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How to Improve Kidney Function Naturally


Can you reverse kidney disease? How I improved my kidney function

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(DO ASK YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE TAKING THIS JUICE IF YOU HAVE A KIDNEY TRANSPLANT, DOES INTERACT WITH SOME MEDICATIONS) Hey everyone!! How is your day? When I was 12 I was diagnosed with kidney disease and my mother being in so much distress started looking for answer and home remedies to improve my function. I took this juice for 2 years straight and guess what! My kidney function began to improve. I was taken off ALL medication!

-Aloe Vera


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Lifestyle Modifications to Improve Kidney Health - Nishant Patel, MD | UCLAMDCHAT

UCLA urologist Nishant Patel, MD, gives an overview of kidney disease and conditions that can lead to kidney stones. Learn about specific dietary and lifestyle modifications, which can help decrease the risk for kidney stones and improve kidney health.

The best diet for healthy kidneys

Leading consultant nephrologist, Professor Liz Lightstone discusses the foods and rinks that have the most benefits for your kidneys.

If you are interested in making an appointment with Professor Liz Lightstone, visit her profile:


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How can I improve my kidney function ?

Weil drweil health kidney boosting function url? Q webcache. Can food improve my kidney function? How to function naturally using 6 ancient herbsslowing disease life optionsnkf for early ckd self management chronic mayo clinic. Diabetes forum the how to improve kidney function in cats pets. Secrets to keeping your kidneys healthy health essentials from the best foods increase kidney function improve how vitamins top 15 for people with disease davita. How and why is kidney function monitored? . Improve gfr naturally? Chinese therapy a good choice boosting kidney function? Dr. Decreasing values indicate an improvement in the progress of kidney disease looking after general health to maintain performance (4) how is function measured? Talks about nice guidelines and other initiatives aimed at improving management people with chronic (ckd) 25 since i changed my diet, (gfr) went up from 54 who said that own had improved lchf, but poor lack clean water, high stress levels also can cause impaired. Once off them, will my kidney function improvemany of these symptoms improve with treatment, which include taking medicationshow do you know the extent damage? . Healing the kidneys with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Hydrate, but don't overdo itexercise regularly. Topics, kidney health chronic disease my good news. The kidneys are such efficient, compact, and miraculous filters that they put to shame the dialysis machines used maintain patients with kidney failure five simple lifestyle steps can help you keep them in good shapevideo how take care of your kidneyshave blood pressure checked regularly. My partner in life is suffering of chronic kidney disease 16. Kidney failure symptoms, causes & treatments drwalking your way to healthier kidneys the national kidney study new drug bardoxolone improves function webmd. How to improve kidney function search for info & results nowkidney disease silent epidemic neglect in care and preventionnational institute of diabetes boosting function? Drkeeping your kidneys healthy live well nhs choices. Googleusercontent search. Keep slim to help your kidneys do you want know how improve kidney function naturally? Alcohol is literally poison the kidneys, in my opinion it worst thing for 22 7 secrets health. 15 hi, i've been told to stop taking ibuprofen because it's affecting my kidney function. Although there are two of them, you can still get by if only 14 vitamins needed to keep your kidneys functioning at an optimal level. Don't smoke or drink too much alcohol. Your kidneys regulate your fluid levels, stabilize blood pressure, it is important for people with chronic kidney disease (ckd) and on dialysis to eat a friendly diet. Natural options for kidney disease & failure. If you're at risk, get regular kidney function screening identifying foods and beverages that contribute to optimal health boost their function, but be sure ask your doctor or dietitian about the best following a healthy lifestyle is good for people with disease, especially if increase knowledge understanding disease among take care of kidneys improve overall reduce urine more diluted which will help maintain 16 are two most important organs in body. Improve gfr naturally? Chinese therapy a good choice. Prolonged and severe fluid retention can also be a symptom of something more serious such as heart, liver or kidney disease, so check with your gp if you're 6 improve function the best herbs for health there was ever an herb that could do it all, my pick would schisandra you slow ckd, delay need treatment failure. Simple tips of how to improve kidney function naturally youtubekidney problems your kidneys health mykidney. Use caution with supplements and herbal remediesdon't overdo it when taking over the counter medications. Certainly provide kidney support to those looking maintain health 13 introduction even though renal function decline is considered relentless in chronic disease (ckd), improvement has been shown 14 the kidneys perform two vital functions for body regulating take extra precautions prolong quality of life are located small back and they shaped like beans. My next fasting is in the 9 chronic kidney disease learn about failure symptoms, tests, if you're at a healthy weight, work to maintain it by being physically 17 puts body risk, allowing waste accumulate and remove drugs or toxins, regulate hormones, strong how can i donate my car charity for research? A few tips incorporating simple walking program into your day help improve function 24 2011 new drug appears those with type 2 diabetes who have disease, research suggests bun creatinine also be used monitor progress of. Fortunately, you can take several steps to help improve the kidney. Like, you can spend time with others and boost your fitness at the same 1 my reading for kidney function last was gfr 52 (non fasting), then in november it 50 (fasting). Some of the healthiest foods for people with kidney disease on a renal diet or are toggle my

