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I Got Abducted By A Billionaire


I Got Abducted By A Billionaire

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I Became a Billionaire at Five Years Old

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I Was Poor For YEARS, But Got Adopted By A Rich Family

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Story Time Animated 2

The last fond memory I have of my parents is that day at the zoo when I was little. I had an ice cream cone in one hand, and my parents took pictures of me next to a huge giraffe. Then they left. I remember waving goodbye to them from the door as they drove away for their vacation. I remember jumping around the house, doing whatever I wanted. I remember crying at night thinking “What if they never come back?”

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When school started that year, I was a mess. My clothes were ripped and old, and I hadn't slept properly in days. People sat away from me in class because I stunk. I was just a little girl, with barely any money, what was I supposed to do? A few days later, I was watching TV when I heard the doorbell ring. “They’re back!” I thought, rushing to the door, but when I opened it, I saw a strange lady. Now I knew she was a social worker. I was put in an orphanage, having to share a room with five other girls. I kept telling everyone I talked to that my parents were coming back, I knew they were. They just gave me looks full of pity and told me to go play.

About a year passed before I was adopted. I was called to an office and I was introduced to a glamorous lady in a fur coat. I shook her hand, but she actually expected me to kiss it. She took me home, and she lived in a mansion. I met her husband and her two sons. They boys, or I guess my brothers, were always super nice to me, but my adoptive dad barely looked at me. My adoptive mother took me up to my room, which was bright pink. It was the epitome of a stereotypical little girl room, to the point that it was offensive. I told her I didn’t even like pink, but she said I’d get used to it and left me there. Her name was Seraphina. Fancy, right? Seraphina tried to be a normal mom to me, she treated her sons and me just the same, with a slight difference. She pushed me to wear dresses and skirts all the time. I even caught her giving my pants away, so I didn’t have a choice. She made me drink tea, even though I hated it, and always made me eat salads, even though I hated those too. I would sneak out of the house from time to time to get food I liked or go climb trees at the park, but when she caught me she’d drag me to some stuffy brunch with her tennis club friends. I talked to her about how much it bothered me that she tried to change me, and although she apologised and gave me a hug, she went right back to ballet lessons and such.

One time I was picking flowers in the garden for a bouquet Seraphina wanted me to arrange, when I pricked my finger picking a rose. I hated the sight of blood, but I didn’t have to look at it for long because a boy came running to my rescue.

I Had No Idea I Was This Pretty, until my first day at school

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My Grade 9 Experience At School For Billionaires

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Why Did I Get Kidnapped On My Birthday | Animated Stories | My Story Animated

Why Did I Get Kidnapped On My Birthday?

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How I Became TikTok Famous Overnight

