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How to make an AIRGUN with a plastic bottle


How to make a Powerful air rifle using plastic bottles /go creative channel

Go creative

So today we are going to make a
Powerful air gun which is like a real
Gun and its too dangerous
So you will need
1)plastic bottles
2)pvc pipe
3)a ball valve
5)bicycle valve
6)a bicycle pump
7)pvc joints

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So with this you can make your own
Air gun so if you like this video then do hit
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how to make a airgun

So thanks for watching guys
This is go creative

Go creative

How to make an AIRGUN with a plastic bottle

How to make a Pneumatics GUN ?
A simple Pneumatic gun could be made with your own hands with the Coca-Cola plastic bottle 0,5 or any other soft drink bottle. Such a gun can shot with a tool on a distance of a few meters and pierce a carton, a fiberboard, a thin metal.

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How To Make Powerful Air Gun at Home | Technical Ninja

How To Make Powerful Air Gun at Home!!!
Hello Friends!!
In this video i am gonna show you How To Make Powerful Air Gun at Home
This video is for only entertainment purpose and for the knowledge
This is very powerful gun and we should used it carefully.

Things You will need:
1.PVC pipe
2.Solenoid valve
3.Tyre valve switch
5. 9 V batteries
6. Cardboard
7. Plastic Bottle

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Love you all
I hope you guys enjoyed this video
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Home made airgun. Use plastic bottle and pvc pipe

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Homemade Air Gun from Plastic Bottle

Homemade Air Gun from Plastic Bottle

How to make a powerful air rifle (version-2)using plastic bottles /go creative

go creative,

hello guys,

in this video i am going to show you how to make a
air gun by the way this is the second version of this gun
if you have not seen the first version then click here-

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Thanks for watching guys
This is

PLASTIC BOTTLE ഉപയോഗിച്ച് ഒരു POWERFUL AIR GUN ഉണ്ടാക്കിയാലോ ????.......

PLASTIC BOTTLE ഉപയോഗിച്ച് ഒരു POWERFUL AIR GUN ഉണ്ടാക്കിയാലോ ????.......

How to Make Bottle Air Gun

This time we are going to make a shot or a rifle or a bottle of mineral water bottles aqua with air power.

The bullet is from chopstick or bamboo or wood. All you need are mineral water bottle, chopstick and straw.

DIY homemade and handmade shots you can made and play at home, but be careful because the bullets can hit your eye.

Air gun from a plastic bottle uses air power from a squeezed bottle. The air inside will push the bullet.

google +:

How to Make Powerful Air Rifle at Home Using Plastic Bottle

All you need is empty coca cola bottle, PVC pipe, air pump, laser
and one water valve

Thank you for watching!
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Homemade air gun How to make an airgun MrGear

How to make an air gun? I will tell you how to make gun at home.
In this video clip I am going to show you my pneumatic air gun that I assembled from some different plumbing aids and appliances.
I am pumping air into the reservoir to build pressure of approximately 7-8 bars. In place of any ammunition rounds I use the dart-shaped spikes!
The plastic bottles pumped with some compressed air can be used as the targets. When hitting the target, I added some flour therein to do the cool wow-trick.
This is beautiful home made air gun.
My air rifle was quite powerful. I was impressed with the result. Therefore, I plan to make air shot gun. I will make this gun for you!
Watch the video and make a gun at home.
Homemade air gun or home made air rifle?
That is all folks I wished to share with you! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel with some more interesting video stories still waiting for you further on.


Guided homemade gun video

thanks for watching :)
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Homemade water bottle air gun

Simple homemade water bottle air gun pumped with 50LB of air

How to Build Full-Auto Airsoft Machine Gun for Strikeball

How to Build Full-Auto Airsoft Machine Gun for Strikeball

In this video I show how to build full auto airsoft machine gun powered with coca cola bottle tank array. Firstly, you have to build bottle tank array as shown in the video. You need 9 x 2L bottles, tire valves, pipes and metal clamps. Secondly, you need 0.5 L bottle and air blow gun. As result current gun can do more than 600 shoots per minute and it fully portable.

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Air Gun From Coca Cola | DIY

How To Make Air Gun From Coca Cola At Home
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How to Make an Automatic Airsoft Gun

This vid shows how to make an automatic airsoft gun that runs on compressed air. You can use an air tank (plastic bottle with valve) or an air compressor.
This is an updated version of my old video:
Improvements include:
- Better bottle + orientation
- Stronger seals using latex and ho

Originally made as a response to nighthawkinlight's video

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How To Make Targets Explode With A Sonic Boom

Here's how to make a simple device that turns empty plastic bottles into amazing exploding targets, that can be heard nearly a mile away.

Free: Bottle Blaster Label Template:

Some quick links to a few of the materials I used:

[✓] Bicycle Floor Pump:
[✓] Tubless Tire Valves:
[✓] Side Walk Chalk:

Inspired by Airburst MegaBoom:

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Candy Cannon:
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Bottle silencer..!! It works..??

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PVC Gun Homemade! How to Make Powerful Gun, Mounting Removing Easy from PVC Pipe

How to make a Gun using PVC Pipe at Home - Powerful Gun, Mounting/Removing Easy? If you like this video don't forget to subscribe :).

Very easy, in this video, I will guide you - How to make a PVC Powerful Gun from using PVC Pipe at home (Removing - fitting the gun manually easy).

I made this Gun this is a very powerful, can be removed easily by hand

This Gun Powerful Weapon is made from PVC Pipe (Water Pipe)... I enjoyed it and happy to PVC Pipe Gun it. I want to share this idea with all my subscribers and people around the world, hope everyone also likes this it

Warning: This is an experiment with dangerous weapons, you are not followed, do not try to do that at home. The author (V. Idea) shall not be hotd liable for any for your actions performed.

Tool: 1 meters PVC Pipe ø 60mm, 0.5 meters PVC Pipe ø 49mm, 0.3 meters PVC Pipe ø 34mm, 0.3 meters PVC Pipe ø 21mm and Some connectors pipes... 1 lighters gas, ice cream sticks, Alcool, plastic bottle, hot glue gun... and perseverance to make this PVC Pipe Gun Homemade.
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How to Make Simple Air Paint Spray Gun

How to Make Simple Air Paint Spray Gun

In this video I show you how to make amazing and simple air paint spray gun from plastic bottle. All you need is empty spray can (make sure it's empty before open it), and soda plastic bottle, tire valve and paint. As result you will get simple and effective air spray gun.

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