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I'm A Genius Born In A Family Of Morons


I'm A Genius Born In A Family Of Morons

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a billionaire teenager made me his assistant

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My Mom Is Jealous Of Me Because I'm Very Pretty

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I Found My Crush's Diary, Now He is Forced To Date Me

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I Pretend To Be A Boy In An All Boys School

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My Grade 9 Experience At School For Billionaires

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My Mom Lies to me Everyday, I pretend That I don't know!

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I Got Abducted By A Billionaire

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i came back home years later to get REVENGE

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Why Do Stupid People Not Realize They Are Stupid?

Ever met someone who is so extremely dumb that they don’t know how stupid they actually are? Ever tried to explain a new concept to someone who clearly doesn’t get it? Well, you’re not alone. Researchers have come up with a theory that explains why the less we know about something, the more confident we are in our ability to master it. So there’s a term for Dumb and Dumber? Yes. And it is more common than you might think. Join us today as we explore the avenues of dumbness, in this episode of the Infographics show – What is the Dunning Kruger effect?







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My Mom Is Trying To Replace Me, Now I Know Why

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I always knew my Mom didn’t really want me. You see, when I was born, Mom already had two daughters. My older sisters Liane and Kelly. The last thing she needed was another daughter. I knew she had really wanted a baby boy. It was no surprise when I found out she was trying to replace me.

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I think I was about 4 years old when I first realised I was a disappointment to my parents. Oh, they never made me feel that way. Mom was always telling me how much she loved me. But I knew she would have loved a son more. My older sister Liane and I were having an argument when she said to me,

“Why couldn’t you have been a baby brother?”

I thought about it and of course it made sense. Why would they want another daughter? They already had two. A little baby boy would have made a perfect family.

After that I tried my best to act like a boy. If Mom and Dad couldn’t have their own son, then surely I could try to be one for them. I told Mom that I didn’t want to wear any more pretty dresses. I only wanted to wear shorts and shirts. I played football and climbed trees. I didn’t do anything that girls liked doing. I basically did whatever I could to act like a boy. My sisters thought I was weird and they used to laugh at me.

“Why are you dressed like a boy?” They would tease.

I just wanted to make Mom and Dad happy. But it didn’t work. One day I came home from school and Mom was sitting at the kitchen table. She told me to come and sit with her. She told me that Dad had moved out. She said that they were getting a divorce. I knew it was all my fault. If I had been a boy then they would have been happy.

So now it was just Mom, me and my sisters. We were going to be fine. Mom seemed happier now actually. More relaxed. It wasn’t long before Mom started to go out with her friends in the evening. She wore pretty clothes and nice red lipstick. I thought she looked like a movie star.

One night she was getting ready to go out and I went into her room. I liked to watch her putting on her make-up. She looked a little nervous.

“Are you ok, Mom? You look a bit anxious.” I said.

“I’m fine.” She replied. “Actually, I’m quite excited. I’m going on a date tonight.”

I was shocked. I had never imagined that Mom would get a new boyfriend. I didn’t want to share Mom with anyone else. But that's what I ended up doing. Mom started seeing John all the time. It wasn’t long before she wanted to introduce John and his son to our family.

I have an iq of 200, I became one of the richest people on earth

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I Got Adapted By The Creepist Person Ever!

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Everyone Found Out Why I Was The Teacher's Favorite

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Story Time Animated 2

My family was very rich. And when I say rich, I mean rich. They owned dozens of properties across the country, and they had more luxurious cars than I had fingers. We lived in a huge mansion, with seven bedrooms, four bathrooms, a cinema, two swimming pools, an enormous garden, and a tennis court to top it all of. We were mega rich. But that wealth didn't come without great risk. You see, my family were the biggest criminals in the country.

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You may be wondering - how can your family be criminals? Well, allow me to explain. Breaking the law was basically a habit that went back in my family for generations. My great-great grandfather was a robber. His son was a smuggler in the black market. And his son, my grandfather, was the head of a mafia gang. And my father was the same, and organized the runnings of criminal gangs all over the country. I'm talking really bad stuff.

My mom was the same, too. Her family went way back in the history of criminals.

My mom's great grandmother was the infamous Mrs White, the woman who stole from ten banks in one day and never got caught.

And then there's me. It seems the family history of breaking the law will finally end with me. You see, I wasn't a naughty kid. I didn't like pranking others, or stealing, or bullying - I didn't want to be a criminal. Sure, I liked being rich, but that didn't mean I liked my family's criminal business. I wanted to earn money through honest ways, not through cheating people. But I could never tell my parents that. After all, I knew all about their businesses. If they knew I didn't like being a criminal, well, maybe they would silence me, if you know what I mean. After all, I could be a threat. If I ever felt like getting back at them, I could walk straight over to the police and report all the shady stuff my family had been doing. So, no, I didn't admit to my parents that I didn't want to follow their life of crime. And they never suspected a thing.

