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Watch a Train Run Through Thailand’s Most Dangerous Market

In Samut Songkhram, about an hour outside Bangkok, is Maeklong Railway Market, one of the largest produce and seafood markets in Thailand. But beyond the selection of fresh fruit and fish, the market has become infamous for one thing—the train that runs directly through it. In 1905, the Maeklong Railway built a commuter train line through the center of the popular market. But rather than move, the vendors adapted to the new conditions, working around the train that passes through eight times a day, seven days a week.


This story is a part of our Flavors series, where we do so much more than play with our food. Come with us as we dive into deliciously different and tastefully off-beat stories in the culinary world.

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Solo In Bolivia's Most Dangerous Hood

???????? South America has a reputation for danger and violence. And so whilst on my short stay in Bolivia I decided to take a cable car up to El Alto which is a part of La Paz known by locals as a place for theft and violence. Would I survive with my camera? Watch and find out...

Solo In Mexico's Most Dangerous Barrio ????????

???????? Ask any resident of Mexico City where they would avoid visiting and the answer always come back: Tepito. A barrio of counterfeit markets and dark alleyways where the hoodlums run the streets, the Barrio Bravo ( Ferocious neighbourhood ) is a place I was told not to go to if I valued my life and possessions. But could it really be that bad? There was only one way to find out. I had to go and investigate.

Would You Ride the Most Dangerous Train Track in South America?

Would you ride the most dangerous train track in South America? Riding my motorcycle up the second highest railroad track in the world, located in Bolivia at over 4800 meters.


Continuing the off-road solo travel on a Honda motorcycle up the train tracks to Condor pass after having turned back in the rain the day before. Overlanding adventure around the world trip discovering South America, exploring Bolivian mountains.

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Inside The Dominican Republic's Most Dangerous Hood ????????

Santo Domingo, The Capital of the Dominican Republic. Another place I never thought I would visit...Well here I am, In the most dangerous part of it too.
Sorry I'm late, I was eating strawberry Ice Cream In the Hood...
Let's Goooo!!!
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Inside Honduras' Most Dangerous Neighborhood (harsh reality)

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The BIGGEST Market in South America I La Paz El Alto Bolivia

We visited the biggest market in South America in La Paz, El Alto Bolivia. It was pretty overwhelming to see this market because of its size. The market is located in the most dangerous part of La Paz, El Alto. Unfortunately, we didn't feel any danger at all so please don't believe media what they say and go find it by yourself.

La Paz has one of the best transportation that we have ever seen. El teleferico aka cable cars will bring you everywhere in the city and it's pretty awesome to see La Paz Bolivia from above.

We hope you enjoyed our La Paz Travel video and stay tuned for the next one. Finally gonna show you some Bolivian food.

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Peru's Most Dangerous Restaurant! ????????

After an hour of searching the barrio of Rímac for something to eat, I finally found a restaurant that could serve me some good local food from Lima!
No Anticuchos though!
Does Peru live up to it's gastronomic hype?
I thought I would go have a look and take you guys with me to find out.

Venezuelan Girl Takes Me Into Medellín Hood ????????

Marianny takes me into what used to be the most dangerous place on earth.
Welcome to Comuna 13.
Let's Go!
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India's Most DANGEROUS Market? | Exploring Kinari Bazaar!

India's Most DANGEROUS Market? | Exploring Kinari Bazaar!


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Inside Venezuelan Slum at Brazil Border (harsh conditions)

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???????? Most Dangerous Favela Rio de Janeiro Brazil

This time I'm taking you on a tour to the largest favela in Brazil. Watch the video in 4K and support me with a channel membership for more Videos!

The Side of Peru They Don't Show ????????

Day One:
After renting a car in Lima, Stephan and I decided to go on a journey from Lima to Cusco which should of taken 20 Hours.
That didn't go as planned.
This is the Peru they don't show.

Inside Mexico's Most Dangerous Hood ????????

The western media makes Mexico seem like a dangerous place, cartels running around freely and the people living in constant fear. Well I don't know what their motives are but they are far from the truth. Today I'm taking you to Tepito, el barrio bravo of Mexico City. If you ask most locals in Mexico City they will beg you to not visit Tepito. They say you will get shot, robbed, or kidnapped. Sounds very dramatic if you ask me. I decided to go in Tepito, Mexico's most dangerous hood to see what it's really like. Join me as we walk through Tepito and meet the local residents living there.

???? Mexican Lady Barber


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10 Most Dangerous Countries for Americans or Westerners.

You know some countries are more dangerous than Detroit or a Lingerie party at my cousin's ex-wife's house. Yes, it's hard to believe, I know.
In general, the world can be a dangerous place. You could be in danger no matter where your plane lands. The thing is, some countries excel in danger. And some even bump that up a notch depending on where you hail from. If you think everyone in the world loves America and its people, you’ve lived a sheltered life and I want to congratulate you on escaping from where ever you were and are now able to get on the internet to watch this video.
The fact is, some countries are dangerous for everyone, especially Americans, so much so the Dept. of State updates a report every couple weeks called Travel Advisory. This is a report that ranks the danger level a country might have for Americans that travel there. It has colors like a mood right of danger and goes from level 1 Blue that Exercise normal precautions, up to 4) Red Do not travel.
In today’s video, we're looking at the top 10 Level 4s and find out why.

