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I HAD COVID-19 - My Recovery and Follow Up


I HAD COVID-19 - My Recovery and Follow Up

#covid19 #coronavirus

Here's the follow up to my viral video: I HAD COVID-19 - My Symptoms and Recommendations

Also keep in mind that I am not a doctor...
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COVID 19: Lingering and Chronic Symptoms After Recovery from Coronavirus Infection

There is much to learn still about COVID.
We have seen a wide range of infections - from the asymptomatic to the critically ill.
One thing we have noticed in several patients who have had COVID-19 and recovered, is several ongoing lingering symptoms. So called long haulers.
This seems to happen to some, but not all. Including those sick enough to be in the ICU, and even those not as sick. The cause and mechanism of this is still unclear, but it is a real phenomenon.
However it is important to pay attention to these symptoms, as they certainly impact quality of life.
I discuss this more in today's video.
#COVID #SARSCOV2 #Pandemic

References from video to come shortly...

*** This video is educational only, and it is not medical advice. Please consult with your doctor for any medical related questions or issues.

Prolonged Pulmonary Symptoms After COVID-19


COVID-19: Dealing with Retest, Isolation & Recovery

Audioholics GoFundMe:

This is a followup video to the one I released last week on dealing with the diagnosis and symptoms of COVID-19. In this video I discuss how the retests have gone and how I've been managing the isolation aspects of this situation.

Many thanks to Gail Solivan of a local Non-Profit Organization: Young Angel's who helped get food delivered to my family while we are under quarantine. If you'd like to donate to a local non-profit that is helping people in this situation, please go to:

Special thanks to Liliana Jesika (a friend of Veronica Arena) for a 1 week food donation from We don't know Liliana personally but she's a true angel to help total strangers in our time of need.

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#COVID-19, Coronavirus, Isolation

Recovered COVID-19 doctor shares experience

In China's fight against the coronavirus outbreak, the safety of medical workers has been one of the top issues of concern. Although supplies of protective gear have been much improved, many medics contracted the disease at the earlier phase. CGTN's Xu Mengqi talked to one such doctor, who has now recovered and reunited with with his family at home in Wuhan.

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Recovering coronavirus patients share stories of survival

As the coronavirus death toll rises, so is the number of recovery stories. David Begnaud speaks to people who say they experienced debilitating symptoms but, thanks to their support systems, the care of medical staff and in some cases, faith, they pulled through.

Covid-19 recovery - diet tips to regain health

We are taking care to keep ourselves protected from the infectious COVID-19.
This video is dedicated to patients recovering from COVID-19.
I have compiled some points from the article which I read and thought of sharing

Avaanti Deshpaande is a consultant nutritionist by profession and has consulted over 10,000 clients in all walks of life.

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Coronavirus Survivor Recovering After Coma: ‘I’m Improving Every Day’ | TODAY

Chris Tillett, who contracted the coronavirus and had to be put into a medically induced coma, joins TODAY with his wife and newborn twin boys, saying his health is improving every day and that he is grateful to be alive.
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Coronavirus Survivor Recovering After Coma: ‘I’m Improving Every Day’ | TODAY

Covid-19 Symptoms Linger Even Months After Recovery, Doctors Say

Never in the modern scientific era have so many people been infected with the same virus in such a short period of time. For many survivors of coronavirus, symptoms hang on for weeks or even months.

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Covid-19 Symptoms For 14 Weeks and Counting, Treatment and Recovery for Long Haulers

We are officially 4 months in on the Covid-19 pandemic, and there seems to be no end in sight. States are now having to close down again after reopening too quickly and seeing a surge in new Coronavirus cases.

The fear and anxiety levels are high. People are continuing to get sick. We have gone back into self-quarantine, cancel social distancing events...but we all need to collectively do this so that we can beat this pandemic.

Some people are now being called Long Haulers -- people who have had lingering Covid-19 symptoms that just don't seem to go away -- excessive fatigue, dry cough. Fitness trainer Amanda Thebe is one of those people. She lives in one of the current Coronavirus hot spots in Houston, Texas.

Amanda is healthy conscious (she's a fitness trainer, how much more health conscious can one be??!!) and she is on week 14 and counting!!

Amanda shares her initial symptoms, visits to the doctor, treatment at home, and her long road to recovery...which she is still on.

She talks about getting tested and her results, with a warning to all those getting tested.

Instagram @amanda.thebe

I have been documenting various people's experience with Covid-19. It all started when my husband and daughter contracted it back in March (wow - that feels like a long time ago!)

We posted a video on it which you can watch here:

Then I did a video of her recovery...

Coronavirus Chronicles: My Daughter Shares Her Symptoms and Recovery

For those who are fighting symptoms, drink lots and lots of liquids. Go see your doctor. You will defeat this illness. And self- isolate -- I can't stress that enough... don't get others sick! Make sure to wear a mask and keep washing your hands.

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Coronavirus Symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery At Home (She Tested Positive After The Intv)

It's Okay Not To Be Okay

Got Mild Coronavirus Symptoms? Tips On What To Do

Coronavirus Chronicles: Tips on Social Distancing But Staying in Touch, Prevent Social Isolation

Come and be social with us!

