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Welcome to Bali | Travel Vlog | Priscilla Lee

*DISCLAIMER* Please do not ride elephants when visiting any country. At the time I didn't know (yes, I was dumb) so it is shown in the video, but I do not support the elephant riding business anymore. If I could take it back I would, but instead I want to pass on the knowledge to anyone who didn't know like me. Here's a link to why elephant riding is bad:

I had the chance to fly out to Bali with my whole family this Thanksgiving for our first ever trip abroad! I wanted to document my memories so that I can always remember how blessed I am to have this opportunity and also share it with those who have never been to Bali.

I am by no means anything close to a professional so please excuse the shaky hand and enjoy!

Check out my Bali blog post on my website -


1. The Viceroy Bali (Ubud)

2. AYANA Resort & Spa (Jimbaran)

Canon G9X


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