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Just 3 Simple Cardio Exercises Can Tighten Your Belly & Get Flat Stomach Fast | HealthPedia


10 Minute Lower Belly Blast with Eliz | How to Target Low Abs, No Equipment Workout, At Home Fitness

Follow along with Eliz to target the lower abdominals-- great for beginners!
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The Six Minute HIIT and Abs Workout

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Do you have less than ten minutes to exercise and no equipment? No problem. By performing bodyweight moves in a circuit-style workout you can torch calories and tone your muscles in just minutes.

There is a method to the madness, however. In this fat-torching, ab-flattening six-minute workout you will do a cardio move followed immediately by an abdominal move. This combination elevates your heart rate during the cardio interval, then allows for a quick recovery during the core exercise.

Each movement will be done for 30 seconds each, allowing you to go at your own pace and take rest breaks if and when you need to, It’s not about how many repetitions you do, it’s about working within your limits and challenging yourself.

Just starting out? Do one three-minute circuit until you’re ready for two. If you’re advanced and have a few extra minutes, you can do this workout twice for a super-challenging 12-minute workout.

Here are the six exercises that you will do for 30 seconds, two times each for a total of six minutes:

1. Mountain Climbers
2. Plank
3. Squat Jumps
4. Standing Ab Crunches
5. Burpees
6. Jabs

Looking for similar workouts that work the core? Try this 3 Minute Perfect Plank Workout:

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How To Beat Menopause Belly Fat!

Menopause belly fat is caused by 2 common issues; a change in hormones and a change in metabolism. This video shows you how you improve both of these things! Learn how to decrease cortisol and speed up your metabolism with specific exercise!

How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat in 20 Days


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Girl in her 20s. Living in Hong Kong, working a full time office job in Marketing and making YouTube videos on the side. Also a Certified Advanced Personal Trainer.
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7 Easy Exercises for a Flat Stomach and Small Waist

A flat stomach and a small waist is a goal of many women, and very often even extensive workouts don’t help, or we simply don’t have enough time or will power for those. The good news is that we’ve put together a set of exercises for your abs and waist that you can do without getting up from your chair.
Remember warming-up is an extremely important part of any workout. Continue with oblique twists. Thanks to them, you’ll be kissing that muffin top goodbye and saying hello to a slimmer waist and stronger abs. Forward bends develop a muscle called the Rectus Abdominis, which is the long flat muscle that helps flex the spinal column. When trained properly, it’ll give you a perfectly flat and toned tummy. Knees to the chest give a nice workout to your thigh muscles and the Rectus Abdominis muscle. Leg raises are great at getting rid of that annoying lower belly pooch we’d all love to send packing. As you strengthen your abs, doing knee circles will get easier with time.
Losing weight requires not only physical training but also a healthy diet. Try to keep count of how many calories you consume according to the number recommended for your age, gender, and lifestyle. Your diet must be well-balanced. Half of your daily calorie consumption should come from carbs, 30% from proteins, and 20% from fats. Foods containing Omega-9 fatty acids will make you feel fuller longer, so you won’t overeat.


Warming-up 0:43
Oblique twists 1:42
Forward bends 2:55
Knees to the chest 3:56
Leg raises 6:23
Knee circles 8:40
Scissors 9:59
Some more useful recommendations 11:33

-Warming-up prepares you muscles up for working out, which is extremely important. Even if your training last just 5 minutes, you still have to get ready for it.
-Oblique twists target those stubborn obliques. As a result, you’ll be kissing that muffin top goodbye and saying hello to a slimmer waist and stronger abs.
-Forward bends are just as good as traditional ab exercises like crunches or sit-ups. When trained properly, they’ll give you a perfectly flat and toned tummy.
-Knees to the chest exercise allows you to train both the Rectus Abdominis muscle and the obliques. Plus, even your thigh muscles get a nice workout too.
-Leg raises might feel difficult, but you need to involve your legs to develop the muscles of your upper and lower abs.
-Knee circles are super effective at training your upper and lower abdominal muscles as well as your obliques.
-Scissors work not only your abs but also your inner thighs.
-Losing weight requires not only physical training but also a healthy well-balanced diet.