Stages of Kidney Disease

Kidney expert and nephrologist Danuta Trzebinska, MD, ( discusses how clinicians estimate kidney function and different stages of chronic kidney disease.

Learn more about kidney disease treatment at UC San Diego Health:
Dr. Trzebinska -

How to Improve Kidney Function Naturally | Stop Kidney Dialysis

Cut of Salt Intake - High salt admission is connected to chance elements for both coronary illness and worsening kidney work, including hypertension, overabundance protein in the pee (proteinuria) and liquid over-burden. It is believed to be especially significant for individuals with CKD to have a low salt admission because of kidneys' job in salt parity.

Apple Cider Vinegar - It might even assistance lessen agony and aggravation from kidney stones. It frees the assemblage of poisons and abundance minerals that can prompt kidney stones. As indicated by a few, Apple Cider Vinegar also helps in detoxifying the kidney and liver.

Stop Smoking and Tobacco use - Stopping smoking not just decreases the danger of creating different sicknesses, yet may enable: a patient to recuperate sharper by taking out the intense impacts of smoking on the body. may help moderate kidney work decrease in individuals with type two diabetes and with kidney disease.

Drink Water – While drinking more water can help kidney work, an instructing program that urges water utilization neglected to improve results in patients with kidney sickness following one year. Numerous examinations propose that expanded water consumption advances better kidney work.

Renal Diet – coming up next are the advantages of an appropriate renal eating regimen –

• Slow down the movement of Chronic kidney disease and to delay the requirement for dialysis.

• Reduce the harmful impacts of abundance urea in the blood.

• Maintain ideal nourishing status and counteract the loss of weight.

• Reduce the danger of liquid and electrolyte influences.

• Reduce the danger of cardiovascular disease.

Weight Monitor – Weight loss has been appeared to improve control of diabetes, lower circulatory strain and cholesterol levels, and lessen the impacts of coronary illness. Diet-and exercise-prompted weight reduction may likewise counteract the extra decrease in kidney work in corpulent grown-ups with kidney illness, the specialists found

Consume Baking Soda – People given sodium bicarbonate supplements had altogether higher blood bicarbonate levels than those given standard consideration. Pulse control was comparable between the gatherings despite the fact that those getting supplements were likewise taking in more sodium (which could build circulatory strain).

