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Into the Fray Episode 116: Revolver Malfunctions!


Into the Fray Episode 128: Shooting Glasses for Older Eyes

Learn What You MUST Know Before Leaving Home with a Gun:

As we age we have trouble seeing things close up. These top bi-focal glasses from SSP eyewear help to solve that problem while you are shooting. They are not perfect, but they offer a chance to improve your shooting. If you are having trouble focusing on the front sight, you might want to try the “top bifocals” from SSP Eyewear. By putting the magnifier on the top of the lens, these glasses allow shooters who can’t quite focus on the front sight to get a crisp, clear image.

To learn more about SSP shooting glasses visit:
#Guns #USCCA #Guns #USCCA

More Gigantamax action comes to the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass!

???? Galar Research Update ????

It seems that if you visit the Isle of Armor, some familiar Pokémon will gain the power to Gigantamax—and use tremendously powerful G-Max moves!

Study up on our latest research featuring Gigantamax Rillaboom, Gigantamax Cinderace, and Gigantamax Inteleon!

Official site:

116th Congress swearing in: Nancy Pelosi House Speaker vote, live stream

The 116th Congress will be seated Thursday, with Democrats taking the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives after eight years out of power. The first order of business is electing Rep. Nancy Pelosi to be House speaker for the second time.

The House is set to convene at noon. After Pelosi is confirmed, the new members will be sworn in. Members will then vote on a new rules package to govern conduct in the House during the 116th Congress. Once the ceremonial parts of the day are completed, the session may get more contentious.

Pelosi has announced plans to pass a spending bill immediately she takes the gavel on Thursday in order to end the government shutdown. However, the bill does not include funding for a border wall, so President Trump has said that he will not sign it. Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that the Senate will not vote on a bill which would not receive the president's approval.

For live updates:

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How to Sew Cordura

If your looking to try to sew with Cordura and havent ever sewn anything, check out this video. I talk about some of what you need to get started.

Where I get my cordura: Rockywoods

Where I got my big sewing machine: Sunny Sewing Machines

Live Feed April 22, 2020- Solar and 12V Questions and Answers!

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Get behind the scenes, blog posts, drone footage, personal videos and more!

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Cigarette Lighter Adapter with Rings:

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Professor Norman Davies: The Impossible Task of Presenting the Past : History and Museums

Lecture given by Professor Norman Davies - 25 June 2018. The House of European History is open 7/7, with audioguides in 24 languages. Plan your free visit to our exhibitions here:

247MediaDubai - Living Faith Church's One Night With The King | 10 Jan 2020


Impeachment trial of President Donald Trump

The opening statements in the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump are set to begin Wednesday following a marathon session Tuesday in which trial rules were finalized and Democrats' efforts to introduce new documents and witnesses were shot down, at least for now.

Wednesday's proceedings are scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. EST. Both the House managers, serving as the prosecution, and Trump's defense team will have 24 hours over three days each to present their opening statements.

Between live sessions, we will be replaying previous portions of the trial.


AIR Dibrugarh Online Radio Live Stream

M.W 529.1m/KHz.567 F.M. 101.30 MHz

TRANSMISSION III (3.28 PM to 10.30 PM)

