presented .

Go to other features , and now click on live stream now .Previously we were in live stream .So this is how your webinar will look like to your change the thumbnail of your webinar ,this is how you can chat with your audience, of course you are offline now , so noone will be there for you to chat with .

You can put the title of your live stream, description ,and you also schedule your webinar .

You can share your webinar on different social media platform , to increase the exposure and generate more traffic to join your webinar , and eventually have more sales.You also can move around these boxes according to your preferences .

You also get to see the traffic analysis of your webinar over here.

Ok , the things that I wana show you is how to set up your OBS web camera on youtube live stream .
All you need to do is just copy this stream name/key and go to your OBS setting , stream ,on server choose youtube ,stream key just copy and paste the stream key on your obs and copy to it. And you are done!

So this is how you can have your webinar and start selling with zero cost by using youtube live stream.
I hope that you enjoy this video . If you like my works please do not forget to subscribe to my channel thanks .

How To Host A Webinar For Free - Step by Step

Grow your business online:
In this video, you'll learn how to use google hangouts and your own website to host a webinar for free. There are some functions to this that I pay for (capture pages) but as far as the hosting itself goes, completely free.

I walk you through every step of the process in this video: From creating the event on google hangouts to creating a confirmation autoresponder email and embedding the video on your own website.

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Free Aweber Email marketing Guide:

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Who is Nathan Lucas?

Hey there, my name's Nathan. I teach home business owners (Network Marketers) how to grow their business using social media and the internet. I've had training from several 6 & 7 figure earners within the industry and now it's time for you to grow your brand online.
It doesn't matter if it's your first day online, or if you're a top earner who wants to step up your game, I can help you.

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An Easy Way To Host A Live Webinar Using Youtube Live And Google Hangouts

This really is an easy way to host a webinar.
I'm no hangout expert as you will find out.
I just created this video to share with my friends who I expect to launch a webinar series with soon.

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How To Host A Free Webinar Using Youtube Live

In this video, I show you how to host a free webinar using Youtube live on Clickfunnels.

Start your free trial for Clickfunnels here --

Get the Clickfunnels webinar funnel template

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In this video, I am going to show you how to set up a scheduled live free webinar using Youtube Live.

We will then embed this webinar on a Clickfunnels page along with Facebook comments.

Youtube live is the easiest way to run a live webinar for free.

This live webinar can then be set on evergreen.

You do not need to spend a lot of money on platforms such as Demio and Webinarjam especially when you are just starting out.

Use Youtube Live to run free webinars.


How to build a landing page using Manychat:

How to integrate an email autoresponder with clickfunnels:


How to host a webinar on Youtube for free :

How to host your first webinar:

Check out my channel :

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Watch this video to learn how to host a free webinar using Youtube Live

How to promote YouTube videos for free | Host a Webinar

Click here @

Webinars are a very popular way to present information online. They are also a good way to brand your YouTube channel. You can use webinars to interact with your viewers, provide lessons, and build relationships with those interested in your industry. For example, let’s say you create videos on car reviews. In this case, you could start a webinar for car buying tips.
Webinars provide the same benefits of hosting a workshop and are a great way to build a presence around your YouTube channel. At the end of webinars you can engage with your audience by answering any questions they have on the topic. By doing so, you are building a stronger relationship with your following.

Want to promote your YouTube channel, post a message such as Check out my YouTube channel here “and then add the type of YouTube videos that you do or create.
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How to Create a Webinar for FREE

Hey Everyone!

This video was created in 2016, and the tech is outdated - I will create one that you can watch with current tech in 2019.

I'll leave it up because people have gotten a lot of value and ideas from it, but know that *I KNOW* it needs additional information and will work on providing that this year.

You do not need expensive equipment to create and give webinars! Let me show you how easy it is!

Best Webinar Software for you? Feat. Steve Dotto

What’s the BEST Webinar Software for you? Webinar expert Steve Dotto runs through everything you need to know about the top options! *** WebinarJam: | GoToWebinar: | Zoom: ***

-- LINKS --

[Webinar Software]
- WebinarJam:
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Find Steve Dotto!

