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How to Use to Create and Add Structured Data to Your Website


How to Use to Create and Add Structured Data to Your Website

When it comes to SEO, doing the little things extremely well is often the difference between generating and not generating results. Structure data adds tremendous value to your site by helping search engines better understand your data. was created by the major search players in order to give consistency to structured data on the web.

According to their site, is a collaborative, community activity with a mission to create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and beyond. In this video, I share how to leverage this site to find, create and add structured data to your website.

How to add code and Structured Data to Your Website 2019 | Digital Marketing Tutorial

DigitalMarketingTraining - Learn this video How to add schema org code and Structured Data to Your Website 2019 tutorials by digitalrakesh

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How to Add Structured Data to Your Website

In this episode, we're going to be walking through four different stages of adding structured data to your website. We're going to start with defining the type of data that we want to add some structure to. Then we're going to create the JSON-LD that we need to add to our website. Then we're going to walk through how do we actually added to our website. We're going to give two different options. One adding it directly, and another using Tag Manager. And finally, we're going to wrap it all up by validating our code to make sure that it's firing correctly and we can get those rich listings that we're looking for.

Now, if you've watched our schema video before where we talked about the different types of schema, you may have been wondering, okay, how do I actually add this to my website? How do we define the type of schema I want? Well, that's what we're going to cover today. We're going to walk through an example on our website. We're going to show you a couple ways to add that schema to your website and some easy ways to generate it. A lot of times when we get into structured data, it can be overwhelming. But the reality is, once you start doing it, it's not as difficult as it seems.

For access to the template and links to other resources, click here:

Why & How To Add Schema To Your WordPress Website For Better SEO & Visibility

Having proper schema on your website should be the top of your priorities, but sadly most don't know what it is. Learn how to implement schema in the tutorial.

Links from the video:
Schema Pro:

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How to Add Schema Markup

Learn about schema markup, and how adding schema markup to your site's pages can improve your site's SEO and gain more traffic for your site. Test your site's SEO for free at

In this video, you’ll hear some of the following:

Hello there in this video I'm gonna show you how to add schema microdata markup to your website's pages in order to help search engine crawlers scan your content more effectively and thus it improves the display of search results and thus makes it easier for people to find your pages assuming the content is relevant to them

now you might be asking yeah what in the heck is schema microdata I'll touch on that more in a second but basically it's descriptive data within your HTML and this is written specifically for search engines to give them better idea of your content better than the content itself can do so you can think of it sort of like the synopsis on the back of a book usually that's the first thing you check out right you don't jump right in and start reading the entire book to get a feel for it you read the back cover first it's sort of like that with the search engines it tells them what's what without them having to guess

Hear more by watching the full video!

Schema SEO - How To ADD Schema To Your WordPress Website Tutorial 2019

Covered in the Schema for WordPress SEO Video:
- how to inspect competitor schema
- how to implement on your website
- best practices when working with schema

Official Schema website:
Googles Schema Testing Tool (Editor For Schema):

Add Schema in your WordPress header, page by page with this plugin:

How To Add Structured Data in WordPress Website Individual Posts (Manually) - JSON LD Schema MarkUp

This video explains how to add structured data markup in wordpress website manually for better SEO. We won't be using plugins but learn how to add JSON-LD mark up in individual posts step by step.

We are going to use the original Google Schema Markup Generator and Testing Tool for this tutorial and learn how to fix errors.

Link To JSON-LD Article Generator to solve logo and headline error as explained in the video:

We are going to select the schema type as Article. This is one of the most exciting and complex Search Engine Optimization tutorial on my channel because you have to go through some intermediate coding.

If you want to automatically add codes, you need plugins. If you want to check the top 20 best plugins for wordpress, click here:

The problem with plugins is that most of their important features are premium, that not everyone can afford. Especially the bloggers from South Asia and Africa because they lack mastercard at some point.

So this video is for people who want to learn to do actions manually. For more videos like this, subscribe to my channel and turn on the bell notifications.

Since you are here, I'm sure that you know what is schema markup or structured data. So, I have not talked about most of the theories above, just practical and actionable works.

Hope this video about how to add schema markup in WordPress helped you. Tell me in the comments if it worked or not, how you feel.

