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Hunt for U-479 Episode 2 (World War 2 Documentary) | Timeline


Hunt for U-479 Episode 2 (World War 2 Documentary) | Timeline

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The second episode begins with the tragic story of the biggest maritime disaster in history; the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff, while the Swedes dive down to the wreck Steuben in the Baltic Sea. In the former East Germany there is a chance to explore a Russian submarine, while the adventures and diving around Estonia continues, taking in the sights of Hiiumaa Island and taking a trip to old Soviet bunkers.

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Hunt for U-479 Episode 3 (World War 2 Documentary) | Timeline

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In the final episode the team make the journey to the Finnish archipelago to hear the story of the world's only intact treasure ship, the Vrouw Maria. The following day they finally reach their destination, meeting a side scan sonar expert to explore the mystery behind the submarine Lembit and U-479 collision. Having achieved their mission in solving the mystery the team head home, taking a last dive into the English Channel and make plans for future diving adventures.

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Hannibal Victory - Railroad to the Philippines Ship Documentary WWII COLOR FILM 41370

During World War II, 534 Victory ships were built to transport materials to support United States military efforts in theaters of operation across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The Victory ship (officially called VC2) was 455 feet long and 62 feet wide. A cross-compound steam turbine with double reduction gears developed 6,000 or 8,500 horsepower. The first of 534 Victory ships, the S.S. United Victory, was launched on February 28, 1944. The next 34 Victory ships were named for each of the Allied nations; the subsequent 218 were named after American cities (one of them named for Hannibal, Missouri in recognition of successful war bond sales), the next 150 ships were named after educational institutions, and the rest received miscellaneous names.

The 10,000 ton S.S. Hannibal Victory, hull number 579 was built by Permanente Metals Corporation's shipbuilding division in Yard No. 2 at Richmond, California in January 1945. Since her retirement the Hannibal was last reported as being In reserve in Suisun Bay near San Franciso, California. The following is a transcript of the narration of the motion picture produced by the U.S. Maritime Commission in 1945 which documented the maiden voyage of the Hannibal Victory across the Pacific Ocean to the Philippines. Some of her cargo included one of six locomotives and railroad car wheels manufactured at the Hannibal Car Wheel and Foundry at 1200 Collier Street. in Hannibal. The half hour color film was photographed on location in Hannibal and aboard the ship as she crossed the Pacific from San Francisco to the Philippines.

After the war in September, 1946 Vice-Admiral William Ward Smith of the the U.S. Maritime Commission came to Hannibal to present the 8 by 18 foot battle flag of the Hannibal Victory to the city and the documentary film was also premiered on that occasion. Taking part in the flag presentation ceremony were Governor Phil Donnelly; Mayor W. J. Schneider; William C. Garnett, president of the Chamber of Commerce; Floyd Shoemaker of the State Historical Society, Fred Hibbard, sculptor of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn statues; and two attorneys who had just returned from the war, Elgin Fuller and Branham Rendlen. Fifty copies of the film were given to various agencies nationwide.

This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD. For more information visit

The True Story Of The Great Escape | WW2 Prisoners of War | Timeline

The notorious Stalag Luft III was a specially built prison camp on Germany's border with Poland. It held 10,000 Allied airmen of all nationalities during the Second World War, and was designed to be escape proof. But for Allied prisoners of war, it was their duty to escape. This fascinating and poignant documentary tells the story of the brave and resourceful men who organised the historic Great Escape and paid a tragic price for carrying out their duty. While previous escape attempts had proved unsuccessful, the most severe punishment for recaptured prisoners was usually a spell in solitary confinement. But this time it was different. When Hitler learned of the audacious large-scale break out, he was so furious that he ordered the cold-blooded murder of 50 escapees.

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Britain's Bloody Crown: The Mad King Ep 1 of 4 (Wars of the Roses Documentary) | Timeline

Historian Dan Jones tells the story of the Wars of the Roses, a 30-year civil war between the House of York and House of Lancaster during which the crown changed hands seven times. Using a combination of documentary and drama, he begins by looking at the reasons for the start of the conflict, revealing it was not caused by scheming Yorkists and belligerent Lancastrians trying to snatch the crown, but by two people fighting to preserve the rule of the ineffective King Henry VI - his smart French wife Margaret of Anjou and his powerful cousin Richard, Duke of York.

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Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos (full film) | FRONTLINE

An inside look at how Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos built one of the largest and most influential economic forces in the world — and the cost of Amazon’s convenience.

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Jeff Bezos is not only the richest man in the world, he has built a business that is without precedent in the history of American capitalism. His power to shape everything from the future of work to the future of commerce to the future of technology is unrivaled. As politicians and regulators around the world start to consider the global impact of Amazon — and how to rein in Bezos’ power — FRONTLINE investigates how he executed a plan to build one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world.


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Why is Technoblade Famous? - The Rise of the Minecraft Monday Champion (YouTuber Biographies)

Today, we will be talking about a YouTuber who has been going at it for years. Only recently has he been seeing some sort of mega surge subscriber-wise. He is a legend that never dies and if you wish to defeat him, you must train for another 5000 years. The golden boy of Minecraft with very hot elbows--though we won’t see them until his elbow reveal. Ladies and gentlemen, today we will be talking about Technoblade.

