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How to Lose Belly Fat and Get Your Abs to Show [THE TRUTH!!]


Helping Men Fight Belly Fat

Listen up guys- In this week's 'Motivation To Move' we're learning why belly fat can contribute to a number of health issues, and some great ways to fight it.

How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat in 20 Days


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Simple Life Hacks for a Flatter Belly

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Core expert Chris Powell reveals the best life hacks for a flatter belly.

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Strengthen Your Core in 5 Minutes

Get washboard abs in no time and feel confident in your bathing suit. Celebrity personal trainer, Joel Harper, developed a five minute fitness series just for you.

How to lose lower belly fat (THE TRUTH!)

How to lose lower belly fat. The truth is in this video!

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Best way to a Flat Stomach ➠ Lose Belly Fat and Get a 6 pack fast | Six pack abs diet to lose weight

Would you like to learn the best way to a flat stomach and a smaller waist fast? Flatten your stomach by losing belly fat with the information provided in this video.

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One of the number one goals that people have when it comes to Fitness is to get a flat stomach. And there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about how to go about doing this. The biggest mistake that you'll typically see people make when they're trying to do this is they try to crunch the flat stomach into place. They do sit ups and leg raises and crunches and they use ab machines and at the end of it all they still don't have a flat stomach. And the same is totally true for a six pack. A flat stomach with Six pack abs can't be achieved by just doing crunches. In fact it usually has very little to do with performing any ab exercises whatsoever. Obviously we do want to do ab exercises to build up the muscles underneath the fat but typically people are trying to burn their belly fat through ab exercises. And that will never ever work. The truth is the best way to burn the belly fat and to acquire a flat stomach is not through targeted fat burning. Unfortunately there's no way to Target any one part of your body for fat loss. The fundamental truth about fat loss is that either you're burning fat or you're not burning fat. There's no in between. There's no burning fat from your arms while not burning fat from your thighs. when your body is using fat for energy, AKA burning fat, that means that your whole body is utilizing it's fat stores for energy. Which means that you're going to be burning fat from your stomach and your toes and your hands and your arms and your face all at the same time. Well not exactly at the same time the way that it actually works is usually your body will choose the most distal areas first. So it'll choose to burn fat from your face and your hands and your feet before the fat loss moves closer to the midline of your body to areas like your hips and your love handles and your stomach unfortunately. The point is you can't control or Target where your fat loss comes from. The only thing that you have control over is whether your burning fat or not. And that is the only way that we could affect whether our stomach is flat or not... if the reason for why our stomach isn't flat in the first place is due to body fat. There are some people that don't have too much excess body fat on their stomach but their stomach still protrudes outwards. And this is a rare issue that can be caused due to poor inner AB strength. Hear a muscle known as the transverse abdominis is weak and that causes the ABS to protrude out. The transverse abdominis is responsible for pulling your abs in and giving you that flat stomach look. And you would strengthen the transverse abdominis with exercises like planks and exercises in which you would be drawing your navel in. Now the thing that you have to keep in mind is that 9.9 out of 10 times this is not the issue. The issue is too much body fat and the only way to reduce that body fat is either by exercising a whole lot or by consuming less total calories while keeping insulin levels lower on a daily basis. There are a number of different ways that we can do this. But the most basic way to get a flat stomach without counting your calories is by sticking to real natural single-ingredient foods and limiting portion size. It's really easy to find a list of real natural healthy food. In these lists you're going to be finding foods such as lean sources of protein like white fish, chicken breast and egg whites. Which by the way you should be having a source of protein in pretty much every meal when trying to burn fat. For your carbs you want to go with slow-digesting or low glycemic carbohydrates such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and other complex carbs like those. But keep in mind regular white rice and regular potatoes can help you lose weight as well because it's real food... whereas for example bread that you find on the shelves... I wouldn't consider that as a real source of carbs unless you find it in a freezer. For your veggies, the green ones are by far best for fat loss because they have tons of vitamins and hardly any calories. And then for fats you just want to pick some healthy sources like avocados or almond butter or olive oil or egg yolks but again you just want to make sure these are natural sources. Then all you gotta really do is focus on portioning out your foods and even though there's no way to give a definitive guide for everyone because everyone would have different portions based on their weight I could give

