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I have 60 days to make this Farmall not exist anymore.


I have 60 days to make this Farmall not exist anymore.

I’ve always wanted to farm but unfortunately a few salty dudes in Facebook farming groups have made me just not interested in it anymore. So here we go :) Thanks to big iron auctions for assisting.

The MEANEST Mini Tractor

We talked with the builder of this awesome case 8wd tractor and did some EXTREME KILLTRAX off-roading. #KILLTRAX

All of my Grandpas Fancy New Tractors

You wondered about all of our CASE IH tractors so I thought I’d give a nice tour. It’s ain’t much but it’s honest work ???????? #CASEIH

Destroying an F250 in 10 minutes flat.

These guys gave me this truck and said We don't want it to exist anymore. What can I say I make dreams come true ????. Thanks again @ownbosssupplyco. If you have a truck or car you want me to destroy and its unique email me at

I found a cave on my property.

I discovered this hidden cave several months ago but today we get around to exploring and excavating it. Claustrophobia WRNING.


FORGOTTEN V8 4 Speed Swapped Tractor - Will It RUN AND DRIVE 35 miles home?

I found a really unique Farmall tractor that has been swapped with a chevy 350 and Gm 4 speed. It hasn't run in years so I'm going to try get it running again and actually drive it home!

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PO BOX 2088
Lewisburg, TN
#vgg #farmall #v8swap

74 year old vintage tractor left in a barn for 20 years... Will it start??

I saw an ad for a 1946 McCormick Farmall for sale so I went to investigate.
It was pushed into a shed when it stopped running 20 years ago, the farmer needs the shed space for his new boat so he just wanted it gone.

Monstermax 1’s New Replacement

We bought Cleetus McFarlands old mud truck to replace monstermax one. But we found a few weak links pretty quick ???????? The good thing is there’s always a replacement monster truck. #MM1

Catching the guy who stole 20 things from me.

We all make mistakes, but for your own sake. Please stop stealing from me. I will catch you every time and you will personally help load my stuff back up. As for this case we’ve resolved the matter and I’d appreciate if everyone respects them as we all make mistakes. And dude… please take your wife out to dinner. She deserves it.

Teaching a kid to fly a plane

I think we might just switch to only fan$ since every third video gets screwed over by YT

I Bought an old Cattle Farm. Welcome to HAZZARD HOLLOW

I finally escaped my hometown. Time to build the ULTIMATE DREAM FARM. Goodbye Indiana and thanks for the good times Amish folk. #HAZZARDHOLLOW

I hate trucks. Scrapping a brand new $40k build.

Literally scrapping a brand new $40,000 truck because it can't hold up to minor abuse or drive in a straight line... Honestly wtf. Take pride in your work people.


Destroying my Grandpas Truck and not buying him a new one

You’ve seen “destroying my friends car and buying them a new one” well here’s this. Try this one on for size big guy. Also MEET MONSTERMAX 2. #MONSTERMAX2

Calling Out the Whistlin' Punk || Fully Restored Farmall 1206 Destroyed

Calling out the Whistlin' Punk || Fully Restored Farmall 1206 Destroyed

Monster 3 Wheeler Crosses an Entire Lake

“NeEdS biGGer TiRes” I take my 3 wheeler on monster truck tires out to the lake, and after a few tries.... VOILA we have a yacht. #honda


Will this Farmall 1256 crank up and drive home?

Our International 1256 threw a rod last spring, and we have been searching for a DT407 block all year. We found this one for sale, complete, with a couple of implements, but it “doesn’t run”.
Did we luck out?
Watch and see!

Thanks to my mother for finding this tractor.

“Tracks to Nowhere” - Cody Ives Band ©️2010

“When We Roll” - Cody Ives Band ©️ 2010

All music owned by iParty Entertainment Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

Used with permission.

Farmall H abandoned in car salvage yard for 3 + years will it start???

brother and I bought tractor at auction at salvage yard. now we're going to see if it will run.

BigIron Auctions 1967 Farmall 1206 12-20-17


today we head out and get to work starting a farm with $0 and a truck. after making are first few thousand selling logs we buy a john deere tractor. hope you guys enjoy (:

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Farming Simulator, Dirt Bikers Evading The Police, Abandon Farm, Evading The Police On Atv's. I Bought An Old Abandon Farm Yard / rich redneck builds massive mud bog / millionaires go luxury camping lifted trucks go mudding

#farmingsimulator22 #farming #roleplay

Farmall Fanatic 2021 || Year in Review

Farmall Fanatic 2021 || Year in Review. Antique farm tractors in operation on the farm. Good used farm equipment for sale near me. #farmallfanatic #Farmall #farmauctions



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