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-- Best Webinar Software for you? Feat. Steve Dotto! --

Webinars, web conferences, web seminars - whatever you decide to call them - are an incredibly powerful tool to not only engage with and teach your audience live, but also to sell your products or services LIVE online!

There’s definitely an art to effective webinars, and there’s no shortage of options when it comes to choosing the right software for webinars…

With a LONG history of running successful webinars, tech expert Steve Dotto is widely regarded as one of the Kings in the space! Over at and via his dottotech YouTube channel ( Steve provides a TON of tips and tutorials helping people to unleash their inner geek and harness the tech, tools and gadgets that can increase productivity both in and out of the workplace.

After bumping into Steve at Social Media Marketing World, we were lucky enough to get him on camera to discuss his thoughts on the BEST Webinar software, and what to consider when deciding which web conferencing software or webinar platform is best for you.

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Webinar - How To Create A Webinar For Free

is a presentation search engine. We help connect presenters with their viewers in real time.

Real time marketing has changed how we market and connect online for sure. Now Fudadoo is changing the landscape again with instant connecting in real time through presentations in search.

Small and large businesses, organizations, marketers, will love the fact that they can use one platform to maintain their buyers list. Get connected to customers and potential customers who has interest in their products and services in real time.

Network Marketers will really benefit from our platform. This platform had that network marketer in mind, you know that person who can only recruit one person through out their years in the business this platform is for you...

For those who can't create sales funnels this platform is really for you....

Coming Soon

Coming Soon. Pre register to get an early invite once we open the doors.

webinar - How to create a webinar for free. Tips for Conducting a Successful Webinar

Top Tips for Creating a Successful Webinar Share a case study
Before we start showing you how to create a successful webinar landing page, let's really quickly cover why it's so important using to create free webinars |

How to create a paid webinar. what is a webinar If you work in marketing and sales, talking directly to customers is the best way to meet your revenue goals

The Digital Marketing Class - Learn how to use Webinars in your business, generate more sales and build more credibility.

Learn how to host a webinar on your website (in 15 min) with this simple guide to slideshows, microphones, and giving an online presentation Tips for monetizing your webinar · abtesting · how to host a webinar on youtube ·

how to host a webinar with youtube · how to host a webinar on google hangouts
what is a webinar?
“make sure that your promise of the webinar aligns with the pitch and offer that you’re making.
- why we like selling on webinars.

Getting the Most Bang for You Buck- Tips for Conducting a Successful Webinar (Transcript) - 4 Top Tips For Creating A Successful Webinar Watch our recorded web seminar to learn how to create a successful webinar

I'm going to explain exactly what is a webinar and how they work

How to Host a Webinar on YouTube for FREE
Tips for monetizing your webinar · tips for conducting a successful webinar

how to create a successful webinar · tips for creating a successful webinar
explains how a webinar works and how you can register and attend one.
if you want to attend the webinar i am talking about in this video... Tips for Conducting a Successful Webinar
Four Tips For Creating A Successful Webinar
Here are a few tips on how to create a successful webinar so it is a great for both

you and your audience
How to Use Webinars to Create a Revenue Stream.
How to host a webinar for free Successful webinar tips · how to host a paid webinar · steps to hosting a paid

webinar · tips for monetizing your webinars.

how to create a webinar for free with

How To Host Your First Webinar Using Google Hangout On Air Live Webinar

How To Host Your First Webinar Using Google Hangout On Air -
How To Host Your First Webinar Using Google Hangout On Air -









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A Simple Daily Method Of Operation For Network Marketers

Create your first ebook in minutes

P.S. If you are struggling to generate leads and get sign ups into your network marketing business using video here's some free training:

How to host a webinar for FREE on Zoom

let me know what else you want to know I have learned a lot and want to share it with you!

How to Broadcast a Webinar Using YouTube Live

My #1 Recommendation To Make A Full-Time Income Online

Welcome to the series YouTube Live! Today's lesson focuses on how to broadcast a webinar using YouTube live.

