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Is she Pregnant or Whatevah ?


Unexpected News

Today we finally got to go to our first Dr appointment in California & we were over the moon excited. We did receive some possibly scary and risky news but are extremely hopeful and appreciate your support ❤️

Princess Mae gives MAJOR Pregnancy Update!

Princess Mae's pregnancy update, I hope you love the video! Thank you for so much support on my other Princess Mae videos, it means so much to me!

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Everything is alleged, and just for fun.

Daily Routine As A Mom

Hey ya'll wassup, it's me back on my description oh whatevah!!
I Hope you enjoyed my routine as a new mom!!
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Princess Mae’s GENDER REVEAL!!

Princess Mae tells us what her baby is going to be!
#princessmae #bretmanrock
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Princess Mae gives MAJOR Pregnancy Update!

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Eugenia Cooney responds to Jaclyn Glenn allegations!

Nikita Dragun, Princess Mae, & Bretman deleted clips:

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Everything is alleged, and just for fun.

Jean Stapleton discusses Edith's death on Archie Bunker's Place - EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG

For her full interview, see

Princess Mae is PREGNANT AGAIN!! ????????

Cartman - Whatever I Do What I Want

South Park: Season 06, Episode 3: Freak Strike


Hello! Mga Mamang!

Welcome back to my channel.
Todays video is e share ko lng why I stay chubby but no tummy.
So hope you like this video and sana nagustohan nyu advice ko.
Please comment kng ganyan din routine nyu.

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Tales of Vesperia (1/2 Exp) - vs Goliath

I wasn't into this fight much, so I left it on Normal and just took him out quick. I was runnin around just to get the conversation in before I slaughtered him. Man, I wasn't expecting to get that Secret Mission in on the last hit before he died. XD Whatevah!
Tales of Vesperia
System: XBOX360
5th Playthrough
Lv. 7-8
Difficulty: Normal

History of France: Louis XIV, Richelieu, and Literature, part 2

This is a LibriVox recording. All LibriVox recordings are in the public domain. For more information, or to volunteer, please visit:


hey guys its me miranda


i hope you guys enjoy this footage from Saturday March 7, 2015!!

this video was supposed to go on my brother's channel at the time :)) but he honestly never edits his videos even tho some are freakin awesome & have great footage!!! like WTFF???!! OKAYYMEE MOOD SAAAME

anyways, I really found the unedited version of this footage very hilarious because you get to see the REAL TRUTH TEA of how allan treats US behind the camera #JAKEPAULUNCUTWHO??? jk jk mood me, im kidding, he was a funny youtuber tho & i am a better one :)))



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i hope this video made you laugh, smile, or chuckle :))


Drawing digital Lightningstar

What is seen in this video:
•Me drawing digital art
•Talking a lot
•An attempt at shading

One day, two kits of Liondapple and Thunderstorm were born, Goldenkit and Lightningkit. Unfortunately, Goldenkit was taken by a fox and left the remaining kit heartbroken (one of the many reasons Lightningstar is depressed). A few moons after Lightningpaw's apprenticeship, Liondapple left Thunderstorm, Lightningpaw, and Featherclan (main clan) to join Fireclan (one of the many reasons Lightningstar is depressed). But Thunderstorm was still expecting Lightningpaw's younger sister, Maplekit. Maplekit looked exactly like her father, but she didn't act like him in the slightest bit. She was a very fun and enthusiastic she-cat, which could only keep Lightningpaw happy for so long. One day, Sunfur refused to make Lightningpaw a warrior, but happily named Redstripe and Bluetail. This stayed on her mind until one day, Redstripe had a vision. He envisioned that Lightningpaw would suffer an injury close to death (not explaining what) and this made Lightningpaw assume that, since there were few cats in the clan that cared about her, that everybody hated her. She ran away from Redstripe when he was done explaining and stopped at the Pebblefall (a place on my OC story map). Well, foxes were there, she killed one, the rest tried to kill her, yadda yadda yadda. The eye with the lightning-shaped scar in the picture I drew is actually a pearl Goldenpool found and used to hide the eye that had been torn apart. When she was completely awake, Sunstar actually gave her the name No-eye. Yeah well, Snowstar comes to rule, renames her, gives an apprentice, make her deputy, she becomes leader and mates with Redstripe. If go further, I'll be writing Lightshadow, Violettails, and Featherfur's backstory.