3.28 AIR Signature Tune/Opening Announcement:
3.30 Mishing Song: Artist: Abanti Pamegam Chetia
3.45 Programme in Mijumishimi
4.05 Programme in Khampti
4.25 Programme in Wancho
4.45 News in Hindi
4.55 News in English
5.00 Programme Idu
5.20 Programme in Tangsa
5.40 Programme in Nocte
6.00 Anchalik Batori
6.05 Programme Summary & Highlight
6.10 Vrindagaan:
6.15 GANYA RAIJOR ANUSTHAN/(Rural Programme)
6.45 Sandhiyar Anchalik Batori
6.55 Aajir Prasanga
7.00 News in Hindi
7.05 News in Assamese
7.15Yuvavani:Hello Yuvabani
7.45Adhunik Geet: Artist: Sarat Kr. Phangchoo
8.00 Time & Metre Reading:/ Quotation DRAMA: “AAI DHORITRIR SWOPNO” Written by Chandradhar Chamua. Production Jayantajit Das & Lohit Deka Part: 2
8.30 TALK IN ASSAMESE: Talk on “Notun Prajanma Bishayan Aru Poribortita Shiksha Sanskriti”
By Arun Baruah
8.40 Programme Highlight
8.42 Commercial Spot
8.45 SamacharSandhaya
9.00 News at Nine
9.15 Commercial Spot
9.16 Assembly Review
9.25 Nikhar Anchalik Batori
9.30 Discussion in English Discussion on “Healthy Eating” Pts: Dr. Prabal Saikia, Dr. Ruma Bhattacharjee & Dr. Dipak Kr. Doley (Moderator)
10.00 Question Hour in Parliament
11.00 News in English
11.05 News in Hindi
11.10 Weather Report/Time Reading/Closing


5.30 Vandemataram/Opening Announcement Mangal Vadya/Programme Announcement
5.35 Bhaktigeeti
6.00 News in Hindi
6.05 Gandhi Chinta & Programme Summary
6.10 Swasthya Charcha: Interview on “Dementia” With Dr. Dhrubajyoti Bhuyan/ Interviewer Kartik Sutradhar Part: XII
6.15 Classical Music: (Vocal) Artist: Ud. Vilayat Hussain Khan Rag: Sohani
6.30 Bhajan: Artist: Minakshi Konwar Dev
6.40 Employment News
6.45 Folk Music: (Tokarigeet)/ Artist: Bhibi Kanta Baruah & Pty.
7.05 News in Assamese:
7.15“Ajir Dinto”/(Morning Information Service)/
7.30 GEETANJALI: 1.Artist: Binapani Dutta Lyc: Syed Saadulla 2. Artist: Babita Hazarika Lyc: Nagen
3.Artist: Bipul Phukan Lyc: Keshab Mahanta 4. Artist: Babita Baruah Lyc: Karabi Deka Hazarika
5. Artist: Boby Dowerah Lyc: Ahmed Shah
7.55 Commercial Spot
8.00 Samachar Prabhat
8.15 Morning News
8.30 North East News Bulletin in English
8.35 “SURAR PANCHOI” (Assamese Film Song)
8.50 Puwar Anchalik Batori
9.00 Jilar Rehrup
9.05 “ANTARA” / Hindi Film Songs
9.35 Weather Report / Time Reading Closing Announcement Close Down

TRANSMISSION II (11.28 AM to 3.30 PM)

11.58 AIR Signature Tune /Opening Announcement
12.00 News in English
12.05 Folk Music: (Gosai Naam) Artist: Gunalata Neog & Pty.
12.30 “GEETIMANJARI” Artist: Jayanta Hazarika, Ridip Dutta, Khagen Mahanta, Anima Deka, Anup Ghoshal, Samar Hazarika
1.00 News in English
1.05 News in Hindi
1.10 Troops Programme
1.40 News in Assamese
1.50 Adhunik Geet: Artist: Dilip Dutta
2.00 Singpho Songs
2.10 Vrindagaan
2.15 Dopahar Samachar
2.30 Western Music
3.00 Weather Report/Time Reading/Closing Announcement

TRANSMISSION III (3.28 PM to 10.30 PM)