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Hi! I know I should introduce myself, but I think it’s better to remain anonymous. After everything that happened to me, I don’t want this video to be blocked just like my Tick tok account was!
You see, I’m only 12 years old, but I’m already super famous online. If I told you my name, you would surely recognize it. So let’s just say I’m called Megan, because it’s odd for you to be sitting there listening to my story without any name to call me by!
So you are probably wondering why a 12-year-old’s account was banned from Tick tok, and how I lost all my following if I was so big!
Let me tell you all about it. Really, it’s not easy talking about this because I’m still a bit heartbroken. I had tasted fame, and now it’s all been taken away from me!
At first, I used the app just to watch other people’s accounts. I found it to be the coolest thing in the world! I was online almost every waking hour! I even began using it back when it was called musically!
In the beginning I didn’t even upload any videos myself. I was too shy to do it! I wondered if people would mock me, so I just limited myself to watching other users. It was so much fun, and people were so incredibly talented.
I wondered how they could post all those fun videos and how they got so talented. I wanted to be just like them! Now, I know that it’s not easy being that good. So I eventually decided to try and post my very first video.
It was a mess! A big mess, believe me! I wasn’t too talented at all, and no one watched it. I couldn’t blame them, since it was really bad. Why would anyone be interested in my account when there were so many amazing creators out there?
I was determined to become famous and be as cool as all the people I admired. This would take a lot of hard work, but I knew I could do it. I set my mind on it, and began practicing every single day, for hours and hours.
I’d play videos I thought were great over and over again, in an endless loop. Then I’d mimic their dance moves and the way they sang. I would practice in front of the mirror, in the school’s hallways, on my way home. There wasn’t a single moment of the day in which I didn’t think about tik tok.
Yes, yes, I know. I sound like I was obsessed. I’m not going to lie, I really was. To me, this app was everything! I could become super famous and live off my talents instead of getting a real job. That sounded so great!
I also began to think about fun new ideas. I asked myself what I’d love to see in a video, and then scribbled it down in a notebook I carried around everywhere I went.
In all honesty, I stopped doing my homework, and caring about anything else in my life. I did really poorly at school, and my parents became super worried. They asked me what was going on, and why I didn’t seem to be interested in the hobbies I used to adore. I told them they wouldn’t understand! How could they, when neither my mom nor my dad even knew what Ticktock was!
I noticed how popular some users were getting. People like Charli Demilio and her sister. There were so many famous tick tockers, and I was sure they were earning lots and lots of money! I would analyze their videos constantly, and take notes about what made them so cool.
When I got better at dancing, I decided it was time to upload new videos of my own. I began mimicking other famous tick tocker’s dancing moves, and I immediately began getting lots of viewers.
People thought I was so cool, and that I was so talented! I decided not to delete my first few videos, so everyone commented on how much I had improved! Everyone wanted to know how I had gotten so good so fast! Of course I didn’t tell them that I practiced for hours and hours every single day. I didn’t want them to know I was super obsessed!
Instead, I played it cool and pretended that I was just naturally talented. I told them that the first videos were a joke!
#storytimeanimated #sharemystory #realstories
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I Became A Millionaire And Left My Terrible Dad Without A Penny

I’m Ethan. The day I graduated high school, my dad told me he needed to talk to me. He said, “Are you planning to keep living in this house?” I told him I had nowhere else to go. “I’ve been taking care of you for years. You need to start working if you want to stay in this house. You either start bringing in some money or find yourself another place to live.” I graduated from high school with a high GPA. I wanted to go to college to be able to get a good job later. My family is not doing well financially. I obviously know this. So I was thinking, “I’ll get a part-time job and I won’t be a burden to them.” But working part-time meant I could only cover my own expenses. There was no way I could bring in enough money to make my dad happy. So I had to drop out of college.

I Got Kidnaped by a 7 years old

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I Got Locked In A Mall For Days

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I Was A Millionaire For YEARS But Had No Idea

I had been working in a garage for 2 years. It didn’t pay much, just the food money but that job was all I had and I had got it after a lot of struggles so I put up with it. I was just 18 at that time and 2 years before that I had run from my last foster home because the people who took me in were the worst kind of people. They didn’t take care of me or any other child in the house and made us do all the heavy chores of the house. It was clear that they only did the fostering job for the money. So I had no choice but to run away. And ever since I had been working hard to make it every other day with that job and I was grateful.
However my life was not always like that, not when my parents were still alive.
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I was such a happy child especially because my parents took such good care of me. We lived in a small house but they still gave me everything I needed and asked for. My dad would always ask me to help around with cars he brought home to fix which was more looking at what he does than helping but we got to spend time together that way.
But everything changed one day when I was 9. I was in my school waiting for my parents to pick me up but they never came. Instead, some police officers came and took me in their car and explained to me how their car was in an accident and they were never coming back. I cried so much that day.
Ever since I had been in the foster care system going from home to home since I had no relatives or family after my parents so the rough times of my life began. And so did my sad life story and it didn’t get any better afterward.
It was definitely good to not have to put up with the mean foster parents but life was still tough for me after I ran away.
I went from places to places looking for a job to earn money but no one was open to giving me one.
“You’re too young,” they would say or “You don’t have the skills,” which I didn’t cause I never focused to be good at anything after my parents passed away.
But my dad had left me with some skills when we spent time together fixing cars and that was how I got the job at the garage. They didn’t pay much because they couldn’t afford a new worker themselves but they saw me in need so they gave me the job.
Otherwise, I would have still been sleeping on the park bench like I did for so many nights.
Later after getting the job I got a very small apartment on a rent sharing basis with a guy John. And let me tell you he was the worst roommate ever. He made me do all the washing and cleaning around the house after my long day at work and I did it thinking maybe if I did all his