Hosted by Risa Morimoto

COVID-19 and Lung Injury/Fibrosis

Learn about COVID-19 and Lung Injury/Fibrosis in this 5-minute animation developed with Dr. Amy Olson of National Jewish Health.

What Coronavirus Recovery Looks Like, Day By Day

As of April 30, over 1 million people have officially recovered from COVID-19. Unofficially, that number is probably much higher. But the road to recovery isn't always a smooth one. The timeline differs from person to person, but generally, the sicker they are, the longer it takes to get better. Here's what recovering from COVID-19 looks like, day by day.

What Coronavirus Symptoms Look Like, Day By Day

What Could Be The Fastest Way To End The Coronavirus Crisis?

Can You Get The Coronavirus Twice?


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What Coronavirus Recovery Looks Like, Day By Day

DOCTOR Explains COVID-19 Chest X-ray | Coronavirus - CNN Chris Cuomo

So I've seen CNN's Chris Cuomo's chest xray on the news a few times and I thought I would do a video explaining his chest xray findings and also the findings seen in covid-19 patients (novel coronavirus). Hope this helps!


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Eccentric Physical Therapy for Cardiorespiratory COVID-19 Patient Recovery

In this edition of BTE TherapySpark, we explore Eccentric physical therapy modalities that can significantly benefit respiratory patients during their hospital stays and post discharge. This is especially relevant now, as the APTA, AOTA, and other associations are calling on therapists to develop treatment strategies for the thousands of COVID-19 patents suffering from the effects of prolonged non-mobility. Learn how to provide early intervention with BTE Eccentron to get patients moving, even those who have difficulty tolerating exercise.

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Colorado Nurse: ‘I’m Feeling Much Better’ After Coming Down With Coronavirus | TODAY

Lisa Merck, a Colorado nurse who is recovering from a serious case of the coronavirus, tells TODAY “I’m actually feeling much better” though still suffering some fatigue and shortness of breath. NBC News medical correspondent Dr. John Torres tells her how to be sure she won’t infect patients when she returns to work.
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#Coronavirus #JohnTorres #TodayShow

Colorado Nurse: ‘I’m Feeling Much Better’ After Coming Down With Coronavirus | TODAY

Coronavirus story: I lived and survived COVID-19

Rebecca Frasure tested positive for the coronavirus and was quarantined in Japan for 28 days. After finally testing negative, she and her husband have returned to the US. Here's what they're worried about now.

Human trials for a potential vaccine to prevent COVID-19 could begin “within a few weeks” with a vaccine ready for public use within the next 12 to 18 months, a top U.S. health official said Thursday.

“We said ... that it would take two to three months to have it in the first human,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Thursday at a hearing on the nation’s preparedness for the outbreak.

“I think we’re going to do better than that,” he said. “I would hope within a few weeks we may be able to make an announcement to you all that we’ve given the first shot to the first person.”

The National Institutes of Health has been working with biotech company Moderna to develop a vaccine using the current strain of the coronavirus.

Fauci has said the potential vaccine contains genetic material called messenger RNA, or mRNA, that was produced in a lab. The mRNA is a genetic code that tells cells how to make a protein and was found in the outer coat of the new coronavirus, according to researchers at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute.

The mRNA instructs the body’s own cellular mechanisms for making proteins to make those that mimic the virus proteins, thereby producing an immune response.

“I want to make sure people understand, and I’ve said that over and over again, that does not mean we have a vaccine that we can use,” Fauci cautioned. “We mean it’s record time to get it tested. It’s going to take a year to a year and a half to really know if it works.”

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I HAD COVID-19 - My Symptoms and Recommendations

#covid19 #coronavirus

Advil and Ibuprofen are the same, in the video I meant to say Advil and Tylenol. But I am not a doctor! It is crucial that you check with your health provider before taking anything.

UPDATE: The Follow Up Video is now available to watch:

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Coronavirus: Inside the UK COVID-19 recovery centre where patients learn to walk and breathe again

ANYONE who doubts that Britain is engaged in a brutal and bloody war with Covid-19 should spend a day at NHS Seacole in Surrey.

The rehabilitation centre has just opened its doors and is helping patients who have stared death in the face and are now traumatised, injured and having to use wheelchairs after their battle with the virus.

Sun Online was given an exclusive tour of its wards and heard harrowing stories of people struggling to breathe, losing the use of their legs, suffering heart attacks and slipping into comas after coming down with the disease.

But we also listened to inspiring tales of people overcoming the odds and fighting back to health after being given just days to live and bidding a tearful goodbye to their relatives.

Read more:

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Colton Underwood opens up about his recovery after contracting COVID-19 l GMA

The former “Bachelor” also talks about his new memoir, “The First Time: Finding Myself and Looking for Love on Reality TV.”

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#GMA #ColtonUnderwood #TheBachelor #Covid19

Covid-19 recovering patients volunteer for research on virus

#Covid19 recovering patients in the UK are volunteering for a full-body scan, to observe the long term effects of the virus on organs in the body.

Coronavirus in UK ????????

Life under coronavirus quarantine

China uses drones to warn its citizens about coronavirus

How does the Wuhan coronavirus compare to SARS, ebola, bird flu and swine flu outbreaks? ????

#UK #Coronavirus



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