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Joe Rogan Experience - Fight Companion - July 11, 2020


Jeff Dunham's Friend Is Donald Trump's Personal Advisor | Netflix Is A Joke

Jeff Dunham made a new friend who happens to be Donald Trump's personal advisor.

Watch Jeff Dunham: Beside Himself, only on Netflix.


About Netflix Is A Joke:
The official hub of Netflix stand-up, comedy series, films, and all things funny — curated by the world’s most advanced algorithm and a depressed, yet lovable, cartoon horse. Their unlikely friendship is our story…

About Netflix:
Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with over 151 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

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Paul Stamets: Mycology and Mushrooms as Medicines

Paul Stamets is a legendary mycologist, and in this tour de force keynote at Exponential Medicine ( shares his work exploring the diverse role fungi may have in saving the bees, mushrooms as medicines as well as their role in human evolution and consciousness.

More about Paul Stamets here:

See his prior 2014 Exponential Medicine talk here: More on mushrooms for health and wellness at

Exponential Medicine ( is a unique cross-disciplinary program exploring the cutting edge of health, medicine, and technology.

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$500,000 Portfolio Update | Joseph Carlson Ep. 92

In this episode we look at a half million dollar portfolio and how it's performed during the downturn. We also discuss the almost 5 trillion dollars the government has loaned just this year, the FED printing money and increasing it's balance sheet, and much more.

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0:00 Overview of video
2:10 My Portfolio Update
14:20 500k Portfolio Update
18:07 Borrowing 4.5 trillion dollars this year
19:50 Issues with giving away money
24:36 Charlie Munger on printing money
27:15 Elon Musk on Joe Rogan Podcast
31:15 Answering questions & Emails

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Can The U.S. Economy Survive Without Immigration?

In response to the coronavirus recession, President Trump signed an executive order suspending new temporary work visas until 2021. The White House cited the need to preserve jobs amid the growing unemployment rate. However, experts warn that this decision could be detrimental to the American economy, especially for tech giants like Facebook, Google and Microsoft. Watch the video to find out how work visa bans could impact the jobs market in the United States.

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Can The U.S. Economy Survive Without Immigration?

The Treasure Called the Psilocybes: Paul Stamets

In the second half of an extended talk at SAND 18, Paul Stamets, author, mycologist, medical researcher and entrepreneur, tells stories of the early years of research into psychoactive mushrooms, and describes a number of species and their characteristics, in particular psilocybes. He then surveys, and shows short films about, recent research into the therapeutic use of psilocybin, including microdosing. He ends by introducing a number of lesser known fungus species, and makes the case for acknowledging their value, not just for medicine, but for humanity as a whole.

View the first part at

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America's Great Divide: Steve Bannon, 1st Interview | FRONTLINE

Steve Bannon is a media executive and political strategist. He served as executive chairman of Breitbart News, as an adviser to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, and later as chief strategist in the Trump White House.

Bannon's candid interview was conducted with FRONTLINE on March 17, 2019 during the making of the two-part January 2020 documentary series “America's Great Divide: From Obama to Trump.

Watch Part One here:
And Part Two here:


This interview is being published as part of FRONTLINE’s Transparency Project, an effort to open up the source material behind our documentaries. Explore the transcript and interactive version of this interview, and others, on the FRONTLINE website:


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11 YouTube Video Ideas Without Showing Your Face

Here are 11 YouTube video ideas you can do for almost any channel without showing your face. Go to for video notes, related content, tips, and helpful resources mentioned.

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Raoul Pal on Bitcoin as a Global Recession Hedge

In this interview, I speak with Raoul Pal, economist and investment strategist. We take an in-depth look at the state of the global economy, whether we are on the brink of recession and the role Bitcoin may play as a hedge against legacy markets.

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The system has basically got you trapped in. The stock market is at all-time highs it's massively overvalued, what do you do with money? It's really difficult… and this is why, what I'm so interested in is, there's a group of people creating a parallel universe in which none of this applies, and that parallel universe is the Bitcoin universe.
- Raoul Pal

Location: Skype
Date: Tuesday, 20th July
Project: Real Vision Group
Role: Co-Founder & CEO

Chancellor on the brink of second bailout for banks the Times headline on 3rd Jan 2009 and the now infamous words included in the Bitcoin Genesis Block. This was Satoshi Nakamoto's message to the world as the Bitcoin protocol launched. Many believe this was also a carefully chosen message to establish Bitcoin’s role.

The U.K.'s Chancellor of the Exchequer was about to bail out the U.K.'s failing banks for a second time. At the same time, Satoshi was releasing Bitcoin into the world as a way of controlling your own wealth, and bypassing the seemingly broken banking system. Now 10 years later, the world's economy is again in a fragile state with many economists predicting another global economic recession.

Bitcoin is seen as the antithesis to traditional finance, and if the global economy does turn to a recession, people may seek solace in Bitcoin as a hedge against legacy markets.

Raoul Pal is a leading macroeconomist who has worked for Goldman Sachs, managed hedge funds and advised to some of the largest funds in the world. He now runs Real Vision, a digital content platform with the aim of getting leading economist traders and hedge fund managers from across the globe to share their thoughts with everyone. Not just the select few.

In this interview, we discuss the possibility of a global financial crash, how likely it is that Bitcoin will become a safe haven, Bitcoins volatility, Brexit, as well as:

- How to get people to care about Bitcoin
- The 2008 Global Financial Crisis
- Economic boom and bust cycles
- Bitcoins volatility being the sign of a free market
- How to protect our capital if there is another recession
- How the banking system will look in the future
- The threats from automation and AI
- How behavioural economics is changing the world

State of the Yang2020 Campaign: Polls, Searches, Twitter, Betting Odds, MSM mentions

Tom goes over tons of charts and data sharing state of the race and answers questions about Yang's campaign for President.