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast & Get Abs (The TRUTH)

Best Way to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat and Get Abs. Learn how to burn stubborn belly fat fast and keep it off forever. Reveal your six pack abs with these weight loss and fat loss tips and tricks. If you enjoyed this video please comment, share with your friends, and subscribe for more high quality informational fitness videos


Find Your Caloric Maintenance:

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TRUTH on How to Get Abs | IMPOSSIBLE? | how to get a SIX PACK | How Long Does it Take to get Abs

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Yes it is true that everyone watching this video already has abs no matter how much excess fat you have on your body. But it's also true that everyone has biceps and triceps and pecs. If you have excess fat on your body these muscles may be behind that layer of fat. However, if you did not develop these muscles you're not going to have great muscular looking biceps, triceps, pecs, or abs as well. To get abs just like any other muscle in the body we have to build it and develop it.
One of the things that greatly helped me build and develop my abs was doing bulking phases. Where I would eat enough calories for my whole body to grow and build muscle. I know sounds kind of counter intuitive. After my first year and a half of working out I lost a bunch of fat from my body, just from being consistent, and doing intense workouts. However, I still had a long way to go as far as seeing my abs. Even though I could see my abs they had no 3 dimensional shape to them. Just like any other muscle that you can see that isn't quite fully developed.

So after that I spent years bulking up, cutting away fat, bulking up, cutting away fat. The end product was bulky abs with a lot of definition. So I feel like this is a very important point missed in building abs. It's missed because people try to oversimplify it all over the internet to get you to buy their product. You hear it all the time, all you gotta do is cut down your body fat and wallah you will have abs once you get below a certain body fat percentage. They forget to mention that you also have to build the ab muscles just like any other muscle, and definitely don't mention that everyone's abs are shaped differently.

Let's start with the first one how do you build the ab muscles? Well after you get your easy beginner gains, gains become a lot harder to come by without adhering to a goal specific nutrition plan. So if you're trying to build ab muscle you have to be eating in a way that will cause muscles in your body to bulk up. I've already made a bulking diet video that you can find in the description and I'll also include a link at the end of this video.

While doing a clean bulking diet you should be hitting your abs no more than 2-3 days a week because abs need to recover to grow just like any other muscle. Also you should be using heavy weight training exercises to make your abs bulkier. Hmm big surprise, again just like every other muscle in the body. You should be progressively increasing this weight over time. Once again like every other muscle in your body. Great ab bulking exercises are Declined situps with a weight behind your head, SB crunches with a weight behind your head, bench, or hanging leg raises with a weight between your feet, crunches with a weight pointed toward the ceiling. Do you guys see where I'm going with this? We use heavy weight to increase the size of all our other muscles, but 100 crunches a day should be fine to get us abs. Right? No obviously wrong. You have to use weight for your ab workouts. And don't even bother using those weighted selectorizor ab machines they're a complete waste of time.

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#1 Fix to Lose Belly Fat Fast (STOP DOING THIS!) ❌How to reduce belly fat & get six pack abs workout

Learn how to lose belly fat fast with one simple fix. This mistake is easy to correct and when you do you'll reduce belly fat and start seeing results in just a week. As long as you're consistent and apply this advice you'll have six pack abs in no time.