I was pretty good at lying, too. Whenever my parents would tell me about all the illegal stuff they had been doing on their day at work, I would put on a fake smile and nod, but inside I was cringing. I didn't like any of that stuff!

One night, my parents told me about this person who had double-crossed them. They had been trading some sort of illegal object with him, and apparently he had over charged them, and now they had kidnapped his wife and was holding her as ransom. They wouldn't give his wife back unless he paid them back in full. The thing was, the man said he didn't have the money, as he had used it to invest in other things. Now they were at a stand still. The man couldn't pay back the ransom for his wife, and my parents wouldn't give his wife back unless they got their money.

It's quite funny when you think about it. said mom, laughing and holding her stomach.

Yes, isn't it funny, Logan? asked dad, while he too laughed out loud.

Y-yes, very funny. I managed to give out a dry laugh, but inside my heart was pounding. My parents had kidnapped somebody?! That was serious. That wasn't just some small crime. That was huge! My parents could go to jail for this. And that poor man and his wife. He had no clue what he had gotten himself into when he started trading with my parents. And his wife! She was probably innocent, and didn't even know what was going on!

I Have the Longest Neck | Animated Story about Beauty Customs

Of course, genetics has nothing to do with it, we are not relatives of giraffes and are not born looking like that. The thing is that it's common for us to stretch girls' necks. It doesn't hurt at all, I assure you, although there are still certain risks in this.
When I was a kid and saw my older relatives, who already had rather long necks with copper rings on them, I was overwhelmed with envy. I really wanted to grow up as soon as possible in order to wear these rings as well and become closer to my ideal of beauty.
On my birthday when I turned six, my mother said that I was ready for changes in my appearance and asked if I was prepared for embarking on this long and difficult path. In her hands, she held a long copper thread and I immediately realized that we were talking about rings, my mother wanted to put them on my neck. Of course, I was very happy and agreed without hesitation.
My grandmothers, aunts, and my friend Nina came to our house. While they tasted the treats prepared in advance and sang songs, my mother put rings around my neck. At first, there were only 3 of them for me not to receive spinal injuries and get used to them. That day was one of the happiest and most significant ones in my life.
Then every 3 months my mother added one ring to my neck and each of those days was a holiday in our family. My neck was becoming longer, I was happy with my reflection in the mirror, and girls, who had not yet put rings on their necks for some reason, envied me.
A year later, I became the happy owner of seven rings, and on my birthday, my mother promised to put 3 more rings on me. This was a reason for happiness. There will be 3 more of them at once! Cool!
But this time, the joy lasted exactly for 1 day because in the morning, my neck started itching and bright red spots were visible from under the rings. This was just unbearable so I asked my mother to help me and do something about it. She brought some kind of liquid, with which she treated my skin, and then she poured it right under the rings.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get better so I was literally going crazy because of horrible itching which made me dig my nails into my skin. Then my mother called a doctor, who gave me an injection and left. I felt better and even fell asleep, but after a few hours, my skin started itching with renewed vigor, and together with this, I had fever and a severe headache.
Yeah, probably removing rings from my neck seems to be the simplest solution because it is obvious that they were the reason for the problem, but everything was not that easy. Since the cervical vertebrae were already a bit stretched, removing the support would mean instant death because I just would not be able to hold my head. You know, my neck muscles were really stretched and completely atrophied since they did not have to work at all, which means that my head was held only on these copper rings.
When my parents realized that the situation was getting worse, they drove me to the nearest town. The hospital was already used to patients with rings like me, so no one was surprised by my appearance. Moreover, doctors immediately said that I had a severe allergy to copper so I had 2 options, to try replacing the metal with silver or gold, hoping that I wouldn’t be allergic to these metals, or start taking allergy medications, but in this case, I will have to depend on them for all my life and their side effects are not that harmless.
It was a tough choice, but there wasn't much to think about. We just had no money for either gold or silver, so my fate was sealed in advance. I was given a bunch of medicines and a schedule of taking each pill was printed on a piece of paper. Doctor said that for the first time, this memo would be useful to me and over time, I would remember this information like a prayer.
These words made me sad and scared, but my mother cheered me up saying that at that moment, nothing could stop me from being beautiful and feminine.
5 years have passed since that day and I still take allergy pills as well as stretch my neck more and more. This is my pride and pain. Why pain? Well, because it is very inconvenient to wash my hair, it constantly gets stuck between the rings. It is also inconvenient for me to dress and sleep. I don’t know why I still haven’t gotten used to a long neck.
We’ve recently celebrated my younger sister's sixth birthday. Early in the morning on that day, my mother asked her the same question as me 5 years ago, and my sister started crying and said that if she had even the slightest chance of avoiding wearing this pile of metal on her neck, then she would like to take advantage of it..

I am a genius born in my family

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I Am A Genius In A Family Of Stupid People!!!! Reaction

My dad wife thinks I am her Housekeeper

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My parents convinced me I was in a coma for one year

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I was born in a family of morons

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