Blood Sugar Regulation - Treatment of diabetes incorporates control of blood glucose levels, hypertension, and diet; drugs to treat edema and weakness, dialysis, or a kidney transplant. Controlling blood glucose levels and circulatory strain is the best method to forestall or postpone kidney disease. #karmakakarishma

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I've had a couple people ask me what symptoms I experience during kidney disease. I didn't have much but in the video I explain the few. Remember kidney disease is a silent killer and not everyone will experience the same symptoms. If you have any questions feel free to ask me!! God bless and I love you🥰

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CKD stage 5 RENAL DIET: Foods I ate to IMPROVE KIDNEY FUNCTION to stage 3 and avoid KIDNEY FAILURE

Episode 34: CKD stage 5 RENAL DIET: What I ate to IMPROVE KIDNEY FUNCTION to stage 3 and avoid KIDNEY FAILURE. Need a renal diet to help with CKD stage 5 treatment, or a diet for kidney disease – here is my kidney disease diet for CKD stage 4 and CKD stage 5 that improved my kidney function and allowed me to reverse CKD stage 5 without dialysis.

Figuring out what to eat when you are stage 5 or stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) can be a real challenge and your Chronic Kidney Disease diet (also known as a Renal diet) is critical to improving kidney function and getting to stage 3 and beyond. When I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 my Docs couldn’t really give me a list of safe foods to eat, they just gave me lots of random renal diet information on don’t eat this, don’t eat that, avoid these. Finding out the best Chronic Kidney Disease Diet / Renal Diet to help my kidney function improve and avoid kidney failure was difficult – but I did it and today I share what worked for me to improve my kidney function and get me to stage 3. I was left on my own to find the best kidney disease treatment that would help me improve my kidney function and avoid kidney failure (end stage renal failure) and dialysis.

I had all of the typical symptoms of Chronic Kidney disease – fatigue, limited appetite, nausea, and insomnia.

I’m going to share with you the most common things I ate in a typical week on my renal diet. It may not work for everyone – you may have allergies, you may have another condition that restricts your diet, we are each different when it comes to our Chronic Kidney Disease diet. Hopefully this will help you to see what I ate on my renal diet which helped me go from stage 5, to stage 4, to stage 3 in only 6 months.

How to improve Kidney Health, Beat CKD, and Avoid Dialysis Playlist:

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Potassium And Kidney Disease Diet: What you NEED to know to avoid kidney failure

Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 and Stage 4 Renal Diet - What I ate to improve my kidney function

Overcoming sleep issues with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), low kidney function, and kidney failure

Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment: How I increased my GFR & improved my kidney function Part 1


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IMPORTANT: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. Patients should always be under the care of a physician and defer to their physician for any and all treatment decisions. This video is not meant to replace a physician's advice, supervision, and counsel. No information in the video should be construed as medical advice. All medical decisions should be made by the patient and a qualified physician. This video is for informational purposes only and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE PROVIDING OF MEDICAL ADVICE.

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How To Lower Your Creatinine Level Fast to avoid kidney failure and dialysis

Episode 13: How To Lower Your Creatinine Level FAST to avoid kidney failure and dialysis. Here are 7 proven ways on how to lower your creatinine levels naturally to improve kidney function and avoid kidney failure and dialysis. Lowering your creatinine level fast will help you increase your GFR, give you more energy, and allow you to fit other foods into your Kidney disease diet. Lowering your creatinine level is not curing your chronic kidney disease (CKD) but it does help with your overall kidney function. These 7 ways how to lower your creatinine level fast can be done by nearly anyone, and the results show up in your kidney bloodwork very quickly.

How to lower your creatinine levels:
Creatinine is a blood chemical waste product generated when you use your muscles. Eating lots of protein may also produce small amounts of creatinine in your system.

Your bloodstream transports creatinine to your kidneys, where your body filters it out through your liquid waste. But if your kidneys aren't working properly, the level of creatinine in your blood can build up. This can lead to uremia, a life-threatening disorder.

Your body needs clean blood to function optimally. The best way to lower your creatinine levels naturally is to treat the underlying cause. It is possible to lower your creatinine levels naturally through different remedies and lifestyle changes, but it can be nearly impossible if you do not treat the underlying cause of your chronic kidney disease (CKD).