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So you want to lose some belly fat and get 6 pack abs...and.... you've done everything..... from sit-ups to crunches to leg raises to knee tucks to planks, but you still have some stubborn belly fat left over and no matter what you do that fat sticks to your midsection like white on rice. Well if this sounds like you, I'm sure glad you found this video because I'm gonna show you the one simple fix to solve this problem once and for all. So to permanently end this problem let's start by figuring which one out of three categories your belly fat falls into. We have the stubborn belly fat group which basically means that you almost see your 6 pack you may even have a 2 or 4 pack but there's still some stubborn fat preventing your abs from fully popping. Then we have the spare tire group, which I'm sure all of you could imagine what a person looks like with a spare tire around their waist. If you fall into this group you'll have noticeable belly fat, and love handle accumulation. Enough to pinch with your hand not just two fingers. And then last but not least is the beer gut group. Now.... Guys these are just names just because you had a couple beers the other night and now your a little puffy and have what you think is a beer gut doesn't mean that you actually fall into this category. And vice versa you can fall into this category without having a beer your whole life. You fall into this category when the fat starts to accumulate around your organs which is known as visceral fat. The belly becomes really pronounced, and not only has the lower belly fat accumulated, but so has the upper belly fat. Sometimes the pronounced belly may even feel hard when you fall into this category. So now that you know what category you're in we can structure a plan based on where you're currently at. Just some common advice for everyone no matter what category you're in the best approach to building the ab muscles is with Progressive weight training. Which simply means uping your weight over time. I see too many people at the gym constantly doing the same ab workout that they were doing a year ago. Not only should you switch your ab exercises up regularly like every 4 weeks but you should also be progressing and increasing the weight that you're using in order to continuously challenge your abs. If you're not challenging your abs either with tons and tons of reps or heavyweight then after you burn off the belly fat and your abs are revealed you're going to be disappointed with the muscles you built. However there are a bunch of people watching this video right now that have a rock solid six pack but they don't even know about it. I could be talking to you right now you might have a rock-solid six pack but it's under a layer of fat and this is actually where people make the biggest mistake. If you spent your time at the gym doing your crunches doing your planks and leg raises and your abs may very well be there regardless of which category you fall into. The problem is that most people gets stuck in this crunching and sit up phase. Crunches and sit-ups are great for building ab muscles but they are not doing anything for your fat loss goals. So people start to realize this they're like oh I'm not burning any fat what are you going to do to burn fat.... oh yeah cardio. Wrong! if you want to lose your belly fat you have to stop doing crunches and force your body to use its own fat stores as energy. That's the only way you're going to get the belly fat off.... if your body chooses to use it as energy to fuel your body. Your body burns fat as one unit from your whole body. Fat loss is not site-specific. You cannot Target where you want to burn fat And the reason why I divided you into categories in the beginning of this video is because the category that you fall into determines the structure of your diet. If you fall into the stubborn fat belly fat group you can have ripped ABS within the next four to six weeks. If you reduce your calories by 25 percent from maintenance you're looking at about a six-week cut. At a 40 percent reduction from maintenance you can get this done in 4 weeks. If you're in this category I recommend that you try to just go for 4 to 6 weeks straight and stick to your diet plan with no cheating at all. If you fall into the second category of the spare tire group you're looking more so at 16 weeks.

The Truth About Spot Reducing Belly Fat | How To Get Abs!

Spot reduce belly fat! Is it possible? Is that the way to get abs? The simple answer is no and the complex answer is also no! You cannot spot reduce, it's common folklore for people to promote belly fat burning workouts. I'm sorry to break the news to you but you cannot spot reduce. The best way to get visible abs is to focus on your diet and performing compound exercises. Of course even if you have the best diet if your calories are in a surplus and if your genetics do not allow it, even with the lowest body fat percentage you will not be able to see a visible 6 pack. Stop looking for the short cuts. Usually the right thing to do and the hard thing to do are often the same thing. Take the time to learn about your body and how fat burning really works.

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How to Burn Belly Fat

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The Truth About Losing Belly Fat & Getting Six Pack Abs

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How To Lose Weight From Your Stomach - How To Lose Belly Fat And Get Your Abs To Show [The Truth!!]

How to lose weight from your stomach - drinks that can help you to lose weight.
For more details click this link:
Weight in Stomach - Exactly How to Lose Fat in Your Stomach

Because of refined foods, the general population of the United States is growing fatter. One of the most obvious areas where weight shows up remains in the stomach. Both men and women have weight-in-stomach fat. For guys, the stomach is the last area where they normally slim down. Females have trouble losing in the legs as well as hips. Regardless, there are some necessary steps associated with losing stomach fat. Yet inevitably it involves losing weight also.

