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How to give Bedpan to your patients/elderly



This is a demonstration of how to place and remove a bedpan when assisting a patient. Be sure to wipe your patient with a dry towel or toilet paper after using the wet wipes. This will help prevent excess moisture on the skin.

Assisting with a Bedpan

Wings Health Care Training Clinical Skills Videos

Intro for Assisting a patient with a Bedpan CNA Skill

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Skill 12 Bedpan


McCaffrey Placing a Bedpan or Fracture Pan

How to Give a Bed Bath

Learn the steps involved in bathing a bedridden loved one, what items are required, and what a caregiver needs to pay attention to when giving a bed bathe. This video also shows how you can change bed sheets at the same time, while helping a bedridden person put on clean clothes.

* If you are not confident in bathing a bedridden loved one by yourself, ask for assistance from a fellow family member.

How to Turn and Reposition an Immobile Patient

A brief reminder of proper patient turning and repositioning techniques

Caregiver Training: Turning And Positioning In A Bed - 24 Hour Home Care

24 Hour Home Care and Registered Nurse & CF-L1 Trainer, Zeb Pascual, have partnered up to bring you a demonstration of turning and positioning in a bed.

24 Hour Home Care is one of the largest, most trusted home care companies in California, serving thousands of clients daily. Our mission is to help individuals lead full, healthy, and active lifestyles, by providing the highest quality non-medical home care.

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How to Reposition a Bed Bound Patient

Hospice Caregiver Confidence How to Reposition a Bed-bound Patient

Caregiver Explains Toileting for Disabled Husband

The 411 on using raised toilet seats, lift seats, urinals, bidets, sprayers, and overhead lifts to help a person with ALS go to the bathroom.

How to give a Bed Bath in the Home - Tips for Caregivers

Bathing keeps the skin healthy and can help prevent infections. A person who can't move well or who can't move at all needs a bed bath. You can give a full bath in bed without getting the bed sheets wet.


*Correction: After removing the bedpan, wash the patient's hands and then the buttocks

Supplies (4 sets of gloves)
1) 3 Chux (1 Table barrier, 1 for patient and chair for bedpan)
2) Bedpan
3) Bedpan cover
4) Powder
5) Toilet paper
6) Basin
7) 2 Small washcloth (1 to wash patient's hands and 1 to clean buttocks)
8) Towel ( to dry patient)
9) Soap
10) Bath blanket

CNA Skill #19 Assist the resident with a bedpan.

Hey Everyone! Always remember to review your American Red Cross packet while watching these videos. If you haven't read the packet yet please do so because it explains what the evaluators are expecting to see, and it also answer a lot of questions you may have for the state test.

Antibacterial Handsoap -
Bath Blanket -
Bed pan -
Blanket -
Body wash -
Box of gloves -
Chux pads -
Denture basin -
Denture container -
Draw Sheet -
Fitted Sheet -
Moisturizing lotion -
Nail clippers -
No-rinse shampoo caps -
Pillow Case -
Protective Barrier -
Toothbrushes -
Toothpaste -
Top Sheet -
Wash basin -

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Patient Lifting Techniques

Therapists from rehabilitation provider Tx:Team demonstrate appropriate techniques for moving and lifting patients in the hospital. Use these techniques to reduce the strain on your back when you need to help a patient move.

Ch. 4: Bathing & Dressing (Caregiver College Video Series)

Helping out a care recipient with ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) can sometimes be a sensitive issue. Learn how to assist with ADLs, such as bathing and dressing.

Note: This information is not meant to replace the advice from a medical professional. You should consult your health care provider regarding specific medical concerns or treatment.

The Caregiver College Video Series is an educational resource from FCA for caregivers and covers the following topics:

1) Transfer Skills:
2) Nutrition:
3) Dental Care:
4) Bathing & Dressing:
5) Toileting& Incontinence:
6) Behavioral Issues:
7) Caregiver Self-Care:

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Transfer Techniques For Patients With Stroke (Part 1: Maximal Assistance Transfer)

Stroke is a leading cause of death in Singapore. Survivors need special care once they are discharged from the hospital. It is important that caregivers know safe handling and transfer techniques so as to minimize injuries to themselves and their patients. Watch this video to find out how to do a safe maximal assistance transfer technique for stroke patients.

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Caregiver Training Series : How to give a body bath

Learn how to care for your loved one with this series specially made for caregivers. In this episode learn how to give your loved one a bath.

Stand Pivot Bed to Chair - No Assistive Device

Patient Safety Training Video for Stand Pivot Bed to Chair - No Assistive Device. The strategies for safe movement of patients as shown in this video are general in nature.

Transferring Patient From Bed to Wheelchair

Hospice Caregiver Confidence: How to transfer a patient from bed to a wheelchair.

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