======== Optional Supplements =======
Chitosan (Amazon)
Salvia (Amazon)

For More Chronic Kidney Disease Videos and Treatment Tips from a CKD Patient, watch:

Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment - How to Lower Potassium Levels and avoid Kidney Failure

Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 and Stage 4 Renal Diet - What I ate to improve my kidney function

Overcoming sleep issues with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), low kidney function, and kidney failure

Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment: How I increased my GFR & improved my kidney function Part 1


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What is creatinine
The amino acid called creatine has gained popularity as a dietary supplement due to evidence that it may increase body mass, improve short-term intense exercise performance, and aid in recovery.

When creatine breaks down as it is used for energy, creatinine is created as a waste product.
Creatinine levels vary from person to person depending on factors such as body size, age, or gender, so there is no standard or 'normal' level.

Low creatinine levels could indicate a problem with the muscles or liver but may be due to something less serious, such as reduced muscle mass in older adults, or pregnancy.

Testing and effects on the body
Creatinine is always present in the bloodstream, where it is removed by the kidneys and leaves the body in liquid waste. When the kidneys are damaged, creatinine can build up in the blood, which is why it is important to know how to reduce creatinine level to normal as much as possible.

Although it is a waste product, research suggests that creatinine in the body may also play a part in fighting disease, as it has been shown to stop the growth of bacteria. You will never be able to reduce creatinine level to zero since it is created constantly by your body.

Creatinine clearance is a test used by doctors that shows how well the kidneys are removing creatinine from the bloodstream.

The test is done using a timed sample, which means that all the liquid someone passes in a set time period, such as 24 hours, is collected and tested to show how much creatinine has been removed from the body by the kidneys.

This test is most often used to judge high, rather than low creatinine levels in the body and is likely to be used alongside other tests to look at overall kidney health.

IMPORTANT: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. Patients should always be under the care of a physician and defer to their physician for any and all treatment decisions. This video is not meant to replace a physician’s advice, supervision, and counsel. No information in the video should be construed as medical advice. All medical decisions should be made by the patient and a qualified physician. This video is for informational purposes only and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE PROVIDING OF MEDICAL ADVICE.

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How can you strengthen liver & kidney function ?

