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Is a streaming box legal



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I created this video as a those of you seeking good Live TV online that can help you cut some corners. Now, this is no silver bullet as I mention in my video, BUT The Boxxmen is a class act and completely trustworthy when it comes to the best streaming media possible

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As a “cord cutter” myself for almost 3 years now, I’ve learned a lot when it comes to streaming but the main thing I’ve learned is if you don’t do something you will continue to pay outrageous fees and nothing will change

This streaming cable media box has leveled the playing field. Giving YOU choices and the freedom to TAKE BACK YOUR TV. I use the Tboxx media player for these reasons

#1. You only have to purchase this one time. No subscription fees ever. The technology updates automatically. That means you actually get what you pay for.

#2. You have our iron clad guarantees and warranties. 45 day money back guarantee. Also a 24 month extended warranty absolutely FREE

#3 You have levels of tech support. From our online Facebook support page to our toll free tech support number and finally my BOXXMEN team of tech support people.

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Things covered in this video:


A Court has ruled that streaming & downloading by a user is legal & responsibility is with the hosting company and website!
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It is becoming more and more important to protect your privacy online. This can easily be done using a VPN. A VPN allows you to stay anonymous and stay safe online.
The 3 VPN's that i personally recommend are IPvanish, NordVPN & Cyberghost . Please see below for links to their websites.

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Please watch: SAMSUNG GALAXY S11 - This Will Be Incredible!


TOP 5: Best Streaming Device in 2019

►Google Chromecast Ultra
✔US Prices - N/A
✔UK Prices - N/A
✔CA Prices -

►Apple TV 4K
✔US Prices - N/A
✔UK Prices -
✔CA Prices - N/A
✔GER & EU Prices -

►Fire TV Stick
✔US Prices -
✔UK Prices -
✔CA Prices -
✔GER & EU Prices -

►NVIDIA SHIELD TV - Best Gaming Streaming Device
✔US Prices -
✔UK Prices -
✔CA Prices -
✔GER & EU Prices -

►Roku Premiere+
✔US Prices -
✔UK Prices -
✔CA Prices -
✔GER & EU Prices -

The Google Chromecast Ultra gives you quick access a variety of streaming platforms in stunning HDR10 for an excellent overall picture. The Apple TV 4K offers a wide dynamic range with surround sound that will simply blow your mind. The Fire TV Stick allows you to watch content on Amazon Prime Video on your 4K TV quickly and easily. The NVIDIA SHIELD TV is by far the best gaming streaming device, allowing you to turn your TV into a high-powered gaming rig in just seconds. Last but not least, the Roku Premiere+ works with HD and Ultra HD 4K TVs to provide you with over 350k worth of movies and TV episodes across thousands of channels.

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Portions of footage found in this video is not original content produced by Too Much Tech. Portions of stock footage of products was gathered from multiple sources including, manufactures, fellow creators and various other sources.

Mi box free and legal streaming apps

How to get 100% free and legal movies and tv shows on the mi box.
All apps used in this video are available in the google play store.

The Truth Behind Illegal Video Streaming: Is It Really Stealing?

A widely accepted practice among today's youth culture, involves streaming movie and television programs online for free, but is this practice, while deemed illegal by current copyright laws, actually stealing? Emi Feldman explains, for the Long Island Report.

Produced by Katie Day and Emi Feldman.

PopcornTime: Top 5 Risks of Streaming Movies

BREAKING: Copyright Owners are sending claims up to $2000 to the PopcornTime users. Be warned! Check my video

As you know PopcornTime is a very popular way to stream movies and TV-Shows. Many of you have been asking me, is this legal, what are the risks?

In this video I explain 5 risks of using streaming services like PopcornTime.


PopcornTime Vs Netflix:

MovieBox iOS App:

Isoplex Vs. PopcornTime:

Popcorn Time:

Netflix (Paid service) - Premium Movie and TV show experience:

Social networks:


Business/Promotion/Advertising -

The Legal Side of Live Streaming

Are you live streaming videos with apps like MeerKat, Periscope, Blab, Facebook live or YouTube?

If so, then you will want to watch this video to learn about the legal side of live streaming- what you need to watch out for so your videos are not taken down and so you don't end up in a legal battle that could cost you plenty.

In this interview Lany Sullivan of RCUWomen talks with Attorney at Law Sara F. Hawkins about the various parts of the law when it comes to live streaming.