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Who Was The Best World Cup Team Brazil or Italy? - FanPark Head To Head With HISTORY

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Submarine Warfare of World War II rare documentary

Submarine Warfare of World War II rare documentary

History Channel World War II Secret Allied Aircraft Of World War II ✪ Aircraft Documentary HD

We always have to keep in mind that a Documentary, after all, can tell lies and it can tell lies because it lays claim to a form of veracity which fiction doesn't. Some of the documentaries are made just to discredit some particular person, party, organization, system etc, but most of them here on TDF are non biased, without prejudice and worth watching.

A United Front [Hoi4: Kaiserreich Garibaldi's Nightmare: Legionnaire Italy] Ep. 36

With the Swiss Front taken care of we can now put all troops against the Austrian Front

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Hearts of Iron 4: Waking the Tiger.

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Kaiserreich mod Alpha 0.6 Garibaldi's Nightmare
Kaiserreich is a mod that asks the question of what would the world be if Germany had won World War 1.We have returned to a now divided Italy with a destiny of unification or death.

Check out the Mod here:

Mystery of the Sunken Nazi Submarines - Documentary

This video is for education purposes only

Suomen Kansa Ensin. Vaalitilille miljuunia marccoja!

Tai vaihtoehtoisesti voi tukea kodittomia kissoja.

Searching For Missing WWII German U-Boat | Baltic Sea Adventure | TRACKS

Whilst looking for a WWII German U-boat missing in the Baltic Sea, a film-making couple ends up having an adventure of a lifetime. They travel 10,000 miles by car around the Baltic Sea, visiting coastal towns, villages and far away islands, interviewing maritime archeologists, historians and experts.

They hear stories of vikings, pirates, teutonic knights and famous maritime disasters, and listen to different viewpoints on histories’ mysteries. They spend time with divers from Sweden, Estonia, Finland and England who dive down to the well preserved and numerous Baltic Sea Wrecks.

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From Baltic Sea Adventure

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Stalingrad Appassionata (WWII Documentary) | Timeline

Based on a WW II legend: A German soldier awaiting his doom in the pocket of Stalingrad spots an undamaged piano in the no-man's land between the lines. The urge to play one more time becomes irresistible. -Appassionata- is inspired by an army postal service letter send by a German soldier from Stalingrad to his wife. The movie tells of the short moments in which soldiers try to escape the demons of war - of those rare instants in which longings and emotions out dare the maelstrom of daily cruelty and humanity wins over the frenzy of war.

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Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence [Official Music Video]

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Disturbed - The Sound of Silence [Official Music Video] Cover

Hello Darkness My Old Friend
Olympic figure skating song france

Ancient Macedonia before Alexander the Great and Philip II

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Our historical animated documentary series on the ancient civilizations continues with a video on the ancient origins of the kingdom of Macedonia before it became an empire under Philip and Alexander with a focus on its relationship with other Hellenic states.

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The Macedonians : Ancient Balkan Civilizations END OF THE DECADE ANNOUNCEMENT

Happy New Year!
The Ancient Kingdom of Macedonia has the richest history of the Balkans, as well as the most controversy. I see no defects so far.
I won't go too into dept with Phillip and Alexander, so check out Historia Civilis for more. Love the guy, his squares have a lot of personality.
I am looking forward to making content in 2020, and I hope you will join me and support me through it.

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Greece Theme Industrial from Civ 6
Asterix and Obelix XXL - Deep Waters, Sacred Temple and Library of Athens
Hazbin Hotel - We have a gay spider and Charlie’s monologue
Asterix and Obelix XXL 2 - Main theme 3


The World of Early Macedon
Lecture no. 4 from the course: Alexander the Great and the Macedonian Empire taught by Professor Kenneth W. Harl

Charles River Editors. Ancient Macedonia: The History and Legacy of Alexander the Great and the Macedonians in Antiquity . Charles River Editors. Kindle Edition.

Project Horizon: America's Cold War Moon Base (Almost) -- Colin's Last Stand (Episode 17)

In 1959, the American Department of Defense wrote more than 400 classified pages investigating whether it could build a fully functioning lunar base by 1966. This is the story of Project Horizon.

Project Horizon's Declassified Reports:

Part I:

Part II:

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Still images in this video were acquired from the following sources, for which Colin's Last Stand is thankful: Den of Geeks,, IGN, NASA, Wikimedia, and Wikipedia.

Bibliography/Reading List:

Explorer I Details:

NASA Estabilshed:

Project Horizon Has Been Declassified:

Sputnik I Details:

Sputnik II Details:

The Manhattan Project Details:

The Soviet Union's Lunar Plans:

What Happened to Laika?:

The Athenian Offensive - Peloponnesian War (Part 3/7) Ancient History See U in History

Ancient History: The Athenian Offensive - Peloponnesian War (Part 3/7)

Voice: Michael Nakhiengchanh



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