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Jack Ma and Elon Musk hold debate in Shanghai


Jack Ma and Elon Musk hold debate in Shanghai

Alibaba co-founder and executive chairman Jack Ma and Tesla CEO Elon Musk hold a debate in Shanghai over artificial intelligence.

Jack Ma and Elon Musk hold debate in Shanghai With Subtitle

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When Elon Musk realised China's richest man is an idiot ( Jack Ma )

Edit of Jack Ma and Elon Musk at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference

When Elon Musk Realized China's Richest Man Is A Dope (Jack Ma)

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At the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, 2019, Tesla's Elon Musk, a forward thinker on AI sat down to chat with China's richest man, Jack Ma, who used to be the CEO of the Chinese commerce website,

Elon wasn't impressed with Ma's knowledge of the subject and had a hard time not letting it show!

In this video, social coach Barron Cruz will break down the body language, vocal tonality and other subcommunication that the two men use in the interview.

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Jack Ma, Elon Musk debate on artificial intelligence

Men vs. machines: who are smarter? Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma and Tesla CEO @ElonMusk appear to disagree with each other

You are STUPID!!! Elon Musk vs Jack Ma on Artificial Intelligence

Jack Ma and Elon Musk just had a debate recently on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. However, the event didn't go as expected! Watch the video to find out why...
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ELON MUSK DESTROYS JACK MA | Create Quantum Wealth 2020

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Billionaires Jack Ma vs. Elon Musk debate in Shanghai China at World Artificial Intelligence

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk debates with Jack Ma of Alibaba in Shanghai China at the World Artificial Intelligence conference.

Artificial intelligence has become a core driving force for the new round of industrial transformation and is exerting an extremely profound impact on the world’s economy, social progress and human life. In order to deepen the integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy as required by the Party's 19th National Congress, better serve the national innovation-driven development strategy, follow the international trend of new round of technology revolution and industrial reform and to develop Shanghai into a globally known center of science and innovation, Shanghai is set to build the world's top platform for AI cooperation and exchange via series of global conferences so as to promote and lead the integration of AI industry and technological innovation amid the global trend of new scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation.

With the theme of Intelligent Connectivity,Infinite Possibilities, the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 will be a high-level, international, professional, market-orientend, and intelligent platform attracting the most influential AI scientists and entrepreneurs around the world as well as government leaders to converse and talk about the technological frontiers, industry trends and provoking issues in AI in forms of speeches and high-level forums. As a top platform for AI cooperation and exchanges, the WAIC aims to become both an academic meeting highly recognized by professionals and an international event in the AI industry with global standards and influence.

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Jack Ma and Elon Musk hold debate in Shanghai

Alibaba co-founder and executive chairman Jack Ma and Tesla CEO Elon Musk hold a debate in Shanghai over artificial intelligence.

Face-off between Jack Ma and Elon Musk on AI in Shanghai

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Founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, had an animated debate over the future of AI and Mars exploration at the Shanghai World Artificial Intelligence Conference on August 29, 2019.

Executives from nearly 300 companies including US firms Intel, IBM, Microsoft and Qualcomm also attended the conference, alongside scientists and scholars from across the world.

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Elon Musk & Jack Ma Debate in 12 minutes | Topics: AI, Mars, Educations

This video is a quick summary of a debate between Jack Ma and Elon Musk. Jack Ma is the co-founder of Alibaba. Jack Ma is a business man, not an engineer. Meanwhile, Elon Musk and his long list of companies (Space X, Tesla, Neuralink, Boring Company, etc) is an engineer first and a business man second.

Here are some quick links on the topics that they cover.

0:11 - AI
3:10 - Mars
5:48 - New Jobs AI
6:55 - Education
9:40 - Birth Rate
9:55 - Life

The actual debate is 46 minutes long, however this summarized version is under 12 minutes. If you want to watch the full debate you can click here:

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Jack Ma and Elon Musk hold debate in Shanghai

Live: Jack Ma and Elon Musk's AI debate in Shanghai 马云、马斯克对话点亮世界人工智能大会开幕式

The 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai kicks off today. Alibaba co-founder and executive chairman Jack Ma and Tesla CEO Elon Musk are expected to hold a free-wheeling debate about artificial intelligence.

ELON MUSK and JACK MA hold a scratched debate in Shanghai.

ELON MUSK and JACK MA hold debate in Shanghai on the beats of FINESSE By Bruno Mars and Cardi B. They got scratched too ! Yo

Jack Ma and Elon Musk hold debate in Shanghai 2019

Jack Ma and Elon Musk hold debate in Shanghai 2019

Jack Ma and Elon Musk hold debate in Shanghai

Jack Ma and Elon Musk hold a debate in Shanghai - Jack Ma and Elon Musk debate highlights - Jack Ma and Elon Musk debate review - jack ma elon musk debate summary - jack ma / elon musk ai debate summarized - jack ma elon musk debate sub español

Jack Ma, Elon Musk debate AI at China summit

The three-day World Artificial Intelligence Conference opened in Shanghai on Aug 29, with more than 300 speakers in attendance. A key highlight on the opening day was a debate between Alibaba founder Jack Ma and Tesla boss Elon Musk. The two tech titans clashed on whether artificial intelligence (AI) would eventually surpass humans.

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Jack Ma - and Elon Musk hold debate in Shanghai

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Elon Musk & Jack Ma debate in Shanghai 2019 - Highlights

Tesla CEO Elon Musk talks with Alibaba founder Jack Ma on artificial intelligence, Neuralink & the future of technology!

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#ArtificialIntelligence #ElonMusk #JackMa

artificial intelligence, Jack Ma and Elon Musk hold debate in Shanghai

Alibaba co-founder and executive chairman Jack Ma and Tesla CEO Elon Musk hold a debate in Shanghai over artificial intelligence. #AI



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