****LEGAL DISCLOSURE: This conversation is for information purposes only and is not intended as legal advice.

Time Stamps

1:14 What parts of the Terms of Service are important to look for when it comes to a live streaming platform?

Do you know who owns the content?

Do they have the rights to use your content in anyway they want?

How do you deal with getting infringing content taken of their site? (DMCA)

5:15 How do privacy laws effect live streaming in public?

Not everyone’s idea of public is the same.

What does expectation of privacy mean and is it really cut and dried?

Some people may have an expectation of privacy even when they are in public.

Videoing someone and sharing it online could put their security at risk…so be considerate and use your head before live streaming where uninvolved people may be seen in the uploaded footage.

8:13 Celebrities have rights over what you are allowed to do with their likeness. Even us “regular people” have these rights.

What is the difference between privacy rights and publicity rights?

If you are going to commercialize your video, you are then dealing with publicity rights not just the persons privacy rights. Failing to handle these things properly can land you in hot water.

11:30 You can also get into trouble with branding when you have copyrighted things in your video.

Note – This seems to be the same with trademarks.

11:50 What should you pay attention to so you are not busted for using copywritten things?

Should you register a copyright for your videos?

13:47 Are there copy-written things in the background of your video?

Are you using a product in your video where the brand could come after you?

Do you have the license and the rights to publicly display the things in your live stream or video?

Are the clothes you are wearing showing a visible brand name or trademark?

15:42 If you are going to monetize your videos in any way; you need to have a release for all the other people shown.

Do you need a model release for live streaming in public?

For more info visit the links below -

Connect with Sara F. Hawkins Attorney at Law -

Join the discussion at RCUWomen –

Best Media Streaming Devices in 2020 - What is the Best Media Player for your Tv?

Top 10 best media streaming devices
✨ Roku Streaming Stick+​ Media Player -
✨ TiVo BOLT VOX​ DVR & Streaming Player -
✨ Roku Express HD -
✨ Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K -
✨ Google Chromecast Ultra -
✨ Roku Ultra Streaming Player -
✨ Amazon Fire TV Cube -
✨ Roku Premiere Streaming Player -
✨ Apple TV 4K -

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Kodi box fine shock - Why this latest crackdown on illegal streaming may surprise you

Kodi box fine shock - Why this latest crackdown on illegal streaming may surprise youKODI box seller is fined by the government for a meagre £1, what does that mean for the online streaming service and its users?A UK Kodi seller has been fined by the government for a sum total of £1, over two years after his initial arrest.Brian 'Tomo' Thompson was arrested in 2015 for selling fully loaded Kodi boxes which used illegally streamed content.Kodi is a platform that allows you to watch video streams from the internet, often on a connected TV.While the platform itself is legal, the use of illegal streams to access paid for content for free is against the law.By selling boxes that had these illegal Add-ons, aka apps, already loaded, Thompson was allegedly selling with the intention of enabling crime.The 55-year-old was given an 18-month prison sentence at Teeside Crown Court in October 2015, initially, after he pleaded guilty. He didn’t see a jail cell as the sentence was suspended.He has since been brought up in court under the Proceeds of Crime Act, which is designed to remove cash and assets gained from crime.Despite earning around £38,500 from selling the illegal boxes, Thompson was fined a nominal £1 by the judge.Since Thompson had no available assets at the time, the court apparently had no choice but to charge him the small amount.However, judge Simon Hickey did say: If anything changes in the future, for instance if you win the lottery, it might come back.Sentencing previously, Judge Peter Armstrong told Thompson: If anyone was under any illusion as to whether such devices as these, fully loaded Kodi boxes, were illegal or not, they can no longer be in any such doubt.Not only have the courts in this country ruled as such, but Europe also has ruled that such devices are illegal. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. It isn’t a victimless crime. It has knock-on effects.I’ve come to the conclusion that in all the circumstances an immediate custodial sentence is

Forget Disney Plus, here are 5 free video streaming sites

So many companies want you to pay money to stream video, but not these five. Here's where to find high-quality streaming video online -- and it's legal!

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Hollywood strikes against illegal streaming Kodi add-ons | Engadget Today

This a blow against piracy-linked streaming tools.

An anti-piracy alliance supported by many major US and UK movie studios, broadcasters and content providers has dealt a blow to the third-party Kodi add-on scene after it successfully forced a number of popular piracy-linked streaming tools offline. In what appears to be a coordinated crackdown, developers including jsergio123 and The_Alpha, who are responsible for the development and hosting of add-ons like urlresolver, metahandler, Bennu, DeathStreams and Sportie, confirmed that they will no longer maintain their Kodi creations and have immediately shut them down.