For beginners, diet programs is among the most effective means to lose weight-in-stomach fat. You have to initially identify how many calories you are meant to take in a day and also reduced. The key is to cut down on your fat consumption. There are tags on many foods today. If you make an aware initiative to cut your fat intake in fifty percent, you will start losing weight. Greater results can be attained by consuming less fat.
Besides cutting calories as well as fat consumption, it is essential to stop consuming late during the night. You need to eat your last meal or snack at the very least concerning 3 hrs before you go to sleep. Those additional calories you consume at evening will be tough to burn.

Foods high in carbohydrates must be eaten earlier in the day and also not during the night. Carbohydrates give you energy to survive your day. You do not require them prior to you go to bed. Take a look at the tags on the foods or snacks you consume. Cookies and also potato chips are high in carbohydrates. If you have to have a treat at night, discover low-fat replacements. Or else, cut them out.

Eighty percent of what you resemble is a straight result of your diet plan. People that have endomorphic builds (naturally hefty individuals) will certainly require to work tougher at getting rid of weight-in-stomach fat. But they can still see excellent development with dieting alone.

Any person who wants to begin shedding stomach fat promptly needs to begin exercising. Don't fall for all those bogus tummy-reducer items on the marketplace. You do not lose stomach fat just by doing sit-ups or crunches. These exercises can assist displace fat, but you additionally need to burn the excess fat off with aerobics or cardio workout.

Join a gym if you can. They have a lots of devices. Begin raising weights as well as construct your muscles for a more sports figure. To assist with fat-burning, begin on the incumbent or stationary bikes, specifically if you have actually never ever exercised in the past. Beginning gradually. Later, you can begin using the treadmill.
If you don't have a gym membership or do not have time to join one, you can walk at nights. A nightly walk at a good rate can really aid you melt fat. You can also read the classified ads for made use of stationary bikes. You do not need to have an electronic one.

Make diet regimen an exercise a way of living. Do not be like many others that get it back. Create good consuming practices. Consume foods high in healthy protein as well as reduced in fat. Eliminate a few of the breads from your diet regimen. Consume foods like rice, hen, tuna as well as great deals of veggies. As well as cut back above calorie beer.

how to reduce belly fat | truth about abs

Find out the truth about abs & how to reduce belly fat the right way!

I would never usually buy an Abs book. Most workout books say the same thing.

However, The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a much different story. It was the best book on losing stomach fat that I've ever come across. If you get this book, you will see results on your extra belly fat!

Mike Addresses talks about how to flatten your stomach. He talks about a myth called SPOT TONING..toning one spot on your body...for instance, you can't only make your stomach get a workout...and hope to burn fat in just your belly. (Why I wasn't losing weight like I should have been before)

click link to find out the truth about abs & how to lose stomach fat the right way!

how to reduce belly fat
truth about abs
exercises to lose belly fat
how to lose stomach fat
truth about abs

5 At​-​Home Exercises ​to ​Lose Belly Fat (CRAZY FAST)

These are 5 At-Home Exercises that will help you burn belly fat and overall body fat faster without going to the gym. You'll notice weight loss results in just a week when combining this fat loss workout with a well balanced diet plan.

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📲 Fat Loss Calculator:

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#1 Combination of burpees finished off with mountain climbers 2:01
#2 The Dive bomber with two sit throughs 3:25
#3 High knees and a sprawl 4:53
#4 Step-up 5:44
#5 Lateral lunges with a squat jump 6:58

