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I bought a plane and accidentally crashed in 3 minutes


I bought a plane and accidentally crashed in 3 minutes

I want to learn to fly 100% on my own with no help. Like a true man. This is gonna take some dedication but I’ll have it down soon. Just need more planes. #flightschool

Teaching a kid to fly a plane

I think we might just switch to only fan$ since every third video gets screwed over by YT

Jessie | G.I Jessie: Part 1 ✨ | Disney Channel UK

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Jessie is back in Texas to see her Dad for the first time since leaving for New York!

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What do small town girls do when they have big dreams? ????Move to New York of course! Rebelling against her strict military father, Jessie arrives in the big city to pursue her dreams of performing. ????
However, what she wasn’t expecting was that she’d start working as a nanny for a wealthy New York family. But thanks to a serendipitous encounter, Jessie ends up moving into the Ross family’s fancy apartment to look after Emma, Luke, Ravi and Zuri. ????????????????
With their movie director dad, Morgan, and supermodel turned business mogul mom, Christina, often out of town, the responsibility falls on Jessie to make sure the kids stay on the straight and narrow. 
It’s not always the easiest job, but Jessie loves her charges a lot and will do anything to make sure their happy. And with the help of the family butler Bertram and Tony, the building’s doorman, she just about manages to keep it together! ????
Jessie (Debby Ryan) may come from a small town, but she has big dreams. ????She is hard-working and ambitious and doesn’t give up without a fight. She is kind and caring, but quickly learns that looking after four children means that she has to be strict sometimes. However, she is always there for the Ross children if they need her. ❤️
Emma (Peyton List) is bubbly, happy and sometimes a little ditsy. Although, being a teenager, she can also be a bit cynical at times. She loves fashion and is boy crazy. ????
Luke (Cameron Boyce) was adopted as a young child and likes to think of himself as a bit of a charmer. He likes playing pranks on his family and is quite mischievous. He is laid-back and likes playing video games and dancing. ????
Ravi (Karan Brar) is adopted from India and loves spending time with his pet lizard Mr Kipling. ????He is very smart and enjoys playing video games. He loves his new family, even when they play pranks on him.
Zuri (Skai Jackson) is cute and funny. She is also adopted and although she is the youngest of the family, she likes to think she’s the boss. Zuri is very creative and likes playing with her stuffed animals and imaginary friends. ????
Christina (Christina Moore) is the mom of the Ross family and is a former supermodel, turned businesswoman. She is always well-dressed and is super busy. She loves her children more than anything and often worries about them. ????
Morgan (Charles Esten) is the dad of the Ross family and a famous movie director. ????He is kind of a big kid himself and likes joining in with the children’s games and spoiling them.
Bertram (Kevin Chamberlin) is the family butler. ✨He can be quite grumpy at times, especially when the children are running around causing chaos. Although he complains about it, he often ends up trying to help Jessie. He loves opera music.
Tony (Chris Galya) is the building’s doorman. He has a cheesy sense of humour and makes terrible jokes! He likes Jessie, but often ends up making a bit of a fool of himself in front of her. ????However, he’s always there to help her when she needs it.

See What Happens When A Plane Violates Presidential Airspace | TODAY

Each time President Trump spends a weekend away from the White House, there’s a massive military effort to protect him from threats… including from above. TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen was given rare access to present a dramatic demonstration of how the Air National Guard keeps presidential airspace safe.
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See What Happens When A Plane Violates Presidential Airspace | TODAY

3 football stars who accidentally injured children | Oh My Goal

What do Cristiano Ronaldo, Steven Gerrard and Mohamed Salah all have in common? They’ve all injured children, completely by accident. How did these three football stars injure these children? How did they react? Take a listen to these crazy stories in this video.

#CristianoRonaldo #Salah #Gerrard


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Why Every Plane Has to Pass This Test

Airplanes are one of the safest means of transportation. In order to achieve this, a new airplane has to go through very harsh and critical tests especially the main part of every aircraft like the engines and wings have to be tested. Since the wings are the part of an airplane that keeps in in the air, the wings have to pass a so-called break test. During this test, the maximum force wings can handle is tested in a safe environment.

Do you find these plane crash tests as interesting as we do?

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Roblox Accidentally Deleted Piggy.. SO I CALLED THEM!!