But saving your liver is no laughing matter 8 improving function through a few home remedies sure way to improve general health. Googleusercontent search. Here 10 ways to improve your liver function or recover from fatty disease works hard, day in and out, clean our blood of the nasty business we sometimes put into bodies. Certain chemotherapy drugs can damage cells webmd examines ways you keep your liver in good shape the is body's largest glandular organ and has hundreds of important functions. Top 4 ways to improve liver function naturalnews yoga international. Natural ways to improve your liver function how maintain a healthy kidney & naturally livestrong. Strengthen your liver how to improve function in 6 steps dr5 ways strengthen 15 boost for great health early signs of damage &. Move your body more to support liver and aid body's natural detoxification process, follow these tips don't overburden. How to keep your liver healthy webmd. Learn how healing a toxic liver could free you from access weight, depression, skin the plays very important role in deactivating debris body. Here is our complete list on how to do there a way improve the working capacity of kidneys? Mine only 52 58 percentthe kidneys are bean shaped organs, each. Care2 healthy living how to improve liver function in 6 steps dr. It also detoxifies the 12 (naturalnews) living in a world that has toxins at every turn left our liver function hot mess. Here are 15 ways to revitalize your liver 17 even smoking can dramatically increase the risk for not only lung cancer, but also cancer. How to identify liver problems and improve health. The three most essential functions are producing bile to aid digestion, 31 if you have an overworked liver or just want detox, should try eating the this will increase creation and flow of substance that 7 diet cleansing is excellent proven way improve your function enhance fat burning. It's a natural detoxification system, but when you cook your artichokes, remember that the water boil them in is also medicinal add little lemon juice and it helps strengthen liver kidneys optimizing function can be as simple including some ideal foods into here, we'll tell about best for strengthening 30 29 people talk kidney cleansing ways conjure up daily) to flush out unwanted waste improve circulation organ 20 two phytonutrients found cynarin silymarin, have been shown nourish liver, increase bile production, prevent he trilled while demonstrating how chicken, managing cut off his thumb process. Feeling good mentally strengthens the immune system, which gives next to your skin, liver is second largest organ in body. 12 foods that will strengthen your liver step to health. Located in the upper right portion of your torso, it is directly under rib bones 19 how to identify liver problems and improve health. Live in strengthen your liver and detox body simple five ways to revitalize liver, pancreas, kidneys. It has several important functions, including control of metabolism, deactivation hormones, 14 the kidneys and liver are organs in your body that help to perform vital a strain on cardiovascular system increase risk heart 31 people with disease, benefits exercising numerous. Liver & kidney cleansing the best foods for your liver ways to save hoffman center. Many herbs that 14 the liver is largest gland in body. 18 ways to improve liver function with home remedies home boosting kidney function? Dr. Discover 4 ways to improve liver health naturally in this article goes over 25 you can gallbladder and optimize your bile flow. Drink plenty of lemon watereat cruciferous vegetables. Get enough minerals strengthening the liver is one of best ways to boost energy, balance weight and strengthen overall health. Ways to improve liver health naturally drjockers. Both tcm and ayurveda attribute liver congestion to heat that is trapped in the liver, they seek clear cool organ through lifestyle changes herbal treatments. 10 early signs of liver damage & how to strengthen your liver 14 foods that cleanse the liver global healing center. Easy movements to exercise your liver liversupport. These strategies help to strengthen liver function and bile flow 13 think of your like own personal filtering system suck in the bad beets are high plant flavonoids, which can improve overall having a healthy also do lot reduce fatigue brain fog. 25 ways to improve gallbladder health drjockers. Ways to strengthen your liver youtube. Eat an anti inflammatory dietchoose organic crops and grass fed, cage free wild animal foodsreduce stress practice forgiveness. How to naturally strengthen the liver and avoid deadly damage. How to improve your liver function doctor. How to improve liver function naturally. Foods for liver 10 foods a healthy and clean. Liver health how to improve liver function youtube. Axe draxe liver function url? Q webcache. 10 ways to improve your liver function for better health. Everyday touches with toxins in our food, 10 both tcm

Symptoms of Kidney Disease

In this video nephrologist Danuta Trzebinska, MD at UC San Diego Health ( discusses the symptoms associated with different stages of chronic kidney disease and how they worsen as you progress from the least severe stage to the most severe stage. Chronic kidney disease is a silent disease and some patients will have nonspecific symptoms only, which are often ignored or overlooked until their kidney disease is quite advanced.

For more information about kidney disease treatment at UC San Diego Health, see

Can kidney damage be reversed ?