Many of you want to lose some weight, and you would especially like to lose some of that weight that you're carrying around your midsection. Now if your goal is to find the best exercises to help you lose that belly fat once & for all, but you don't really have access to a gym or any equipment then this video is one that you definitely don't want to miss, because today I'm going over the best exercises to help you burn more fat & lose more weight right in your own home. Let me just first start with the painful truth that most other videos on belly fat won't even talk about. And that's the myth of spot reduction. We can't only reduce fat from our bellies without also reducing fat from other sections of our body. So if we can get your body into a state in which it's burning fat for fuel that means your body will be burning some fat from your thighs, some fat from your love handles, some fat from your face & hands, and some fat from your belly as well. This is the only way & the fastest way to reduce belly fat, by putting ourselves into a state in which our body is burning more overall fat for fuel, and as we lose fat from our whole body we will also lose it from our midsection. So the question becomes how do we put our body into a fat burning state & the best way to do that is to create a larger caloric deficit. And the truth is that exercises like crunches, situps, & leg raises not only do they not target belly fat, again because spot reduction is a myth, but exercises like these also don't use very large muscles & don't involve multiple joints so they don't burn that many overall calories. The only true way to create a larger caloric deficit with exercise is by increasing the calories burnt from each of the exercises we perform as well as each of our overall workouts. This is why I want to give you 5 at home exercises that will burn the most calories in the least amount of time. At the end of the video i'll explain how you can combine these exercises into a high intensity interval training circuit to create a very effective at home workout to help you lose weight & burn faster. Let's start with the very first one which is A combination of a burpee finished off with mountain climbers. Burpees are by far one of the best exercises that you can do with no equipment to burn a lot of calories. This is because of 2 main reasons. 1 burpees will work a lot of muscle groups & multiple joints at the same time. You're essentially going to work your whole body. The second reason burpees burns so many calories is because a lot of these muscles being worked are large. Larger muscles will burn more calories then smaller ones & incorporating more muscles into one movement will burn even more calories. To perform this exercise start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees & your back as you lower your hands to the floor. Place your hands to the outside of your feet & jump your feet out into a push-up position. If you can't hop out into a push-up position walk your feet out one at a time. Once in the push-up position lower yourself to the ground & push back up. Next you're going to slightly raise your hips & perform four mountain climbers by bringing your knee into your chest & tapping your foot on the ground alternating legs with each rep. Once you do for you stand up & jump straight up with your hands over your head. Then repeat from the beginning. You'll immediately feel how taxing this exercise is on your body because after you do just a few reps you'll notice that you're breathing pretty heavy. Next we have the dive bomber with two sit throughs. Dive bombers are excellent at working your upper body especially the chest shoulders & triceps & sit throughs are great at making you breath nice & heavy. You want to start this exercise in a downward dog position which looks like you're in a push-up position except with your hips really high up towards the ceiling. From this position you want to lower yourself to the ground for what looks like an inclined push-up. As you near the of the movement & your chest comes closer to the ground you want to drop your hips to the ground & press your upper body up so you wind up in...

20 Foods That'll Help You Lose Belly Fat

​These are the top 20 foods you should eat to help lose belly fat. Not only do these meals help you lose weight fast, but they'll also help you build lean muscle mass. Some of these are my person favorites so I truly consider these some of the best diet foods for weight loss for both men & women. You can create your own​ meal plan with these. Enjoy!

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📲 Fat Loss Calculator:

👦🏻 If you want to train with me directly to transform your body as fast as possible, fill out a training application and see if you qualify here(𝐔𝐒𝐀, 𝐂𝐚𝐧𝐚𝐝𝐚, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐔𝐊 𝐎𝐍𝐋𝐘):

Avocado 0:42
Eggs 1:17
Berries 1:46
Apple Cider Vinegar 2:20
Tuna 3:14
Salmon 3:37
Green Tea 4:01
Green Leafy Veggies 4:29
Chicken Breast 5:01
Sweet Potatoes 5:30
Oatmeal 5:52
Beans 6:19
Brown Rice 6:59
Chili Pepper 7:22
Grapefruit 7:42
Soup 8:09
Protein Powder 8:34
Coffee 9:11
Asparagus 9:59
Peanut Butter 10:19

