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Is Anybody Out There? (Alien Life Documentary) | Spark


Is Anybody Out There? (Alien Life Documentary) | Spark

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With technology advancing faster than ever, and more and more discoveries being made every day, is the day we contact extraterrestrial life almost here?

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Is Alien ‘Life’ Weirder Than We Imagine: Who Is Out There?

If we want to discover alien life out there in the universe, we first need to figure out where to look—and what we're even looking for. Will it be biological like us? Could it be artificial, or take some other form we haven't yet considered? And how do we find something so fundamentally different from ourselves? In this program, scientists devise plans for searching for beings beyond Earth while they grapple with the very definition of life.

PARTICIPANTS: Lisa Kaltenegger, Caleb Scharf, Susan Schneider, Sara Walker

MODERATOR: Nicole Stott


This program is part of the BIG IDEAS SERIES, made possible with support from the JOHN TEMPLETON FOUNDATION.

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- Film about the imaginative search for alien life 00:05
- Introduction to the program by astronaut Nicole Stott 04:45
- Introduction of participants 05:50
- What is the definition of life? 07:09
- How will we find signs of life elsewhere in the universe? 16:21
- What are the parameters for looking for life on other planets? 19:36
- What should the probes on Mars be looking for to find life? 24:58
- The Fermi Paradox, where is everybody? 30:56
- Have aliens avoided humans because we're too boring? 34:41
- Can we use information theory to look for life in the universe? 39:13
- Why is looking for alien life important to humankind? 44:13
- Will life in the future be AI, should we be looking for other AI in space? 46:02
- The Great Filter 48:52
- Is artificial intelligence alive? 50:28
- Is evolution the strongest force in the universe, how will it shape the future? 52:13
- What lessons could humankind learn from the successes and failures of other alien species in the universe? 56:58
- Why should we care about finding life elsewhere in the universe? 57:58


- Produced by John Plummer
- Associate Produced by Laura Dattaro
- Opening film written / produced by John Plummer, animation by Derek Breur
- Music provided by APM
- Additional images and footage provided by: Getty Images, Shutterstock, Videoblocks

This program was recorded live at the 2018 World Science Festival and has been edited and condensed for YouTube.

Astronomer Explains How SETI Searches for Aliens | WIRED

Is there any life beyond Earth? SETI Institute Director Emeritus Jill Tarter believes we will find that answer in the 21st century. Jill explains the science and logistics that goes into searching for extra-terrestrial life, and the reasons why there's still so much to explore.

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Astronomer Explains How SETI Searches for Aliens | WIRED

Search for Life in the Universe Documentary - New Discoveries Never Before Seen

Search for Life in the Universe Documentary - New Discoveries Never Before Seen

Is there extra-terrestrial life out there? It now looks as though we can sketch out an answer to this enduring question. Leiden Observatory is helping to build new instruments to find the most promising exoplanets.

Does Life Exist On Mars? | Lifequest Mars: Search For Life | Spark

This 2003 documentary takes us back to a time of discovery into the unknown. With today's discussion between NASA and private companies colonizing Mars, let us take a moment to look back at the origins of our exploration of the red planet.

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Will We Discover Alien Life? | Is Anybody Out There? | Absolute Science

Space exploration and technology are advancing an incredible rate, and more and more discoveries being made every day, is the day we contact extraterrestrial life almost upon us?

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Content licensed from Espresso to Little Dot Studios.

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Paul Horowitz: "The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" | Talks at Google

Paul Horowitz visited Google's office in Cambridge, MA to discuss the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project at Harvard University.

Establishing an electromagnetic communications link across a thousand light-years presents unique technological challenges. In his talk, Prof. Horowitz visits some highlights of the science and technology of SETI -- Do THEY exist? Is communication possible? What is the best way? Is this just completely insane? -- and describes interesting searches his project and others have been doing.

Paul Horowitz is a Research Professor of Physics and of Electrical Engineering at Harvard, and is co-author of The Art of Electronics.

SETI at Harvard was supported in part by grants from NASA, The Planetary Society, and the Bosack/Kruger Charitable Foundation.

Sidney Harris cartoon ©, used with permission.

Is There Intelligent Life On Other Planets?

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How are we looking and listening for intelligent life?
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Now that we know planets are common in our galaxy, how would we tell if one holds life? Sure, it will take incredibly powerful telescopes and ambitious new space missions, but what are we looking for? What are we listening for? How do we help other worlds know that we are here?