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10 At-Home Exercises to Get Rid of Belly Fat In a Month

How to get rid of belly fat quickly? ???? If you have no time to go to the gym, try these 10 at-home exercises to finally lose belly fat once and for all! It will take you a month to reduce excess fat around your waistline. No leaving your house, no special equipment needed, and no excuses! ????

#1. 5 Jumping Jacks + 1 Burpee 1:00
#2. 4 Mountain Climbers + 2 Sit-throughs 2:08
#3. Plyo step-ups 3:21
#4. Push-ups 4:08
#5. 2 Split Squat Jumps + 1 Burpee 4:50
#6. Toe Taps 5:34
#7. Plank Walks 6:29
#8. Sprinter Sit-ups 7:28
#9. Squat thrusts 8:15
#10. Sumo Goblet Squat Pulses 9:01

#absworkout #flatstomach #bellyfat

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- Jumping jacks are a great way to get that heart pumping. Plus, you’ll burn calories while building muscle strength.
- Mountain climbers are a cardio exercise, which means they burn fat like no other. They also target your upper and lower abs, shoulders, and leg muscles.
- Plyo step-ups increase your overall leg strength, really hitting those quads, calves, and lower abs. It can also help if you have some issues with your lower back.
- Push-ups train all kinds of muscles in your body. This plank-like position targets your abs and obliques, pushing up works your chest muscles, and lowering yourself back down targets your upper arms and back.
- Split squat jumps are a great exercise for lean and strong legs. They strengthen your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and, of course, abs!
- The act of bringing your leg up actually engages your lower abs. That’s why we do leg exercises to get rid of belly fat!
- If you’re looking for an exercise to sculpt your core, the plank is it! It even targets those deep abdominal muscles, which, when trained, work as a sort of natural corset for your waistline.
- Sprinter sit-ups work not only your abs but your hip flexors as well. And that's a good thing, since hip flexor muscles often get too tight and don't allow you to have a full range of motion.
- Squat thrusts are perfect for toning your muscles and burning fat. They involve your abs, glutes, hamstrings, quads, triceps, shoulders, and chest.
- Sumo goblet squat pulses mostly target your quads. But they also strengthen your calves, hip flexor, glutes, and outer thighs as well as tighten your abs.

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Get Abs in 2 WEEKS | Abs Workout Challenge

Abs Abs Abs! Everyone seems to be asking for a QUICK and short schedule, so I put together a 2 weeks schedule to help you get closer to those defined abs and to lose weight. A 2 weeks program is easier to commit to, and you can always do it again after you finish it!

Enjoy the abs workout guys!

Find schedule here:

☆2 Weeks Shred Challenge☆
EP#1 - 13 Mins HIIT Workout -
EP#2 - Abs in 2 weeks - THIS VIDEO
EP#3 - Arms & Core -
EP#4 - Lower Body -

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please note that all of my videos are titled according to SEO best practices for content discoverability. Unfortunately this may mean that video titles are subjective and shouldn't be seen as absolute truth. As an example, targeting fat reduction is not scientifically proven but a video title might suggest otherwise. When following any of my videos, please take precaution to exercise in a safe environment, and I highly suggest seeing a health and fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form and dietary needs. Every person is unique and there is no one size fits all solution to health or fitness. I am not a medical professional and your health and safety is the utmost importance.

Lose Weight | Exercises To Lose Belly Fat | Exercises To Lose Weight

Lose weight. This video is on exercises to lose belly fat, exercises to lose weight, lose belly fat and weight loss exercises.

This weeks video is a two part episode on how to lose belly fat and weight. This episode will be focusing on exercises anyone can do at home to lose weight and belly fat, the first episode was on dietary advice. I've received a lot of messages and comments to make a video on this topic and now it's finally ready. I really hope my tips help you and always remember you’re awesome!

You see the problem is that fat, isn’t just the inch you can pinch known as subcutaneous fat the real danger is the fat that’s in your abdomen and surrounding your internal organs known as visceral fat. Studies have shown visceral fat puts us at higher risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and in women it’s even shown to increase the risk of breast cancer.