3.28 AIR Signature Tune/Opening Announcement
3.30 Mishing Geet: (Oi-Nitom) Artist: Suruj Kumari Medok.
3.45 Programme in Mijumishimi
4.05 Programme in Khampti
4.25 Programme in Wancho
4.45 News in Hindi
4.55 News in English
5.00 Programme in Idu
5.20 Programme in Tangsa
5.40 Programme in Nocte
6.00 Anchalik Batori
6.05 Programme Summary
6.10 Vrindagaan:
6.15 GANYA RAIJOR ANUSTHAN (Rural Programme)/Interview on “Gahori Palon Aru Pushtikar Aahar” With Dr. Gunaram Saikia.
6.45 Sandhiyar Anchalik Batori
6.55 Ajir Prasanga
7.00 News in Hindi
7.05 News in Assamese
7.15 CHAH SRAMIKOR ASOR 1.Jhumoir: Naresh Sona & Pty. 2. Talk: “Dharjya Aru Sohonshilota Manab Jeevanor Unnatir Ek Apariharjya Dish” By Maniklal Mahato
7.45 Adhunik Geet: Artist: Dilip Dutta
8.00 Krira Jegat (Sports Magazine) “Bharat Bangladesh Cricket Matchor Eti Parjyalochana Aru Poshektor Krira Sangbad” By Arun Kr. Das
8.20 Hindi film Song
8.42 Commercial Spot
8.45 Samachar Sandhya
9.00 News at Nine
9.15 Commercial Spot
9.16 Assembly Review
9.25 Nishar Ancholik Batori
9.30 Sahitya Kanan 1. Talk on “Ekabinsho Satikar Asomiya Upanyas Aru Mohila Oponyasik” By Dr. Arabinda Rajkhowa 2.Self Composed Poem Recitation By Jiten Nath. 3.Short Story “Ekhon Gopan Noi” By Samsul Banik
10.00 Question Hour in Parliament
11.00 News in English
11.05 News in Hindi
11.10 Weather Report/Time Reading /Closing


Into the Fray Episode 30: Stamping Away

Get Your Stamp Here:

Figure Out The Best Way For You To Carry Concealed:

Yep... we are stamping money. I know some of you will say it is illegal, but Title 18 U.S. Code says it's only illegal if the intent is to render the money unfit for circulation. That is not our intent. We want the money to circulate everywhere. So go over to and get your rubber stamp to engage in this little act of civil disobedience. #Guns #USCCA #Guns #USCCA

Rebelde Way I - 127 Subtitled In English


  In a few seconds the subtitles can have spelling errors, which can change the meaning of the sentence, leave the word with misspellings, these errors can be common because the subtitles were automatically translated from a Portuguese subtitles file, misspellings that are possible to notice let me know in the comments I will fix it as soon as possible.
videos and captions are taken from this channel

listen and follow La Miss Tijuana with Camila Bordonaba and Felipe Colombo on Spotify

All Rights Reserved to Cris Morena Group and Dori Media

SAGA Live! Action Arts Class 4 | SWORD ACTION Choreography

Learn to sword fight for film and stage faster than you can say, Go, NINJA, GO NINJA GO!

Join Abra and Dylan as we teach our SAGA 9 Template 2-handed sword techniques for action acting. You'll get a workout with some dynamic ninja moves, learn some new skills for choreography, and see it all together as Brett films a live-action samurai-showdown fight right on the page!

This episode was produced and directed by Brett Heidenreich
Hosted by Abra Burkett and Dylan Hintz
Edited by Abra Burkett

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#Swords #Samurai #Ninja
#SagaActionArts #TheSagaCommunity #Tacticool

Nothing Wants To Launch - TMRO:News

On this episode of TMRO:News we have Ryan giving us a speedy SpaceX Update, we'll be catching fairings with Starlink 12 on our next episode, Mars gets jealous of Venus getting all the attention, Jared discusses some Boeing Starliner scheduling, SCRUBTOBER IS UPON US, space weather from Dr. Tamitha Skov, and is a celebrity headed to space?