If you're seriously trying to lose belly fat then you already know that diet is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. With a proper diet plan where you're eating the right foods in the right amounts you'll strip off layer after layer of body fat and say goodbye to that belly forever. However, if you're eating the wrong things you'll only be setting yourself back further and further. With an improper diet plan you'll have to get used to loosening your belt notch after notch because your belly fat will be there to stay. So to ensure that you aren't making any mistakes with the food you're selecting I want to go over the 20 best foods that you should be eating regularly to lose that belly fat for good. The first food I want to start with is the avocado. Unlike other fruits that are loaded with carbs, Avocados are full of healthy monounsaturated fats specifically oleic acid. They are also full of fiber which will help you feel full for longer. Another great thing about avocados that was discovered during a study from The Ohio State University at Columbus is that avocados help you absorb more cartenoids from fruits and vegetables, up to 15x more to be exact. So not only will avocados help you burn fat, but you'll also be strengthening your immune system and absorbing more cancer fighting cartenoids than ever. Next we have eggs. Eggs are great to incorporate into your diet plan because they’re high in protein, high in healthy fats and they can help you feel full for a very low amount of total calories. Eggs are also one of the most bioavailable sources of protein out there. Meaning that your body can very efficiently digest, absorb, and assimilate the protein found in eggs. Having a solid protein source like eggs in your diet will help you prevent muscle loss while you eat less calories to create enough of a deficit to burn fat. Lets move on to one of the best fruits you can eat while trying to lose belly fat...berries. Compared to most other fruits berries are very low in carbohydrates, while being full in vitamins and antioxidants. These antioxidants can help improve blood flow delivering more oxygen to your muscles and your cells in general. Ultimately this can hep improve your workouts while assisting with the fat loss process. The best low carb berries to eat are blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Blueberries are going to be a bit higher in carbs, so to keep calories low stick with the other 3. The next food isn't really a food, but instead its a drink that's been proven very effective at helping you fight that belly cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has been shown to help people lose weight and waist circumference. These aren't they typical animal studies that you constantly see that don't necessarily guarantee the same results for people. Instead these are human studies. One of these studies was 12 weeks long and it demonstrated that obese individuals could lose anywhere from 2.6 to 3.7 pounds just by consuming 1 to 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per day. It has also been shown to improve blood sugar spikes after meals, and it can help increase fullness after a meal. In fact one study showed that taking apple cider vinegar with a high carb meal could result in people eating 200 to 275 less calories for the day. Keep in mind, you want to make sure that you dilute only one to two tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar in water. Don't drink it straight up. Next I have another high protein food for you and that's tuna. Tuna is a very lean fish that's pretty much entirely made up of protein. This makes tuna a great option to increase protein intake without increasing calorie intake too much. The important thing is if you're buying canned tuna you want to make sure you get the tuna in water not oil. If you get it in oil then all the extra calories that you save from this low fat fish will be canceled out. Fish in general is a great option for when you're trying to bu..

5 Awesome Lower Ab Exercises (FIX YOUR FORM!)

If you're looking to lose body fat and get your abs popping -

Lower abs are typically the hardest part of the abdomen to get showing. Sometimes, this can be due to genetics.. sometimes this can be due to the fact that you just have too much body fat and need to focus on lowering that first.. but then other times, it's because people have the wrong form on their lower ab exercises. So fix the way you do these 5 exercises and watch as your lower abs magically start to appear!

1. Reverse Crunches - You want to make sure your starting position is with your thighs perpendicular to the ground. This will cancel out any hip flexor activation and prevent as much momentum as possible. From there, really focus on rolling your butt up off the ground and squeezing with your lower abs.

2. Leg Lift Extensions - With these, again, you want to make sure your legs aren't dropping all the way to the floor as then you would be hitting your hip flexors. For the most part, you want to keep your legs pointed at the ceiling and then extend your lower body up off the ground, creating that curvature of your lower spine and stimulating your lower portion of your abs.

3. Mountain Climbers - These are a well known exercise but also done wrong A LOT. Instead of just jumping back and forth from foot to foot.. You want to really emphasize driving your knee upward as far as possible and crunching at the abs. If you do this right, you should feel a tight squeeze in your abs with each kick.

4. Air Sprints - You will need a dip bar or something to elevate your feet off the ground.. From there you will act as if you are doing an upright mountain climber by driving your knees up to the air while slightly leaning forward to, again, create that curvature in your lower back and engage your lower abs.

5. Ankle To Bars - For this, you will need a pull-up bar or just something to hang from. Most of the time when you see any kind of a leg lift exercise, you see people dropping their legs all the way down.. This is wrong, because this primarily hits your hip flexors which is why your thighs often get tired before your lower abs. Instead, start with your knees bent and out in front of you at 90 degress, curl your knees up and act as if you are touching the front of your ankles to the pull-up bar. Then when you come back down, stop at 90 degrees with your knees.

Try these out and let me know what you think!


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