PERSONALITAYE: Chill, lazy, usually calm, short-tempered, YOU BES NOT TOUCH MEH SISTAH NO MO BLUEKIT (It's Bluetail-) WHATEVAH

Hope you enjoy!
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I'm open for requests so if you want me to draw something you can request in the comments section!

Gemini ♊️ June 2020: “Pace Yourself. Slow Start, But Beautiful Finish!”

Welcome New & Returning Gemini ♊️ Friends!

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HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union:“Grandparenting”

Money Matters with HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union:“Grandparenting”

DIY Dakimakura Using Materials At Home

THIS IS THE BODY PILLOW ONLY! You can buy the Anime Dakimakura Cases online or e-bay/etc. And yes, it will fit this Body Pillow that you made at home!

Dakimakura's come in TWO SIZES!
I made the Dakimakura size of 150cm x 50cm = 59in x 19.6in = 4.9ft. There's also the Longer Version Dakimakura size of 160cm x 50cm = 62.9in x 19.6in = 5ft 2in.

It's super duper EASY to make!
I always wanted a Dakimakura, but it's like $25 on E-BAY just for the 5ft body pillow or even up to $100 on the website. So here's a much cheaper alternative to get your own Dakimakura Pillow. Overall, this take me 3 HRS to make. Cut two sheet sizes of 60in x 20.6in

STUFF YOU WILL NEED (that's already in your house)
Sewing Machine
Sewing Thread
Pinning Needles
Sewing Needle
Measuring Tape
14 inch Zipper (or 18 inches and below is fine)
Fabric Scissors
Polyester/Cotton Fiber Filling (i find my filling from a giant teddy bear that just sits in my room and takes up space. OR you can use the stuffing from old pillows/etc. BUT YOU WILL NEED A LOT

..I also use a Queen Size Water Proof Mattress Pad (that I no longer use anymore. You can use any large cloth you have in your house that you don't use anymore, like curtains/etc.) But because I used the waterproof mattress sheets, you can see that the cotton fibers don't poke out. So if you're using a thin layer sheet, maybe you can double layer it so that the fibers don't poke out as you fill your Dakimakura.


And also, when stuffing the Dakimakura, it helps to stand up and hold the pillow upright and shake the stuffing down as you fill. That way it fills all the gaps. Push the stuffing into the corners. The more stuffing you put and push inside, the more it will be hard/stiff. The less stuffing, it will be flimsy and floopy. Adjust to how hard/soft you want it to be.

Music used is from the following Anime's
Sakamichi no Apollon - My Favorite Things
NHK ni Youkoso - Natsu no hi ni Youkoso

dysfunctiontwo; a niley story

Ohmygod this is soooo short but whatevah. I was just really happy that Danielle's possibly pregnant!
. . . . .
Calm down. It's just haven't ever found or felt love, ever. If you felt love, you'd know not to be afraid. Tori said, her voice softening at the intensity of my anger.

Then how come no one loves me? I was at the brim of insanity. The pain hurt so much that I could barely feel it. What's wrong with me? Am I not like any other human being?

Stop saying that Miley! Victoria's hand held mine, careful not to touch the scar that I had inflicted on myself. Avan loves you, Joe and Demi love you. Both Taylors love you. But mostly, I'm your best friend, I love you.

Then how come I have the feeling that you're going to leave me again? The words sputtered out, and I was relieved to have finally let go of the suspicion. I saw the truth break in her eyes, and I realized that she had been hiding something from me. I didn't want to think what it was.

I... She shook her head, tears forming.

You can say it, I told her, my voice barely above a whisper. I tried to convince myself that it wouldn't hurt as much this time; I was already too broken to break anymore.

Miley, I'm... Tori looked at me, searching for any signs of pain. I showed none. I'm moving to New Jersey. With Avan, Joe, and Demi.

The ache was insufferable. I was wrong—I still had a single piece, unbroken. But that shattered too. Everything was incomprehensible from there. I noticed no one, thought nothing. All I knew was that I had been left alone, deserted again, ready to be forgotten.
. . . . .
By the time the pain had subsided, I no longer could remember any feelings of happiness. It was harder now, because before I had something to hold on to. The little memories of my mother and father, the few minutes I knew them before they gave me away. My brain pounded as I tried so hard to remember, but I couldn't. My sensed were vague.