And remember: you can always help out the shows of TMRO by becoming a member here:

Join TMRO on Discord:


00:00 | Intro
00:47 | SpaceX Update w/Ryan Caton
01:46 | More lakes at Mars!
04:11 | Starliner's difficult schedule
06:06 | Space Traffic
13:38 | Space Weather w/Dr. Tamitha Skov
16:24 | Who's going to the ISS?
18:24 | Thanks to you!
19:23 | SECO-9

The Takeup Ep. 11: Patches - The Emblematic Embroidery Object

Patch making methods and more are on offer on this week's episode! I talk patches, emblems, and discuss both the best use cases, current trends, and the questions I've been answering in the last week about those awesome shields and crests we know and love in the machine embroidery community. Bring your questions for the live Q&A!

If you would rather read about patch decoration techniques, you can check out my post here:

How To Build A City :: Minecraft :: Crafting Table Factory P3 :: E317

Latest World Download:

Latest Texture Pack Download:

All mods need to be compatable with 1.7.10 version of Minecraft. If there are newer versions of the mods listed below, they will probably not work with the version of Minecraft that this city was created on.

Forge launcher required - 1.7.10
World Edit Forge 1.7.10 - 6.0
More Commands
CustomNPCs 1.7.10
Rei Minimap 1.7.10
Malisiscore 1.7.10 - 0.14.3
Malisisdoors 1.7.10 - 1.13.2
MCHeli 1.7.10 - 0.10.7
RTM NGTLib 1.7.10 -
Traincraft 1.7.10 - 4.3.5
FlenixCitiesCore 1.7.10 - 0.17.0
FlenixRoads 1.7.10 - 0.10.0
Aesthetic Beacons 1.7.2 - 1.0.1
ShadersModCore 1.7.10 - 2.3.31
Soggytransportation 1.7.10 - 3.5.0
Flans Mod 1.7.10 - 4.9.0
Flans Mod Plus 1.7.10 - 4.10.0
Motor Pack
Simple Parts Content Pack
Milox117s Car Package
147 Spinos Vehicles
Alcara V1
Fex Vehicle Pack
Manus Civil Package
Modern Warefare Content Pack

This series I show you how to build a Minecraft City from scratch. Building houses, skyscrapers and everything else you would need for a massive Minecraft city.

In this series we are building an entire city from scratch. All buildings, all roads, everything! With also have a few awesome mods to totally bring this world to life, all the mods can be found lower in the description. Including driveable cars and other vehicles and flyable planes and helicopters. The goal, after completing the city, is to make a GTA or Grand Theft Auto clone inside of Minecraft. We already have the vehicles as well as usable, reloadable weapons including pistols, SMGs, Assault rifles and rocket launchers, all of which can be modified with different sights, scopes and silencers. We also have the ability to completely populate the city with NPCs. All programmed to respond in the most realistic way possible to certain situations. This includes cops shooting at you if you assault or shoot them first, criminals that when confronted by police will battle it out on the streets and traders that will buy and sell all sorts of equipment using the worlds economy. Rei's Minimap Mod is also used to give that authentic open world game feel that can detect players and vehicles as dots on the map.

This world has no seed, it was created by myself using a program called World Painter. I am using my own texture pack that currently has no download as I am still modifying blocks to suit the look of our city including road markings and other custom textures using blocks you never use in this theme.

Intro Music:
Call To Adventure - Kevin Macleod

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Chapter 7 | Trigonometry | SEBA Advanced Maths Class 10 | Bodo Medium | Part 6

Chapter 7 | Trigonometry | SEBA Advanced Maths Class 10 | Bodo Medium | Part 6

Hello friends,
Welcome to our YouTube channel GWRLWI गोरलै

About this video-
A compilation of all videos of Trigonometry. Student will find it easy to get all the parts of this chapter. In this series of videos you will able to learn Science, Maths, Advanced Maths and English Grammar related to SEBA 2020 HSLC exam. Stay connected with GWRLWI गोरलै and subscribe to our channel.
Also, share this video among your friends so that you all can practice together. Till that Take Care and Best of Luck.