How to use and add schema rich snippets to your local business website

A 9min tutorial on how to use and add schema rich snippets to your local business website, by following this simple guide you can get the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo to read and display additional information in the search results. Please note that using the schema markup can help SEO in terms of click rates but Google does not display all schema on all niches.

Relevant Links

Got a question? Then please don't hesitate to get involved. I know other schema types from products to places. Ask away!

Metadata: mapping to JSON-LD

A look at how to understand the information on and map it to a JSON-LD metadata set.

Code & tutorials:

Enrich Search Results with JSON-LD Markup through Google Tag Manager

In this video, we will take a look at how you can enrich your Google Search results by injecting JSON LD mark up throughout your site. This is done with the help of Google Tag Manager so jump on to learn how you can send the correct metadata to Google.


Introduction to JSON-LD:

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How to Create and Install Structured Data for Local SEO

So today we're talking about structured data. We've talked about that quite a bit on this channel, but specifically today, I want to talk about adding structured data to a local business website. Now I'm on the website This is the collective, the collaborative community between major search engines in order to add structured data across the web because structured data helps the search engines index content. It helps them read the content. Google and Microsoft and Yandex, these are all really, they're just bots in databases. They don't speak a specific language. They just take in characters, they translate that characters into some sort of meaning, they store it in the database, and really, if somebody has the best, whether it be backlinks and the right content and they meet all the parameters of that specific algorithm, they're going to rank higher.

Structured Data Markup Helper:

Structured Data Testing Tool:

How To Add Schema Markup To WordPress | Rich Snippet In Google Search | Add Structured Data

Schema markup or structured data is a must to have rich snippet in the google search result. Let's find out how to enable schema markup to a WordPress blog.

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Get Your Event Listed on Google | Schema Markup for Event Websites | Ellaw Digital

Get your event into the Google Events section!

Event websites can often be the best way to encourage prospective attendees to buy tickets or register to attend, and Google has made it easier than ever to get free traffic to your site ⬇⬇⬇

In this video I'll go over what schema is, why schema is important, and how to create schema then install it onto your website.

The tools that I use in the video are:

????Google structured data testing tool

????Hall Analysis Schema creation tool

If you're having any issues let me know in the comments and I can help troubleshoot!

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Structured Data Training 7: How to generate Articles, NewsArticles, TechArticles and so on

In this video I want to show how Structured Data for Articles, NewsArticles, TechArticles are made.

Link to the Rich Snippets & Structured Data Plugin:

Link to the lesson/transcript:

Link to the full Structured Data Training Course:

Googles Reference for an Article Snippet:

The AMP Project:

Structured Data Generator:

Googles Structured Data Test Tool:

Link to the FAQ about the mainEntityOfPage property:

Sitelinks Searchbox How to Enable This Schema on your Blog/Site

In This Video, I'm Going to Show you how you can Enable Sitelinks Searchbox on Your Website or Blogs with the help of Yoast SEO Wordpress Plugin in Hindi.

Install Yoast SEO Plugin

Google Tool for Rich result

What is Sitelinks Searchbox?

Google Search can expose a search box scoped to your website when it appears as a search result. This search box is powered by Google Search. However, if you wish to power this search box with your own search engine, or if you want search results also to include an associated mobile app, you can do so using structured data embedded on your website.

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Structured Data & Rich Snippets On Your eCommerce Website Tutorial

WebFlow - Adding Structured Data (JSON+LD) to your Website

Google uses Structured Data to embellish your organic search results. Learn how to use this in WebFlow, with the example of events.

All in one SEO for blogger, Adding Schema org to your Blogger

All in one SEO for Blogger. Adding

In this post I will be show you the basic and advance SEO practice every blogger blog master MUST know.

Without waiting your time lets go strait to the point

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How to add structured data for search without having to code HTML

Do you want to get in on the structured data trend and get your website ranking higher in search in the process? But are you either nervous or not able to access the HTML code on your website? You don't have to! Check out this quick tutorial on how to add structured data to your website without having to code at all!

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How to Markup a List of Products or Services: Schema App Tutorial

In this tutorial, we show you how to to add markup to a page which includes a list of products or services.