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I Have 10 Moms


I Have 10 Moms

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I Have 10 Kids At Age 18

Hey, I’m Flavia and I grew up in a small and boring town in the US. I hated everything about my life, except my boyfriend. He was pretty cute. But then the unimaginable happened. I got pregnant at 14. And trust me, it was a big deal in our small town.

Many parents told their kids to stop being my friend because according to them “I was a bad influence”. But I didn’t mind, I loved walking through the streets with my big belly at age 14 and everyone staring at me.

But once the baby was born, no one cared about me anymore. And I missed feeling special, so I got pregnant again. I simply forgot to tell my boyfriend that I had come off the pill. And that time it was even better, because I was expecting twins even though I was only 15 years old!

You must wonder what my parents were thinking throughout all this? Well, they were already in their sixties and retired. They had nothing to do with their lives, so they really enjoyed having grandkids to look after.

The only person who wasn’t happy, was my boyfriend. He said I had tricked him into getting me pregnant twice. His parents also hated me! They said I had ruined their son’s future!

But my boyfriend has always been a good dad. And I know he likes his kids. Because when he got me pregnant a third time when I was 16, he really shouldn’t have been surprised.

And it turns out that I am one of those women who has a high chance of having twins. So, the third time I got pregnant, I got twins again. So we had five kids in total. I know that most mothers say that being pregnant is hard, but it was easy for me. I love the feeling of having a baby inside my belly.

Long story short, I got pregnant again at 16 with twins, then another time at 17 with triplets and one last time with twins at 18. This means that today, as an 18 year old, I have ten kids!

I seriously don’t recommend this to anyone. I’ve had to sacrifice everything for my kids, including my education and even my good looks.
I mean, I’m only 18, but I already look like I’m 35. It’s because it’s so stressful to take care of so many kids and my hips have gotten much wider and my belly is covered in stretch marks and is all saggy, even though I’m not even pregnant right now.

I was so insecure about my body that I even asked my boyfriend if he still found me attractive. Luckily, he is a good guy and told me I still looked as stunning as when we’d first met.

So, we are a good family, with the exception of my first-born child. He is a monster and we can’t leave him alone with his siblings because he is super violent and enjoys hurting them.

I know this is scary, but he shows a lot of behavior that is present in psychopaths. You might think I’m evil for saying this, but sometimes I wish that he would just disappear. He only cares about himself and he is ruining all of our lives!

But at least my other kids are great. They are cute and love to play with each other. Right now, I am raising my kids with my mom and dad, while my boyfriend focuses on school, so he can someday make enough money to support a large family like ours. We also decided to not have any more kids for the next few years, because it would just get too expensive.

Some of my kids even call their grandma mom, but I don’t mind that.

Actually, something crazy happened one month ago. Two men broke into our house! It happened at night while I was asleep, but my three year old boy Chris noticed them and ran to my bed saying, “There is someone downstairs”! I thought he had been dreaming, but then I heard some noises and I knew he was telling the truth!

Luckily my boyfriend was staying over that night, so I woke him up and we decided to call the police instead of confronting the thieves. We didn’t wanna risk it in case they hurt us or our kids. I was terrified, but after ten minutes the police arrived, and they were able to catch the thieves! So, you see, having children also has its good sides.

I just hope that once they go to school, they protect each other, so that none of them will be picked on. And soon we will be able to do fun stuff like snowball fights and singing Christmas songs together.

But there’s another problem… my boyfriend’s parents are trying to convince him to leave our city to study at a good college. But of course, I hate that idea! There will be so many pretty girls and I am scared that he will fall in love with one of them and leave me.

Recently one of his high school classmates, Johanna, asked him out on a date even though she knew my boyfriend and I were in a relationship and had 10 kids. I mean, everyone in our small town knows us, the 18 year old teenagers with 10 kids. But I’m lucky to have such a loyal boyfriend because he rejected her and told me about it afterwards.

When I heard that Johanna had hit on him, I got so angry, I wrote a Facebook post calling her out for trying to steal my boyfriend. A lot of people liked my post because most people already knew what kind of girl Johanna is. NOT A GOOD ONE.

I Have THREE Moms

Hi, everybody! I Was Brought to this world With 3 Moms. My name is Nelly and I'm gonna tell you about my family. I have more than a full set of parents - the fact is, I have three moms. But I don't have a dad...
And a good place to start my story is my homeland. I am from the Middle East, and a man can have four wives, according to our religion. Only if he can afford them, of course. My dad could, he was a rich man, so he had three wives, and one of them is my mom. That sounds crazy for europeans but... that's just the way it is. I myself would be someone's wife and maybe not the first one or the second, but...
We could split up but we've become accustomed to living together...And an extra set of hands is always of a help. So we live like in a women's commune. My mom runs a business, she's knows how to do it because she's pretty smart; mom named Zara does the housework and me and mom named Alana works in a hospital. She's not much older than me, so she decided to make up for the lost time. Now she's working as a nurse to get some experience and go for a scholarship. As for me, I go to school.