Roblox was down today and accidentally deleted Roblox Piggy, so I called them on the phone..
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Piggy Gets Deleted: (0:00)
Calling Roblox: (5:34)
Piggy Returns: (7:36)


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Racist Cop Accidentally Pulls Over Black Police Captain, Then This Happens.

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My Son Accidentally Spent Some Of My V-Bucks In Tonight's Item Shop

Nolan bought something accidentally in this AWESOME item shop for 02/27/20!

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Reacting To Kids ACCIDENTALLY Buying Fortnite Skins ????

Today I reacted to some kids accidentally buying fortnite skins and they got very sad lol.

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Did Sara Pascoe mistakenly go to Central America on Holiday? - Would I Lie to You?

Sara Pascoe: “I once booked a holiday to Costa Rica because I thought it was in Spain”. Series 11 Episode 5. The guests are Claudia Winkleman, Steve Davis, Sara Pascoe and Craig Parkinson.

Would I Lie To You Series 11 Episode 5
WILTY S11E05 11x05 11x5
Would I Lie To You s11e05

Car vs Boeing 747 Engine | Top Gear

Richard answers that everyday question - can a car survive the thrust of a Boeing 747's engines? A Citreon 2CV and a Ford Mondeo are the test subjects lending a helping hand to find out.

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I Will Guess Your Name In This Video..

I Will Guess Your Name In This Video.. In this video we take a look at a trick where I can guess your name in one minute. We also take a look at some really cool mind tricks that only a genius can solve. This video will accurately guess your name.

I Will Show Your Age In This Video..

these bugs are itchy..

this was stuck in his nose..

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Plane Accidentally Rolls Backwards

Enjoy these 3 Minutes of Aviation – Episode #22


Airbus A319 low pass

Pilot accelerates too early, nose wheel skid

Spitfire propeller strike on takeoff

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The ACCIDENTAL round-the-world JOURNEY of the Pacific Clipper

The story of Pan American Airways Boeing-314 Pacific Clipper, which made an unplanned flight around the world following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Amazing book The Long Way Home by Ed Dover:
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???????? Canada

This Plane Accidentally Flew Around the World by John Bull

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00:00 - LaGuardia Tower
01:57 - Flying Boats
03:09 - Pan American
04:38 - California Clipper
06:46 - Plan A
08:31 - Evacuation
10:10 - Gas & Beer
11:35 - Mines
14:14 - Is that a whale?
17:02 - Waterfall
18:54 - Yellow fever
19:35 - The Longest Hour

Paper Skies - amazing stories about famous airplanes, historical events, or exceptional people that have changed the world of aviation or turned out to be unfairly forgotten.

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All content on Paper Skies is presented in historical context for educational purposes.

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Plane Engine Shoots Flames

Enjoy these 3 Minutes of Aviation – Episode #14


TUI Boeing 767 engine shooting flames on takeoff

King Air 200 emergency gear-up landing in South Africa

Glider pilot using nuclear power plant updrafts to gain altitude

Private pilot almost collides with fox crossing the runway

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Real world CFI reacts to Trevor Jacob's crash video that has hit the aviation community by storm. This viral (maybe for the wrong reasons) video has risen many questions about what ACTUALLY happened. What do you think? Make sure to comment below!

0:00 Intro
0:36 Debrief Starts
7:06 About to Jump Out
16:45 Does this aircraft look familiar?
21:40 Hike out
23:08 Outro

He Crashed His Plane

Did Trevor Jacob crash his plane on purpose, for views?
Previous Video:

Music: Vlad Gluschenko — Coast
License: CC BY 3.0:

Plane Hits Tail Onto The Runway

Enjoy these 3 Minutes of Aviation – Episode #35


Delta 737 suffering tail strike on landing

Colombia Air Force Boeing 737 suffering engine explosion during takeoff

Singapore Airlines Airbus A330 nose gear collapse

Velocity V-Twin mid-air fly by

LATAM Cargo 767 tailstrike on takeoff

Airbus A320 flight deck occupant filming parallel landing in San Francisco

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Immortal Iron Fist: The Seven Capital Cities of Heaven in 3 Minutes- Marvel TL;DR

This week on Marvel TL;DR, a battle for eternity rages in the heart of Heaven! Follow Iron Fist as he punches his way through Hydra with the six other Immortal Weapons.

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“Marvel’s TL;DR” is for the Marvel fan who hasn’t gotten the chance to dive into some of Marvel’s most epic collections and thought they were too long and didn’t read, or as it’s more commonly expressed, TL;DR.

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