I Got Kidnapped By A Millionaire

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Story Time Animated 2

When I was 17 I took my first job as a caretaker and house sitter. I had to take care of an elderly woman, Mrs.Waters who was super rich, and I had to look after her mansion-home. My job was to cook for her, do her laundry, get her everything she needed, take her on walks in the garden, clean the house, and look after the house when she was traveling abroad for her treatments. I used to live there and without a family of my own, I felt like it was the perfect job for me.
Mrs.Waters on the other hand did have family, a lot of them but no one ever came to visit her, not on her birthdays or any other occasions, at least not in the 2 years I worked there.
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For her sake, I would even make invitation cards and send them out but they would not show up.
“I appreciate what you’re doing child, but they would not come. They haven’t even called for years,” she would say trying to console me but I knew she was hurt inside.
However, even though no one from her family ever came to meet her, there was one member who was an exception, her grandson. His name was Casper and he was also super-rich like his grandma and had no parents like me. In fact, he had become a millionaire at just 20 from the incomes of his own business. He was also a bit handsome but too proud of a guy to even say hi to me once in all the times he visited.
I don’t know why he never talked to me so I made an assumption that it may be because of the difference in our status. He was a millionaire and I was just a poor caretaker after all.
He was nothing like his grandmother who was the sweetest. She always treated me better than anyone had ever treated me in life, very respectfully yet loving no matter how she was feeling.
I knew that she would feel lonely a lot of times and I felt really bad about it, so I tried my best to be the best company and make her happy when I was taking care of her. And it wasn’t that hard honestly. She was happy while feeding the birds, watering the plants, or when we played chess by the fireplace so it was an easy task.
But, she was getting older day by day and because of that, she was falling sick more often. I was just a caretaker and not a nurse so she had to make visits and stays at the hospital more often. She could have easily hired an in-house nurse but she didn’t want to do that because that meant there would be no more need for me.
“I like having you around,” she said whenever I brought up the topic.
But then, one day something unexpected happened. Her family showed up out of nowhere without any calls or invitations. Mrs.Waters son, Casper’s uncle, then fired me from my job while she was admitted to the hospital.
“You’re of no use; you’re not even a nurse. We’re going to live here with her so you can go your own way,” he said and made me leave so fast that I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to Mrs.Waters. Her son and his wife and children were so mean.

a billionaire teenager made me his assistant

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i found that my bf is a billionaire

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My Rich Grandfather Left Behind Millions, You'll Never Guess Who Got It

My grandfather passed away last year. He was a very successful realtor. He specialized in expensive properties. That’s how he kept building his fortune year after year. He became one of the richest people in the country.

Kidnapped By The Billionaire | Jungkook ff | Episode 1

The songs I used :
00:08 to 02:23 : Friends By Jimin and Taehyung
02:23 to 03:48 : At My Worst By Pink Sweat

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Billionaire age 35 ( How I Did It ) | Share My Story Animated | Life Diary

Billionaire age 35 ( How I Did It ) | Share My Story Animated | Life Diary

Hello, I'm Daria, a completely normal 35-year-old woman. Saying just to you understand that you and I are the same, we can all be successful. Now I just became a small billionaire in my beautiful country. Before that, I was a millionaire at the age of 30. As a pioneer, I understand the difficulties when young people want to start a business, want to succeed and become more successful on the path to finding the value of life. Therefore, I would like to share some insights that I have personally experienced or learned during the past 15 years, hoping it will help you.