If done correctly after 6 weeks the study showed a loss of just over 2cm around the waist of the participants which is great and you can do this without any diet change and see a difference.

Now these results are good but they’re definitely not as good as the diet change group which I spoke about in the first part of this video who lost 1kg a week and 5cm around the waist after 6 weeks.

And this because the participants who only did the abdominal exercises so no diet change only really improved their muscle tone. Now you might be thinking but Abraham what do you mean by that? Well we know by increasing your muscle tone your essentially holding fat in with muscle so they haven’t reduced the fat around the waist but it does give a thinner appearance hence the 2cm reduction.

Which is why it’s important not be fixated on just doing abdominal crunches to try and lose weight or belly fat. Yes these exercises have been shown to give a 2cm reduction in waste size after 6 weeks. But you also really need to make those dietary changes as explained in part one of this video for maximum impact.

If you do the diet correctly you should expect to lose 0.5 to 1kg every week which is great but here’s the best part after 6 weeks the study showed that each individual also reduced their dangerous visceral fat by 14% and they reduced their cholesterol, blood pressure and had a 5cm reduction in their waistline and that’s without any exercise so just imagine the results if you merge these abdominal exercise and diet change.

As explained this is a two part video this episode will be focusing on exercises that anyone can do at home to help lose belly fat. The first episode was on dietary advice and can be found at the following link:

Before beginning any diet it’s definitely worth checking if you actually need to lose weight as you may already be at a healthy weight and the easiest way to do this is to check your BMI at the following link:

In this video I had teamed up with The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) who regulate all medicines in the UK. Our aim in this video, was to warn people about the dangers of buying potentially life threatening diet pills from illegal online suppliers.

Almost 2 in 3 people suffered unpleasant side effects after taking dangerous online slimming pills, these included bleeding that wouldn’t stop, heart attacks, strokes and hallucinations!

For more information and guidance watch the video:

Want to see more videos about everything health and pharmacy? Let me know in the comments below. Subscribe for new videos ▶


Prescribing Media Pharmacist | Extreme Optimist | Bringing Science Through New Videos Every Week - Monday 4PM(GMT).

I'm a prescribing media pharmacist who loves science, making videos and helping people. I work in both GP surgeries and community pharmacy.

This video is for information only and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions. Abraham The Pharmacist has used all reasonable care in compiling the information but make no warranty as to its accuracy. Always consult a doctor or other healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

1 Week Flat Stomach Workout (Intense!)

This workout is intense and will help you toned those ab muscles to get a nice flat stomach. Perfect time for summer or all year round.

Perform every single day for a week routine!

REMEMBER: to get a flat stomach, you need to reduce the fat on top. For this, perform cardio and eat a clean, balanced diet.

Check out my channel for HIIT circuits. I suggest performing those 3-4 times a week.



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6 Exercises To Get Flat Stomach In No Time | Six Pack Abs Workout

6 Exercises to Burn Abdominal Fat and get that flat stomach you desire and deserve.

1.Reverse Crunches
• Lie down flat on your mat and place your hands underneath your head
• Lift your feet up. Pull your knees towards your chest as you simultaneously lift your head and shoulder blades off the ground.
• Every time you push your knees in towards your chest, keep your core engaged.
• Slowly return to starting position making sure your feet does not touch the floor while exercising.
• Aim for 3 sets of 15 repetitions.
Reverse crunches are designed to engage the lower abdominal muscles. Therefore, they are perfect for those looking to sculpt their abs workout.

2.Flutter Kicks
• Lie down on a mat. Keep your arms outstretched, but place your hands underneath your rear
• Lift your legs off the floor
• The back should not arch in any way. To avoid this, tighten your abdominal muscles
• With your legs straight, lift one leg higher than the other interchangeably
• As you keep switching, your feet should mimic a fluttering and rhythmic motion
• Do at least 15-repetitions with a 30-second break.

3.Bird Dog
• Go on all fours, ensuring that you are on a comfortable mat to help support your knees
• Slowly extend your left leg and right arm out simultaneously
• Draw them back into each other, so that the knee of the left leg touches the elbow of the right arm
• Do at least 10-15 repetitions before switching sides
Bird dog doesn’t only work your abdominal muscles, it has also been found to increase the stability of the spine.