My Mom Has Been Lying to Me For 10 Years That I'm Blind. Until I Found Out The Truth!

Michelle has been living with a blindfold for 10 years - her parents told her that the girl has a rare illness. They protect her and do not let her out of the house. But one day, Michelle finds the key to her blindfold and finds out the terrible truth that has been hidden from her whole life!

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10 Moms Who Beat The System! (Hilarious)

Top 10 Moms Who Beat The System! (Hilarious)
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the top 10 Moms Who Beat The System! (Hilarious) We've seen kids who beat the system at school before but here are some of the funniest pictures of those kids parents and moms who beat the system in hilarious ways!

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Mom vs Dad / 10 Funny Situations

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16 Fun and Creative Photo Ideas for Instagram / How Girls Get Ready for Photo
This is serious business! Watch our new Mom vs Dad challenge! Mom and Dad are going to switch obligations! Let’s see who has an easier time!

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The Sad Reason Why All Disney Princesses Don't Have A Mom

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5 Disney Princess Family Secrets ►
18 Best Original Songs From Animated Movies You Can't Forget ►

Disney movies taught us a lot. They taught us about love, doing the right thing and how to be a good person. One word that would probably be used to describe Disney princess movies would be wholesome. But when you look a little deeper, you’ll see that they are actually quite dark. Here is the Sad Reason Why All Disney princesses Don’t Have a Mom.

Think about it. Who are your favorite Disney princesses? Cinderella? Pocahontas? Tiana? None of them have a mother. If it was just one princess who was motherless, maybe we would think it was a coincidence. But almost all of them lack a mother figure in their lives!

Could this be simply an oversight or was there something dark in Walt Disney’s past that made him tell stories this way. Stay tuned to The Sad Reason Why All Disney Princesses Don’t Have a Mom to find out why Walt loved to leave moms out.

#DisneyPrincesses #NoMomDisney #DisneyTheories

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My Mom is 80 and I'm 15 Years Old | Animated Story about Old Mother

My mom was very busy building a career when she was young, and was sincerely persuaded of the fact that she was a child free. Mom says she was greatly annoyed by the children and didn’t understand how one, being of sound mind, could voluntarily give birth to a child.
Even when relatives and friends tried to reach out to her that sooner or later she would regret her decision and would want to become a mother, she laughed and said that when retired she would go to a nursing home, hire a personal waitress there and slowly sip mojito, looking at evening sunset.
After all, the people around her were right, and at the age of 60 my mother became very sad from the fact that she didn’t have a child or a kitten and she decided to get toddlered at all costs. But the doctors said that at her age it was almost impossible and advised to get a pet.
But my mother is not one of those who give up, and therefore, by the age of 65, she proved to everyone that one can become a mother at any age, if there’s a will… That’s how I was born.
Mom says that my father was a sailor, and while she was pregnant with me, he drowned during one of the voyages. I don't know if that’s a truth, because we don't even have a single photo of him. I only know that his name was Joseph, he was as handsome as a god and 15 years younger than my mother.
In short, my mother became a single mother, but this didn’t bother her at all. She hired a babysitter for me almost from the first days of my life and continued to carry on her business, which she started 40 years ago. The babysitter, on the other hand, was my closest person until the age of 10, and everyone usually considered her to be my mother, which I was incredibly happy about.
Yes, I cannot deny it, I was very sorry that the babysitter wasn’t my real mother, because I began to be ashamed of my real mother already in the kindergarten. And when someone found out who this elderly woman was to me, they started laughing at me and asking a bunch of stupid questions.
Moreover, one might understand when those were children who did it, but sometimes adults, seemingly presentable people, couldn’t help commenting. Oh, girl, you said ‘mother’ to this old lady, is she really your mother? Has she adopted you? or Poor baby, how unlucky you are to have such a mother ...
That’s just creepy how all these words hurt me. I was already ashamed of my mother, and at such moments I even hated her. Once I even told my mother that she was my shame and it would be better if she didn't give birth to me at all, because she needed me only to stroke her ego.
And as a result, by adolescence, I had a huge insecurity about my mother, I hated her, hated myself and started lying to everyone that she was my grandmother, and my real mother had died. For some reason, I decided that it would be easier in such a way.
Once my mother and I came to a vegetable store, the seller of which I told a fictional story about my grandmother the day before. And who knew that these two would decide to talk and... And that the seller would sympathize with our family about the fact that I was an orphan child.
At first my mother didn’t understand what she was talking about and proudly said that she was actually a mother, not a grandmother... And then the seller said: “How? After all, Amanda herself told me a sad story from her life and called you a grandmother. When an awkward silence hung in the air and everyone was waiting for my answer, I turned to my mother and said that she had problems with memory again and that in fact I was her granddaughter, so it was time for us to go home to take medicine.
My words cut my mother to the heart; she cried for a long time and didn’t talk to me for about a week. I wasn’t sorry for her at all; on the contrary, I was angry with her that she proudly calls herself my mother, thereby shaming us.
A week later, my mother still decided to have a dialogue with me. She said it hurt her that I was ashamed of her and that I was her long-awaited and beloved girl. She asked me to be more tolerant toward her and try to accept her. But her words didn’t move me to pity at all, but, on the contrary, drove me wild. I said that she should have thought earlier, when, at the age of 65, she decided to have a child and that she was a real egoist, because she gave birth to me in her old age, without thinking what my life would be like with such a parent...