Here's the thing: Life on Earth has an expiration date. No matter what humans do, our aging sun will eventually be so hot that we can't survive. If we want to live on, it will have to be beyond Earth. The only question is, will it be US who live on, or just our radio broadcasts and dead satellites?

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Ray Bradbury reading If Only We Had Taller Been courtesy of NASA/JPL

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The 7 hurdles for a planet to develop intelligent life:

Sagan's rules for life:

Earth is gradually getting more radio quiet:

Searching for the archaeological ruins of extraterrestrial civilzations:

How long will life survive on Earth?


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Joe Hanson - Host and writer
Joe Nicolosi - Director
Amanda Fox - Producer
Katie Graham - Director of Photography
Andrew Matthews - Editor and Motion Graphics
Kate Eads - Production Manager

Filmed at Onion Creek Productions in Austin, TX

Produced by PBS Digital Studios:


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Alien Contact: What Happens Next?

Are we alone in this vast universe? Some think that’s highly unlikely. With new technologies joining the search, NASA estimates we’ll find definitive evidence of aliens within 20 to 30 years. Which raises the vital question: And then what? Will the news inspire jubilation, despair, or fear? Will aliens be seen as gods or interlopers? Evidence of alien life will provoke fundamental questions about our place in the universe–not just about who they are, but also who we are. Join astronomers, astrobiologists, anthropologists, philosophers, and linguists as we ponder these issues.

PARTICIPANTS: Kathryn Denning, David Kipping, Karen Lewis, and Marcelo Magnasco

MODERATOR: Wendy Zukerman


This program is part of the BIG IDEAS SERIES, made possible with support from the JOHN TEMPLETON FOUNDATION.

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0:17 - Participant intros
1:50 - How are scientists searching for intelligent life?
5:10 - Sending messages into space
6:59 - What kind of alien signal are we likely to detect?
9:00 - Would we be able to interpret an alien signal?
13:44 - What is the closest that intelligent life could be to Earth?
16:25 - How would we know if far away transmitting civilizations still exist?
20:00 - How well can we communicate with dolphins?
24:19 - Dolphin research film
26:27 - Understanding dolphins vs. understanding aliens
28:44 - What are the steps to understand an alien language?
38:02 - What happens on earth after we contact alien life?
44:40 - War of the Worlds broadcast controversy and damage
46:40 - Will the discovery of aliens unite humanity?
50:39 - What if we’re alone in the universe?
53:10 - Could AI help us find aliens?
54:20 - Using our children to bridge languages and species


- Produced by John Plummer
- Associate Produced by Laura Dattaro

This program was recorded live 6/3/18 at the World Science Festival and has been edited and condensed for YouTube.

Alien life on a flammable yet frozen world? | Titan Revealed

Join me as we discover everything we've learned about Saturn's moon Titan - one of the most interesting worlds in our Solar System!

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Meet The Father of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Scientists are leaping exponentially closer to finding life beyond Earth. Missions to Mars and Saturn’s moons are prime candidates for finding the first signs of life and NASA can now identify more than 3,500 planets outside our solar system, many with habitable temperatures. That number is quickly growing as space travel technology improves and probes head deeper into the galaxy. Nuclear physicist Taylor Wilson explores one of our civilization's most perplexing questions: Are we alone?

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Secret Aliens

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The possibility that aliens might be regularly visiting Earth is one of the most popular Fermi Paradox solutions. In this episode we will look at UFOs and flying saucers theories and arguments, as well as examining the logic and possible motives of such extraterrestrial visitors.

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Alien Civilizations: Secret Aliens
Episode 175, Season 5 E09

Written by:
Isaac Arthur

Darius Said
Gloria Meadows
Keith Blockus
Matthew Campbell
Mark Warburton

Cover Art:
Jakub Grygier

Graphics by:
Darth Biomech
Fishy Tree
Jarred Eagley
Jeremy Jozwik
Ken York
LegionTech Studios

Produced & Narrated by:
Isaac Arthur

Music Manager:
Luca De Rosa -

Martin Rezny, Lifelight
Paradox Interactive, Utopia (Main Titles)
Aerium, Waters of Atlantis
Chris Zabriskie, Androids Always Escape
Kai Engel, Endless Story About Sun and Moon
Evan King, The Outer Rim