4.Heel Touches
Just like the flutter kicks, the heel touches focus on the main abdominal muscle as well as the obliques.
• Lie flat on your mat
• With your back pressed flat on the ground, keep your knees bent while your feet are still on the floor. Your knees should be pointing towards the ceiling
• Keep your arms to your side
• Now, raise your head and shoulders slightly off the ground while keeping your abdominal muscles engaged
• While in this position, use your right hand to touch your right-foot and your left-hand to touch your left foot
• Keep alternating and try and do at least 12-reps each.
5.Russian Twist
• Sit on your mat before lifting your legs
• Now, lean back so that your back is slightly slanted
• Tighten your core muscles to help you stay in position
• Clasp your hands together in front of your chest before you can start twisting your torso from left to right
• As you do this, your legs should not move
• Aim for at least 12-repetitions

6.Mountain Climber
• Lie on the mat in a plank position
• Pull your left leg in towards your left arm
• As you push your left-leg back into position, pull your right-leg towards your right arm as well
• Keep doing this so that your switching legs simultaneously
• As you do this, keep your core tightened
• Aim for 15 repetitions, especially if you are a beginner before building upon it

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Mummy Tummy Workouts - Postpartum Ab Exercises - Diastasis Recti Safe Workout

The best exercises to flatten your stomach, eliminate mummy tummy, and heal diastasis recti at home! In this at-home workout Dr Beckstrand demonstrates the best postpartum ab exercises to strengthen your core after pregnancy. No matter if you call it a mommy pooch, mommy pouch, mommy tummy, or mummy tummy - this is a great workout to safely and effectively tone and strengthen you core.

This workout is actually PHASE 1 of an entire six phase workout program that I have put together to flatten your “mommy tummy“ and heal diastasis recti. This is the same workout progression that got my wife her incredible results and the same program that has helped hundreds of my patients increase core strength and heal their abdominal separation. To learn more about it and to pick up your program today, please visit this link:


What is Mummy Tummy?
“Mommy tummy“, “mom pooch“, “mom belly“ and “mummy tummy“ are all different phrases referring to the same common issue. This is that extra 10–15 residual pounds that tends to hang out around a woman’s midsection after giving birth. Oftentimes this is due to increased fat in this area, core muscle weakness, and/or abdominal separation.

How To Heal Mummy Tummy
When we talk about healing mummy tummy, it's crucial that we mention one key factor - it's IMPOSSIBLE to spot-treat fat. That means that you can't do one exercise and expect to lose fat in one specific area. For example doing lots of core exercises won't help to eliminate fat in your stomach. It will definitely help to tone and strengthen your muscles in this area, but you'll never be able to tell if they're hidden under a layer of abdominal fat.

Your approach to healing your mommy pooch must be threefold:
1) The RIGHT core exercises with a regular progression.
2) Increase your daily activity
3) Clean up your eating.

You have to not only tone your stomach through the proper core exercises, but you have to supplement that with weight loss/fat burn (eating clean and regular cardio activity). This approach will tone and strengthen your abs and will also ensure those results will be noticed!

This approach is the entire premise behind our Mommy Tummy Fix program. You get 6 digital ebooks including a core workout progression, healthy menu plan, cardio activity guide, video demonstrations, a daily checklist, and MORE! You can learn more about this entire program at this link:

When we talk about core strength and abs exercises we often think sit ups, crunches, and planks. These are highly effective exercises at activating one very specific abdominal muscle (the rectus abdominis), but NOT what you should be doing after pregnancy... especially if you have a diastasis recti condition.

You should actually AVOID anything that strenuously activates this muscle so you can give it a chance to heal. To learn more about the WHICH EXERCISES TO AVOID AFTER PREGNANCY - AND WHAT TO DO INSTEAD check out this video:

The BEST postpartum ab exercises are those that activate the transverse abdominis muscle and then progress around this contraction. This is the muscle that you activate to draw your navel in towards your spine. It's the corset muscle that helps stabilize your spine and trim down your waistline. The stronger this muscle the tighter it becomes - thereby shrinking your waistline and helping to eliminate mommy tummy.

