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I Replaced My Face


i replaced my face

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I Lost My Face

Hey, I’m Annika. And until the age of 17, I had a perfectly normal life. I was pretty, good in school and in a happy relationship with my boyfriend Lewis. Well, at least that’s what I thought.

Because one night everything changed. I was on my way back home from ballet practise when a guy ran up to me and threw a bucket full of liquid in my face.

At first, I thought it was a prank, but then my face started to burn more and more until I blacked out.
When I woke up again, everything was dark. I thought the lights were off. But something was different. My whole upper body was hurting. And, when I touched my face, I couldn’t feel my eyes or nose.

My whole face felt like an old margarita pizza and all I had left, was my mouth to breathe through.
I felt like I was trapped in a nightmare: No light, no face. I wanted to cry, but I had no eyes. So instead, I said “Where am I?, “Where am I?”. It was hard to speak without lips.
But fortunately, my right ear still worked, so I heard my mom when she said, “You’re alive! Oh, my love, what have they done to you?” She was crying and hugging me.

After she calmed down, she told me that someone had thrown acid in my face, and it had burned away my eyes, my nose and lips.

So it wasn’t a night mare. My face was really gone. But why would anyone do this to me? I’d always been a very friendly girl. And even when my classmates made fun of me, saying I wasn’t smart, I never talked back. I just don’t like conflict.

But my anger quickly turned to shame when my boyfriend came to my hospital bed. Even though I couldn‘t see, I knew how ugly I must have looked to him.

He asked me, “How are you?”, but it didn’t even sound like he was worried about me. I could even hear a bit of disgust in his voice. And it felt like he had only come to visit me because it was his duty as my boyfriend. Because after just a few minutes, he left again.

I’d never felt so bad before and this time I was able to cry. I could feel that somewhere under my skin, tears were forming.

That day, the police came to visit me. They wanted me to describe what happened. And they asked if I had any enemies or if someone had threatened me. I told them I couldn’t think of anyone.

But 2 years earlier, one of my old classmates had threatened me, saying, “be careful or I’ll throw acid on you.” But that was 2 years ago, and I never took it seriously. That girl had been jealous of me because I was in a relationship with Lewis.

I knew that in my city of London, acid attacks were common within the black and Muslim community. But I’m 100% white, and my parents are of Irish descent.

After a month of investigation, the police found out what happened. They figured out that my old classmate who had threatened me 2 years before had an affair with my boyfriend Lewis behind my back. But because he didn’t want to break up with me, she paid her cousin 200 pounds to throw acid in my face. The police found the exact same acid that was thrown on me on her cousin’s clothes.
The police also took GPS data from his phone that showed he was very close to me on the night of the accident.

The trial went on for several months. When the cousin was asked if he wanted to apologise to me, he started crying and said he was so sorry. But you could hear in his voice that he was only acting. He came up with one excuse after the other for why he’d thrown acid on me. He even said his parents had never loved him and he needed the 200 pounds his cousin gave him to pay off his debts.

Listening to his excuses disgusted me. And even the judge told him to shut up because no one wanted to hear his lies anymore.

In the end, both of them got 20-year prison sentences. But to be honest, I’m not sure if that’s fair considering that they’ve ruined my face for the rest of my life. And, if they behave well in prison, they might get out much earlier.

I recently, visited my former classmate in prison. The one who had ordered the acid attack. Of course, it was weird meeting her. I had no eyes to look at her directly. So all we could do was talk.
I asked why she had done it and she explained that she had always envied my beauty. She said it broke her heart when me and Lewis became a couple. And the only way to take him away from me, was to destroy my beauty.

At last, I asked her if she regretted what she had done and she immediately said yes because now she would have to “spend the best years of her life inside prison.”
That’s when I realised that some people truly only care about themselves. She didn’t apologise or anything. She only regretted being caught for her crime.

I got to be honest, I still sometimes get angry about what happened to me. It was such a senseless crime where everybody involved lost.

The hardest part is that I will probably never find another boyfriend. After what happened to my face, my now ex boyfriend Lewis cut off all contact with me. And I gotta admit that this hurt even more than the acid attack.

Revealing My Face After Brain Surgery (Graphic)

Revealing what my face looks like after brain surgery and unboxing some cool art that you sent in



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Here is why Face ID can't setup after repairing

We replace the iPhone X front facing camera assembly and ear speaker assembly to test whether the Face ID works well or not. Replace the infrared camera, ambient light sensor, and dot projector will lead to Face ID not work.
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iPhone X Front Camera Replacement - Face Unlock & IR Camera

This video shows you how to replace the front camera of iPhone X. The front camera module includes front camera, IR camera and dot projector.
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This video help you to solve iPhone X front camera issue and face unlock issue.

Follow the video to replace the scratched, broken or ineffective front camera of iPhone X for clear photographing. Sometimes the front camera could be damaged by short circuit and over heat. Change the front-facing camera if you get the same smudge repeatedly in selfies. Or you get blurred view in almost every photograph you take. And it is possible that the face unlock of IR camera and dot projector got broken, then your iPhone X will keep warning face unlock failed.

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Step1 Remove the screen of iPhone X
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Step4 Install a new front camera
Step5 Test the front camera and face unlock
Step6 Install the battery
Step5 Install the screen.

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How To Fix iPhone X Face ID Not Working After Repairing

Generally, replacing screen will not affect the normal use of face ID. However, we have got some feedback from our customers and fans that iPhone X face ID failed after screen replacement. Therefore we guess the problem is caused by improper operations during the repair, which results in the damage of flex cables or other components. Our video today is going to troubleshoot the iPhone X face ID failure caused by the damage of flex cable. iPhone X face ID not working after changing screen? Let's check the video for the solution.

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iphone x face id not working after screen replace!Face recognition problem solved.

iPhone x face id not working after screen replace! Face recognition problem solved.iphone x series phone have face id not working after screen repair is the most faced problem nowadays. This videos clearly says that what you have to know before screen replacement.
Face id solution in detail.

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How to Replace a Clutch in your Car or Truck (Full DIY Guide)

Learn how to replace a clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, throw out bearing (aka release bearing), pilot bearing and rear main seal in this video!

My clutch was fine but my throwout bearing was bad so I decided to show how to replace all of the wear items while the transmission was off. This includes replacing the pilot bearing which the transmission input shaft goes into, the throwout bearing which engages the pressure plate via the clutch fork, the flywheel which I upgraded to an aluminum light weight flywheel, and finally the rear main seal because that is a common wear item which causes oil leaks in higher mileage motors. With the transmission out, it is worth it to replace all of these parts now instead of having to do this all over again. Most clutch kits come with the throwout bearing and pilot bearing so you just need to buy a rear main seal.

How to Replace a Transmission (Full DIY Guide):

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Photoshop Tutorial: How to Replace a Face in a Photo

Photoshop CC 2014 tutorial showing how to replace a face from one photo onto another.

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How To Replace Face Bearings of An AIR Wind Generator - e Marine Systems

Step by step instructions for replacing the face bearings of an AIR Wind Generator.

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How to Install or Replace a Bathroom Sink Faucet | The Home Depot

Apple Watch Screen Replacement—How To

The front glass on your Apple Watch Sport might be extra strong thanks to it’s Ion-X glass, but its not indestructible. Whether it’s due to gravity or just clumsiness, cracks and scratches happen. And when they do, it’s time to replace your screen. If you're one of those unfortunate souls with a broken Apple Watch, quit your fretting because today I’m going to show you how to replace the screen on your Apple Watch.

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