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How to attack with train howitzer? (Panzer Rush)


Panzer Rush Train Base Attack

attacking the enemy's train base with our own trains, max turret base

Planes designed to destroy trains. Quick review [Panzer Rush]

It is a short video showing KI30 against trains and my opinion about them.
You can use them for your own reference.


Panzer Rush: How to move to other Maps with Trains


New Train for the Game Panzer Rush

#panzerrush #train

Act fast when your alliance base is under attack [Panzer Rush]

I logged in and noticed that one of our guy's base was under attack so I had to act fast to defend it.
The guy who was attacking wasn't really prepared to take that base but still we had to show him who he should not be %^$£* with ;)

Enjoy watching.

How to use T34C properly feat. ALAN4 from Hellsangel ally [Panzer Rush]

In this video, I'm showing you a good example of how to properly use T34c tank.
I used one of my action in the game where I lost because I took it for granted. ALAN4 definitely knows how to play ;)

Another way of how to use APC LOL [Panzer Rush]

It is a short video about how Deucesteve got demeaned LOL

Best regards for Mustangs !!! ;)

TIPS for You - GPF and CANON in ACTION! [Panzer Rush]

In this video, I am showing how to properly make use of GPFs and CANONs.
They are very weak on armour but very powerful if used correctly.

Panzer rush Starker gegner Vorbereitung

Wir bereiten uns vor auf einen Gegner mit den wir nicht gerechnet haben...

Viel Spaß mit dem Video

Ja, ich werde es noch mit micro aufnehmen, aber mein micro ist derzeit defekt. Sorry XD

BEGINNER GUIDE FOR PANZER RUSH [MUST WATCH if you are new to the game]

This video was created as per the suggestion of one of the viewer.
This video is based solely on my own experience and what I think you should know when starting this game. They are many more experienced guys in the game and by all means, if you have other advice from them they maybe even better than what I am showing here, however, because this video is more of basics of how to use the game, it shouldn't be much I left out if any ;)

The video took me a long time to make and you may notice some misspellings or pauses for which I do apologize but my time is very limited and I think the content of the video is more important, hence I uploaded this video as it is.

I hope you will find this video helpful!

By all means, do let me know in the comment section is there is anything, in particular, you would like me to touch upon and I perhaps make a video of it or at least answer in the comment section.

panzer rush red1 map 999

Please Like :) thanks you
also i will solo 4 maps after this so much videos are coming

Panzer Rush - Best Base Attack || online game - FREE steel,aluminium and GOLD

Panzer Rush - Best Base Attack 2 || online game - FREE steel,aluminium and GOLD

online tank real time strategy game. ... The game Panzer Rush is multiplayer real time strategy game. You don't need to download it because you can play it in your browser

Please watch: Bhagwat kishore Goswami || Bhagwat Path 2014 - Part 18


TIPS for You - Bomber strategy MUST WATCH! [Panzer Rush]

In this video I showing you how you should use bombers in the game (ME-264). Bombers are expensive and time consuming to make so it will definitely help if you use them the way I showed in this video. The same scenario you can use for other base defence troops.

PANZER RUSH how to use artillery GPF

PANZER RUSH Attack on a short-range base. How to use artillery (GPF) Correct attack with terrain protection.

How to use Mörser Karl (Panzer Rush)



Gameplay video from Panzer Rush
New strategy step by step for KARL

PANZER RUSH How to collect gold

How to collect gold end how to cheaply kill trains

TIPS for You - KAT and Skink in ACTION!!! [Panzer Rush]

In this video, I am showing how you can use the SKINK and KAT and having fun with them.

Almost lost a base - Never Give Up [Panzer Rush]

This video was created in the way I actually felt the moment I logged in to the game. I was unprepared, had no army, nobody on this map to help and I was actually gutted. I really thought I will be watching my base going down.
You can see the clip where I was hovering around my base and couldn't really make my mind what to make or should I make any troops at all.
Even though this video was made from cuts it was real. I just cut some moment (let's say unimportant) to shorten the video) but as I am going through my life with very high optimism, I always believe that if you just keep doing things then sometimes you can be absolutely shocked with the turn of events.
This video represents exactly that.
Realistically, Mustangs were not prepared with the number of breadas and that was the main reason he had to retreat but anyway I won this battle and once again I need to say for those moments I love this game ;)

panzer rush game attack 2020 !! HASEEB GAMER

this video panzer rush game and HSS27 ELMEJORHSS LION21 PANZOO777 ELJEFE BRAD player enemy base attack see
That's not the truth Just one game video



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