The exercises presented in this video are PHASE ONE exercises and are centered around teaching your how to properly and effectively contract this muscle. We then build upon this progression with each subsequent phase of The Mommy Tummy Fix program.

The exercises contained in this video include:
1. Posterior pelvic tilt with transverse abdominis contraction/bracing.
2. Pelvic tilt and brace with a march
3. Pelvic tilt and brace with ball squeeze and Kegel
4. Bridges
5. Sidelying hip abduction
6. Sidelying hip adduction

The right exercises performed the right way, when combined with the right activity and clean eating, are the fastest way to eliminate mummy tummy, increase core strength, and help you to accomplish your goals!

Looking for more great core workouts like this one? I've got a number of them on my channel that will help you out!

Lose Your Love Handles Workout - DR Safe!

Diastasis Recti Exercises:

Postpartum Abs Workout:

15-Minute Beginner Ab Workout Without Crunches:

How To Check For Diastasis Recti:

5 Minute Ab Workout For Women Over 50 | Reduce Belly Fat Fast | Fabulous50s

5 minute toned Ab workout for women over 50 to reduce belly fat and create a flat stomach...This Ab toning workout is very doable but still challenging enough to burn belly fat and tone your abdominal muscles, and as women over 50 it is so beneficial to be doing some form of physical exercise every single day! At home, no equipment workout.

Welcome to fabulous50s! Here you will find content that relates to how to look younger, mature skincare, anti aging, wrinkles, how to dress over 50, style, fitness, health and beauty over 50. All the videos here have you, a mature Woman in mind and if you have any questions or video suggestions for mature Women, please feel free to leave your comment below.

I'm Wearing (and love) Spanx Active Knee Length Leggings
UK Amazon

Information provided in this video is of a general nature only and is for entertainment/educational purposes. We strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. Performing any of these exercises is done so at your own risk.

To find out more: LETS CONNECT????

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How To Lose: Lower Belly Fat (With 10 Easy Ab Exercises)

Lower belly fat is a result of a variety of health reasons such as pregnancy, birth, or living a sedentary lifestyle. And while it's hard work to eventually lose it, it's not impossible and yes, you can definitely get rid of it!

With these 10 easy ab routines, you can lose that lower belly fat and become fitter and sexier in just a few short weeks! Interested? Excited? Awesome!

Today, I'm going to help you achieve your wish to have a slimmer waistline with 10 easy routines and just 11 minutes everyday! These exercises are focused in working out your core to make you lose that dreaded belly pooch and make your core muscles much stronger!

Good luck and make sure to subscribe to our channel if you want to receive workout video alerts when I upload videos from Sunday-Friday!

Let's begin the workout!❤️????

Bye-Bye Belly Fat Home Workout! Ultimate Abs & Core 20 Minute Routine for Beginners

No crunches or sit-ups in this workout to melt away belly fat and build strength in your abs, core and entire body!!
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Bye-Bye Belly Fat Home #Workout! Ultimate #Abs & Core 20 Minute Routine for #Beginners

No crunches or sit-ups in this workout to melt away #bellyfat and build strength in your abs, core and entire body!! Sanela designed this routine for all levels and it is all done standing so it can also have a #Cardio benefit.

Sanela teaches private yoga lessons and classes in Austin.

Inquire about Private Yoga Lessons:

Wardrobe by Dragonfly Brand Yoga Pants & Clothes

Geo Yoga Mat by Yoga Design Lab

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Yoga for Weight Loss & Belly Fat, Complete Beginners Fat Burning Workout at Home, Exercise Routine

Ultimate Ab Workout! 20 Minute Abs & Core Strength Exercises for Six Pack at Home for Beginners

20 Minute Yoga Workout: Bye-Bye BELLY FAT!! Beginners Weight Loss at Home for Abs, Exercise Routine

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8 Abs Exercises for Beginners to Get a Flat Stomach Fast

Do you dream about beautiful 6-pack? Stop dreaming! Yes, it might seem there are too many obstacles on your path. But you’re making it all a bit more difficult than it needs to be. Here are 8 effective exercises for your abs, and they’re perfectly suitable for beginners.