I Can't Talk to My Mom She Doesn't Have Time For Me

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10 Dark Secrets Dance Moms Has Kept Hidden For YEARS!

The untold truth about Dance Moms.
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My world is with my girls, living on the dance floor! “Dance Moms” is one of Lifetime’s most iconic shows and it’s still beloved today. Although The Irreplaceables have now moved on, Maddie Ziegler became a big star, Mackenzie Ziegler has a singing career, and Abby Lee Miller just came out of prison, the show lives on. Did you know that Maddie Ziegler has no contact with Abby? And that “Dance Moms” actually caused a lot of mental distress to the kids on the show? Did you know that Kalani Hilliker was only meant to show up for a single performance with Maddie, but she ended up getting a permanent spot on the team? We’ll also expose the secret behind the “Dance Moms” music used for competitions! Stay tuned to hear all about 10 dark secrets “Dance Moms” has kept hidden for years!

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Mom vs Dad / 17 Funny Situations

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Father vs mother. The behavior of parents really differ from each other. Their responsibilities are also different. What kind specifically? Watch in our new video.

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I Have 5 Dollars My Mom Gave Me 10 Dollars Riddle || I Had 5 Pesos My Mom Gave Me 10 Pesos Riddle

#SimplyLogical #ViralRiddle #ViralPuzzle

I Have 5 Dollars My Mom Gave Me 10 Dollars Riddle || I Had 5 Pesos My Mom Gave Me 10 Pesos Riddle

“I had 5 dollars. My mom gives me 10 dollars, while my dad gave me 30 dollars. My aunt and uncle give 100 dollars. I had another 5 dollars. How much money did I really have?”

This is a mind-boggling riddle that is trending on social media including Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp as it tests the logical skill of a person.

Over the last few months we have all had to deal with life in lockdown. Of course, those who were furloughed found themselves with far more free time on their hands than usual.

With that time, many have taken up more gardening, cooking, exercising and spent more time in front of the telly. However, an interesting trend across this period has been riddles.

It’s always important to give our brains a workout and social media has been full of people sharing riddles to test their family and friends.
Some have proven quick work, while others have had the majority scratching their heads.

** Variation : I had 5 pesos. My mom gives me 10 pesos, while my dad gave me 30 pesos. My aunt and uncle give 100 pesos. I had another 5 pesos. How much money did I really have?

** “I had $2.00. My mom gave me $10.00 while my dad gave me $30.00. My aunt and uncle gave me $100.00. I had another $5.00. How much did I have?”

Types of Moms / Funny Relatable Situations

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Snap Your Fingers! If You Could Fix Everything By Snapping Fingers:
Super caring mom or mom do not care? With the birth of a child, new abilities and talents awaken in every woman. Let's see together what types of moms are!

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Riddle: I had 2 dollars. My mom gave me $10 while my dad gave me $30. My much did I have?


I had $2.00. My mom gave me $10.00 while my dad gave me $30.00. My aunt and uncle gave me $100.00. I had another $5.00. How much did I have?


My morning routine with 10 children is quite easy. Keep it simple and everyone gets the love they need.

Our oldest little girl Nefertiti is 3 years old and bit in this video. She has worked very hard and is out of her day nappy. Well done, sweetie! XX The night nappy is just in case of accidents. Less washing for me :)

The bottles are something we enjoy giving because it doesn't spill. We did the same with all our six older children and they survived to be normal happy healthy functioning humans. :)

This was filmed in July when its the brightest time of the year in Finland. The Land of the Midnight Sun. Google it. :)

Our children wake up at 5:30-5:50am on their own and this was their real waking up time filmed here in this video. :)

It was the real time when I left the room early in the morning. Later on during their morning nap from, 9.30 to 11.00, I added some things to the film for editing. You can see the bright light change to a bright yellow at the top of the stairs in the video. :)

If I filled a morning routine now I could not put the lights on to film because they would wake up. I would be right next to all the bedrooms downstairs also. :)

Daddy and Cleopatra helped film. Also daddy is a bit camera shy but now you can see him more in my resent videos! :D

Dad works late most night and it helps me if he stays there in the morning so that I can do things in the morning and be the mum I need to be.

