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How to Use Blogger Posts, Pages and Tabs


Blogger Tutorial: How to Add Page Tab Links & Organize Posts in Different Pages in Menu

Blogger Tutorial: How to Add Page Tab Links & Organize Posts in Different Pages in Menu.Learn How To Add Navigation Menu And Links In Blogger.Categorize Your All Post.Organize Your Posts.
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How to Use Blogger Posts, Pages and Tabs.


how to add multiple pages and tabs on your blogger|How to create pages in Blogger- Hindi

In this video will learn how to add multiple pages and tabs on your blogger. Adding tabs and pages on

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How To Add Blogger Posts To A Page & Link In Navigation - Page Menu

How to Add Category Links into Your Menu Bar on Blogger? | Blogger
How To Add Blogger Posts To A Page & Link In Navigation - Page Menu

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People also ask
How do pages work on Blogger?
How do you create tabs on Blogger?
How do you post on Blogger?
How do I add a page to Blogger?
How do you use Blogger?
How do you see your followers on Google+?
how to link labels to pages in blogger
how to add posts to pages on blogger
how to add multiple posts to pages in blogger
how to use pages on blogger
how to move posts to pages in blogger
how to make a drop down menu in blogger
how to add subpages in blogger
how to create menu bar in blogger

How to add tabs/pages for blogger (new interface)

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There's a gadget call link list under basic category's
-SELECT layout
-add link list gadget under your tabs GADGET.then give the tab name and the links of posts under it :)

How to Use Blogger Posts, Pages and Tabs


How to add Multiple Posts in a single Blogger Page - Blogger Tricks

In This video i will show you that how to add multiple posts in a single blogger page.First create a labels on blogger posts which you want add in the page.Then create page with related title of posts.Click layout and edit page.There click external link and paste the link with title.Now you finish that add multiple posts in a single blogger page.

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I hope that this video is useful to know about how how to add or link multiple post in a single blogger post - blogger tricks.

How to create pages and menu in blogger or blogspot

Learn the process of creating pages and menu in blogspot or blogger . many people ask why my pages are not showing in blogger frontend blog , where is the option to create menu in blogger . Hence this video tutorial will guide you through the process of adding pages to your blog with menu item

How To Create Pages And Write Posts Under Them In Blog - Step By Step Tutorial 5 - 2014 Hindi/Urdu

Watch Full PlayList Of Blogger Blog Here.

How To Change Blogger Blog Template - Step By Step Tutorial Hindi/Urdu

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How to use blogger

Goes through each feature of blogger. Gives a good high level overview of each main feature.

Created by:

How to add tabs/pages for blogger

video explain How to add tabs/pages for blogger in tamil, easy and very simple within seconds you can add pages to your blog.
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How To Add Pages/Tabs in Blogger and Create Posts For Blog in HINDI

Learn How To Add and Create Pages/Tabs for Blogger in this Blog Tutorial.

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How To Make Multiple "Blog Posts" Upon Page Tabs, RATHER THAN JUST Comments

Ive had a few people ask me about this recently..
How To Make Multiple Blog Posts Upon Page Tabs, RATHER THAN Just Comments Upon the pages. So here is a tutorial on my blog about just how to actually have This Work on MORE than just the Home tab, and NO code skill OR editing of code is required to do this.. NO violation of google rules or policys is also broken, so this is SAFE and 100% SIMPLE ;)

Blogger tutorial 5: Post tab
In post section, you can view total posts, page views,editing or deleting options. Draft option allow you to send your post in draft.
For more info

How to add tabs for blogger

Blogger is a most famous platform for blogs, you can share view, opinion with peoples without having website, and blogger have also many features like website such as adding tabs in menu bar for look professional. You can add tabs in your blogger by two methods
 Using pages
 Direct from layout
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How to Add Pages or Tabs in Blogger | பிளாக்கர் டிப்ஸ் | Blogger Series #06

#valavantutorials, How to Add Pages or Tabs in Blogger | பிளாக்கர் டிப்ஸ் | Blogger Series #06

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Adding Stand Alone Pages or Tabs on Blogger

Here's an updated tutorial on how to create stand alone pages or tabs on blogger. This was done on April 2014.

How to break one blog post into multiple pages on BLOGGER

Blogger tips and tricks! If you are interested in paginating your popular posts on Blogger to increase pageviews, this is how I do it.

In this video you will learn:
* How to break a blog post into multiples pages
* How to use a rel=canonical tag
* How to insert continue / go back buttons easily
* How to make a Pin it button that will direct readers to the first page of the post instead of the last page.

Please leave questions you have below and leave me a thumbs up if this was helpful!

How To Use Blogger - Full Introduction

This is an in depth tutorial on Blogger produced by . In this video Russell Stannard gives you a step by step tuition on how to set up your blog, how to post, edit, create pages, how to customize your blog, how to use gadgets and much, much more. Blogger is a very popular platform that can be used in various ways and especially in teaching. For more information and tutorials, please visit

How To Create Pages On Blogger

how to add posts to pages on blogger,
how to add tabs to blogger,
how to move posts to pages in blogger,
how to create an about me page on blogger,
how to add multiple posts to pages in blogger,
how to add subpages in blogger,
blogger pages vs posts,
blogger pages not showing,



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