Miley! I lifted from my stupor, just enough to realize that Avan was standing in front of me, his brown eyes shifting from anger to relief. I came as soon as I heard... His silent curse wasn't masked, I could hear it. No doubt he's just as mad at Joe as Victoria had been. Joe had left me alone, lost me, where he knew I couldn't bare it. But I didn't blame him. I was easy to leave me alone.

He seemed to apprehend the mood I was in, because I saw him falter a little bit. Miles, I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you earlier...and they all want to go. And we have basically no choice...

I knew the truth though. They did have a choice, me or New Jersey. And obviously, no one would pick to stick with a helpless teenage orphan with no one to go to, no one to be with. I didn't really expect them to stay. I shook my head, trying to make it okay, but he and I both knew it wasn't. A door slammed shut, knocking me completely awake. I felt a moment of lightheadedness, but that was before the guilt crept in.

I was the reason they all were so miserable. It was a Saturday night, and they could be out, at a club, or a party, but they were stuck here with me.
. . . . .

Lloyd feat. The dream - I need love (Valentine's Video)

(This video is unprived at 14-02-10)
Happy Valentine's Day yall.

Erica i made this video for you because i really felt in love with you.
I really don't know if you feel it the same way i do but i really do love you.
You make me like going crazy like damn when i am thinking about you i am in heaven
and i am flying high.
I got those butterfly's in my stomach when i am thinking about you.
I dunno i can't explain it all i just wanted to let you know i really love.
So please be my sweet valentine.
Much love from me.

I made this video 1 month before valentine's day
I made it with Sony Vegas 8.0

Song with lyrics ; Lloyd feat. The dream - I need love

oh uh uh
oh uh uh uh
1 time (eh)
2 times (eh eh)
3 times what up dream (eh eh eh)

i promise that i wont be wasting your time
im trynna give you everything thats mine
your my counterpoint and im trynna draw the line
and if im wrong then hell let me be blind
be my baby
be my girl
be my shawty
be my world
be my any and everything that i adore
this future of ours baby im really looking forward to

bein all you need
there's a man that i wanna be
i cant be him without u with me
your love is all i need
and baby i hope you feel the same way
dont let me waste the whole day u got me singin like
Ooo.. ah (8x)

loves knockin on your door gotta open your blinds
baby im trynna sell u this product of mine

pieces missing out ya puzzle
match up in mine
and everywhere i turn i keep seeing signs like Ooo.. yall look good together
like Ooo.. lookin like sister and brother
like Ooo.. yall act just like eachother play it off like man whatevah
and now im thinkin about

bein all you need
there's a man that i wanna be
i cant be him without u with me
your love is all i need
and baby i hope you feel the same way
dont let me waste the whole day u got me singin like
Ooo.. ah (8x)
baby imma stay the same even though weather change
baby i remember back when i first heard your name
yeah my momma knew your momma and thats how we were friends
and i swore to you that day that i'll be here till the end
you got my heart, you got my mind, you got my love
even when we werent together it was u i thought of
so when the blessing's in the air baby u got to recieve it
all my cards are on the table baby tell me u need me uh

bein all you need
there's a man that i wanna be
i cant be him without u with me
your love is all i need
and baby i hope you feel the same way
dont let me waste the whole day u got me singin like
Ooo.. ah (16x)

But yall 1 more time happy valetine's day and i hope you find your love
Peace Onne

Da Tweekaz - 10 O'Clock

Dj F4ntomz is back baby!!! with the newest track from Da tweekaz please enjoy and be expecting many more uploads =P

Jenlisa FF • Two Hearts, Become One • Ep 5 • FIRST KISS?!?!

I deeply apologize for making this short and being late for a week. I hope my recovery is speedy and will be able to post a lot more. Anyways, good night/day! (This weekend I'm going to Japan, so I'll try to post often..)

Jenlisa Comeback????

Thank you guys for you watching my video, and thank you so much for you support me, i hope you always support me, love you???? Don't Like and Subscribe????❤????



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