10) Syria
9) Burkina Faso
8)South Sudan

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3 Most Toughest Tribes That Are Feared By The US Army

3 most toughest tribes that are feared by the US army. Today, we take a look at the 3 most toughest tribes that are feared by the US army.

The history of America is rich and complex, beginning with the lives and works of Indigenous American tribes. These Indigenous peoples have had a huge impact on society, and we are still seeing the effects of that today.

Though this side of history often goes unspoken, with the discussion of Indigenous Americans past being so dominated by colonisation, we don’t often discuss these tribes outside of a sweeping collective.

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The Dark Side Of Dubai They Don't Want You To See Is Shocking

Dubai is always synonymous with incredible wealth. It has come a long way from being a sleepy fishing port at the edge of the desert. Oil wealth has allowed Dubai to build skyscrapers that would put Manhattan to shame and roads in this part of the world are fit for any supercar. Gold once used to be a stronghold of Dubai. Unlike this precious metal, though, not everything glitters in this part of the world. The dark side of Dubai has been exposed very little to the outside world, but growth in technology is slowly.

Unlike tourist destinations that rely on visitors bringing in the wealth, Dubai is about using its extravagant wealth into creating a tourist spot out of a desert. But why is Dubai so rich? The immense wealth comes from oil reserves that were found in the 1960s. This transformed with the sleepy little town into a place where almost anything is possible. Unlike other oil-rich countries that have struggled to deal with the excess funds, Dubai has been able to invest wisely – under the guidance of King Sheikh Mohammed.

Dubai temperature has always been on the higher side with summers easily capable of scorching those without sunscreen protection. Yet, this region is easily one of the first names that come to mind when thinking of an extravagant holiday. This is partly down to the global brands that fight for a presence in a place where almost everyone is uber-rich. This is a place where the regular crop of luxury cars just do not cut the mustard. To put things into perspective, the police are handed out luxury sports cars like Lamborghini. There is an unseen side behind all the glitz and glamour. The latter is something that does not come to mind when it comes to the normal population, who are sadly forced to watch the entertainment from the sidelines.
Modern Slavery
The biggest of problems never spoken about in this part of the world is the slavery that goes on unchecked. All the Dubai hotels and skyscrapers have been a massive factor behind fuelling a construction boom that has partly been responsible for making this one of the sought-after destinations in the world, according to this website. There are more than 100 different hotel projects that are taking place almost every year in this place, which has been marketed as the Las Vegas of the Middle East. It is immensely challenging to find the labor in an area that already has a small number of local people, while most residents happen to be incredibly wealthy.

A whopping 89% of the people living in Dubai are workers from other countries. A large contingent of individuals from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh often end up in the construction work. These South Asian migrants alone constitute around 40% of the workforce in the UAE, producing everything from construction materials, paper, foods and drinks to items such as a fleshlight sleeve. Most individuals belong to rural communities, and very few happen to have any form of education. These impoverished individuals often end up in deplorable working conditions at construction sites. Rather than meet their wage standards, most Dubai companies view these workers as cheap labor and offer them as little as $300 per month. This is in comparison to a per capita income of around $2000 per month.

$10 Per Day
For around $10 per day, these employees end up spending most of the day at construction sites with little rest. Even though food and accommodation are provided on paper, this is often substandard and does not even come close to the standards that some workers enjoy in glitzy and expansive malls located here. Dubai weather may appear pleasant inside the air-conditioned spaces, but the reality is entirely different for these workers. They are often forced to work for six days a week in temperatures that can hit 50°C.

The living conditions of these workers can only be described as horrific, as many as ten individuals can be put into one room. Many sites often have just one bathroom for 50 persons. To prevent workers from escaping such conditions and reporting them to the outside world, most companies confiscate passports as soon as workers arrive on their doorstep.
If companies are trying to take advantage of these workers by offering them low wages, recruitment agencies do their part by charging exorbitant visa and flight fees. Many naïve individuals end up being more than $3000 in fees to these agencies, and this figure is often taken as a loan.

Construction demand is mainly responsible for fuelling the need for more construction workers. Dubai is aware that its oil reserves will not last for long, and they are building towards a more sustainable future, which is through tourism and entertainment activities. Construction activities have been progressing at breakneck speed for these achievements. The demand for new hotels in Dubai has once again picked up after the 2008 recession. Skyscrapers are becoming taller than ever before, malls are becoming larger.


#bolivia #lapaz #dangerous

In this video you will see the most dangerous area of south america where there is a flee market every Sunday which is dangerous to visit.

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INSIDE the Most Dangerous Black Market in Latin America - || iam_marwa

Hello , I VISITED - TEPITO One of Mexico's Most Dangerous Black Markets || iam_marwa , The neighborhood of Tepito in Mexico City is the oldest area of the capital. So it’s surprising that in Mexico, it goes by a different name: Barrio Bravo, “the fierce neighborhood.” It gets its nickname from being one of the most dangerous areas in Mexico city.
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Solo In Bolivia's Most Dangerous Market. 'El Alto' world's Highest City at 4150 M

El Alto is the Highest City of the world at 4150 M height and it holds weekly market every Thursday and Sunday which is the biggest market of South America and the dangerous of Bolivia. We have to take a cable car from La Paz to El Alto which costs 5 Bolivano ( 50 INR ).

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