He has never fallen off the bed so don't stress. Daddy is there also normally sleeping towards Omega. :)

Our kitchen floors are heated under the cotton homemade mat made by my grandma. This house is heated on all three levels and this was also the hottest time of the year here in Finland. :)

Watch all THREE parts before you ask question to do with food, etc. Also there is a BTS at the end of part 3/3.

I LOVE my mornings. I meant to get to answering these questions earlier but life is so beautiful with these little people so it took longer. I will edit this more later and add to it.

Thanks Taina. XXOO


John Bergman. ( LISTEN at 9:33 to 11:03! )

Mark Wahlberg ( wakes up at 2:30AM )


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The 10 Oddest Mothers In The World

Not your everyday stay-at-home mom's. Here are some of the most unusual mothers from around the planet.
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If there is something that binds us all as humans, it’s the fact that we all have a mother. When the word, “Mother” or “Mom” come to our minds, we usually have a vision of our own mother, as well as society’s stereotypical mother that includes cooking, cleaning, and taking care of her dear children. While each mother is different, they usually all share some similar qualities when it comes to appearances and child rearing. When a mother comes along that defies those stereotypes and don’t share anything in common with other mothers, they stand out in a crowd. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, that is up to you to decide. Here is a list of the ten oddest mothers in the world.
One of the most controversial mothers is Lina Medina. She gave birth at the young age of five. We know what you’re thinking; how disgusting! The baby was born via cesarean section (because of Lina’s small pelvis) in Peru in 1939, and Lina has never revealed who her son’s biological father is. Lina is still alive, however, her son died at the age of 40. Then we have the story of Thomas Beatie, who was originally born a woman, but then transitioned to being a male. When his wife couldn’t conceive, Thomas resumed his womanly duties and was able to get pregnant with his eggs and donor sperm. While people publicize this as the first man to get pregnant, to be fair, Thomas still had his woman parts to make it happen.
Standing at just 2 feet, Stacey Herald was told that giving birth to a baby could kill her. However, she has defied doctors and has given birth to three children, even though the pregnancy leaves her bedridden and affects her mobility. Elizabeth Buttle has had two children, but the kids are 41 years apart. Elizabeth first gave birth in 1956, and her second child was born in 1997 when she was 60 years old, making her a rather old mother to start over. Speaking of older mother, Rajo Devi Lohan holds the record for being the oldest first time mother at the age of 70. For 40 years, she and her husband attempted to conceive, but couldn’t. This was rather bad since they lived in a village where having children is a staple in their society. But Rajo was able to finally have a child thanks to fertility treatments. Speaking of older mothers, Omkari Panwar already had daughters, but she wanted to have a son to be her heir. She had in-vitro fertilization and gave birth to twin boys.
While some mothers struggle to get pregnant, Carole Horlack has delivered 12 babies over a course of 13 years. She has found a lot of joy in being a surrogate mother, and continues to help families get their start in life. Then we have Nadya Suleman, who had octuplets in 2009, and for this she gathered national attention and causing people to question whether in-vitro should be used so liberally.
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''This is my morning routine as a mum of 10 living in a motorhome atm.


Thank you for watching our family’s Vlogs. Xx




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JPB - High [NCS Release]

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I have 5 pesos. My mom give me 10 pesos, while my dad give me 30 pesos.

The battle of English and Mathematics.

I have 5 pesos.
My mom give me 10 pesos,
while my dad give me 30 pesos.
My aunt and uncle give me 100.
I have another 5 pesos.
How much money did I really have?

I have 10 moms/ My story animated

DOG BREEDER| My 10 Red Flags for Poodle Breeders | The Poodle Mom

Are you looking to buy a dog from a breeder? Here are 10 RED FLAGS to look out for when searching for a good, ethical, responsible and reputable breeder.

0:27 INTRO
0:51 MY 10 RED FLAGS

This is one question that I have been constantly getting time every single day on all our social media channels as well as from the comments. Where can I find a good poodle breeder? Can you recommend a good poodle breeder? Etc…

You guys have to understand that this is one question that I cannot really answer directly because there are so many factors and opinions on what a “good, ethical and or responsible” poodle breeder or dog breeder is. We all have our own definitions on what responsible means, what good means and what ethical means. My definition may not be the same as yours and it could end up in unnecessary conflicts in the future which i wish to avoid. So instead, I am sharing with you what my red flags are for any breeder!

I hope this helps you in your search for your very own pups and kitties!

DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you!



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Sending love,

Summer, Bailey & The Poodle Mom

#toypoodle #toypoodlebreeder #dogbreeder
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