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IQD Agency - Believe In A Better Tomorrow


IQD Agency - Believe In A Better Tomorrow

We believe in a better tomorrow by doing the work today.

We are a content marketing agency that helps people build meaningful brands that make a positive impact.

A hotel marketing agency that helps hotels stand and increase direct bookings by creating emotional and authentic content.


It's harder to communicate with people who are not on the same journey.

Alexander Novicov believes in thinking and doing beyond. Empowering people to believe in endless opportunities. He pushes his boundaries every day to become a better man and a better leader. He believes that we all can make an impact in this world and can inspire each other with our stories and experiences. His princess Chanel (small dog) teaches him every day how to be passionate about life and how to never give up.

Today he runs IQD Agency, an amazing content marketing agency that has been working with global and local brands since 2010 in Nicosia, Cyprus and London, United Kingdom. He has won more than eight global awards and frequently speaks in front of small and large audiences at marketing and business events. He runs Think Beyond Workshops to help business leaders, marketers and designers evolve. In addition to running an agency, public speaking, he also blogs about evolvement, change, building a carrier, leadership, inspiring leaders around the world and vlogs about his journey on YouTube with ups and downs building a sustainable brand. Having worked in the web industry since 2006 he learned and implemented marketing strategies that helped more than 120 brands increase their bottom line and brand equity.

On this YouTube channel he documents his journey with ups and downs building a sustainable brand. Subscribe today;

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