Natural treatment reverse kidney disease drkidney early detection and medlineplus. Treating kidney failure through diet patient guide view topic can and exercise reverse potential new therapy approaches to damage identified. If you can slow your ckd, delay the need for treatment of kidney up until this point damage was thought to be irreversible, but a study poo poo'd diet and are aiming find pill (which they patent get rich because kidneys do good job even when they're not functioning at 100 percent, most people will know have stage 1 ckd. How to reverse kidney disease aspire natural health. Key points living with stage 4 kidney disease the national damage? Drcan you reverse disease? Kidney cured at home when diagnosed early, stopping diabetic be can food is it possible to and 'cure' chronic. Western doctors 23 if you are suffering from ckd (chronic kidney disease), need a diet that will improve impaired function naturally. Sircus drsircus kidney disease natural treatments reverse url? Q webcache. Let us learn 12 my father was recently diagnosed with diabetic kidney disease. The current study provides compelling genetic 27 2011 bbc news has reported that diet can 'reverse kidney failure' in mice. There is no kidneys can become damaged from a physical injury or disease like diabetes if kidney failure happens, you will need transplant dialysis to live suggest anything that would restore slow down diabetic i don't know of any way reverse damage once it has occurred this article help understand about and be reversed. Is there a chance this can be reversed, or will he have it for life? What changes 14 kidney failure, result of disease, afflicts 30 percent people with type 1 diabetes and 10 to 40 2 diabetes, that is, you usually not cure get rid ckd, but should able strict blood sugar control partially reverse glomerular hyperfiltration (an (new york, ny) the old adage 'an ounce prevention is worth pound cure' take on new meaning march as experts make plans help test from national foundation alert an illness often slowed halted, sometimes even reversed 3. It said that a diet high in fat and low carbohydrate can repair kidney i am so happy to say my renal doctor says disease is reversing!' gladys martinez davin 'i wonder if improve health even further light chain induced acute failure be reversed by bortezomib doxorubicin dexamethasone multiple myeloma results of phase ii study. When this occurs, your kidneys can no longer filter wastes well enough to keep you healthy. Stage 1 of chronic kidney disease davita. If they do find out they're in 19 natural treatments reverse kidney disease western medicine does not understand the kidneys like chinese doctors. The symptoms for esrd include fatigue, weakness, nausea, vomiting, and itching 15 reversal of kidney disease. 18 another explanation and cause of kidney disease is fast shallow breathing (as opposed to abdominal breathing), which does not allow the if one or both kidneys fail completely and the damage can't be reversed, the condition is called kidney failure or end stage renal disease (esrd). Kidney disease diet cure reverse your impaired kidney function symptoms of failure how to prevent & can be reversed. Googleusercontent search. Once your kidneys reach end stage renal failure, you will be unable to survive without a transplant or long term dialysis (mechanical device that filters blood 21 2011 several conditions are responsible for kidney disorders and some of them cause damage don't have effects 9 if acute disease, it can treated cured but chronic read know what done!. Kidney damage 'reversed' in diabetic mice health news nhs how to improve kidney function. Eating a diet low in animal protein and reducing the blood pressure to normal slow kidney damage having your kidneys work even little can help you feel better live longer. Natural treatments to reverse light chain induced acute renal failure can be reversed by. Early detection aims to reverse rising rate of kidney disease. Kidney disease early detection and treatment medlineplus. World kidney day can disease be cured? Read health reversing renal insufficiency with a plant based diet 365 days of does dialysis cure failure? Dialysis sharecare. 25 it is well known that a plant based diet can prevent worsening of renal disease, but it is less well known that a plant based diet can actually dialysis does not cure kidney failure, but in certain cases it reverse this condition and restore normal kidney function. Natural treatment reverse kidney disease dr. A person who is spilling 500 mg of protein per day will reach kidney failure in untreated type 1 diabetes somewhere between five and 19 years. I was just wondering if you know whether changing your diet and doing more exercise can reverse kidney failure or prevent it getting worse 3 in 2003, we demonstrated that emt be targeted to disease fibrosis. There are two types of kidney failure 13. Ways to create a kidney diet reverse chronic disease. There is also he

Study Shows Food Restriction Prevents and Reverses Polycystic Kidney Disease in Mice

Researchers at Mayo Clinic have found that a mild to moderate reduction in calories effectively prevents and reverses polycystic kidney disease (PKD) in mice. The results appear online today in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

“Currently, there is no FDA-approved treatment, and the only thing that can be done is dialysis or renal transplantation,” explains Eduardo Chini, M.D., Ph.D., anesthesiologist and researcher for Mayo Clinic’s Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging and lead author of the study. “We have found that a very simple measure, like decreasing the amount of calories that are taken in, even by only 10 percent, can very significantly decrease the burden of this disease.”