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YouTube Live will stream video from your webcam or desktop, letting you host webinars, broadcast vlogs, and more in real time.

You may have heard about the programs Webinar Jam or Zoom that allow you to create webinars in their platform.

A sneaky secret is that a lot of them use YouTube and Hangouts to run your webinars!
While these programs streamline the process, to be honest, this free way is pretty easy too.

All you need to do to get started is a YouTube account, a lead capture page system, and an autoreponder and you're good to go!

In the video below I'll walk you through how to broadcast a webinar using YouTube Live.

➡️➡️➡️To Get Leads With Video go here:

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Thanks for watching!

Dr. Lisa Thompson



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Tutorial: How to Host a Webinar Using Crowdcast

Interested in hosting your own webinar, but intimidated by the tech? This tutorial will take you through the nuts and bolts of running a seamless and successful webinar using my favorite tool, Crowdcast.

Products and services mentioned in the tutorial:
- Crowdcast:
- Lavalier Mic:
- Webcam:

Visit to download your free presentation resources and guide to successful vlogs.

How to host a webinar (Choosing a topic and finding a webinar tutorial.)

Karin says: I need feedback about how to host a webinar. Is it a good idea to refine one topic or should I offer webinars on multiple topics? Are there webinar tutorials out there? Should I offer a free webinar?

Do you have questions you need answered, so you can change your life and improve your family’s future? We can answer your questions inside our Flip Your Life Community!

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Free Webinar Service with Facebook and YouTube Live

In VLOG #032, Paul Richards reviews how you can use the free live streaming services from Facebook and YouTube to host free webinars. Webinars are considered Web Seminars and provide a platform for businesses to broadcast their messaging to the world. Services such as GoToWebinar and Cisco Event Center charge $1,000's for webinar services which we compare in this video.

Free Guide Here:

We stopped using services GoToMeeting, WebEX and Zoom Webinar for a long time now, because they charge way too much money and reduce our overall ability to reach new audiences. In this blog post, I will review our tried and true method for hosting free webinars on the YouTube Live or Facebook Live platforms with the video conference software of your choice.

Benefits of hosting webinars on Facebook/YouTube Live:

Boost Total Viewers - World’s second largest search engine (YouTube) with unparalleled audience size.
Audience Retention - Reduce the time it takes attendee’s to get started (no download needed) means they will have more time for what’s really important… your presentation.
Repeat Attendance - YouTube is built for building communities. There is no better platform for growing your subscriber base.

What you need to set up free webinars with unlimited participants:

A computer with i5 processor (i7 Recommended… Latest Intel NUC’s work great!)
A Dual Monitor setup
A webcam and microphone (HuddleCam and HuddlePod Air suggested)
A Skype account
A YouTube account
Free Streaming Software (Open Broadcaster Software)

As you can see this setup is fairly simple and many of our customers already have most of this equipment in their conference spaces. The dual monitor portion is perhaps the most important because our setup will rely on a screen capture of our Skype session.

Defining “Webinar” or “Web Seminar”

If you search wikipedia for “Webinar” you are directed to “Web Conferencing” as an “umbrella term” for web seminars. If you search wikipedia for “live streaming” you are directed to “Streaming Media” described as audio visual media presented to an end user while being delivered by a provider. So we are combining the worlds of “web conferencing” and “streaming media” to achieve free, scalable webinars for the world. A BIG thanks should go out to Facebook and Google who are fronting the bill for all the world’s future streaming needs, even if the offer includes ulterior motives (a conversation for another time).

Source 1:
Source 2:

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How to Host Webinar through a You Tube Live Event/Google Hangouts | Amanda Frances

Amanda Frances explains the BEST *free* way to host a webinar! LAST STEP: When you are ready to go live... just go back to Creator Studio, click on Live Events and click on Start Hangout On Air for your event. IMPORTANT NOTE: The link you give people to watch live will be the same link to access the replay! YouTube does this for you! Xo.

AND THAT'S IT! #gobig



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