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How to Start a Speech


How to Start a Speech

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I have been teaching Persuasive Communications on MBA courses at IESE Business School for 10 years. This is part of a collection of short lessons compiled from my courses and shared for use both as a support to my classes, and a way of sharing this valuable knowledge to a wider audience via these awesome digital tools ;-)

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What are the first words of a speech? What should be the first sentence of a speech? How can you engage an audience from the first moment? There are 3 ways to start a speech.

How to Start a Speech

For many people, the hardest part of delivering a speech or presentation is getting started. We will walk through some effective (and less effective) ways to engage the audience’s attention from the first moment.

Team Members:
Jason Bay, MSx 2019
Chyngyz Dzhumanazarov, MBA 2020
Tomek Nowinski, MBA 2020
Sam Fisher, MBA 2019
Ilana Walder-Biesanz, MBA 2020

How to Start Your Presentation: 4 Step Formula for a Killer Intro

Have a presentation coming up? Want to hook you audience from the start? Then watch this Lighthouse Communications video that gives you a step by step formula to create interest in your topic, connect to your audience, and establish credibility.

6 Amazing Ways to Begin Your Speech - Wabs Talk

This Video has been performed by Reuben Singh at WABS TALK MOTI NAGAR centre. This video contains amazing ways to start your speech and some ways not to start your speech as well. Do watch and share! Happy learning!

15 Ways to Start a Speech or Presentation | Brian Tracy

Watch this video to learn more about 15 unique ways to start a speech or presentation. Want to learn more? How about my personal 5 minute speech formula?

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How to give a 5-minute speech in English


In this lesson I will show you the 4 steps to giving a 5-minute speech in English. I hope this lesson helps you to have more confidence in your English ability.

How to improve your English listening skills
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The key secrets to speaking English
How to write an essay in English
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How to answer any question in English

How To Pass IELTS Speaking
How To Make Long Sentences in English

Speak English Ebook with Idioms, Vocabulary, and Expressions
30 English Body Idioms Ebook

How to pass IELTS speaking part 1
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How to express being in love in English

Name: Tiffani
What country am I from? America (USA)
What was my previous job? Web Designer for NASA
How long have I been an English teacher? Since 2009
How many students have I taught? Several thousands
What country do I currently teach English in? South Korea
Why did I become an English teacher? To help students enjoy English!
What is my goal as a teacher? To help students speak with confidence!
How can you contact me?
What is my website?

Get worksheets and advice for teaching English #english #learnenglish #englishlessons #english #learnenglish #englishlessons

Public Speaking Tips: How to Start a Speech: Speech Opening Techniques

Public Speaking Tips: How to Start a Speech: Speech Opening Techniques

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Great Openings and Closings

Too often, a speaker loses his audience before he even gets to the core of his speech. In this video, Deborah Grayson Riegel teaches viewers how to create terrific openings and closings to presentations.

6 Public Speaking Tips To Hook Any Audience

6 Public Speaking Tips To Hook Any Audience
Public speaking is hard. We all know it. But if you master a few basic public speaking tips and techniques, you can absolutely hook any audience.

In this video you'll get the public speaking training to hook an audience n 30 seconds. The public speaking skills to tell stories that have people hanging on every word. And the techniques to nail a finale that moves people to action.

Public speaking shakes a lot of people's confidence, but if you use these tips and techniques, you'll be on your way to giving presentations that TED would be proud of :-)

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Speech Competition Introduction and First Speaker, Carlos


Be a More Confident Public Speaker

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How to Use Humor in a Speech Opening

How to you use humor in a speech or presentation opening (Part 2 of 5). Many options exist to grab your audience's attention when public speaking but I do not recommend telling punchline jokes.

FREE 7 Instant Tips for Confident & Composed Public Speaking

Unless you are a truly hilarious person, however, straight up joke will not likely work.

At the same time, I'm 100% in favor of using lighthearted humor to grab an audience's attention.

How do you make a funny speech without telling jokes?

1. Quote somebody funny. Quotations are great and you can find humorous quotations for your attention grabber. Be sure to say As [blank] once said . . . as you transition into the quotation. That will help to transport your listeners. Position yourself so that both you and your listeners are focusing on the quotation and the person who said it. Don't make it sound like you are the one saying it. That will help listener's hear the other person's voice in their heads and take the attention off of you as the joke teller.

2. Tell a lighthearted story. Stories don't have punchlines. They have situations people can imagine. Most funny stories have a goal that the people in the story are trying to accomplish and the obstacles in the story become a funny series of problems they have to overcome. As long as the end goal is lighthearted, each obstacle or issue the people in the story face will sound quite funny and weave a great attention getter.

3. Show a humorous visual. It can be a funny picture with a caption or just an image that is funny on its own.

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How to start Presentation and Speech

The best dialogues for opening any type of speech & presentation.

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6 Excellent Ways to Start a Speech (with actual examples!)

Set your presentation up for success by using these 6 attention grabbers.

4 Killer Ways to Start Your Presentation or Speech | How to Start a Speech | Public Speaking

What should the first words of a speech be? What should be the first sentence of a speech? How can you hook the audience from the word go?

Wouldn’t it be great if every single person who attends your presentation or speech gets excited at your speech and stays tuned until the end, focusing on you the entire time? I think we both know the answer to that question. The problem is that we always lack presentation hook ideas to start the presentation. Your hook is often the difference between a successful presentation and a very boring one. Think about it. If you don’t grab your audience right away, you’ll lose them forever. This video provides 4 Killer Ways to hook your audience.

Examples of Attention Getters

Public Speaking Group Project

How to Start a Presentation or Speech: 5 Steps to a Killer Intro

Want to know the secrets to start a presentation and hook any audience with a killer intro? In today's public speaking training video you'll discover 5 powerful steps to start a presentation or a speech. This is a MUST for all of you who'd like to master the art of public speaking.

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How To Start A Speech In Public Speaking

- Visit the blog for a full transcription of the video and download and listen to the audio version of this video.

Most people start their speeches in a horrible way, so boring. I want to show you how to start a speech in public speaking. There are 2 things you want to do:

1) You want to establish with the audience what's in it for them.

Why should I give my attention to you? Why somebody should even bother listening to you. And let's face it, not many people establish this during these speeches.

2) You need to establish some credibility as to why are you talking about what you are talking about.

Extemporaneous Speech Contest - Finalist #01

CONGRATULATIONS to MITZCHILOUISE S. BAYLOSIS of Batasan Hills National High School, one of the finalists in the EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEECH Contest of the 1st Inter-School English Language Communication Tournament. Let's watch her compete live on September 29, 2012 (11:00AM-11:30AM) at Quezon City Science High School (right behind SM City North EDSA). Free admission!

Public Speaking: How to speak on any topic - Unacademy

You can watch the entire course -Secrets of an Effective Speaker here:- | Also, you can watch it on Unacademy Learning App on Android. Download it here:-

The purpose of this course is to help you discover the secrets of effective speakers:
- What makes them effective?
- How do they do it?

Speaking in front of an audience terrifies most people. If you want to be a good presenter or speaker, or if you want to communicate flawlessly, the tips and techniques of this course would be just right for you. So put on your learning hat and get ready to discover the world of effective speakers.

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