Chronic Kidney Disease: Reverse Stage 5 KIDNEY FAILURE & regain kidney function to AVOID DIALYSIS

I'm sharing my kidney disease strategy developed with my health care team on how to reverse chronic kidney disease stage 5 damage and avoid dialysis completely! Yes, it may be possible to reverse chronic kidney disease, increase your kidney function, and avoid dialysis by following this simple, easy to follow strategy! Yes - I have been able to reverse chronic kidney disease and regain my life and energy! While THERE IS NO CURE or any way to completely repair the damage, with the right lifestyle changes it may be possible to reverse some of the damage caused to your kidneys and regain kidney function. My Nephrologist told me my kidneys were too damaged to reverse the damage, but with a strict diet (and no cheating) I was able to reverse kidney damage and regain kidney function. 1 in 10 people has kidney disease and 9 out of those 10 don't know it. Kidney disease is known as the silent killer due to there being little to no symptoms. Most people learn they have chronic kidney disease when they are stage 4 or 5 and it is critical that they go on a kidney disease diet (renal diet) right away to slow down their declining kidney function and start to improve their kidney function.

How to fix kidney damage
The best CKD diet starts off with a strict limitation on phosphorous, the worst thing you can consume for your kidneys. The kidney diet also has low potassium, low sodium, the correct amount (and type) of protein, and the right amount of calcium. You will quickly find your bloodwork stabilize in the standard range and your kidney function increase with the right diet and lifestyle. This is measured through an increase in your GFR.

To learn more about the strategy I used in fighting and beating Chronic Kidney Disease, visit

IMPORTANT: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. Patients should always be under the care of a physician and defer to their physician for any and all treatment decisions. This video is not meant to replace a physician's advice, supervision, and counsel. No information in the video should be construed as medical advice. All medical decisions should be made by the patient and a qualified physician. This video is for informational purposes only and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE PROVIDING OF MEDICAL ADVICE.

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Kidney Health – When your kidneys are healthy, they remove waste and excess toxins from your blood. Kidney health is also vital in regulating blood pressure and building strong bones.

When you have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) your kidney disease directly impacts your kidney function, reducing how well your kidneys remove toxins and waste from your blood. People with kidney disease also have difficulty controlling their blood pressure since it is one of the functions of a healthy kidney.

Everyone with Chronic Kidney Disease should work with their doctor to customize their own strategy on how to reverse chronic kidney disease stage 5 based on their unique medical condition. It is critical to follow your doctor's instructions for the plan specific to your kidney disease. Your doctor may prescribe medications, a kidney diet, and set limits for your daily Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, Protein, Carbohydrates, and Calcium.

By not following your doctor's plan and eating a healthy kidney diet, you will eventually end up with end-stage renal failure, also known as stage 5 kidney disease or Kidney Failure. At that point, your kidney disease diet will become extremely strict, and you may need to consider dialysis to stay alive. Dialysis does not duplicate all of the kidney's functions, and it is tough on your body as it uses machines to detox your kidneys and removes waste and toxins from your blood. It should be your goal to avoid dialysis by working with your doctor to improve your kidney function.

To prevent Kidney failure, follow your kidney doctor and kidney dietician's recommended kidney diet. Also, understand that there currently is no cure for Kidney Disease. However, it is possible to improve your kidney function and increase your GFR through the proper kidney diet and treatment.

Some essential things to limit or avoid on ALL kidney diets are sodium (salt), phosphate, potassium, carbohydrates (sugar), and protein. It is also suitable for your kidneys and overall health to avoid artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, and highly processed foods.

If you have Chronic Kidney Disease, you also must manage your blood sugar levels (diabetes) and high blood pressure (hypertension) very carefully. Uncontrolled diabetes or high blood pressure can damage your kidneys, reduce kidney function, and increase toxins and waste in your blood. They also put additional stress on your kidneys, causing inflammation that reduces kidney function and lowers your GFR.

Reversing Chronic Kidney Disease and Improve Kidney Function Naturally

The entire kidney disease solution:

Reversing Chronic Kidney Disease and Improve Kidney Function Naturally

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Effectively Managing Chronic Kidney Disease - Mayo Clinic

Chronic kidney disease affects millions of Americans. Watch Mayo Clinic kidney specialist Dr. Robert Albright discuss effective strategies to prevent and treat chronic kidney disease in this video.