The Search for Primitive and Intelligent Life on Other Planets

Professor Abraham (Avi) Loeb, chair of the Astronomy department, Harvard University.
Are we alone? Probably not, out of modesty - keeping in mind that about a quarter of all stars host a habitable Earth-size planet. Upcoming searches for primitive life will aim to detect oxygen or methane in the atmospheres of transiting planets. Searches for intelligent life will aim to detect artificial signals in the radio or optical bands, as well as artifacts such as megastructures, solar cells that are used to re-distribute light and heat on tidally-locked planets, industrial pollution or artificial light beams. Our own civilization is starting to study the feasibility of interstellar travel using a powerful laser beam pushing on a lightweight sail, the so-called Starshot Initiative. If successful, we might receive a signal from outer space stating: welcome to the interstellar club!.

Extraterrestrial Life | Wheel of Science with Neil deGrasse Tyson

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On this episode of Wheel Of Science, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chuck Nice answer YOUR questions about aliens and extraterrestrial life. Learn about the Drake Equation, panspermia, and where we might find life in our solar system.

SHARE this episode with a friend who may not be from Earth.

#Aliens #ET #NeildeGrasseTyson

Aliens Are We Alone: Does Alien Life Exist? | Alien Documentary | Reel Truth Science

Thanks to the Kepler Space Telescope, scientists are getting closer than ever to answering one simple question, does alien life exist in the universe? In this documentary learn how the revolutionary spacecraft is on a mission to find habitable alien planets plus hear from scientists who are now able to speculate on what extra-terrestrial life might be like.

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ANOTHER EARTH: Alien Planet - Space Documentary HD

We Are Not Alone In The Universe
I cannot imagine any single discovery that would have more impact on humanity than the discovery of life outside of our solar system. There is a human-centric, Earth-centric view of life that permeates most cultural and societal thinking. Finding that there are multiple, perhaps millions of origins of life and that life is ubiquitous throughout the universe will profoundly affect every human.

We live on a microbial planet. There are one million microbial cells per cubic centimeter of water in our oceans, lakes and rivers; deep within the Earth's crust and throughout our atmosphere. We have more than 100 trillion microbes on and in each of us. The Earth's diversity of life would have seemed like science fiction to our ancestors. We have microbes that can withstand millions of Rads of ionizing radiation; such strong acid or base that it would dissolve our skin; microbes that grow in ice and microbes that grow and thrive at temperatures exceeding 100 degrees C. We have life that lives on carbon dioxide, on methane, on sulfur, or on sugar. We have sent trillions of bacteria into space over the last few billion years and we have exchanged material with Mars on a constant basis, so it would be very surprising if we do not find evidence of microbial life in our solar system, particularly on Mars.

The recent discoveries by Dimitar Sasselov and colleagues of numerous Earth and super-Earth-like planets outside our solar system, including water worlds, greatly increases the probability of finding life. Sasselov estimates approximately 100,000 Earth and super-Earths within our own galaxy. The universe is young so wherever we find microbial life there will be intelligent life in the future.

Expanding our scientific reach further into the skies will change us forever.

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Alien Technology

Is there anyone out there? Does the popular movie quote ‘ET phone home’ have any substance? Astronomers have been pointing their radio telescopes at the skies for decades trying to pick up alien signals, so far without success. But now there’s a new way of looking for aliens. Hitch a ride with Dr Graham Philips as he joins astronomers trawling through the galaxy looking for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. #ABCcatalyst

Finding Life Beyond Earth - Is Anybody Out There? - Space Discovery Documentary

Since the beginning of civilization, humanity has wondered whether we are alone in the universe. As NASA has explored our solar system and beyond, it has developed increasingly sophisticated tools to address this fundamental question. Within our solar system, NASA’s missions have searched for signs of both ancient and current life, especially on Mars and soon, Jupiter’s moon Europa. Beyond our solar system, missions, such as Kepler and TESS, are revealing thousands of planets orbiting other stars.

The Search For Life Beyond Earth

For half a century, researchers have been scanning the sky for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence, so far to no avail. But with regular discoveries of new planets around distant stars, the universe seems to be more friendly to life by the day.

Interviews with Jill Tarter and Laurance Doyle from SETI Institute, and Andrew Siemion from UC Berkeley SETI Research Center, also affiliated with SETI Institute.

#BloombergGiantLeap #Science #Technology

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