GBA Annual Achievement Awards: The Future of Money, Governance and the Law

Afternoon awards ceremony at GBA's January 31, 2020 event at the U.S. Capitol.

Award categories:

Social Impact

????‍????Spotify Marketing 101 - Learn how to get more streams & followers! ????

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Machine Learning Engineer reacts to State of AI Report 2019

Machine learning engineer, Daniel Bourke, reviews the State of AI Report 2019 edition. The State of AI reports covers some of the most significant breakthroughs in artificial intelligence over the last year.

Special thanks to Ian and Nathan for crafting such a well-made report.

State of AI Report -

1. Research and technical breakthroughs: 05:39
2. Talent - 34:26
3. Industry - 38:24
4. Politics - 46:30
5. China - 48:20
6. Predictions - 49:13
7. Conclusion - 51:57

Mentioned links:
DeepMind StarCraft II Blog Post -
OpenAI Five Blog Post -
OpenAI AI and Compute Blog Post -
Deep Medicine Book -
Evolutionary Neural AutoML for Deep Learning -
George Hotz on Self-Driving Cars -

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Paul Stamets about mushrooms for stress, colds and creative thoughts

Can mushrooms help with stress, colds and creative thoughts as well as help bees toward an ever-increasing epidemic? Paul Stamets is one of the world's foremost in fungal research and has a total of 18 patents within the use of different types of fungi.Paul has won numerous awards and his person is also a role in Star Trek: Discovery! I could write paragraph after paragraph about everything this man has done, but I choose to write a little about how his lectures at TED and at the Colosseum have influenced how I think about fungi.I have always thought of mushrooms as either something I have in the food or have to avoid as dangerous in the forest. That a fungus could help against common diseases was completely new to me and that at the same time it can help bees from living 4 days to 9 days was completely unknown!
We talk about:
Interest in mushrooms at 5 year old
The forbidden fruit
100 employees
paradigm shift
Magic mushrooms (Psilocybin) once or twice a year
A leader who is strong but kind
The massive bee death and how it can be saved
18 patents
Pompous and selfish
Had never happened without the use of Psilocybin
Fungus against colds or flu
Bootstrap mushrooms
Mushrooms against stress

Breaking Crypto News! BTC $11k Soon, ETH2 Launch, Matic Network, Zilliqa, TRON 4.0

In this video we discuss all the breaking crypto news from the week! Some great news for ETH2 staking launch, Bitcoin rising past $11k soon, institutional money SKY ROCKETING, Matic launching staking, Zilliqa and much more.

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Track Name: Better Days

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Jack Ma's Fintech Giant Ant Group IPO | July 22, 2020 #PiperRundown

Jack Ma’s Ant Group fintech company Plans Dual IPOs in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The company, spun out of Alibaba, is bypassing New York City and Wall Street.

Ant Group has over 900 million users and offers a full suite of financial services. Ant Group was last valued at $150 billion in a private fundraising round in 2018 that raised around $14 billion.

Ant Group is aiming to raise $20 billion in the IPO.

0:00 July 22, 2020 Piper Rundown
0:40 Ant Financial Group IPO
6:25 Spotify Addison Rae Podcast
9:31 Twitch signs Logic
15:11 CBL bankrupt

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7 YouTube Channel Ideas for Lazy People

Here are 7 YouTube channel ideas for lazy people. Go to for video notes, related content, tips, and helpful resources mentioned.

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Put God Back In Your Marriage

Put God Back In Your Marriage. You have a competitive advantage in your relationship if you truly tap into it: It's the Power of God.

Register for the AOM Experience Home Edition TODAY

Call/Text For Help Now 678-200-8996. Are You In Crisis? Are You Considering Divorce? Have You Experienced An Affair? We Are Here To Help!






Website and YouTube Channel Reviews - The Income Stream with Pat Flynn - Day 128

Today, I'm reviewing websites and YouTube Channels- the good, the bad, and the ugly! Let's learn what works, and what doesn't, so we can get better results with your stuff!

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Daily Crypto News: WATCH OUT! Billionaire Investors Are Hoarding! Retirement With XRP Incoming!


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How to start a market leading podcast within your niche as a Recruiter.

Starting a podcast has had a HUGE impact on my career, and it has easily been one of the best decisions I have made over the last couple of years.

I think that recruiters are PERFECTLY positioned to start a niche podcast for their market.

Which is why I'm not surprised I have had numerous conversations with recruitment agencies over the last couple of months on how and why they should start a podcast focused on serving their market.

Creating THE medium where your candidates and clients can learn from some of the best people in your market just seems like an absolute no brainer to me.

Not only will it enable you to form some pretty special relationships with people in your market but the commercial upside can be huge.

A podcast could become your new best business development tool.

It could become your new best candidate engagement tool.

It can really help you stand out in a crowded market place.

Having a market-leading podcast for your market can help you in many ways as a recruiter, and they're enjoyable to record !!

You may be thinking how the hell do I start a podcast, isn't it complicated and challenging to get off the ground...

It's not, I started mine in my bedroom on a mobile phone and that was only two years ago.

I have learnt a lot over the last two years which I want to share with you all as I believe now could be a perfect time to take action and start your very own podcast.

I hope you enjoyed the webinar, the best place to connect with me is on Linkedin - Hishem Azzouz.



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