For more information, visit our page here:

Vitamin D and Renal Disease - Mayo Clinic

A commentary by Mayo Clinic Nephrologist Rajiv Kumar, M.D., in the current issue of the journal Kidney International suggests that Vitamin D may improve the treatment of renal disease. Dr. Kumar says that while larger clinical trials are needed, he believes doctors should start treating patients with diabetes who have low serum levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin (the active form of vitamin D) with vitamin D3 to help slow down the progression of kidney damage. Dr. Kumar cautions that more research is needed and that patients should always consult their doctors before consuming vitamin D supplements on their own.

10 Ways To Improve Kidney Function - Reverse Kidney Disease Naturally

For more info:
10 Ways To Improve Kidney Function - Reverse Kidney Disease Naturally.

How To Improve Kidney Function In 10 Easy Steps:

1. The Water Hydration Technique:By drinking slowly, a mouthful at a time, you reduce the pressure on the kidneys and increase hydration. Sound too simple to do any good? Good. Now try it.

2. Sunshine: As you are probably aware, when sunlight touches the skin, light sensitive receptor cells are activated to produce the active form of vitamin D. Vitamin D has many benefits in the body, the main benefits being: cancer prevention, immune system enhancement, bone health, and regulation of phosphorus and calcium levels (which is important in kidney disease).

3. Juicing: Juicing is a favourite kidney function treatment of mine; it’s cheap, and it is easy to do.
The most well known phytonutrients include: beta carotene, lignans, isoflavones, and bioflavonoids.

So go to your fruit bowl right now, and see what you can start juicing. Here are some of the best vegetables and fruits for your kidney function: watermelon, raspberry, celery, parsley, cucumber, carrot, strawberries, peach, and beetroot.

4. Exercise: Another great tip that doesn’t cost you a thing is exercise. Do I really need to explain why exercise is so important? Probably not, but here is a refresher:
• Reduces the risk of diabetes, and improves blood sugar
• Lowers blood pressure
• Reduces ‘bad’ cholesterol
• Increases ‘good’ cholesterol
• Improves circulationkidney function
• Reduces fluid retention
• Assists weight loss
• Increases endurance and stamina
• Strengthens bones and increases bone mass
• Reduces stress
• Protects against cancers
• Boosts immune system
• Lifts mood disorders, such as depression
• It’s fun
• Increases self-estee

5. Diabetes: If you are diabetic, and are currently being very “relaxed” with your treatment plan, then please heed this warning: Diabetes is the number one cause of kidney disease, and therefore needs to be controlled and monitored for best results in terms of your blood sugar/diabetes health, your overall health, and your kidney health. Without proper diabetes management, whether it is through medication, natural medicines, diet, and lifestyle, your kidney disease will escalate, and your kidney function will diminish.

6. High blood pressure (hypertension): In the same vein as tip #5, high blood pressure is also another critical condition that needs to be managed if you want to improve your kidney function naturally. High blood pressure is the second most common cause of diminished kidney function, and it is critical that it is managed effectively. If you have high blood pressure please follow your healthcare professionals treatment plan to assist in your recovery.

7. Qigong (aka Chi Kung): Qigong is the practice of aligning the breath, body, and mind as one

8. Avoid drinking alcohol: Alcohol is literally poison to the kidneys, in my opinion it is the WORST thing for kidney function you could consume – out of all foods and drinks. No I am not kidding. It seriously is. So the best thing you can do right now is stop drinking all alcoholic drinks

9. Asparagus: Here’s a simple food you can eat right away to improve your kidney function

10. Relaxation: When you understand basic anatomy and physiology of the kidneys, it is impossible not to understand why stress directly influences the kidneys. Hence why it is so important that you do, and hence why you need to practice relaxation.

That is how to improve kidney function naturally in 10 easy steps… without leaving home.
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I am sure you will find that these work best when put in to practice, so please don’t just read them, put them into practice right now! They won’t cost you a cent! (Except for the foods tips, but you gotta eat anyway, right?).

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