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Free (and LEGAL) Streaming Movies on Plex!

If you have cut the cord (or even if you haven't) and want some FREE movies to watch, there's a new player in town. His name is PLEX. Yep, same app you use to watch the video files on your PC. Plex now has hundreds, maybe thousands of its own movies to add to yours.

Plex is NOT sponsoring this video, and probably doesn't even know who I am (hey, we're still now to YouTube). All opinions expressed here are my own.

You can get a FREE Plex account and download their server software at while the apps to view it are on just about every smart TV or streaming device out there.

Comments welcome!

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This video was recorded in 4K on the OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone, available here:

We get a tiny commission from Amazon sales that come through the above link, which beats a kick in the head and is greatly appreciated.

Unboxing the Piracy Threat of Streaming Media Boxes

Streaming media boxes—digital media devices that stream music and video to users’ TVs—are unlocking a new wave of online piracy. While many users legally stream online content using devices like Fire TV Sticks, Chromecasts, and Rokus, there are a growing number of users who buy devices such as the TickBox or Dragon Box to avoid paying for content. Makers of these devices advertise that their products come pre-loaded with software add-ons that will allow users to watch their favorite movies and TV shows without paying for access through legal services such as Netflix and Hulu. Not surprisingly, sales of these “pirate boxes” are taking off—a 2017 study from Sandvine found that roughly 6 percent of North American households were using one to stream unlicensed content.

What Is A Streaming Media Device: Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Firestick

In this video we give a brief explanation of streaming media devices. There's lots of names for these and this video is aimed at helping to decide if this device is right for you. Make sure you check out our entire selection at

10 Free & Legal Movie Streaming Websites!

In this video I list 10 of the best free movie options you have online, that are also completely legal! Watch movies online completely free without the B.S.! No need to chance a virus downloading from some shady torrent site. Now you can watch a ton of big name movies on sites made specifically for streaming free movies! (Websites listed below)



Tubi Tv



Pluto TV



The Roku Channel




Modern Survivalist is a part of the GroovySauce and William Settle Designs creative team. Transparency and integrity is very important to us, so If you would like more information please feel free contact us via the webpage below.

Is Kodi And Streaming Legal


TOP FREE MOVIE WEBSITES! Legal Streaming Sites Without Popups, Can Be Watched On Any Device-has Apps

Here are my Top 5 Free Movie Websites for 2019/2020 to binge and Netflix and Chill! These sites are free to use and are completely legal(100%) and have no popups. These streaming movie websites are easy to use and are also apps that are available on android or apple so you can take your streaming movies on the go. There is a variety of genres of movies and tv shows to binge and are family/kid friendly streaming sites on which some you will be able to find Nickelodeon shows and even live tv channels to meet all your binge needs. Enjoy the show!

How to watch movies online for free?

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Kodi, Piracy, and Legal Streaming

Today Dennis and Joel discuss the Kodi Media Center. They cover what Kodi is, what it does, and how you can use Kodi to cut the cord. This episode covers all the nuances of Kodi and how it is vastly different from a streaming service, and isn't itself a streaming device.

Kodi is at it's core is media center software that can aggregate all your content through one interface. Dennis and Joel also go fairly deep into the subject of piracy and how it is hurting Kodi's image. Concerns are also discussed on how you could be pirating movies and TV and not even know it.

An official install of Kodi is 100% legal. It’s essentially an extremely robust media player. Kodi, by itself, comes with no video content. That is up to the user to supply. That is also where the legal grey area begins.

Here is the link on Grounded Reason Dennis mentions in the episode:

If interested, you can check out this other guide on Kodi's website on how to use Kodi in a DIY DVR setup.

As promised: The Vox Article on the Neural Network that Watched Blade Runner

I also want to say that the bit at the end is completely an homage to our favorite podcast.



Best 4K HDR Streaming Media Boxes 2017!

Looking to pick up a streaming box this holiday season. Well here are my top 5 options for you.

Big Thanks to TKBay for contributing to this video

Nvidia Shield:

Roku Premier Plus:

Amazon Fire TV w? Alexa:

Mi Box:

Chromecast Ultra:

Amazon Store:

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The Best Android TV Box



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