High knee taps 1:01
Russian twists 2:13
Standing bicycle crunches 3:10
Classic plank 4:00
Plank knees to elbows 4:56
Roll up 5:34
Rolling like a ball 6:24
Earthquake 7:16

#bellyfat #abs #workout

1) Hackbeat by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (
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- Athletes often use high knee taps at the beginning of their training to improve their speed, flexibility, and power. It’s a perfect warm-up exercise.
- Russian twists don't only make your abdominal muscles stronger! They also train your lower back and oblique muscles. If you're done with the first part of Russian twists, let's make life a bit harder for you.
- Beginners often complain standing bicycle crunches cause discomfort. If you share the sentiment, try standing bicycle crunches. They’re a good “lazy” alternative!
- Classic plank is a super-effective multipurpose exercise. Even better, you can regulate how difficult it will be.
- Plank knees to elbows help to strengthen your abdominal muscles, core, and shoulders. When you add a knee-to-elbow movement, it increases the intensity of the exercise. What's more, it helps you to improve your balance and train your legs.
- Roll up is also a multipurpose one. It helps to tone not only your abs but also your hip flexors. In addition, it stretches your back and hamstrings. By the way, if you have tight hamstrings, bend your knees a bit, and keep your feet flat on the floor.
- Rolling like a ball will help you to deeply work your abdominals while also stimulating your spine. It might be a bit difficult to roll straight and not to fall to the side at first. But the more you exercise, the more well-balanced this move gets.
- Earthquake is often used in Pilates classes. To do it correctly, you need to sit with your legs and arms stretched straight ahead and your shoulders moved back.

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8 Best Exercises To Shrink Stomach Fat Fast

Here are 8 of the best exercises you can do at home if you want to get a flat stomach and shrink belly fat fast:

1. Leg Drops
2. Reverse Crunches
3. Knee Tuck Crunches
4. Russian Twists
5. Reach Through
6. Heel Touches
7. Single Leg Jacknife
8. Plank

All these exercises are body-weight and are very effective in toning your ab muscles and burning the fat around them.

This workout routine contains all of them for your convenience, and you can do them all in one go. If you do do it, make sure you complete this routine EVERYDAY for 3-4 weeks if you want to really have good results!

Be sure to subscribe to this channel to receive new video workouts regularly, everyday Monday to Friday!

Let's start the workout program and leave me a comment below with your questions and your workout suggestions!

Good luck and much love to you ????❤️

Hanging Lower Belly Fat | 7 Simple Exercises to Shrink Hanging Lower Belly Fat

20 Min Cardio Workout To Reduce Belly Fat And Get A Flat Stomach

Do you want to lose belly fat by doing cardio routines? Then this video is perfect for you!

Burn belly fat by doing exercises that raise your heart level for a longer period of time. That will most likely help you trim down the belly fat than regular sit-ups or crunches.

Follow along this 20-minute video workout and burn more fat than your regular tummy trim session!

Good luck and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more workout videos everyday Monday to Friday!

Are you ready for one exciting cardio session? Let's get started!❤️????

Just 3 Simple Cardio Exercises Can Tighten Your Belly & Get Flat Stomach Fast #Simple_Exercises

Just 3 Simple Cardio Exercises Can Tighten Your Belly & Get Flat Stomach Fast #Simple_Exercises
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Not everybody is the same. It is possible that these home remedies work well for you, but some may not.
There is no miracle cure or magic regarding health issues. There is only Mother Nature and the desire to do things well.
If you have any doubts about what you are doing, consult your doctor.
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Just 3 Simple Cardio Exercises Can Tighten Your Belly & Get Flat Stomach Fast | HealthPedia

Just 3 Simple Cardio Exercises Can Tighten Your Belly & Get Flat Stomach Fast | HealthPedia

Wants to do Cardio Exercises at Home?
But haven't enough time, place, or Money.
No problem!

Dear viewers,
we have covered this video with best home cardio Exercises.
where All your moves can do in the comfort of your garage, or living room.
even you don't need any expensive equipment.

so, why are you waiting for?
let's enjoy the video till the end.
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