#lifediary #mystoryanimated #actuallyhappened #sharemystory

Rich boy kidnapped me & gave me a makeover… but money can’t buy my love | Boys Over Flowers

& it especially can’t make me love my enemy
Clip from episode 2 of 'Boys Over Flowers'
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About 'Boys Over Flowers’:
In this classic k-drama that launched the careers of several Hallyu stars, a working-class girl gets entangled with the handsome, rich group of boys that reign over their elite private school.

Kim Bum
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I Was Kidnapped So That I Could Be Turned Into His Girlfriend

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“See you tomorrow class! - I expect you to all have read Chapter 20 by then”. We closed our books and rushed out the door. Finally! The day is over so me and my bestie headed home together. That evening Hope and I had a plan to go back to my house but first, we had to get our usual cappuccino at our favorite local coffee shop. This was always one of my favorite activities as it always made me feel like a normal teenager. You see, my parents were super strict and really didn’t like me going anywhere alone. They always had their eyes on me but this particular day, they trusted me on my own.

While waiting in line I noticed a strange man standing awfully close behind us. He remained too close for comfort and kept staring in a very strange way. I chose to ignore it as I thought it might just be a homeless person, and shrugged it off.
The lady at the till greeted us nicely, had small talk with us and so we went on with our business before grabbing our drinks and heading out the door.

Hope had already began talking about something else, paying no attention to what just happened but I was still baffled. Suddenly, we hear:
“Hey girls! Your keys!” the man screamed from behind. I turned around to see that the creep was holding my keys (3). “Be right back” I muttered before running over to him .
“Thank you, sir” I said hesitantly with a fake smile on my face .
“You can call me James” I didn’t understand why he gave me his name...

Just as I turned around to walk away, a hand snatched my wrist with such forceand the other wrapped around my mouth. I could smell the stench of cigars from his hands as they pressed painfully deep into my face. At that moment, I truly felt like this was my last day. I could only think of god to make this not real, to please spare me.

“Do not move or else you will not see your friend live” he said to Hope who had now run over. I was horrified looking into his soulless eyes.
“Get in my car. NOW. Both of you.” he said, commanding us with such force. We were so scared so we obliged.
“Don’t worry maybe I won’t end you but instead keep you”.

He began rambling about random stuff as he drove, speaking to us as if he had known us his whole life. He clearly couldn’t drive properly and his eyes were never concentrating on the road or things around him. I didn’t say anything and just held Hope’s hand, trying not to burst into tears.
Suddenly he received a phone call from someone that seemed to be his wife, calling her “honey” and other sweet words.

Once he was done he sat back in the car and pointed a weapon at our faces “Give me your phones!” he yelled. A sinking feeling in my gut grew strong as I tried not to panic. Now we had to give it up or else we would end up goners. I gave him my phone but told him “Uncle James, my friend does not have a phone” he did not seem convinced at first but chose to just ignore it. I was so relieved.

After what seemed to feel like another eternity, he slowed down at what looked like a big farm. It was run-down, dirty and awfully dull. He turned the car in and parked near a barn. He had made the mistake of leaving us all alone while locking his car door so I knew this was our chance to call the police. We quickly dialed 9-1-1 and informed them on the situation and pleaded for help. We kept the phone on so they could easily track our location and within 5 minutes they had arrived.

We were surrounded by sirens and blinding lights of red and blue. We were so terrified as we had never seen the cops before. They broke the door open right away and began asking us so many questions. We explained how we got kidnapped and brought here. They searched the barn and whole farm but the man had heard the sirens and somehow managed to escape. So just like that, they asked for our address and we were sent home.
My Kidnappers Refused To Reveal What They Did To My Body
I Have Been in a coma for years. I was stuck with my crush.

We chose this story because we want to encourage people to speak up if something similar has happened to them and to seek help if they're still in such a situation. We hope this video will encourage people to feel empathy and compassion for those who have gone through such experiences. And we hope that it will encourage us all to do what we can to prevent these things from happening. Even if it does happen we want to encourage people to speak up for their own safety

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