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Episode 182: IMC’s Jay Woods Returns to the NYSE Trading Floor, Mask Securely Affixed

NYSE Executive Floor Governor and IMC Designated Market Maker Jay Woods brings his three decades of experience and technical analysis to the podcast this week. We cover the state of the market and how trading has evolved from open outcry to embracing the technology that beckoned no-fee trading and platforms like Robinhood. Jay brings us in the NYSE building for the recent closing and reopening of the Trading Floor, how the DMM role has evolved, and the impact of the democratization of trading access.

Meaning of Demand & Determines Demand | Demand | Economics | CA. Foundation | CA. Fazal Abbas Sir

Here, CA. Fazal Abbas Sir help you in Business Economics & Business Commercial Knowledge. As it is the first lecture of Economics he's also explaining how can you crack this paper.
Topics LECTURE 1:(1) Meaning of demand,
(a) Desire to purchase (b) Resources - Availability (c) Willing to pay
(2) What Determines Demand?
(a) Price of Commodity, (b)price of Related Commodity, (c) Income of the Consumer

Hope you enjoyed learning with us, to stay tune please do like, Ask Doubts in the comment section(or your opinion), share with mates & other friends & don't forget to Subscribe to our Channel.

Playlist for CA. Foundation of Economics:

Shekhawat Academy of Commerce is the best coaching classes in Vapi, Silvassa, Daman, Valsad, providing coaching to students of CA, CS, CMA Course along with Class XI, XII. With a bunch of highly qualified pool of faculties including CA, CS, CMA, Lawyers & MBAs to ensure qualitative education students. With complete course coverage, on-time syllabus completion, rigorous testing before exams to ensure that no stone is left unturned for student success in exams.

Silvassa Center: 206, Landmark Business Hub, Tokharkhada, Silvassa, D&NH - 396230
Vapi Center: 324, Girnar Khushboo Plaza, Gunjan, Vapi, Gujarat - 396191.
Daman Center: 115-116, Fortune World, Nr. Govt College, Dunetha, Daman, - 396210
For more visit us at or call us at 6354 867 329

Courses Available:
- CBSE Class - 11 and 12 Accounts, Economics, Business Studies classes
- CA, CS & CMA Classes

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Live - A Conversation with Income Movement Leaders

Juhl Media presents a live talk with Michael Lewis, Diane Pagen and Karl Widerquist, Income movement leaders in conversation with Ching Juhl filmmaker. They will discuss about Universal Basic Income, Income Movement March 2020, and Income Movement's Bike Parade, New York City, on Saturday, September 19th, 2020.

Michael Anthony Lewis is on the faculty of the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College and the CUNY Graduate Center. He's the co-author of Economics for Social Workers, co-editor of The Ethics and Economics of the Basic Income Guarantee, and author of Social Workers Count. Lewis also co-founded United States Basic Income Guarantee (USBIG) and, until recently, served on its board of directors.

Diane Pagen is a social worker, social policy analyst and writer. She has worked with welfare expert and activist Theresa Funiciello. She is a founding member of Basic Income Action and Basic Income NYC and working to build the Basic Income Movement with others.

Karl Widerquist is a Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University - Qatar. He specializes in distributive justice - the ethics of who has what. He has published dozens of articles and seven books, including A Theory of Freedom as the Power to Say No and A Critical Discussion of Basic Income Experiments. He cofounded the first U.S. Basic Income Network in 1999, and Basic Income Studies in 2006.

Thanks for watching and please consider subscribing to the Juhl Media Youtube channel.

Ching Juhl is a filmmaker, educator and concert violist. She has featured 54 live talk shows on Juhl Media's YouTube channel, with activists, musicians and specialists. A Yang Gang videographer, she traveled to many states and she has documented, produced and published more than 120 videos about Andrew Yang movement.

#UBI #IncomeMovement #Talk

Martian Life & Tetris | SciByte 122

We take a look at possible evidence of Martian life, 3D printing a heart, Tetris, spacecraft updates, Curiosity news, and as always take a peek back into history and up in the sky this week.



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