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How to Shoot if You're Cross Eye Dominant


Eye Dominance Test - How to Determine Eye Dominance

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Eye Health Question of the Day
Are you Left Eye Dominant or Right Eye Dominant? Are you Cross eye dominant?

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About This Video:
Are you researching the dominant eye test? In this video, Dr. Joseph Allen reviews how to test eye dominance. Eye dominance is important to know if your into activities such as rifle shooting, playing pool or billiards, and archery. Some people may even have cross eye dominance. If you're looking for more info on cross eye dominant rifle shooting or shooting eye dominance, then check out this video.

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Are you really right handed? | Bob Duran | TEDxHartford

The world is right handed. It can be hard being left handed. But you are really Right handed? We are all a level of right and left laterally. There are test to see how far you are in each direction Robert L. Duran, (B.A., University of the Pacific; M.A., West Virginia University; Ph.D., Bowling Green State University), is a Professor in the School of Communication and Director of Admissions Events for the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Hartford. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in Human & Applied Communication. Specifically, he teaches courses in Interpersonal Communication, Small Group Communication, Family Communication, Nonverbal Communication, and Research Methods. He has received the Roy E. Larsen Award as the outstanding teacher at the University of Hartford. He has over 50 publications in academic journals and scholarly books and has presented over 80 conference papers at regional, national, and international conferences. His research topics include communication competence, loneliness, shyness, media portrayals of interpersonal issues, the impact of technology on the development of romantic relationships, and most recently, the inf This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

How to Determine Your Dominant Eye with Our Dominant Eye Test

Are you searching for an easy dominant eye test? Watch this video and take the simple dominant eye test to find your ocular dominance from the medical experts at All About Vision.

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How to Shoot a Bow with Both Eyes Open | Archery Lessons

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All right. As we had discussed before, in another segment, eye dominance plays a big part in archery. One of the reasons that eye dominance does play a big part is because usually it's advisable to shoot a bow with both eyes open, and your dominant eye is the eye that's doing the aiming.

So, if you're right-handed and you're right eye dominant, then we have no problem, because you're only seeing out of your right eye to begin with. If you bring the bow up and you aim it, and you pull back and you anchor, both eyes are open, but she's only seeing the aimer out of her right eye. If I close this eye off, it wouldn't change anything in her picture.

If you are left eye dominant, and you shoot the bow with both eyes open, being a right-handed shooter, if I shut your left eye off, which is the eye that you were looking through to aim, your bow would actually move over this far away from the line of aim. So, shooting a bow with both eyes open is advisable only if you're shooting with your dominant eye.

The WEIRD Secret Key To Your Shooting Form: Basketball Shooting Drills

The WEIRD Secret Key To Your Shooting Form: Basketball Shooting Drills
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Archery Eye Dominance VS Aiming Eye | How to Pick Right or Left Handed Archery Equipment

When shooting archery the first thing to decide is which hand you will shoot with. Usually people shoot the same handed-ness that their eye dominance is. I will explain to you the difference in eye dominance and the eye you aim with in archery.

Should you shoot archery with the same eye that is dominant, or should you use your aiming eye? Possibly it is better to just use your dominant hand and then train your eyes to get used to aiming how you want......

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Cross Dominance in Archery 1/4

The first in a series of videos discussing the issue of Cross Dominance, showing how to determine if a cross dominant archer should go with the Dominant Eye, or the Dominant Hand, and how best to train these archers.

The follow up videos will come about 1 per week. Please be patient. This is an ambitious project, and I want to cover all aspects of:

1- How to decide whether an individual should follow the Dominant Hand or Eye.

2- How to help the archer adapt the hand or eye that doesn't get its way.

3- How best to train Cross Dominant Archers.

Left-Eye Dominant/Shooting Archery Right-Handed

P.J. Reilly gives you some tips on what to do if you are left-eye dominant but you shoot your bow right-handed

Cross Eye Dominance

What do you do if you’re right handed and left eye dominant? Cross eye dominance is a common problem and certainly won’t hold you back from enjoying archery. In this video USA Archery’s Training and Education Manager Guy Krueger discusses how he approaches teaching a cross dominant archer. Krueger suggests a cross dominant archer shoots with their dominant hand and aims with their non dominant eye. An eye patch or piece of tape will help them use their non dominant eye.

Better Shooting: Dominant Eye - Part 1

Rick discusses the importance of keeping your head still and keeping the ball on the shot line through the entire shot. He also illustrates how to determine which eye is your Dominant Eye.

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Which Eye To Use When Aiming by Diamond Archery

Do you know which of your eyes is dominant? Not sure what that means? We break it down on how to find your dominant eye and why this is important to selecting a bow and how you shoot. Follow the easy steps to find your dominant eye. Be sure to see all of our shooter and bow tuning tips here on our YouTube page, as well as on

USA Shooting Tip: Eye Dominance

2012 Olympian Nick Mowrer talks about how to determine if you are left- or right-eye dominant.

Better Shooting: Dominant Eye - Part 2

In Part 2 of this shooting series, Rick gives you the solution to increasing your shot accuracy if your shooting hand and dominant eye are opposite.

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Paul Nicholson's Darts School - EP3 - Getting Your Eye In

The best putting tip you'll ever get! Check your dominant eye!

Don't let your eyes fool you. You might not know it, but you have a dominant eye. You need to know which eye is dominant to putt correctly. In this video we will show you how you can determine which eye is your dominant eye. After this check you will learn how to use this dominant eye in your advantage and make more putts!

Used club in this video: Odyssey stroke lab black Tripple track putter

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0:00 Welcome to We Play Golf
0:29 Determine your dominant eye
2:07 Putting with dominant eye
3:47 summary


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We look at cross dominance and whether it's a big deal or not. An opinion is given on the products that are marketed to remedy the situation........opaque patches,long sighting beads,various gadgets to attach to your gun and shooting glasses.We discuss switching shooting hand and discuss the pros and cons.
There is a test for eye dominance using your gun.
Finally we look at what to do ...and it's all good news...Happy Shooting.....ROGER PACE

Shooting Archery Left Handed After 15 years of Being Right Handed

The time has come for me to shoot left handed After 15 years of Being Right Handed this moment has come. This video is meant to be entertaining and educational.

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LeBron James on Reason for Shooting Right-handed l May 6th, 2017

LeBron James talked about being inspired to shoot right-handed instead of left-handed after watching Michael Jordan and Penny Hardaway play.

Traditional Archery - - How to Set your Dominant Eye

This week on Trad Archery 101 I show you a little trick on how you can set your dominant eye.

Eye Dominance Is A Shooting Myth!

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