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Joe Rogan Experience #1306 - Wiz Khalifa



Joe Rogan Experience #1306 - Wiz Khalifa
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Episode 8 - Crime and Punishment and the Dark Side of the Moon with Jeremiah Traeger and Ari...

This week on Reasonable Risk we have our first in-studio interview…and it’s a 3-way!  Straight from the halls of that liberal atrocity known as higher education, I’ll be chatting with Jeremiah Traeger and Ari Stillman of the SJW Circle Jerk, who joined me at the temporarily named Riskhole Studios for a conversation about how we think about crime and punishment, particularly as it relates to free will – or our lack of free will.

Reply on Facebook or re-tweet with #Riskhole to name the Reasonable Risk studio! - New Study: People Who Swear, Stay Up Late and Are Messay are More Intelligent - Seven Scientifically-Backed Signs of Genuine Intelligence”

Language Sciences - Taboo word fluency and knowledge of slurs and general pejoratives: deconstructing the poverty-of-vocabulary myth

Psychology Today - “Staying up late is an evolutionary sign of intelligence”.

Ari Stillman's Patreon - AEPOPS - Ari's Exclusive Patron-Only Psychology Show

Jeremiah Traeger @jerbivore

Embrace the Void podcast


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LT360 PODCAST | #3 Eric Gomes | Our power is divine

Eric Gomes out of Providence, Rhode Island

I can't say enough about what this man has done for me and my family
We started the podcast by talking about basketball briefly, we recorded it right around the time the 2019 NBA Finals was going on between the Raptors and Warriors.

We abruptly moved onto Providence and everything that I chose to leave behind as I moved to Florida. That lead us to discussing the the amazing PVD fest ( which I was sad to miss this year, 2019. What is so different about Providence and the amazing amount of creativity that has been embedded in the soil since Roger Williams founded it almost 400 years ago.

We moved onto the podcast, my purpose behind it and my passion for bringing people together and providing a platform to make people, their brands, their products and their community to others awareness. Eric went on to shoutout Stay Silent PVD ( and all the events that they put on throughout the year! (Bounce House Music, Eggs Over & DayTrill)
Check em out if you are local to RI.

We got into phones, and notifications, and technology induced depression. Which of course speaks to peoples ability to not have deep and intellectual conversations because we are limited by fear!

Then I began to ramble about my newest and most exciting endeavors!
-Becoming a Licensed Athletic Trainer (ATC) in Florida
-Changing the healthcare system as a nutraMetrix Health Professional and building an organization and awareness all around the country of preventing the chronic illnesses plaguing our society
-Researching the most studied extract supplement on the market, Pycnogenol, and decreasing inflammation markers in the body as a part of my Masters Degree in Nutrition for Human Performance final project

That led us into right into the medical marijuana and weed industry. Eric discusses the basics of THC, CBD, Hemp and all the unknowns for most of the general population.

The 3 genus types of the cannabis plant:
1. Ruderalis Cannabis - a low THC containing species
-- Ruderal is base word that basically eludes to the fact that it grows organically even though their are humans live in the environment. Eric
2. Indica Cannabis - shorter stockier plant
--provides a body indacouch type of high
--you become more restful
--it can decrease anxiety
--and decrease inflammation and pain
3. Sativa's - skinnier leafs
-- head (psychoactive) high
-- provides more energy
-- creative energy seems to flow more seemingly
4. Hybrid 

The benefits of using coconut oil with edible medical marijuana
Broken down by the liver immediate upon contact so Eric takes a CBD pill every morning that he feels in minutes because of the coconut oil.
We then began to discuss the metabolic effects of cannabis. What are your thoughts? Does smoking make everyone have the munchies and cause a decrease in activity levels leading to overweight and obesity or is the opposite true?
That made us discuss Wiz Khalifa's recent 30lb. transformation.
He put on almost 30lbs. of muscle by dedicating time to the gym and martial arts!
HERE IS THE JRE PODCAST #1306 with Wiz Khalifa

AND THEN... the time I was high for 4 days my freshman year of college...

My T-shirt was not backwards in the video! I am learning :)
Eric has helped me learn a lot in our last 7 years as best friends. #grateful

Anyways, here are some of ERIC'S SUMMER READING LIST:
-A People's History of Sports in the United States: 250 Years of Politics, Protest, People, and Play by Dave Zirin
-Native Son by Richard Wright
-Trick Baby by Iceberg slim

-The Joe Rogan Experience
-Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Health Theory, Relationship Theory, Women of Impact
-The Author of Your Own Story
-The UnFranchise Media App
-Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast

-The Joe Rogan Experience
-The Joe Budden Podcast
-Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson
-Your Mom's House Podcast with Tom Segura
-Congratulations with Chris D'Elia


1. Bob Marley
2. Will Smith
3. Roger Williams
4. Willie Nelson
5. Snoop Dogg

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